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Metrex Valve Parts

Part#   Description Price
SQ-WCCW-3070SE Metrex Valve Part WCCW-3070SE
3/4in 2 way Hi Press Wtr Reg Valve R22 3/4in 350# Water (R22)
Your Price: $546.67

SQ-WCCW-3080SE Metrex Valve Part WCCW-3080SE
1in High Press water 2-way Valve For R22 Metrex Head Pressure for cooling two way for high pressure water to 350 psi and R22 not for use with R410a 1in 350# Water (R22)
Your Price: $640.59

SQ-WCCWHR-3060SE Metrex Valve Part WCCWHR-3060SE
1/2in High Pressure Water Reg Valve R410 High Pressure water to 350 Psi and 460 psi R410a 1/2in 350# Water R410a (460#)
Your Price: $576.37

SQ-WCCWHR-3070SE Metrex Valve Part WCCWHR-3070SE
3/4in High Pressure Water Reg Valve R410 3/4in 350# Water R410a (460#)
Your Price: $675.11

SQ-WCCWHR-3080SE Metrex Valve Part WCCWHR-3080SE
1in High Pressure Water Reg Valve R410 for 350 psi water and 460 Ref R410A
Your Price: $615.87

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