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Briggs and Stratton INTEK EDGE 122032-0536-B8
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We carry the full line of Complete Replacement Engines and Shortblocks for Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Kohler, Tecumseh, Sears/Craftsman, Generac and others. We'll be happy to help you choose the correct engine for your application. Call or email us using the information at the top of this page. With hundreds of models in stock, we're your best source for small engines and shortblocks.

Engine Overhaul Kits

Our Overhaul Kits are an inexpensive way to breathe new life into a worn engine. Don't forget the service manual for important adjustment procedures and torque specs.

Stens Part 785-360
Stens Part 785-364
Stens Part 785-384
Stens Part 785-392
Stens Part 785-477
Stens Part 785-485
Stens Part 785-543
Stens Part 785-576

Special Discount Engines
Engines for Go Karts, Mowers, Log Splitters, Minibikes, Tillers and more.

Direct Replacement Engines and Shortblocks

Often a piece of equipment is in good shape but the engine is shot. Should you repair the existing engine, install a shortblock, or completely replace the engine? The answer depends on your mechanical ability, and on how much time and money you're willing to spend.

Repairing the existing engine is often the least expensive choice. But this option is also the most time consuming and requires the most mechanical ability. Carefully disassemble and inspect the engine. To determine which parts need to be replaced, compare the critical dimensions listed in the service manual with the measurements from your engine. Compare the cost of these parts with that of a shortblock. If you decide to proceed, be sure you have the proper tools.

A shortblock is a stripped-down version of a new engine and is often the best way to repair a badly worn or damaged engine. Included are the crankcase and all of the internal parts (crankshaft, valves, camshaft, cylinder, piston, rings, etc.) brand new and pre-assembled. This saves much time and effort. Shortblocks cost about half of a new engine because many of the expensive parts from the old engine are reused (carb, flywheel, head, muffler, covers, etc.). Some mechanical ability and basic tools are required. You'll also need a service manual for the important torque specs and adjustment procedures. Gasket sets are included.

If your engine is very badly damaged or if you're really in a rush, then a complete replacement engine is the way to go. Simply unbolt the old engine, bolt on the new one, fill it with oil and you're set!

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