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mower just stopped running

Posted by irish 
mower just stopped running
September 09, 2004 05:09PM
Hi I have a John Deere LT160 17 horsepower riding mower 2 years old it has an automatic transmission iwas mowing the lawn and it just stopped running. I t starts every time I engage the brake pedal as soon as I release the pedal it stops. The pedal makes contact with a 4 prong switch I pressed the switch with my hand and it starts right up as soon as I let it go it stops. Is there anyway I can check to see if this switch isn the problem or what else it might be. Is there any way I can temporarlly bypass this switch if it is the problem so I can finish mowing the lawn as we have been inundated with rain and the grass is real high without doing any damage to the lawn mower?Any advice would be greatley appreciated. thank you

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Re: mower just stopped running
September 12, 2004 01:21PM
It does sound like the switch. An ohmmeter will find any problem with it quickly.
Re: mower just stopped running
September 12, 2004 11:53PM
Hi I checked the problem out further and it turned out to be a loose seat safety switch that had come lose from the seat. Thanks for the infomation
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