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Belimo Parts

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Part#   Description Price
SQ-ZTH_US Belimo Part ZTH_US
MFT Programming tool
Your Price: $323.92

SQ-ZS-CCV-110 Belimo Part ZS-CCV-110
Weather Shield AFR/NFB series to CCV
Your Price: $111.42

SQ-ZS-CCV-90 Belimo Part ZS-CCV-90
CCV Weather Shield for LF/NF/AF series Weather shield for CCV using LF/NF/AF series actuators
Your Price: $111.42

SQ-ZS-150 Belimo Part ZS-150
Polycarbonate Weathershield For All Exce Belimo - Polycarbonate Weathershield For All Except LH & AH Series
Your Price: $96.11

SQ-ZONE24NC Belimo Part ZONE24NC
24v N.C. Actuator

SQ-ZS-100 Belimo Part ZS-100

SQ-ZG-TF2 Belimo Part ZG-TF2
Unirversal mounting kit, hollow pillars

SQ-ZG-R06 Belimo Part ZG-R06
Resistor Kit for Electronic Series 90 Replaces Honeywell 4074EAU. Contains 909 Ohm and 1300 Ohm

SQ-ZG-R01 Belimo Part ZG-R01
4-20 mA Adapter Resistor 500 ohm

SQ-ZG-NM4 Belimo Part ZG-NM4
CrankArm Kit For Nm Belimo

SQ-ZG-LMSA-1/2-5 Belimo Part ZG-LMSA-1/2-5
5in Shaft Extension: LF LM for 1/2in OD

SQ-ZG-LMSA-1 Belimo Part ZG-LMSA-1
4in Shaft Extension: LF LM for 3/8in OD

2.75.in Shaft Extension: LM for 1/2in OD Belimo

SQ-ZG-LF2 Belimo Part ZG-LF2
Crank Arm Kit For Lf Belimo

SQ-ZG-LF112 Belimo Part ZG-LF112
Crank Arm and Bracket kit for the LF Crank arm and bracket with bolts for all AF actuatrors.

SQ-ZG-JSL Belimo Part ZG-JSL
Jackshaft linkage
Your Price: $129.65

SQ-ZG-GV15 Belimo Part ZG-GV15
Repack Kit - G6 & G7 Bronze Trim Valves
Your Price: $117.49

SQ-ZG-GV04 Belimo Part ZG-GV04
Repack Kit - G6 & G7 Stainless Trim

SQ-ZG-GMA Belimo Part ZG-GMA
Crankarm Adaptor Kit Crankarm Adaptor Kit

SQ-ZG-DC2 Belimo Part ZG-DC2
Damper Clip

SQ-ZG-DC1 Belimo Part ZG-DC1

SQ-ZG-AFB118 Belimo Part ZG-AFB118
Foot mount and Crank arm for NFB AFB AFB/NFB Crankarm Adaptor Kit

SQ-ZG-AF108 Belimo Part ZG-AF108
Crank arm adaptor kit

SQ-ZG-AFB Belimo Part ZG-AFB
AFB/NFB Crankarm Adaptor Kit

SQ-ZG-AF_US Belimo Part ZG-AF_US
CrankArm Kit For Af/Nf Belimo

SQ-ZG-112 Belimo Part ZG-112
Mounting Bracket For Lf Belimo

SQ-ZG-105 Belimo Part ZG-105
Mounting Bracket For NM Belimo

SQ-ZG-102 Belimo Part ZG-102
Mounting Bracket For Multiple Actuators Belimo

SQ-ZG-103 Belimo Part ZG-103
Mounting Bracket For Gm/Am/Sm Belimo

SQ-ZG-100 Belimo Part ZG-100
Mounting Bracket Belimo

SQ-Z-SMA Belimo Part Z-SMA
AM SM to AMB(X) Retrofit Mounting Brac AM SM to AMB(X) Retrofit Mounting Bracket

SQ-WTF_US Belimo Part WTF_US
TF Linkage

SQ-WLF Belimo Part WLF
Valve Mtg Kit - White=FO Black=FC

SQ-WAF-4 Belimo Part WAF-4
Valve Adaptor - AFx/NFx to CCV

SQ-WAF Belimo Part WAF
Valve Adaptor AF to CCV white fail open

SQ-IND-AF2 Belimo Part IND-AF2
OBSOLETE - 4/1/2013

SQ-IRM-100 Belimo Part IRM-100
Rescale Module Belimo
Your Price: $108.87

SQ-K4-1_US Belimo Part K4-1_US
OBSOLETE - 4/1/2013 Belimo

SQ-KG10A Belimo Part KG10A
Ball Joint For 3/8in Rod Belimo

SQ-KG8 Belimo Part KG8
90 Degree Ball Joint For 5/16in Rod Belimo

SQ-KH-AF-1 Belimo Part KH-AF-1
1 in Crank Arm AF/NF or 1.05 Jackshaft Requires KH-AFV if used for Jackshaft applications up to 1.05 inchs

SQ-KH-AFB Belimo Part KH-AFB
Mechanical Accessory AFB/NFB crankarm, 3/4" shafts

SQ-KH-AFV Belimo Part KH-AFV
V Bolt Kit / KH-AF-1 Univ CrankArm Belimo - This V-bolt kit turns a KH-AF-1 into a universal crank arm for up to 1.05in shafts

SQ-KH-LF Belimo Part KH-LF

SQ-KH10 Belimo Part KH10
Mechanical Accessory Universal crank arm

SQ-KH12 Belimo Part KH12
Universal crankarm for 1.05" dia. shafts Universal crankarm for 1.05" dia. shafts

SQ-KH6 Belimo Part KH6
Universal Crank Arm 3-17/32 slot u clamp 3/8 to 11/16 dia shaft

SQ-KH8 Belimo Part KH8
Universal Crank Arm 2-1/64 slot u clamp 3/8 to 11/16 dia shaft

Belimo Part LF120_US
35in Lb 120V On/Off Belimo 35 in-lb Damper Actuator 120-230V On/Off - Spring Return
Your Price: $186.36

Belimo Part LF120-S_US
35in Lb 120V On/Off Aux Sw Belimo 35 in-lb Damper Actuator 120-230V On/Off w/aux switch - Spring Return
Your Price: $215.74

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