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10 hp Tecumseh Carb Adjustment

Posted by DJeans 
10 hp Tecumseh Carb Adjustment
February 07, 2002 09:53AM
<HTML>My MTD snowblower has 10 hp Tecumseh engine. I don't know what model it is because apparently it is concealed by the electric start. My problem is that the carb has 2 adjustment screws, one about an inch above the other. I have tried adjusting these because it seems to be running very rich, so rich that I am using a lot of gas compared with other years. The snowbank next to the muffler is turning black, and the blower continues to bog down in deep snow.

Can some tell me where I should start with these screws in order to adjust the carb. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: 10 hp Tecumseh Carb Adjustment
February 07, 2002 01:50PM
<HTML>Without the model numbers I can only offer general advice. It is easy to remove the starter switch to reveal the numbers. Why not write them down and keep somewhere safe? They will eventually rust away and then you'll have a problem getting parts.

I assume you're not confusing the idle speed screw with a mixture screw. In general, the mixture screw that is closest to the engine is the idle adjustment screw. Often the high speed mixture screw is below the fuel bowl. Sounds like your high speed mixture is rich... try turning the high speed mixture screw in about 1/8 turn at a time. After each 1/8 turn, see if the engine will still speed up from idle without stalling. A little black smoke is normal during the speedup. Fine tune by ear.

Re: 10 hp Tecumseh Carb Adjustment
February 08, 2002 10:32AM
<HTML>Thanks for the advice. I was concentrating on the screws on the side of the carb but never realised the screw on the float bowl could be crucial. I'll try that, and I will get those numbers before they rust away.

Much appreciated,

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