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Karl Dungs Inc Parts

Part#   Description Price
SQ-210-319 Karl Dungs Inc Part 210-319
Din connector

SQ-217-091A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-091A
GAO-A4-4-3 Gas/Air .4-4 wc NPT N4 Auto Formerly 46014-3 GAO-A4-4-3 Gas/Air .4-4 wc NPT N4 Auto
Your Price: $105.52

SQ-217-092A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-092A
GAO-A4-4-5 Air/Gas Sw 2-20in NPT N4 Auto Formerly 46014-5 GAO-A4-4-5 Gas/Air 2-20in NPT N4 Auto
Your Price: $102.60

SQ-217-093A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-093A
GAO-A4-4-6 Gas/Air 12-60in NPT N4 Auto Formerly 46014-6 GAO-A4-4-6 Gas/Air 12-60in NPT N4 Auto
Your Price: $102.60

SQ-217-323A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-323A
GMH A2-4-4 High Gas Switch
Your Price: $106.68

SQ-217-326A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-326A
GMH-A4-4-4 High Gas Sw 1-20in Man N4 Formerly 46015-4 GMH-A4-4-4 High Gas 1-20in Man N4 NPT
Your Price: $106.68

SQ-217-327A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-327A
GMH-A4-4-6 High Gas Sw 12-60in N4 Man Formerly 46015-6 GMH-A4-4-6 High Gas 12-60in N4 Man NPT
Your Price: $109.36

SQ-217-330A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-330A
AA-A2-6-3 Air Sw .4-4in WC Nema 4 NPT Formerly 46020-3 AA-A2-6-3 Air Only .4-4in WC N4 NPT Auto

SQ-217-331A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-331A
AA-A2-6-5 2-20in WC NEMA 4 NPT Mount Formerly 46020-5 AA-A2-6-5 Air Only 2-20in WC N4 NPT Auto

SQ-217-337A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-337A
GML A2-4-4 Low Gas Switch
Your Price: $106.68

SQ-217-340A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-340A
GML-A4-4-4 Low Gas Sw 1-20in N4 Man Formerly 46016-4 GML-A4-4-4 Low Gas 1-20in N4 Man NPT
Your Price: $106.68

SQ-217-341A Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-341A
GML-A4-4-6 Low Gas 12-60in N4 Man NPT Formerly 46016-6 GML-A4-4-6 Low Gas 12-60in N4 Man NPT
Your Price: $109.36

SQ-217-665 Karl Dungs Inc Part 217-665
Visual Indicator

SQ-222-369 Karl Dungs Inc Part 222-369
Flng DMV 1 npt 702/3 512/52

SQ-222-370 Karl Dungs Inc Part 222-370
Flng DMV 1.25 npt 702/3 512/52

SQ-224-253A Karl Dungs Inc Part 224-253A
CPI 400 Closed Pos Ind Valve Switch For visual indication, add a 217-665.
Your Price: $132.79

SQ-224-846V Karl Dungs Inc Part 224-846V
DMV-DLE 702 with VLA assy
Your Price: $1,074.43

SQ-240-671 Karl Dungs Inc Part 240-671
Conduit adapter

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