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120172X: 120172X AY Part number 120172X SHAFT,LIFT T Replaced by HOP-120172X, SHAFT LIFT T
120174X: 120174X AY Part number 120174X SHAFT T Replaced by HOP-120174X, SHAFT T
120176X: 120176X AY Part number 120176X Sub= 123426X
120183X: 120183X AY Part number 120183X NYLON BEARING Replaced by HOP-120183X, NYLON BEARING. Replaced by: 532120183 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120183X > 532120183 wt=.005 wt=.005
120187X: 120187X AY Part number 120187X BAG OF PARTS Replaced by HOP-120187X, BAG OF PARTS
120189X: 120189X AY Part number 120189X NLA Replaced by HOP-120189X, NLA
120199X: 120199X AY Part number 120199X TUBE T Replaced by HOP-120199X, TUBE T. Replaced by: 532120199 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120199X > 532120199 wt=.165 wt=.165
120200X: 120200X AY Part number 120200X NYLINER T (12L18-F) Replaced by HOP-120200X, NYLINER T (12L18-F). Replaced by: 583661601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120200X > 583661601 wt=.005 wt=.005
120201X: 120201X AY Part number 120201X DECAL Replaced by HOP-120201X, DECAL
120203X: 120203X AY Part number 120203X STUD.LATCH.RB wt=.02
120225X: 120225X AY Part number 120225X MAN YT140BT Replaced by HOP-120225X, MAN YT140BT
120226X: 120226X AY Part number 120226X STEERING TUBE Replaced by HOP-120226X, STEERING TUBE
120237X: 120237X AY Part number 120237X GASKET Replaced by HOP-120237X, GASKET
12024: 12024 AY Part number 12024 SCREW. Replaced by: 874180410 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12024 > 874180410
120244X: 120244X AY Part number 120244X BRACKET LT Replaced by HOP-120244X, BRACKET LT wt=.47 wt=.47
120245X: 120245X AY Part number 120245X NLA Replaced by HOP-120245X, NLA
120246X: 120246X AY Part number 120246X NLA Replaced by HOP-120246X, NLA
120247X: 120247X AY Part number 120247X STRAP RB * Replaced by HOP-120247X, STRAP RB *
120248X: 120248X AY Part number 120248X BAFFLE Replaced by HOP-120248X, BAFFLE wt=.2105 wt=.2105
120249X: 120249X AY Part number 120249X BAFFLE Replaced by HOP-120249X, BAFFLE wt=.765 wt=.765
120250X: 120250X AY Part number 120250X BRACKET RB Replaced by HOP-120250X, BRACKET RB. Replaced by: 583661801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120250X > 583661801
120251X: 120251X AY Part number 120251X CLAMP RB * Replaced by HOP-120251X, CLAMP RB *
120256X: 120256X AY Part number 120256X BAFFLE RB Replaced by HOP-120256X, BAFFLE RB wt=1.79
120257X: 120257X AY Part number 120257X BAFFLE Replaced by HOP-120257X, BAFFLE wt=1.9 wt=1.9
120258X: 120258X AY Part number 120258X REPLACED BY: ROP122176X
120259X: 120259X AY Part number 120259X BRACKET RB * Replaced by HOP-120259X, BRACKET RB *
120260X: 120260X AY Part number 120260X NLA Replaced by HOP-120260X, NLA
120261X: 120261X AY Part number 120261X NLA Replaced by HOP-120261X, NLA
120262: 120262 AY Part number 120262 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
120262X: 120262X AY Part number 120262X Sub= 126338X
120263X: 120263X AY Part number 120263X NLA Replaced by HOP-120263X, NLA
120276X: 120276X AY Part number 120276X MANUAL RER Replaced by HOP-120276X, MANUAL RER
120292X: 120292X AY Part number 120292X MANUAL ENG Replaced by HOP-120292X, MANUAL ENG
120295X: 120295X AY Part number 120295X ARM BRAKE
120297X: 120297X AY Part number 120297X NLA Replaced by HOP-120297X, NLA
120302X: 120302X AY Part number 120302X Sub= 125907X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105732X > 120302X
120303X: 120303X AY Part number 120303X NLA Replaced by HOP-120303X, NLA
120305X: 120305X AY Part number 120305X MANUAL T
120309X: 120309X AY Part number 120309X HARNESS Replaced by HOP-120309X, HARNESS
120310X: 120310X AY Part number 120310X HARNESS Replaced by HOP-120310X, HARNESS
120315X: 120315X AY Part number 120315X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-120315X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
120316X: 120316X AY Part number 120316X Sub= 102804X Replaced by HOP-120316X, Sub= 102804X
120322X: 120322X AY Part number 120322X SPACER HYD Replaced by HOP-120322X, SPACER HYD
120324X: 120324X AY Part number 120324X HARNESS T * Replaced by HOP-120324X, HARNESS T * wt=.775 wt=.775
120330X: 120330X AY Part number 120330X MUFFLER LT
120331X: 120331X AY Part number 120331X PULLEY GT Replaced by HOP-120331X, PULLEY GT
120332X: 120332X AY Part number 120332X PULLEY GT Replaced by HOP-120332X, PULLEY GT. Replaced by: 532120332 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120332X > 532120332 wt=2.19 wt=2.19
120345X: 120345X AY Part number 120345X ROD YTH Replaced by HOP-120345X, ROD YTH
120350X: 120350X AY Part number 120350X BRACE HEAT SHIELD Replaced by HOP-120350X, BRACE HEAT SHIELD wt=.125 wt=.125
120355X: 120355X AY Part number 120355X SPRING T Replaced by HOP-120355X, SPRING T wt=.265 wt=.265
120359X: 120359X AY Part number 120359X Sub= 101273M
120364X: 120364X AY Part number 120364X MANUAL Replaced by HOP-120364X, MANUAL
120368X: 120368X AY Part number 120368X NLA Replaced by HOP-120368X, NLA
120374X: 120374X AY Part number 120374X VALVE T Replaced by HOP-120374X, VALVE T wt=.415 wt=.415
120376X: 120376X AY Part number 120376X HARNESS LT Replaced by HOP-120376X, HARNESS LT
120378X: 120378X AY Part number 120378X NLA Replaced by HOP-120378X, NLA
120380X: 120380X AY Part number 120380X NLA Replaced by HOP-120380X, NLA
120382X: 120382X AY Part number 120382X Sub= 126847X
120383X: 120383X AY Part number 120383X MANUAL GT Replaced by HOP-120383X, MANUAL GT. Replaced by: 917120383 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120383X > 917120383 wt=.292 wt=.292
120393X: 120393X AY Part number 120393X BRAKE ROD RER Replaced by HOP-120393X, BRAKE ROD RER wt=.144
120394X: 120394X AY Part number 120394X CHASSIS Replaced by HOP-120394X, CHASSIS
120395X: 120395X AY Part number 120395X TIE ROD Replaced by HOP-120395X, TIE ROD
120396X: 120396X AY Part number 120396X TIE ROD Replaced by HOP-120396X, TIE ROD
120397X: 120397X AY Part number 120397X NLA Replaced by HOP-120397X, NLA
120398X: 120398X AY Part number 120398X HARNESS T * Replaced by HOP-120398X, HARNESS T *
120403X: 120403X AY Part number 120403X BELT-V.GT Replaced by HOP-120403X, BELT-V.GT wt=.6 wt=.6
120404X: 120404X AY Part number 120404X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
120406X: 120406X AY Part number 120406X GEAR SPUR 22 TT Replaced by HOP-120406X, GEAR SPUR 22 TT. Replaced by: 583662001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120406X > 583662001 wt=.25 wt=.25
120408X: 120408X AY Part number 120408X GEAR.SPUR.28.TEETH.3868
120409X: 120409X AY Part number 120409X GEAR LT
120415X: 120415X AY Part number 120415X WASHER.PLAIN..632X1.38X.046 Replaced by HOP-120415X, WASHER.PLAIN..632X1.38X.046. Replaced by: 532120415 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120415X > 532120415 wt=.015 wt=.015
120416X: 120416X AY Part number 120416X Sub= 126976X
120418X: 120418X AY Part number 120418X V BELT T Replaced by HOP-120418X, V BELT T. Replaced by: 583662201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120418X > 583662201 wt=.479 wt=.479
120419X: 120419X AY Part number 120419X SHAFT LIFT Replaced by HOP-120419X, SHAFT LIFT
120420X: 120420X AY Part number 120420X NLA Replaced by HOP-120420X, NLA
120421X: 120421X AY Part number 120421X KIT.STEER.REINFOR. Replaced by: 144732 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120421X > 144732
120424X: 120424X AY Part number 120424X SECTOR T Replaced by HOP-120424X, SECTOR T wt=2.59 wt=2.59
120429X: 120429X AY Part number 120429X NLA Replaced by HOP-120429X, NLA
120430X: 120430X AY Part number 120430X D3000BT MAN Replaced by HOP-120430X, D3000BT MAN
120431X: 120431X AY Part number 120431X DECAL TI Replaced by HOP-120431X, DECAL TI
120435X011: 120435X011 AY Part number 120435X011 CHASSIS CVR W/S * Replaced by HOP-120435X011, CHASSIS CVR W/S *
120435X012: 120435X012 AY Part number 120435X012 COVER Replaced by HOP-120435X012, COVER
120435X014: 120435X014 AY Part number 120435X014 CHASSIS CVR SLKSC Replaced by HOP-120435X014, CHASSIS CVR SLKSC
120435X015: 120435X015 AY Part number 120435X015 CHASSIS CVR Replaced by HOP-120435X015, CHASSIS CVR
120443X: 120443X AY Part number 120443X BELT KEEPER T Replaced by HOP-120443X, BELT KEEPER T. Replaced by: 583662301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120443X > 583662301
120448X: 120448X AY Part number 120448X CLAMP T Replaced by HOP-120448X, CLAMP T wt=.115 wt=.115
120449X: 120449X AY Part number 120449X Sub= 136320
120452X: 120452X AY Part number 120452X NLA Replaced by HOP-120452X, NLA
120458X: 120458X AY Part number 120458X Sub= 150228
120459X: 120459X AY Part number 120459X DUCK AIR LT Replaced by HOP-120459X, DUCK AIR LT
120460X: 120460X AY Part number 120460X NLA Replaced by HOP-120460X, NLA
120461X: 120461X AY Part number 120461X ORING T Replaced by HOP-120461X, ORING T wt=.004
120462X: 120462X AY Part number 120462X WASHER T Replaced by HOP-120462X, WASHER T wt=.004 wt=.004
120463X: 120463X AY Part number 120463X WASHER T Replaced by HOP-120463X, WASHER T. Replaced by: 583662501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120463X > 583662501 wt=.013 wt=.013
120464X: 120464X AY Part number 120464X WASHER T Replaced by HOP-120464X, WASHER T. Replaced by: 583662601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120464X > 583662601
120465X: 120465X AY Part number 120465X WASHER.PLAIN..505X.942X.020 wt=.005
120466X: 120466X AY Part number 120466X WASHER T wt=.007
120467X: 120467X AY Part number 120467X WASHER T wt=.009
120468X: 120468X AY Part number 120468X KEY T Replaced by HOP-120468X, KEY T. Replaced by: 532120468 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120468X > 532120468 wt=.03 wt=.03
120469X: 120469X AY Part number 120469X Sub= 153655 Replaced by HOP-120469X, Sub= 153655
120470X: 120470X AY Part number 120470X SPROCKET 18T T Replaced by HOP-120470X, SPROCKET 18T T. Replaced by: 532120470 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120470X > 532120470 wt=.32 wt=.32
120471X: 120471X AY Part number 120471X SHAFT IDLER T
120472X: 120472X AY Part number 120472X SPACER T Replaced by HOP-120472X, SPACER T. Replaced by: 583663001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120472X > 583663001 wt=.051 wt=.051
120473X: 120473X AY Part number 120473X SHAFT T Replaced by HOP-120473X, SHAFT T. Replaced by: 583663101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120473X > 583663101 wt=.58 wt=.58
120474X: 120474X AY Part number 120474X REPLACED BY: ROP154658
120475X: 120475X AY Part number 120475X R.H. AXLE ** WHEN GONE USE 154
120476X: 120476X AY Part number 120476X LOWER HOUSING. Replaced by: 134798 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120476X > 134798
120478X: 120478X AY Part number 120478X GEAR LT Replaced by HOP-120478X, GEAR LT. Replaced by: 532110071 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120478X > 532110071 wt=.1905 wt=.1905
120479X: 120479X AY Part number 120479X SHAFT LT Replaced by HOP-120479X, SHAFT LT
120484X: 120484X AY Part number 120484X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP2 Replaced by HOP-120484X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP2
120491X: 120491X AY Part number 120491X COUNTERWEIGHT R * Replaced by HOP-120491X, COUNTERWEIGHT R *
120511X: 120511X AY Part number 120511X BRACKET LT wt=.328
120523X: 120523X AY Part number 120523X SPACER T Replaced by HOP-120523X, SPACER T
120524X: 120524X AY Part number 120524X SPACER T Replaced by HOP-120524X, SPACER T
120525X: 120525X AY Part number 120525X *FRT* DECK HSG Replaced by HOP-120525X, *FRT* DECK HSG
120529X: 120529X AY Part number 120529X WASHER T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532120529 > 120529X Replaced by HOP-120529X, WASHER T wt=.005
120536X: 120536X AY Part number 120536X Sub= 127073X Replaced by HOP-120536X, Sub= 127073X
120537X: 120537X AY Part number 120537X FOAM STRIP LT Replaced by HOP-120537X, FOAM STRIP LT. Replaced by: 532120537 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120537X > 532120537 wt=.05 wt=.05
120542X: 120542X AY Part number 120542X IDLER BRKT T Replaced by HOP-120542X, IDLER BRKT T wt=5.63 wt=5.63
120558X: 120558X AY Part number 120558X OWNERS MANUAL L1950AR Replaced by HOP-120558X, OWNERS MANUAL L1950AR
120579X: 120579X AY Part number 120579X PAL NUT Replaced by HOP-120579X, PAL NUT. Replaced by: 583663301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120579X > 583663301 wt=.005 wt=.005
120583X: 120583X AY Part number 120583X Sub= 132764
120584X: 120584X AY Part number 120584X HARNESS T * Replaced by HOP-120584X, HARNESS T *
120586X: 120586X AY Part number 120586X MANUAL LT Replaced by HOP-120586X, MANUAL LT. Replaced by: 917120586 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120586X > 917120586
120588X: 120588X AY Part number 120588X PIN HINGE Replaced by HOP-120588X, PIN HINGE. Replaced by: 532120588 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120588X > 532120588 wt=.166 wt=.166
120592X: 120592X AY Part number 120592X MUFFLER LT Replaced by HOP-120592X, MUFFLER LT
120598X: 120598X AY Part number 120598X NLA Replaced by HOP-120598X, NLA
120601X: 120601X AY Part number 120601X DECAL.ENG.271967 Replaced by HOP-120601X, DECAL.ENG.271967
120603X: 120603X AY Part number 120603X EXHAUST MUFFLER TUBE Replaced by HOP-120603X, EXHAUST MUFFLER TUBE
120606X: 120606X AY Part number 120606X CABLE T wt=.42
120609X: 120609X AY Part number 120609X SHIM WASHER T Replaced by HOP-120609X, SHIM WASHER T
120612X: 120612X AY Part number 120612X MAN GT180ET Replaced by HOP-120612X, MAN GT180ET
120620X: 120620X AY Part number 120620X MANUAL T Replaced by HOP-120620X, MANUAL T
120622X: 120622X AY Part number 120622X THROTT CONT** Replaced by HOP-120622X, THROTT CONT** wt=.34
120625X: 120625X AY Part number 120625X *****N.L.A. 9/96 (GRIP)***** Replaced by HOP-120625X, *****N.L.A. 9/96 (GRIP)*****
120626X: 120626X AY Part number 120626X Sub= 126338X
120642X: 120642X AY Part number 120642X Sub= 137352
120643X: 120643X AY Part number 120643X CONTROL T Replaced by HOP-120643X, CONTROL T wt=.325
120644X: 120644X AY Part number 120644X LT120BF-BE Replaced by HOP-120644X, LT120BF-BE
120648X: 120648X AY Part number 120648X SUPPORT T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-120648X, SUPPORT T *NLA*
120651X: 120651X AY Part number 120651X STRAP T Replaced by HOP-120651X, STRAP T wt=.213 wt=.213
120655X: 120655X AY Part number 120655X TUBE INLET LT Replaced by HOP-120655X, TUBE INLET LT
120668X: 120668X AY Part number 120668X NLA Replaced by HOP-120668X, NLA
120671X: 120671X AY Part number 120671X DECAL ENTER-EXIT (IN ENGLISH A Replaced by HOP-120671X, DECAL ENTER-EXIT (IN ENGLISH A
120684X: 120684X AY Part number 120684X WASHER T * Replaced by HOP-120684X, WASHER T *
120688X388: 120688X388 AY Part number 120688X388 FENDER.PNT.YTGT.. Replaced by: 121642X417 > 167285X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120688X388 > 121642X417 > 167285X417
120689X: 120689X AY Part number 120689X SPARK ARREST KIT Replaced by HOP-120689X, SPARK ARREST KIT
120696X: 120696X AY Part number 120696X THROTTLE LT Replaced by HOP-120696X, THROTTLE LT
120701X: 120701X AY Part number 120701X GASKET RER This item is part of the superseding sequence 532120701 > 120701X Replaced by HOP-120701X, GASKET RER
120702X: 120702X AY Part number 120702X THROTTLE (ENG)RER. Replaced by: 110976X This item is part of the superseding sequence 120702X > 110976X
120703X366: 120703X366 AY Part number 120703X366 FRONT PANEL RER Replaced by HOP-120703X366, FRONT PANEL RER
120713X419: 120713X419 AY Part number 120713X419 HANDLE ASM Replaced by HOP-120713X419, HANDLE ASM
120743X: 120743X AY Part number 120743X ISO MOUNT T Replaced by HOP-120743X, ISO MOUNT T
120745X: 120745X AY Part number 120745X NLA Replaced by HOP-120745X, NLA
120746X: 120746X AY Part number 120746X DECAL.ENG.27116 * Replaced by HOP-120746X, DECAL.ENG.27116 *
120754X: 120754X AY Part number 120754X Sub= 126847X
120755X: 120755X AY Part number 120755X DECAL HEADLIGHT Replaced by HOP-120755X, DECAL HEADLIGHT
120777X: 120777X AY Part number 120777X SHIFT LEVER T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-120777X, SHIFT LEVER T *NLA*
120782X: 120782X AY Part number 120782X DECAL CAUTION * Replaced by HOP-120782X, DECAL CAUTION *
120783X: 120783X AY Part number 120783X DECAL.TUV Replaced by HOP-120783X, DECAL.TUV
120784X: 120784X AY Part number 120784X DECAL CLUTCH BR * Replaced by HOP-120784X, DECAL CLUTCH BR *
120787X: 120787X AY Part number 120787X INST CAUTION Replaced by HOP-120787X, INST CAUTION wt=.025 wt=.025
120789X: 120789X AY Part number 120789X DECAL CAUTION * Replaced by HOP-120789X, DECAL CAUTION *
120792X: 120792X AY Part number 120792X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
120793X: 120793X AY Part number 120793X LT140CF MAN Replaced by HOP-120793X, LT140CF MAN
120794X: 120794X AY Part number 120794X MAN LT140CF Replaced by HOP-120794X, MAN LT140CF
120803X: 120803X AY Part number 120803X CABLE GUIDE TI This item is part of the superseding sequence 532120803 > 120803X Replaced by HOP-120803X, CABLE GUIDE TI wt=.1
120808X: 120808X AY Part number 120808X PLATE TI
120809X: 120809X AY Part number 120809X PLATE TI
120815X: 120815X AY Part number 120815X NLA Replaced by HOP-120815X, NLA
120816X: 120816X AY Part number 120816X MANUAL 60812 Replaced by HOP-120816X, MANUAL 60812
120817X: 120817X AY Part number 120817X MANUAL 60812 Replaced by HOP-120817X, MANUAL 60812
120821X: 120821X AY Part number 120821X AXLE LT
120822X: 120822X AY Part number 120822X DECAL Replaced by HOP-120822X, DECAL
120827X: 120827X AY Part number 120827X MAN 611911 E Replaced by HOP-120827X, MAN 611911 E
120828X: 120828X AY Part number 120828X MANUAL C9446 Replaced by HOP-120828X, MANUAL C9446
120829X: 120829X AY Part number 120829X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-120829X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
120832X: 120832X AY Part number 120832X TUBE, CHUTE * Replaced by HOP-120832X, TUBE CHUTE *
120882X: 120882X AY Part number 120882X REPLACED BY: ROP108683X
120893X: 120893X AY Part number 120893X SKID RH RER * Replaced by HOP-120893X, SKID RH RER *
120896X: 120896X AY Part number 120896X Sub= 142594 Replaced by HOP-120896X, Sub= 142594
120898X: 120898X AY Part number 120898X Sub= 137367 Replaced by HOP-120898X, Sub= 137367
120899X: 120899X AY Part number 120899X TRANSAXLE *SHORT DISC* Replaced by HOP-120899X, TRANSAXLE *SHORT DISC*
1208J: 1208J AY Part number 1208J NLA Replaced by HOP-1208J, NLA
120900X: 120900X AY Part number 120900X TRANSAXLE *SHORT DISC* Replaced by HOP-120900X, TRANSAXLE *SHORT DISC*
120926X: 120926X AY Part number 120926X MANUAL T Replaced by HOP-120926X, MANUAL T. Replaced by: 917120926 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120926X > 917120926
120927X: 120927X AY Part number 120927X NLA Replaced by HOP-120927X, NLA
120929X: 120929X AY Part number 120929X MAN 605112 E Replaced by HOP-120929X, MAN 605112 E
120930X: 120930X AY Part number 120930X MANUAL 60511 Replaced by HOP-120930X, MANUAL 60511
120931X: 120931X AY Part number 120931X MANUAL605123 Replaced by HOP-120931X, MANUAL605123
120932X: 120932X AY Part number 120932X MANUAL605123 Replaced by HOP-120932X, MANUAL605123
120937X: 120937X AY Part number 120937X NLA Replaced by HOP-120937X, NLA
120938X: 120938X AY Part number 120938X SPACER Replaced by HOP-120938X, SPACER. Replaced by: 532120938 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120938X > 532120938 wt=.045 wt=.045
120940X388: 120940X388 AY Part number 120940X388 Sub= 120940X479
120940X392: 120940X392 AY Part number 120940X392 Sub= 120940X479
120940X479: 120940X479 AY Part number 120940X479 HANDLE ASM Replaced by HOP-120940X479, HANDLE ASM
120943X: 120943X AY Part number 120943X PANEL CONTROL Replaced by HOP-120943X, PANEL CONTROL
120948X: 120948X AY Part number 120948X COVER.FRONT.WHE * Replaced by HOP-120948X, COVER.FRONT.WHE *
120949X: 120949X AY Part number 120949X COVER.WHEEL.REA * Replaced by HOP-120949X, COVER.WHEEL.REA *
120951X: 120951X AY Part number 120951X PUCK T Replaced by HOP-120951X, PUCK.FRICTION (7109). Replaced by: 532120951 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120951X > 532120951 wt=.02 wt=.02
120952X: 120952X AY Part number 120952X SHAFT T(3919) Replaced by HOP-120952X, SHAFT T(3919). Replaced by: 583663901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120952X > 583663901 wt=.16 wt=.16
120953X: 120953X AY Part number 120953X BRAKE JAW * SHORT DISC *
120954X: 120954X AY Part number 120954X PIN T Replaced by HOP-120954X, PIN.DOWEL 3843 This item is part of the superseding sequence 532120954 > 120954X wt=.02 wt=.02
120955X: 120955X AY Part number 120955X SCREW T wt=.07
120956X: 120956X AY Part number 120956X NLA
120958X: 120958X AY Part number 120958X WASHER Replaced by HOP-120958X, WASHER. Replaced by: 532120958 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120958X > 532120958 wt=.13 wt=.13
120959X: 120959X AY Part number 120959X LEVER wt=.22
120961X: 120961X AY Part number 120961X PUCK T Replaced by HOP-120961X, PUCK T wt=.01 wt=.01
120966X: 120966X AY Part number 120966X NLA Replaced by HOP-120966X, NLA
120968X: 120968X AY Part number 120968X PLATE Replaced by HOP-120968X, PLATE wt=.08 wt=.08
120969X: 120969X AY Part number 120969X RIVET DRIVE Replaced by HOP-120969X, RIVET DRIVE
120972X: 120972X AY Part number 120972X NLA Replaced by HOP-120972X, NLA
120984X: 120984X AY Part number 120984X HOOK.TOW Replaced by HOP-120984X, HOOK.TOW
120990X: 120990X AY Part number 120990X PLATE.INDY.TOW. Replaced by HOP-120990X, PLATE.INDY.TOW.
120993X: 120993X AY Part number 120993X WASHER T wt=.009
120997X: 120997X AY Part number 120997X PUCK T Replaced by HOP-120997X, PUCK T. Replaced by: 583664101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120997X > 583664101 wt=.013 wt=.013
120998X: 120998X AY Part number 120998X SHAFT T This item is part of the superseding sequence 105927X > 120998X wt=.29
12100009: 12100009 AY Part number 12100009 SNAP RING Replaced by HOP-12100009, SNAP RING. Replaced by: 812100009 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12100009 > 812100009 wt=.001 wt=.001
121000X: 121000X AY Part number 121000X SHAFT LIFT LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121000 > 121000X Replaced by HOP-121000X, SHAFT LIFT LT wt=3.975
121001X: 121001X AY Part number 121001X SHAFT LIFT Replaced by HOP-121001X, SHAFT LIFT
121006X: 121006X AY Part number 121006X LEVER ROD LT Replaced by HOP-121006X, LEVER ROD LT (2 2). Replaced by: 532121006 This item is part of the superseding sequence 110026X > 121006X > 532121006 wt=.27 wt=.27
121011X: 121011X AY Part number 121011X NLA Replaced by HOP-121011X, NLA
121016X: 121016X AY Part number 121016X HARNESS T * Replaced by HOP-121016X, HARNESS T * wt=.65
121021X: 121021X AY Part number 121021X Sub= 150546
121030X: 121030X AY Part number 121030X MANUAL LT Replaced by HOP-121030X, MANUAL LT. Replaced by: 917121030 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121030X > 917121030 wt=.245 wt=.245
121031X: 121031X AY Part number 121031X SHAFT YTH Replaced by HOP-121031X, SHAFT YTH
121034X012: 121034X012 AY Part number 121034X012 SADDLE LT Replaced by HOP-121034X012, SADDLE LT
121036X012: 121036X012 AY Part number 121036X012 PLATE DASH LT Replaced by HOP-121036X012, PLATE DASH LT
121038X: 121038X AY Part number 121038X Sub= 108688X
121039X: 121039X AY Part number 121039X HARNESS LT * Replaced by HOP-121039X, HARNESS LT *
121040X: 121040X AY Part number 121040X HARNESS IGN * Replaced by HOP-121040X, HARNESS IGN *
121041X: 121041X AY Part number 121041X HARNESS T Replaced by HOP-121041X, HARNESS T. Replaced by: 583664301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121041X > 583664301 wt=.79 wt=.79
121042X: 121042X AY Part number 121042X HARNESS GT * Replaced by HOP-121042X, HARNESS GT *
121043X: 121043X AY Part number 121043X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP5 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106792X > 121043X
121045X: 121045X AY Part number 121045X Sub= 532121045
121046X: 121046X AY Part number 121046X Sub= 532121046 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105527X > 121046X
121050X: 121050X AY Part number 121050X SLEEVE T Replaced by HOP-121050X, SLEEVE T wt=.06 wt=.06
121055X: 121055X AY Part number 121055X BRACKET.PIVOT.ASM.LH *NLA* Replaced by HOP-121055X, BRACKET.PIVOT.ASM.LH *NLA*
121056X: 121056X AY Part number 121056X BRKT.FRAME Replaced by HOP-121056X, BRKT.FRAME
121063X: 121063X AY Part number 121063X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121064X: 121064X AY Part number 121064X SWITCH T Replaced by HOP-121064X, SWITCH T
121065X: 121065X AY Part number 121065X BRACKET T Replaced by HOP-121065X, BRACKET T
121067X: 121067X AY Part number 121067X SPRING T Replaced by HOP-121067X, SPRING T wt=.415 wt=.415
121068X: 121068X AY Part number 121068X SPRING T Replaced by HOP-121068X, SPRING T
121069X: 121069X AY Part number 121069X PAN.ASM.SEAT. Replaced by: 140552 > 155925 > 182493 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121069X > 140552 > 155925 > 182493
121076X: 121076X AY Part number 121076X Sub= 140119 Replaced by HOP-121076X, Sub= 140119
121083X: 121083X AY Part number 121083X TRANSAXLE LT Replaced by HOP-121083X, TRANSAXLE LT wt=32
121091X: 121091X AY Part number 121091X BRAKE ROD HY Replaced by HOP-121091X, BRAKE ROD HY. Replaced by: 583664401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121091X > 583664401 wt=.913 wt=.913
121093X: 121093X AY Part number 121093X CAP T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121093 > 121093X Replaced by HOP-121093X, CAP T wt=.045
121094X: 121094X AY Part number 121094X BOLT T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121094 > 121094X Replaced by HOP-121094X, BOLT T
121100X: 121100X AY Part number 121100X BRACKET FRAME
121101X: 121101X AY Part number 121101X BRACKET.FRAME Replaced by HOP-121101X, BRACKET.FRAME
121104X363: 121104X363 AY Part number 121104X363 FRAME ASSEM R.H. Replaced by HOP-121104X363, FRAME ASSEM R.H.
121105X363: 121105X363 AY Part number 121105X363 FRAME ASSEM L.H. Replaced by HOP-121105X363, FRAME ASSEM L.H. wt=4.33 wt=4.33
121109X: 121109X AY Part number 121109X HANDLE * REPL 85919 * Replaced by HOP-121109X, HANDLE * REPL 85919 *
121111X: 121111X AY Part number 121111X Sub= 122822X
121117X: 121117X AY Part number 121117X BOLT SHOULDER Replaced by HOP-121117X, BOLT SHOULDER. Replaced by: 532121117 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121117X > 532121117 wt=.125 wt=.125
121120X: 121120X AY Part number 121120X DECAL * Replaced by HOP-121120X, DECAL *
121144X: 121144X AY Part number 121144X Sub= 127018X
121145X: 121145X AY Part number 121145X CLIP CABLE wt=.001
121146X: 121146X AY Part number 121146X Sub= 155112 Replaced by HOP-121146X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121147X: 121147X AY Part number 121147X KIT.HALVES.G. Replaced by: 139544 > 150698 > 407383 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121147X > 139544 > 150698 > 407383
121150X: 121150X AY Part number 121150X HOUSING&BAFFLE Replaced by HOP-121150X, HOUSING&BAFFLE
121156X: 121156X AY Part number 121156X NLA Replaced by HOP-121156X, NLA
121159X: 121159X AY Part number 121159X TIE ROD Replaced by HOP-121159X, TIE ROD wt=.58 wt=.58
121160X: 121160X AY Part number 121160X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121161X: 121161X AY Part number 121161X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121162X: 121162X AY Part number 121162X ROD TIE This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121162 > 121162X Replaced by HOP-121162X, ROD TIE wt=.225
121165X: 121165X AY Part number 121165X NLA Replaced by HOP-121165X, NLA
121166X: 121166X AY Part number 121166X HARNESS * Replaced by HOP-121166X, HARNESS *
121167X: 121167X AY Part number 121167X SPINDLE RH Replaced by HOP-121167X, SPINDLE RH wt=1.89 wt=1.89
121168X: 121168X AY Part number 121168X SPINDLE LH Replaced by HOP-121168X, SPINDLE LH wt=1.92 wt=1.92
121177X: 121177X AY Part number 121177X COLLAR Replaced by HOP-121177X, COLLAR wt=.165 wt=.165
121178X: 121178X AY Part number 121178X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121178X, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917121178 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121178X > 917121178
121180X: 121180X AY Part number 121180X PULLEY TRANSAXLE Replaced by HOP-121180X, PULLEY TRANSAXLE wt=.79 wt=.79
121182X: 121182X AY Part number 121182X GUARD ASM Replaced by HOP-121182X, GUARD ASM
121186X: 121186X AY Part number 121186X FAN Replaced by HOP-121186X, FAN
121187X: 121187X AY Part number 121187X PLATE TRANS SUPT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121187 > 121187X Replaced by HOP-121187X, PLATE TRANS SUPT wt=1.484
121188X: 121188X AY Part number 121188X BRACKET Replaced by HOP-121188X, BRACKET wt=.325 wt=.325
121189X: 121189X AY Part number 121189X U BOLT Replaced by HOP-121189X, U BOLT
121190X: 121190X AY Part number 121190X KEEPER This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121190 > 121190X Replaced by HOP-121190X, KEEPER wt=.22
121195X: 121195X AY Part number 121195X SADDLE ** Replaced by HOP-121195X, SADDLE **
121195X014: 121195X014 AY Part number 121195X014 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-121195X014, SADDLE
121195X015: 121195X015 AY Part number 121195X015 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-121195X015, SADDLE
121197X: 121197X AY Part number 121197X DASHPLATE This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121197 > 121197X
121197X011: 121197X011 AY Part number 121197X011 DASH PLATE Replaced by HOP-121197X011, DASH PLATE
121197X012: 121197X012 AY Part number 121197X012 PLATE,DASH Replaced by HOP-121197X012, PLATE DASH
121197X013: 121197X013 AY Part number 121197X013 DASH PLATE* Replaced by HOP-121197X013, DASH PLATE*
121199X: 121199X AY Part number 121199X SPACER SPLIT Replaced by HOP-121199X, SPACER SPLIT wt=.15 wt=.15
121200X: 121200X AY Part number 121200X ROD BRAKE Replaced by HOP-121200X, ROD BRAKE wt=.554 wt=.554
121201X: 121201X AY Part number 121201X ROD CONTROL
121202X: 121202X AY Part number 121202X LINK CONTROL Replaced by HOP-121202X, LINK CONTROL
121204X: 121204X AY Part number 121204X BELLCRANK Replaced by HOP-121204X, BELLCRANK wt=.26 wt=.26
121206X: 121206X AY Part number 121206X BRKT BELLCRANK This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121206 > 121206X Replaced by HOP-121206X, BRKT BELLCRANK
121208X: 121208X AY Part number 121208X ROD Replaced by HOP-121208X, ROD. Replaced by: 582793401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121208X > 582793401
121209X: 121209X AY Part number 121209X ARM ASM PUMP This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121209 > 121209X Replaced by HOP-121209X, ARM ASM PUMP
121211X: 121211X AY Part number 121211X STANDOFF wt=.215
121215X: 121215X AY Part number 121215X DECAL DRIVE BELT Replaced by HOP-121215X, DECAL DRIVE BELT
121216X: 121216X AY Part number 121216X BRKT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121216 > 121216X Replaced by HOP-121216X, BRKT
121217X: 121217X AY Part number 121217X GUIDE CONTROL This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121217 > 121217X Replaced by HOP-121217X, GUIDE CONTROL wt=.02
121218X: 121218X AY Part number 121218X KEEPER BELT ENGLH Replaced by HOP-121218X, KEEPER BELT ENGLH wt=.26 wt=.26
121221X: 121221X AY Part number 121221X CAP.FUEL.2.2. Replaced by: 123549X > 158990 > 140527 > 197725 > 425162 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121221X > 123549X > 158990 > 140527 > 197725 > 425162
121232X: 121232X AY Part number 121232X CAP Replaced by HOP-121232X, CAP. Replaced by: 532121232 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121232X > 532121232 wt=.01 wt=.01
121235X: 121235X AY Part number 121235X SPACER Replaced by HOP-121235X, SPACER. Replaced by: 532121235 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121235X > 532121235
121236X: 121236X AY Part number 121236X SPACER Replaced by HOP-121236X, SPACER wt=.04 wt=.04
121239X: 121239X AY Part number 121239X NLA Replaced by HOP-121239X, NLA
121246X: 121246X AY Part number 121246X BRKT SWITCH Replaced by HOP-121246X, BRKT SWITCH. Replaced by: 532121246 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121246X > 532121246 wt=.542 wt=.542
121247X: 121247X AY Part number 121247X PAN.ASM.SEAT. Replaced by: 131451 > 140552 > 155925 > 182493 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121247X > 131451 > 140552 > 155925 > 182493
121248X: 121248X AY Part number 121248X BUSHING Replaced by HOP-121248X, BUSHING. Replaced by: 532121248 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121248X > 532121248 wt=.005 wt=.005
121249X: 121249X AY Part number 121249X SPACER SPLIT Replaced by HOP-121249X, SPACER SPLIT. Replaced by: 532121249 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121249X > 532121249 wt=.015 wt=.015
121250X: 121250X AY Part number 121250X SPRING Replaced by HOP-121250X, SPRING. Replaced by: 532121250 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121250X > 532121250 wt=.01 wt=.01
121251X: 121251X AY Part number 121251X STRIP FORM Replaced by HOP-121251X, STRIP FORM wt=.002 wt=.002
121252X: 121252X AY Part number 121252X UPSTOP This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121252 > 121252X Replaced by HOP-121252X, UPSTOP wt=.3
121254X: 121254X AY Part number 121254X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121254X, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917121254 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121254X > 917121254
121256X: 121256X AY Part number 121256X *****N.L.A. 6/96 (MANUAL)***** Replaced by HOP-121256X, *****N.L.A. 6/96 (MANUAL)*****
121259X: 121259X AY Part number 121259X Sub= 144725 Replaced by HOP-121259X, Sub= 144725
121260X: 121260X AY Part number 121260X BAFFLE.DISCHARGE(RA Replaced by HOP-121260X, BAFFLE.DISCHARGE(RA
121261X: 121261X AY Part number 121261X BAFFLE.REAR(RAW)
121262X: 121262X AY Part number 121262X BAFFLE.FRONT.38"(RA
121263-X: 121263-X AY Part number 121263X / 121263-X BLADE.38" HI-LIFT. Replaced by: 121263X This item is part of the superseding sequence 121263-X > 121263X
121263X: 121263X AY Part number 121263X BLADE.38" HI-LIFT This item is part of the superseding sequence 121263-X > 121263X wt=2.376
121264X: 121264X AY Part number 121264X BATTERY CAP Replaced by HOP-121264X, BATTERY CAP
121271X: 121271X AY Part number 121271X DECAL Replaced by HOP-121271X, DECAL
121274X: 121274X AY Part number 121274X KNOB.DUCKHEAD.1/2 Replaced by HOP-121274X, KNOB.DUCKHEAD.1/2 wt=.07 wt=.07
121275X: 121275X AY Part number 121275X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121277X: 121277X AY Part number 121277X CHASSIS ASM Replaced by HOP-121277X, CHASSIS ASM
121278X: 121278X AY Part number 121278X CHASSIS Replaced by HOP-121278X, CHASSIS
121280X: 121280X AY Part number 121280X FUEL TANK Replaced by HOP-121280X, FUEL TANK
121281X: 121281X AY Part number 121281X SUPT TANK FUEL Replaced by HOP-121281X, SUPT TANK FUEL
121286X012: 121286X012 AY Part number 121286X012 PLATE DASHBOARD *NLA* Replaced by HOP-121286X012, PLATE DASHBOARD *NLA*
121286X013: 121286X013 AY Part number 121286X013 PLATE DASHBOARD Replaced by HOP-121286X013, PLATE DASHBOARD
121286X014: 121286X014 AY Part number 121286X014 PLATE DASH Replaced by HOP-121286X014, PLATE DASH
121291X: 121291X AY Part number 121291X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121291X, OWNERS MANUAL
121293X: 121293X AY Part number 121293X IGN HARNESS * Replaced by HOP-121293X, IGN HARNESS *
121299X: 121299X AY Part number 121299X Sub= 132771 Replaced by HOP-121299X, Sub= 132771
121300X: 121300X AY Part number 121300X CAP BATTERY * Replaced by HOP-121300X, CAP BATTERY *
121304X: 121304X AY Part number 121304X MUFFLER Replaced by HOP-121304X, MUFFLER wt=1.6 wt=1.6
121305X: 121305X AY Part number 121305X SWITCH SEAT Replaced by HOP-121305X, SWITCH.SNAPMOUNT.NC. Replaced by: 532121305 > 532421062 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121305X > 532121305 > 532421062 wt=.02 wt=.02
121306X: 121306X AY Part number 121306X Sub= 127866 Replaced by HOP-121306X, Sub= 127866
121309X: 121309X AY Part number 121309X HARNESS IGNITIO * Replaced by HOP-121309X, HARNESS IGNITIO * wt=.44 wt=.44
121310X: 121310X AY Part number 121310X Sub= 123888X
121311X: 121311X AY Part number 121311X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121311X, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917121311 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121311X > 917121311
121312X: 121312X AY Part number 121312X DASH Replaced by HOP-121312X, DASH
121313X: 121313X AY Part number 121313X BRACKET BELT GUARD
121316X: 121316X AY Part number 121316X PULLEY IDLER Replaced by HOP-121316X, PULLEY IDLER. Replaced by: 532121316 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121316X > 532121316 wt=1.211 wt=1.211
121317X: 121317X AY Part number 121317X Sub= 126756X Replaced by HOP-121317X, Sub= 126756X
121319X: 121319X AY Part number 121319X TRANSAXLE * Replaced by HOP-121319X, TRANSAXLE *
121321X: 121321X AY Part number 121321X ROD TIE Replaced by HOP-121321X, ROD TIE
121323X: 121323X AY Part number 121323X PUMP.2003081. Replaced by HOP-121323X, PUMP.2003081. wt=.185 wt=.185
121326X: 121326X AY Part number 121326X TRANSAXLE ** N.L.A. PER ROPER Replaced by HOP-121326X, TRANSAXLE ** N.L.A. PER ROPER
121327X: 121327X AY Part number 121327X PULLEY TRANSAXLE Replaced by HOP-121327X, PULLEY TRANSAXLE wt=3.115 wt=3.115
121330X012: 121330X012 AY Part number 121330X012 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-121330X012, SADDLE
121334X: 121334X AY Part number 121334X TIE ROD Replaced by HOP-121334X, TIE ROD
121339X: 121339X AY Part number 121339X HARNESS IGN * Replaced by HOP-121339X, HARNESS IGN *
121343X: 121343X AY Part number 121343X DECAL WARING Replaced by HOP-121343X, DECAL WARING wt=.015 wt=.015
121345X: 121345X AY Part number 121345X NLA Replaced by HOP-121345X, NLA
121347X: 121347X AY Part number 121347X HARNESS IGN *NLA* Replaced by HOP-121347X, HARNESS IGN *NLA*
121349X: 121349X AY Part number 121349X DECAL WARNING Replaced by HOP-121349X, DECAL WARNING wt=.02 wt=.02
121350X: 121350X AY Part number 121350X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121350X, OWNERS MANUAL
121351X: 121351X AY Part number 121351X Sub= 139417
121352X: 121352X AY Part number 121352X BELT RETIANER Replaced by HOP-121352X, BELT RETIANER wt=.12 wt=.12
121354X: 121354X AY Part number 121354X WIRE HARNESS Replaced by HOP-121354X, WIRE HARNESS
121355X: 121355X AY Part number 121355X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121356X: 121356X AY Part number 121356X BRACKET CLUTCH Replaced by HOP-121356X, BRACKET CLUTCH wt=.995 wt=.995
121357X: 121357X AY Part number 121357X SPRING EXT CLUTCH Replaced by HOP-121357X, SPRING EXT CLUTCH wt=.41 wt=.41
121358X: 121358X AY Part number 121358X RETAINER SPRING Replaced by HOP-121358X, RETAINER SPRING wt=.022 wt=.022
121360X: 121360X AY Part number 121360X RETAINER BELT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121360 > 121360X Replaced by HOP-121360X, RETAINER BELT wt=.073
121361X: 121361X AY Part number 121361X Sub= 139123
121366X: 121366X AY Part number 121366X FUEL PUMP Replaced by HOP-121366X, FUEL PUMP wt=.19 wt=.19
121375X011: 121375X011 AY Part number 121375X011 DASHPLATE Replaced by HOP-121375X011, DASHPLATE
121375X012: 121375X012 AY Part number 121375X012 DASHPLATE *NLA* Replaced by HOP-121375X012, DASHPLATE *NLA*
121377X011: 121377X011 AY Part number 121377X011 DASHPLATE Replaced by HOP-121377X011, DASHPLATE
121381X: 121381X AY Part number 121381X NLA Replaced by HOP-121381X, NLA
121384X: 121384X AY Part number 121384X *****N.L.A. 10/95 (OWNERS MANU Replaced by HOP-121384X, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (OWNERS MANU
121387X: 121387X AY Part number 121387X SHIELD,HEAT REAR* Replaced by HOP-121387X, SHIELD HEAT REAR*
121389X: 121389X AY Part number 121389X CHOKE CONTROL. Replaced by: 132777 > 532132780 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121389X > 132777 > 532132780
121399X: 121399X AY Part number 121399X NLA Replaced by HOP-121399X, NLA
121405X: 121405X AY Part number 121405X HARNESS Replaced by HOP-121405X, HARNESS
121407X: 121407X AY Part number 121407X *** N.L.A. 6/94 (SHIFT ROD) ** Replaced by HOP-121407X, *** N.L.A. 6/94 (SHIFT ROD) **
121420X: 121420X AY Part number 121420X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121420X, OWNERS MANUAL
121422X: 121422X AY Part number 121422X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121422X, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917121422 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121422X > 917121422
121423X: 121423X AY Part number 121423X Sub= 144729
121424X: 121424X AY Part number 121424X ARM ASM Replaced by HOP-121424X, ARM ASM
121425X: 121425X AY Part number 121425X ARM IDLER Replaced by HOP-121425X, ARM IDLER
121426X: 121426X AY Part number 121426X GUIDE BELT Replaced by HOP-121426X, GUIDE BELT. Replaced by: 583665401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121426X > 583665401
121427X: 121427X AY Part number 121427X SPRING EXT Replaced by HOP-121427X, SPRING EXT wt=.925 wt=.925
121430X: 121430X AY Part number 121430X PUMP.BDU-10S-114 Replaced by HOP-121430X, PUMP.BDU-10S-114 wt=16.792 wt=16.792
121431X: 121431X AY Part number 121431X TRANSAXLE.AGRIFAB Replaced by HOP-121431X, TRANSAXLE.AGRIFAB
121433X: 121433X AY Part number 121433X Sub= 122822X
121434X: 121434X AY Part number 121434X HARNESS IGNITIO * Replaced by HOP-121434X, HARNESS IGNITIO *
121438X: 121438X AY Part number 121438X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121438X, OWNERS MANUAL
121439X: 121439X AY Part number 121439X **** NLA 7/93 **** (MANUAL) Replaced by HOP-121439X, **** NLA 7/93 **** (MANUAL)
121440X: 121440X AY Part number 121440X BELT GUIDE Replaced by HOP-121440X, BELT GUIDE wt=.305 wt=.305
121441X: 121441X AY Part number 121441X BELT GUIDE Replaced by HOP-121441X, BELT GUIDE. Replaced by: 532121441 > 532131402 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121441X > 532121441 > 532131402 wt=.29 wt=.29
121442X: 121442X AY Part number 121442X Sub= 140119 Replaced by HOP-121442X, Sub= 140119
121443X: 121443X AY Part number 121443X LIGHT SWITCH Replaced by HOP-121443X, LIGHT SWITCH wt=.04 wt=.04
121444X011: 121444X011 AY Part number 121444X011 DASHPLATE *NLA* Replaced by HOP-121444X011, DASHPLATE *NLA*
121444X015: 121444X015 AY Part number 121444X015 DASHPLATE Replaced by HOP-121444X015, DASHPLATE
121444X016: 121444X016 AY Part number 121444X016 DASH PLATE Replaced by HOP-121444X016, DASH PLATE
121444X017: 121444X017 AY Part number 121444X017 PLATE.SLKSCR Replaced by HOP-121444X017, PLATE.SLKSCR
121444X018: 121444X018 AY Part number 121444X018 PLATE.SLKSCR.DASH Replaced by HOP-121444X018, PLATE.SLKSCR.DASH
121444X019: 121444X019 AY Part number 121444X019 PLATE.SLKSCR. Replaced by HOP-121444X019, PLATE.SLKSCR.
121444X020: 121444X020 AY Part number 121444X020 PLATE.DASH.SLKSCR Replaced by HOP-121444X020, PLATE.DASH.SLKSCR
121444X021: 121444X021 AY Part number 121444X021 PLATE.SLKSCR Replaced by HOP-121444X021, PLATE.SLKSCR
121444X028: 121444X028 AY Part number 121444X028 DASHPLATE Replaced by HOP-121444X028, DASHPLATE
121444X410: 121444X410 AY Part number 121444X410 DASH PLATE Replaced by HOP-121444X410, DASH PLATE
121448X011: 121448X011 AY Part number 121448X011 DASH PLATE Replaced by HOP-121448X011, DASH PLATE
121448X012: 121448X012 AY Part number 121448X012 DASH PLATE Replaced by HOP-121448X012, DASH PLATE
121448X017: 121448X017 AY Part number 121448X017 PLATE.SLKSCR.DASH
121455X: 121455X AY Part number 121455X HARNESS IGN Replaced by HOP-121455X, HARNESS IGN wt=.911 wt=.911
121458X: 121458X AY Part number 121458X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108671X > 121458X Replaced by HOP-121458X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121463X: 121463X AY Part number 121463X KEEPER BELT Replaced by HOP-121463X, KEEPER BELT wt=.037 wt=.037
121465X: 121465X AY Part number 121465X TIE WIRE This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121465 > 121465X Replaced by HOP-121465X, TIE WIRE
121466X: 121466X AY Part number 121466X KNOB This item is part of the superseding sequence 532121466 > 121466X Replaced by HOP-121466X, KNOB wt=.08
121467X: 121467X AY Part number 121467X Sub= 532132746
121468X: 121468X AY Part number 121468X Sub= 133439
121470X: 121470X AY Part number 121470X CHOKE CONTROL. Replaced by: 532132780 This item is part of the superseding sequence 110879X > 121470X > 532132780
121472X: 121472X AY Part number 121472X Sub= 150546
121475X: 121475X AY Part number 121475X NLA Replaced by HOP-121475X, NLA
121478X: 121478X AY Part number 121478X HARNESS IGNITION Replaced by HOP-121478X, HARNESS IGNITION wt=.77 wt=.77
121489X: 121489X AY Part number 121489X HARNESS IGNITIO * Replaced by HOP-121489X, HARNESS IGNITIO *
121520X: 121520X AY Part number 121520X STRAP TORQUE Replaced by HOP-121520X, STRAP TORQUE. Replaced by: 532121520 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121520X > 532121520 wt=.335 wt=.335
121521X: 121521X AY Part number 121521X Sub= 162150. Replaced by: 132755 > 133439 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121521X > 132755 > 133439
121522X: 121522X AY Part number 121522X CHOKE CONTROL **. Replaced by: 132778 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121522X > 132778
121523X: 121523X AY Part number 121523X Sub= 532132748
121524X: 121524X AY Part number 121524X CONTROL THROTTLE This item is part of the superseding sequence 110847X > 121524X wt=.485
121525X: 121525X AY Part number 121525X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121527X: 121527X AY Part number 121527X REPLACED BY: ROP132764
121531X: 121531X AY Part number 121531X HARNESS IGN * Replaced by HOP-121531X, HARNESS IGN *
121532X: 121532X AY Part number 121532X HARNESS IGNITIO * Replaced by HOP-121532X, HARNESS IGNITIO *
121533X: 121533X AY Part number 121533X HARNESS * Replaced by HOP-121533X, HARNESS *
121534X: 121534X AY Part number 121534X HARNESS Replaced by HOP-121534X, HARNESS
121535X: 121535X AY Part number 121535X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121535X, OWNERS MANUAL
121537X: 121537X AY Part number 121537X Sub= 123899X
121549X: 121549X AY Part number 121549X DECAL Replaced by HOP-121549X, DECAL
121566X: 121566X AY Part number 121566X HANDLE Replaced by HOP-121566X, HANDLE wt=1.954 wt=1.954
121576X: 121576X AY Part number 121576X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121576X, OWNERS MANUAL
121584X: 121584X AY Part number 121584X INSERT STEERING Replaced by HOP-121584X, INSERT STEERING. Replaced by: 583665801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121584X > 583665801 wt=.115 wt=.115
121586X: 121586X AY Part number 121586X NLA Replaced by HOP-121586X, NLA
121587X: 121587X AY Part number 121587X NLA Replaced by HOP-121587X, NLA
121588X: 121588X AY Part number 121588X NLA Replaced by HOP-121588X, NLA
121589X: 121589X AY Part number 121589X NLA Replaced by HOP-121589X, NLA
121592X: 121592X AY Part number 121592X OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-121592X, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917121592 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121592X > 917121592
121595X: 121595X AY Part number 121595X HOUSING * Replaced by HOP-121595X, HOUSING *
121598X: 121598X AY Part number 121598X RH SUSP ARM ASM Replaced by HOP-121598X, Sub= 121598X wt=1.632 wt=1.632
121599X: 121599X AY Part number 121599X LH SUSP ARM ASM Replaced by HOP-121599X, LH SUSP ARM ASM wt=1.585 wt=1.585
121607X: 121607X AY Part number 121607X NLA Replaced by HOP-121607X, NLA
121608X: 121608X AY Part number 121608X D5000FR MANU Replaced by HOP-121608X, D5000FR MANU
121610X: 121610X AY Part number 121610X BRCK ASM Replaced by HOP-121610X, BRCK ASM
121612X429: 121612X429 AY Part number 121612X429 GUARD,BELT Replaced by HOP-121612X429, GUARD BELT
121613X: 121613X AY Part number 121613X GRD, BELT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-121613X, GRD BELT *NLA*
121613X419: 121613X419 AY Part number 121613X419 BELT,GRD
121613X423: 121613X423 AY Part number 121613X423 GRD,BELT Replaced by HOP-121613X423, GRD BELT
121613X424: 121613X424 AY Part number 121613X424 GUARD,BELT Replaced by HOP-121613X424, GUARD BELT
121613X429: 121613X429 AY Part number 121613X429 GRD,BELT Replaced by HOP-121613X429, GRD BELT
121613X475: 121613X475 AY Part number 121613X475 GRD,BELT Replaced by HOP-121613X475, GRD BELT
121614X: 121614X AY Part number 121614X DECAL SIDE PANEL Replaced by HOP-121614X, DECAL SIDE PANEL
121617X: 121617X AY Part number 121617X Sub= 121657X
121622X: 121622X AY Part number 121622X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
121631X: 121631X AY Part number 121631X SPRING TORSION Replaced by HOP-121631X, SPRING TORSION wt=.026 wt=.026
121642X361: 121642X361 AY Part number 121642X361 FENDER.PNT.YTGT.. Replaced by: 121642X417 > 167285X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X361 > 121642X417 > 167285X417
121642X388: 121642X388 AY Part number 121642X388 FENDER.PNT. Replaced by: 167285X388 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X388 > 167285X388
121642X390: 121642X390 AY Part number 121642X390 FENDER * Replaced by HOP-121642X390, FENDER *
121642X392: 121642X392 AY Part number 121642X392 FENDER * Replaced by HOP-121642X392, FENDER *
121642X394: 121642X394 AY Part number 121642X394 FENDER.PNT. Replaced by: 167285X394 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X394 > 167285X394
121642X416: 121642X416 AY Part number 121642X416 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121642X416, FENDER
121642X417: 121642X417 AY Part number 121642X417 FENDER.PNT.YTGT.. Replaced by: 167285X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105539X > 121642X417 > 167285X417
121642X418: 121642X418 AY Part number 121642X418 FENDER.PNT.YTGT.WO/SHIFT. Replaced by: 167285X418 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X418 > 167285X418
121642X419: 121642X419 AY Part number 121642X419 FENDER.PNT. Replaced by: 167285X419 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X419 > 167285X419
121642X421: 121642X421 AY Part number 121642X421 FENDER.PNT. Replaced by: 167285X421 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X421 > 167285X421
121642X422: 121642X422 AY Part number 121642X422 FENDER.HUSQ.YT/GT
121642X423: 121642X423 AY Part number 121642X423 NLA Replaced by HOP-121642X423, NLA
121642X424: 121642X424 AY Part number 121642X424 FENDER.PNT.YTGT.WO/SHIFT. Replaced by: 167285X424 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X424 > 167285X424
121642X427: 121642X427 AY Part number 121642X427 FENDER.YT/GT.W/O Replaced by HOP-121642X427, FENDER.YT/GT.W/O
121642X428: 121642X428 AY Part number 121642X428 FENDER.PNT.YTGT.WO/SHIFT. Replaced by: 167285X428 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X428 > 167285X428
121642X429: 121642X429 AY Part number 121642X429 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121642X429, FENDER
121642X459: 121642X459 AY Part number 121642X459 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121642X459, FENDER
121642X505: 121642X505 AY Part number 121642X505 FENDER.PNT. Replaced by: 167285X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X505 > 167285X505
121642X510: 121642X510 AY Part number 121642X510 FENDER.PNT. Replaced by: 167285X510 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X510 > 167285X510
121642X520: 121642X520 AY Part number 121642X520 FENDER.PNT. Replaced by HOP-121642X520, FENDER.PNT.
121642X550: 121642X550 AY Part number 121642X550 FENDER.PNT. Replaced by: 167285X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121642X550 > 167285X550
121642X558: 121642X558 AY Part number 121642X558 FENDER.YT/GT Replaced by HOP-121642X558, FENDER.YT/GT
121642X574: 121642X574 AY Part number 121642X574 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121642X574, FENDER
121649X: 121649X AY Part number 121649X *** N.L.A. 1/93 (DECAL) *** Replaced by HOP-121649X, *** N.L.A. 1/93 (DECAL) ***
121651X: 121651X AY Part number 121651X NLA Replaced by HOP-121651X, NLA
121653X: 121653X AY Part number 121653X MANUAL YTH12 Replaced by HOP-121653X, MANUAL YTH12
121657X: 121657X AY Part number 121657X JACKSHAFT Replaced by HOP-121657X, MANDREL. Replaced by: 532121657 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121657X > 532121657 wt=4.51 wt=4.51
121658X: 121658X AY Part number 121658X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-121658X, MANDREL ASM SEC 44/50. Replaced by: 136819 > 532106037 > 532136819 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121658X > 136819 > 532106037 > 532136819
121660X: 121660X AY Part number 121660X NLA Replaced by HOP-121660X, NLA
121663X: 121663X AY Part number 121663X FENDER.YTGT.W/OSHF. Replaced by HOP-121663X, FENDER.YTGT.W/OSHF.
121663X366: 121663X366 AY Part number 121663X366 FENDER * Replaced by HOP-121663X366, FENDER *
121663X388: 121663X388 AY Part number 121663X388 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121663X388, FENDER
121663X392: 121663X392 AY Part number 121663X392 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121663X392, FENDER
121663X394: 121663X394 AY Part number 121663X394 FENDER * Replaced by HOP-121663X394, FENDER *
121663X421: 121663X421 AY Part number 121663X421 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121663X421, FENDER
121663X422: 121663X422 AY Part number 121663X422 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121663X422, FENDER
121663X424: 121663X424 AY Part number 121663X424 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121663X424, FENDER
121663X505: 121663X505 AY Part number 121663X505 FENDER Replaced by HOP-121663X505, FENDER
121664X: 121664X AY Part number 121664X Sub= 123760X Replaced by HOP-121664X, Sub= 123760X
121676X: 121676X AY Part number 121676X Sub= 121687X

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