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Lawn Striping Kits for that Big League Look


Striping your lawn creates an impressive appearance that will make your yard stand out and become the envy of the entire neighborhood. Our easy to use lawn striping kits fit almost any type of walk-behind lawn mower. Once installed on your lawn mower, no additional work is needed to make the stripes because the stripes appear as you mow.

Lawn striping kit for WALK-BEHIND Mowers
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Lawn stripers make use of weighted rollers which mount to the rear of your lawn mower. This simple system makes creating basic stripes or even more complex checkerboard or diamond patterns quick and easy. The stripes last for up to seven days, and by then it is time to mow again!

Once the secret of professional groundskeepers at big-league ball parks and golf courses, easy to use lawn striping kits are now available to everyone. These kits make great birthday or father's day gifts for your favorite lawn enthusiast.

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