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760-021 - Stens Parts

Item# ST-760-021
Stens Part 760-021 - KEROSENE HEATER WICK. Fits Models: ALOHA, JY1120, ARTURO A.P.I., JY1120, ATOYOSTOVE/TOYOTOMI, KSA105E-1, BANDO, BK195, COMFORT TEMP, GG8445, CORONA, 11 DK, A, 17DK (A-C), SL11DK, COSY, 100, EASY, 4570, 100, ENERGY STAR, EKS198C, FLAME-GLO, 910, 920, 926, GEMINI III, SYK20000, HEAT BUSTER, HB-1950, HEAT GLOW, TS 200J, 200 C, KERO-SUN, Omni 85I-L, SSTRM II, Radiant 10N, O, R101,RF111, Radiant 40A, Omni 105E-I, Director, KEYMAR, KM-180, Sunfire, KOGY, 100, KOZY, 100, NOBLE, King, NORTHSTAR, KSA-105, NOVA, One, PORTA-HEAT, SYK-20,000, SAMARITAN, S 19500, SUNNY, 100/Casey, SUNSTAR, BK-195, TOSHIBA, KSE-2200, 2850, TURCO, 3100, 3105, 3205, 4506, UNION THERMAL, Therma 21 Specs: Fits 41 makes and models , High performance long burning wick , Complete instructions included,
non-returnable (?)
Price: $20.73

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