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40015: 40015 Replaces ENERCO Part number 40015 OGIVE HS180ID HS300ID REPLACEMENT
40016: 40016 Replaces ENERCO Part number 40016 FITTING HS180ID HS300ID REPLACEMENT
40021: 40021 Replaces ENERCO Part number 40021 HT CABLE HS180ID HS300ID REPLACEMENT
40024: 40024 Replaces ENERCO Part number 40024 NOZZLE HS180ID REPLACEMENT
40026: 40026 Replaces ENERCO Part number 40026 ELECTRODE HS180ID HS300ID REPLACEMENT
40042: 40042 Replaces ENERCO Part number 40042 BURNER CONTROL HS180ID HS300ID REPLACEMENT
40SV01P: 40SV01P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 40SV01P STRAINER
41020: 41020 Replaces DESA Part number 41020 CANISTER ONLY
42010: 42010 Replaces DESA Part number 42010 GASKET 40020
42310: 42310 Replaces DESA Part number 42310 O-RING 40020 FILTER
42320: 42320 Replaces DESA Part number 42320 THICK O-RING 40020 FILTER
4311-0068-00: 4311-0068-00 Replaces GHP Part number 4311-0068-00 Screw - BH1
4319-0015-00: 4319-0015-00 Replaces GHP Part number 4319-0015-00 Screw - Flange
4329-0016-00: 4329-0016-00 Replaces GHP Part number 4329-0016-00 Bolt - Flange
4466: 4466 Replaces ENERCO Part number 4466 FILTER DIFFUSER 04466
4490P: 4490P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 4490P 2 STAGE VALVE AND REGULATOR
4509P: 4509P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 4509P GAS PRESSURE SWITCH 3050
4510P: 4510P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 4510P TRANSFORMER
4512P: 4512P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 4512P CONTROL RELAY
4514P: 4514P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 4514P SOLENOID VALVE
4519P: 4519P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 4519P MORELAY 24V
4605: 4605 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 4605 Switch, Air Flow
4719: 4719 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 4719 Motor, 1/5 HP
5002614: 5002614 Replaces GHP Part number 5002614 Reg/Hose Assy(10')
50055: 50055 Replaces ENERCO Part number 50055 TUBE BP 1/4" FF L.260MM
50097: 50097 Replaces ENERCO Part number 50097 RELAY FINDER 65.31AC, 110V
50104: 50104 Replaces ENERCO Part number 50104 ELECTRODE 1000ID E10248
50126: 50126 Replaces ENERCO Part number 50126 DEFLECCENTER 4000DF
502680: 502680 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 502680 Switch, Air Flow, w/ Nuts and Bolts
503933: 503933 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 503933 Switch, Manual Reset High Limit
5051233: 5051233 Replaces GHP Part number 5051233 Valve(60k continuous variable)
5051235: 5051235 Replaces GHP Part number 5051235 Valve(125k continuous variable)
5055549: 5055549 Replaces GHP Part number 5055549 Reg/Hose Assy(10')
505566: 505566 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 505566 Switch, Manual Reset, High Limit (350 DEG F.)
509201: 509201 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 509201 Igniter, (without LocaBracket)
5124P: 5124P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 5124P AIR SWITCH
520290: 520290 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 520290 Motor, 1/12 HP, 115V, 1700 RPM, 0.9 AMP, Ball Bearing
522076: 522076 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 522076 Valve, Gas Control, 11 in. (LP Gas)
5363: 5363 Replaces SCHEU Part number 5363 125R PILOT ORIFICE
5549: 5549 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 5549 Control, Direct Spark Ignition
5568: 5568 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 5568 Thermostat, Unit Mount, with Bracket (Stainless Steel)
571344: 571344 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 571344 Control, Ignition, DSI, Non-Dia, W/O Case
571400: 571400 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 571400 Switch, High Limit (190 DEG F.)
571662: 571662 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 571662 Igniter
571671: 571671 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 571671 Switch, High Limit, 250 Deg
571900: 571900 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 571900 Transformer, 240/24V 40VA
572150: 572150 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572150 Gauge, Fuel
572151: 572151 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572151 GAUGE,FUEL
572154: 572154 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572154 Fuel Filter
572155: 572155 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572155 ASSEMBLY,FUEL FILTER
572157: 572157 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572157 Fuel Cap
572160: 572160 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572160 CORD,POWER
572169: 572169 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572169 AIR/FUEL LINES
572170: 572170 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572170 AIR/FUEL LINES
572171: 572171 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572171 AIR/FUEL LINES
572172: 572172 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572172 AIR/FUEL LINES
572174: 572174 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572174 SWITCH,BACKFLASH
572176: 572176 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572176 DRAIN PLUG
572181: 572181 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572181 COMBUSTION CHAMBER
572182: 572182 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572182 COMBUSTION CHAMBER
572186: 572186 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572186 Photocell Assembly
572187: 572187 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572187 ASSEMBLY PHOTOCELL
572193: 572193 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572193 KIT,NOZZLE
572194: 572194 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572194 KIT,NOZZLE
572195: 572195 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572195 KIT,NOZZLE
572196: 572196 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572196 KIT,NOZZLE
572197: 572197 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572197 KIT,NOZZLE
572200: 572200 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572200 Kit,Spark Plug
572201: 572201 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572201 KIT,SPARK PLUG
572202: 572202 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572202 KIT,SPARK PLUG
572206: 572206 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572206 ASSEMBLY,MOTOR/PUMP
572207: 572207 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572207 ASSEMBLY,MOTOR/PUMP
572210: 572210 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572210 MOTOR
572215: 572215 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572215 CAPACITOR
572223: 572223 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572223 PUMP BODY
572225: 572225 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572225 KIT,ROTOR
572227: 572227 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572227 Kit, Filter includes
572228: 572228 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572228 COVER,PUMP
572229: 572229 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572229 COVER,FILTER
572230: 572230 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572230 KIT,PUMP ADJUSTMENT
572231: 572231 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572231 GAUGE,PRESSURE
572232: 572232 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572232 FAN,CP045AK
572234: 572234 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572234 FAN,CP125AK
572235: 572235 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572235 FAN,CP170/210AK
572240: 572240 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572240 ASSEMBLY,P.C.B.,MAIN
572243: 572243 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572243 Ignition Transformer
572244: 572244 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572244 IGNITER,IGNITION TRANSFORMER
572245: 572245 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572245 IGNITER,IGNITION TRANSFORMER
572246: 572246 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572246 IGNITER,IGNITION TRANSFORMER
572251: 572251 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572251 Switch, On/Off
572265: 572265 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572265 Guard, Fan
572266: 572266 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572266 GUARD,FAN
572267: 572267 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572267 GUARD,FAN
572268: 572268 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572268 ASSEMBLY,FAN GUARD
572274: 572274 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572274 KIT,WHEEL,PNEUMATIC
572276: 572276 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572276 KIT,HANDLE
572282: 572282 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572282 KIT,SCREWS
572299: 572299 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572299 TRANSFORMER,IGNITER
572307: 572307 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572307 GEAR PUMP
572312: 572312 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572312 ASSEMBLY,FILTER
572427: 572427 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572427 Direct Spark Ignition Control
572450: 572450 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572450 Bolt, Drain Plug, Kero
572571: 572571 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 572571 Back Flash Switch
57413: 57413 Replaces DESA Part number 57413 1/4 STREET ELBOW
57419: 57419 Replaces DESA Part number 57419 1/4" PIPE PLUG
5795: 5795 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 5795 Cord, Power, 24"
5988P: 5988P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 5988P FAN DELAY TIMER
60015: 60015 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60015 HI LIMIT SENSOR HEAT EXCH. HSU MHU-45 75 (112)
60020: 60020 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60020 MODRAFT INDUCTION HSU MHU-45
60021: 60021 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60021 SENSOR LIMIT HSU MHU-75 (140)
60022: 60022 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60022 LIMIT SENSOR HSU MHU-45
60030: 60030 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60030 SWITCH PRESSURE HSU MHU-45
60035: 60035 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60035 ELECTRODE IGNIROD MHU HSU-45
60040: 60040 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60040 ELECTRODE SENSOR ROD MHU HSU-45
60071: 60071 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60071 HSU75 LP TO CONVERSION KIT
60105: 60105 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60105 BOARD IGNITION CONTROL HSU UNIT HEATER
60125: 60125 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60125 FAN ASSEMBLY MHU HSU-45
60130: 60130 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60130 ADAPTER INDUCED DRAFT MHU HSU-45 3
60135: 60135 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60135 GASKET INDUCED DRAFT MHU HSU-45 75
60140: 60140 Replaces ENERCO Part number 60140 ADAPTER INDUCED DRAFT MHU HSU-75.4"
6014NR: 6014NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6014NR SCREW TAPPING 8 X 3/8
6017NR: 6017NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6017NR SCREW, #10 X 3/8"
6073NR: 6073NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6073NR 12" FAN FOR 350K UNIVERSAL
6074NR: 6074NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6074NR 113950-01 8" Fan 5 Blade
6103NR: 6103NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6103NR 104119-01 Aluminum Valve 125R
6108NR: 6108NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6108NR PILOT LP 100RA
6122NR: 6122NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6122NR FITTING
6127NR: 6127NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6127NR Ftg Male Conn 3/8Flr X 1/4Mpt
6133NR: 6133NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6133NR Fitting Couple 1/4Fpt
6137NR: 6137NR Replaces DESA Part number 6137NR FTG FEMALE ELBOW 1/4FLR X 1/8
6138NR: 6138NR Replaces DESA Part number 6138NR FITTING 1/4FPT X 1/4FLARE ELBO
6151NR: 6151NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6151NR 1/4" X 10FT HOSE
6152NR: 6152NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6152NR 113776-01 3/8" X 10' Hose
6168NR: 6168NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6168NR 113848-01 High Limit Control 240F
6170NR: 6170NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6170NR SWITCH TOGGLE
6171NR: 6171NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6171NR Switch Push Button No Spst
6172NR: 6172NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6172NR FLAME ROD 2 1/2"
6189NR: 6189NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6189NR TERMINAL 1/4MQC Y ADAPTER
6223NR: 6223NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6223NR BUSHING,STRAIN RELIEF
6235NR: 6235NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6235NR TC 12IN
6252NR: 6252NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6252NR 113818-01 Tank ConnecWith O-Ring
6253NR: 6253NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6253NR REGULA35-40PSI 301
6255NR: 6255NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6255NR 113792-01 11" W.C. Pressure Regulator
6256NR: 6256NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6256NR REGULA10 PSI(SILVER/PRESET
6257NR: 6257NR Replaces DESA Part number 6257NR 113862-01 28" WC
6259NR: 6259NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6259NR 4"WC REGULAW/ 1/2"OPENING
63002: 63002 Replaces ENERCO Part number 63002 SLEEVE NOZZLE BUNA RUBBER (70) (100) (150)
63008: 63008 Replaces ENERCO Part number 63008 NOZZLE (70)
63009: 63009 Replaces ENERCO Part number 63009 NOZZLE (100)
63011: 63011 Replaces ENERCO Part number 63011 NOZZLE (150)
6374NR: 6374NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6374NR LABEL ELECTRIC GROUND
6435NR: 6435NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6435NR Fitting Bushing 3/8 Mpt X 1/4
6473NR: 6473NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6473NR PIEZO IGNI USE 102445-01
6503NR: 6503NR Replaces DESA Part number 6503NR NUT HEX 1/2-28 TE VALVE 40FAS
6515NR: 6515NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6515NR Knob J100 Valve Replacement
6568NR: 6568NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6568NR 113812-01 FTG Adapter 1/4FLR X 1/4MPT
6641NR: 6641NR Replaces DESA Part number 6641NR TERMINAL BOARD
6654: 6654 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 6654 Adapter, Hose,5/8-18 x 3/8 NPT
6654NR: 6654NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6654NR 13" Thermocouple with Dual
6655: 6655 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 6655 Adapter, Hose,5/8-18 x 1/2 NPT
6664: 6664 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 6664 Switch, Backflash, Assembly
6685: 6685 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 6685 Orifice Assy., w/Retaining Rings (LP Gas)
6687: 6687 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 6687 Switch, Backflash, Assembly
6716NR: 6716NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6716NR PILOT ORIFICE .16MM
6739: 6739 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 6739 Switch, Air Flow, w/Bracket
6771: 6771 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 6771 Adapter, Hose 1/4 NPT x 1/2 NPS
6803NR: 6803NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6803NR 36" Thermocouple w/Interrupter
6832NR: 6832NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6832NR PLATE BACKING AIR PUMP
6833NR: 6833NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6833NR 5/8" BODY RING
6834: 6834 Replaces SCHEU Part number 6834 NYLON AIR PUMP INSERT MH50-210K
6834NR: 6834NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6834NR ROINSERT
6835NR: 6835NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6835NR SET OF 4 BLA 115898-01
6838NR: 6838NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6838NR SCREW 1 1/4" FOR CARDBOARD
6848NR: 6848NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6848NR O RING 73-6440
6849NR: 6849NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6849NR PLUG
6850NR: 6850NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6850NR BALL
6851NR: 6851NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6851NR SPRING
6862NR: 6862NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6862NR BUSHING ONLY 115911-01
6872NR: 6872NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6872NR FUEL CAP 97702-01
6884NR: 6884NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6884NR NOZZLE FUEL 100
6885NR: 6885NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6885NR 8 1/4" FAN
6908NR: 6908NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 6908NR SCREW MACHINE 10-32 X 1.25
69255: 69255 Replaces DESA Part number 69255 TEE
700020105: 700020105 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700020105 Drain Plug
700030100: 700030100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700030100 Fuel filter assembly
700030200: 700030200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700030200 FUEL FILTER ASSY
700060100: 700060100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700060100 FUEL CAP & GASKET
700070100: 700070100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700070100 FUEL GAUGE & GASKET
700070200: 700070200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700070200 FUEL GAUGE & GASKET
700110400: 700110400 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700110400 COMBUSTION CHAMBER ASSY
700140104: 700140104 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700140104 Nipple(L)
700140300: 700140300 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700140300 Burner Head Ass'y
700140400: 700140400 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700140400 Burner Head Ass'y
700150100: 700150100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700150100 Nozzle Kit: Inclunozzle,
700150200: 700150200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700150200 Nozzle Kit; inclunozzle
700150300: 700150300 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700150300 NOZZLE, WASHER, & SPRING
700150400: 700150400 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700150400 NOZZLE KIT
700150500: 700150500 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700150500 Nozzle Kit; inclunozzle
700160100: 700160100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700160100 Photocell Assembly
700160101: 700160101 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700160101 THERMISTER
700160200: 700160200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700160200 Fan Guard
700160700: 700160700 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700160700 FAN GUARD
700190100: 700190100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700190100 Thermostat Limit Control
700190200: 700190200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700190200 Thermostat Limit Control(90?)
700200101: 700200101 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700200101 Pump Body, 1/2"
700200102: 700200102 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700200102 End Pump Cover (metal)
700200103: 700200103 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700200103 End Filter Cover
700200201: 700200201 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700200201 CAPACITOR
700200300: 700200300 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700200300 Mo& Pump Assembly
700200400: 700200400 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700200400 Mo& Pump Assembly
700200500: 700200500 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700200500 Mo& Pump Assembly
700220100: 700220100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700220100 70-022-0100 1/2" RoKit
700240100: 700240100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700240100 Fan Assembly
700240200: 700240200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700240200 Fan Assembly
700240300: 700240300 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700240300 Fan Assembly
700240400: 700240400 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700240400 Fan Assembly
700250100: 700250100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700250100 Air Pressure Gauge
700270100: 700270100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700270100 Main PCB Assembly PPI
700270101: 700270101 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700270101 Fuse(8amp)
700270200: 700270200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700270200 Main PCB Assembly PPI
700270300: 700270300 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700270300 MAIN PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD
700310100: 700310100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700310100 Thermostat Control Knob
700340100: 700340100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700340100 Power Cord
700350100: 700350100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700350100 Air Line
700350200: 700350200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700350200 Air Line
700350300: 700350300 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700350300 Air Line
700350400: 700350400 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700350400 Air Line
700350500: 700350500 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700350500 Air Line
700360100: 700360100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700360100 Fuel Line
700360200: 700360200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700360200 Fuel Line
700360300: 700360300 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700360300 Fuel Line
700360400: 700360400 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700360400 Fuel Line
700360500: 700360500 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700360500 Fuel Line
700370200: 700370200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700370200 IGNI/ TRANSFORMER
700370300: 700370300 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700370300 IGNI/ TRANSFORMER
700380100: 700380100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700380100 Power Switch
700410101: 700410101 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700410101 Wheel Support Frame
700410103: 700410103 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700410103 Wheel Axle
700410104: 700410104 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700410104 Wheel Cap
700410150: 700410150 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700410150 10" Pneumatic Wheel
700520100: 700520100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700520100 Spark Plug Kit
700520200: 700520200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700520200 Spark Plug Kit
700540100: 700540100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700540100 Filter Kit Input, Output, Lint
700540200: 700540200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700540200 Filter Kit
700550100: 700550100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 700550100 Pump Adjustment Kit
70326: 70326 Replaces ENERCO Part number 70326 GLASS (10-BF)
70339: 70339 Replaces ENERCO Part number 70339 ODS Pilot Assembly for NG
70357: 70357 Replaces ENERCO Part number 70357 REGULAPRESSURE LP (10 20 30-IR BF)
70365: 70365 Replaces ENERCO Part number 70365 ODS PILOT ASSEMBLY NG (10 -IR BF)
70366: 70366 Replaces ENERCO Part number 70366 ODS PILOT ASSEMBLY LP (10-IR BF)
70644: 70644 Replaces ENERCO Part number 70644 MODULE IGNIBATTERY POWERED complete (20 30-IR BF)
70648: 70648 Replaces ENERCO Part number 70648 GLASS (30-BF)
7094NR: 7094NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7094NR 097918-01 Handle Clip
7095NR: 7095NR Replaces DESA Part number 7095NR 097917-01 Handle
7111NR: 7111NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7111NR POWER C7111
7118NR: 7118NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7118NR Electrode 3500FACV
7154: 7154 Replaces DESA Part number 7154 7154, High Pressure Fuel Pump
7160: 7160 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 7160 Igniter, Gapped w/Nut
7160NR: 7160NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7160NR ELECTRODE WITH WIRE
7161: 7161 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 7161 Switch, Air Flow, w/o Bracket
7161NR: 7161NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7161NR 102334-01 Nut Piezo
7181: 7181 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 7181 MOTOR, 1/4 HP 334 / 336
72602M: 72602M Replaces ENERCO Part number 72602M Hose, Assy, W/POL
72603: 72603 Replaces ENERCO Part number 72603 Striker for Torch
7285NR: 7285NR Replaces DESA Part number 7285NR TE VALVE
73-6420: 73-6420 Replaces SCHEU Part number 73-6420 5/8" RO W/ INSERT
73-6430: 73-6430 Replaces SCHEU Part number 73-6430 BLACK ROINSERT 147015
73-6440: 73-6440 Replaces SCHEU Part number 73-6440 O-RING 73-6440
73-6520: 73-6520 Replaces TORO Part number 73-6520 HOSE 18"
73-7010: 73-7010 Replaces TORO Part number 73-7010 GRILLE
73117B: 73117B Replaces ENERCO Part number 73117B THERMOCOUPLE 12" W/NUT
73234: 73234 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73234 BUDDY HEATER PIEZO IGNITER
73416: 73416 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73416 VALVE CNTRL CPMM-21400 BUDDY
73418: 73418 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73418 KNOB VALVE CONTRL MH9B
7341NR: 7341NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7341NR LABEL MODEL OPR INSTR 3500FACV
73439: 73439 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73439 TILE BURNER MH9B MH18B (ONLY)
73482: 73482 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73482 VALVE CNTRL BUDDY IMP(MH9B03)
73534: 73534 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73534 VALVE NEEDLE ASS'Y MH11W IMP MH11Q
73606: 73606 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73606 VALVE REG SOFT NOSE POL NEW
73658: 73658 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73658 HOSE 1/4ID 1'1"L 1/8MP 1/8MP
73789: 73789 Replaces ENERCO Part number 73789 POL EX FLO PIGTAIL ASSY 1/4NPT
7416NR: 7416NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7416NR FUEL AIR ASPIR. NOZZLE (K50)
7421NR: 7421NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7421NR FAN 7" CW 5/16 ID HUB K50
7429NR: 7429NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7429NR RING EXTERNAL RETAINING
7431NR: 7431NR Replaces DESA Part number 7431NR 113873-01 Ball Valve
7465P: 7465P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 7465P 24V TIME DELAY (S405)
7499NR: 7499NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7499NR RAM IGNITION CONTROL 1M5-01
750200100: 750200100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 750200100 Fuel Filter Ass'y
750230200: 750230200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 750230200 Filter Assy ( Packing)
750250100: 750250100 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 750250100 IgniAss'y
750250200: 750250200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 750250200 IgniAssy
750360200: 750360200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 750360200 Nozzle
750360250: 750360250 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 750360250 Nozzle
750750150: 750750150 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 750750150 Spark Plug
75102P: 75102P Replaces ENERCO Part number 75102P GUARD PLATED
75607P: 75607P Replaces ENERCO Part number 75607P RING PLENUM INSERT
758535: 758535 Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 758535 Heat Wagon Orifice, 3/8"
7788NR: 7788NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7788NR ELECTRODE 115933-01
78018: 78018 Replaces ENERCO Part number 78018 KNOB CONTROL OD12.5mm SHAFT MH18B
7808NR: 7808NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7808NR 113954-01 Potted DSI Control
7810NR: 7810NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 7810NR SCREW, #6 X 3/4"
78405: 78405 Replaces ENERCO Part number 78405 Fan Mofor MH18B - Big Buddy
78412: 78412 Replaces ENERCO Part number 78412 REGULAMH18B
78418: 78418 Replaces ENERCO Part number 78418 KNOB CONTROL OD27mm SHAFT
78422: 78422 Replaces ENERCO Part number 78422 PILOT ODS MH18B
7891: 7891 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 7891 Cord, Thermostat w/20 ft. Series Tap Plug
7960: 7960 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 7960 Regulator, 10 PSI, w/ POL (LP Gas)
7968: 7968 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 7968 Elbow, Female, 1/8 NPT X 1/4, Nut and Sleeve
7970: 7970 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 7970 Adapter, Hose
7979K68: 7979K68 Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 7979K68 MALE PIN CONNECHOOD
8023: 8023 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8023 SOLENOID VALVE W/FILTER
8079NR: 8079NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8079NR 104147-04 Valve W/Thermocouple
8240: 8240 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8240 Switch, On/Off
8301NR: 8301NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8301NR THERMOCOUPLE FOR 45PHS 44PHW
8435: 8435 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8435 Adapter, Hose, 1/4 NPT x 9/16 -18 LHT w/ 1/8 NPT Brass Plug
8435NR: 8435NR Replaces MUNTERS Part number 8435NR AFTERCOOL THERMOSTAT 20360019
8579NR: 8579NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8579NR 114180-01 Knob 54PHW
8617NR: 8617NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8617NR 114133-01 Reflector
8643NR: 8643NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8643NR 113790-01 10" Thermocouple
8644NR: 8644NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8644NR 113799-01 Orifice
8685: 8685 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8685 Relay, Fan
8740NR: 8740NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8740NR FAN MH75KT
8743: 8743 Replaces ENERCO Part number 8743 NOZZLE FOR MH175KT(28743)
8773NR: 8773NR Replaces DESA Part number 8773NR 113962-01 Burn Rate Adj Knob
8777NR: 8777NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8777NR 113966-01 Burn Rate Adj Valve
8778NR: 8778NR Replaces SCHEU Part number 8778NR FUEL GAUGE MH125-210KT W/GASKET
8814: 8814 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8814 Valve, Solenoid, 24V
8922: 8922 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8922 Transformer
8932: 8932 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8932 Bumper
8936: 8936 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8936 Hanger, Hose
8997: 8997 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 8997 Regulator, 5 PSI (LP Gas)
900030660: 900030660 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 900030660 Fan Shaft
900035200: 900035200 Replaces PINNACLE Part number 900035200 48" FAN BLADE ASSY
9262P: 9262P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number 9262P MOTOR
9348: 9348 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 9348 Wire, Igniter, 12 in., BLACK
9352: 9352 Replaces ENERCO Part number 9352 THERMOCOUPLE,ASSY,18",35LP,PRE,2003,NO,WHEELS,IF,WHEELS,SEE,23513
9360: 9360 Replaces ENERCO Part number 9360 THERMOCOUPLE GARAGE HEATER
9454: 9454 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 9454 Thermostat, Remote Mount (Nema 4X) with 20FT Cord and Series Tap Plug
9821: 9821 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 9821 Switch, Manual Reset, High Limit (250 DEG F.)
98793: 98793 Replaces ENERCO Part number 98793 KIT SOCK FILTER F221887
9911: 9911 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 9911 Regulator, Gas, 11 in. W.C., Second Stage (LP Gas)
9915: 9915 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 9915 Switch, Selector
9925: 9925 Replaces LB WHITE Part number 9925 Switch, Airflow, Assembly
99AM003: 99AM003 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number 99AM003 MANOMETER, PUMP GAUGE KIT
ACC-SWK1P: ACC-SWK1P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number ACC-SWK1P Wheel Kit S405
APOS: APOS Replaces SCHEU Part number APOS Tune-Up Kit (Octagon Shell)
AR110: AR110 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number AR110 Duct Adapter For HVF 110
AR180: AR180 Replaces MUNTERS Part number AR180 DUCT ADAPTER FOR HVF180
AR210: AR210 Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number AR210 Duct Adapter Ring
AR312: AR312 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number AR312 Two Way Adapter Ring HVF 310
BV85-5P: BV85-5P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number BV85-5P BURNER S1505 BV85-50
C10546: C10546 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number C10546 Wheel, 260-85
C30367: C30367 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number C30367 Cap, Fuel Tank
COPGEN#MIR08544: COPGEN#MIR08544 Replaces MUNTERS Part number COPGEN#MIR08544 UPPER SHELL 20630763
E10102-P: E10102-P Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10102-P Switch
E10110-1-P: E10110-1-P Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10110-1-P Switch 0-1
E10215: E10215 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10215 ELECTRODE
E10248: E10248 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10248 Electrode
E10254: E10254 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10254 ELECTRODE
E10308: E10308 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10308 Fuse, 10AMP (6x30)
E10313: E10313 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10313 FUSE, 20AMP
E10324: E10324 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10324 Fuse, (6 X 30) 25A
E10514: E10514 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10514 COUPLIT K2
E10543: E10543 Replaces DESA Part number E10543 MO 280IF
E10917-2: E10917-2 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10917-2 Transformer H T 818 110V
E10930: E10930 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E10930 Transformer
E11125: E11125 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E11125 RELAY FINDER 65.31 AC, 110V
E20626: E20626 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E20626 THERMOSTAT PLUG 3P
E20627: E20627 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E20627 PLATE PLUG
E20640: E20640 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E20640 Thermostat plug 3P + T
E20665: E20665 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E20665 Thermostat Socket Cap
E40113: E40113 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E40113 CONTROL BOARD
E40121: E40121 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E40121 Control Box, Brahma
E40124: E40124 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E40124 BRAHMA BOARD
E50101: E50101 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50101 FAN THERMOSTAT
E50102: E50102 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50102 LIMIT THERMOSTAT (BLUE DOT)
E50104: E50104 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50104 FAN THERMOSTAT
E50306: E50306 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50306 PHOTOCELL FOR DF400
E50327: E50327 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50327 PROTECTION PHOTORESISTER
E50328: E50328 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50328 LD UNIT
E50441: E50441 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50441 AIRSWITCH, PRESOSTAT 200PA
E50749: E50749 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50749 Thermostat TY95H 120 DC Campini
E50767: E50767 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number E50767 Thermostat TY95A 105 Campini
E73233: E73233 Replaces ENERCO Part number E73233 Electrode, 9" Lead BRK CP#
E73453: E73453 Replaces ENERCO Part number E73453 KIT BUDDY TILE REPLACMENT
E73610: E73610 Replaces ENERCO Part number E73610 MANIFOLD MH24T 2VALVE T/E W/CLIPS
E78403: E78403 Replaces ENERCO Part number E78403 FAN SWITCH MH18B
E78404: E78404 Replaces ENERCO Part number E78404 COVER BACK WITH FAN MH18B GRAY
E78407: E78407 Replaces ENERCO Part number E78407 COVER FAN INTAKE MH18B
EF1: EF1 Replaces MUNTERS Part number EF1 EXHAUST FLUE KIT
EN29612: EN29612 Replaces SCHEU Part number EN29612 FEMALE INSULATED TAB 1/4"
EVL9409: EVL9409 Replaces SCHEU Part number EVL9409 MALE INSULATED TAB 1/4"
EVN9703: EVN9703 Replaces SCHEU Part number EVN9703 GROUDING RING 1/4"
F221887: F221887 Replaces ENERCO Part number F221887 Filter Kit - Fits 2009 or
F223270: F223270 Replaces ENERCO Part number F223270 FILTER OUTLET FAK HEATER 50-210K W/GASKET#23260
F226831: F226831 Replaces ENERCO Part number F226831 RoKit (Rotor/Vanes/Insert)
F226865: F226865 Replaces ENERCO Part number F226865 CAD CELL FLAME SENSOR MH PA HS 2009-10 & UP`
F227964: F227964 Replaces ENERCO Part number F227964 Rechargeable Battery, LP Gas Heaters
F263016: F263016 Replaces ENERCO Part number F263016 F263016 Filter Kit for Enerco
F266842: F266842 Replaces ENERCO Part number F266842 Pump Adjustment Kit
F271803: F271803 Replaces ENERCO Part number F271803 12' Quick Connect Hose and Regulator
F273116: F273116 Replaces ENERCO Part number F273116 SAFETY SHUT OFF W/ORIFICE ASSY
F273117: F273117 Replaces ENERCO Part number F273117 Thermocouple 12"
F273164: F273164 Replaces ENERCO Part number F273164 SCREEN ASSY
F273606: F273606 Replaces ENERCO Part number F273606 REPLACEMENT REG W/SOFT NOSE POL
F273699: F273699 Replaces ENERCO Part number F273699 Fuel Filter Big Buddy
F276127: F276127 Replaces ENERCO Part number F276127 Power Adapter for Big Buddy
F276328: F276328 Replaces DESA Part number F276328 1/4" MALE X QC MALE
FA2244: FA2244 Replaces DESA Part number FA2244 SVCE MANUAL HIGH PRESSURE OIL
FD4: FD4 Replaces GHP Part number FD4 Tilt Switch
FHPF3-2C: FHPF3-2C Replaces DESA Part number FHPF3-2C SCREW
FHPF3-4C: FHPF3-4C Replaces DESA Part number FHPF3-4C SCREW
FHPF3-5C: FHPF3-5C Replaces DESA Part number FHPF3-5C SCREW FILLISTER HD 10-32 X 5/8
FHPF3-6C: FHPF3-6C Replaces DESA Part number FHPF3-6C SCREW FILLISTER HD 10-32 X 3/4
FS2422P: FS2422P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number FS2422P FAN BLADE (FN20)
G01512: G01512 Replaces DESA Part number G01512 FUEL LINE 160IF 280IF
G01692-9010: G01692-9010 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number G01692-9010 Front support, Leg
G02076: G02076 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number G02076 H T CABLE CONNECT
G061399010: G061399010 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number G061399010 OUTLET CONE 600
GA4550: GA4550 Replaces DESA Part number GA4550 BASE KIT
HA1170: HA1170 Replaces DESA Part number HA1170 HA1170, Ingition Control Tester / Photocell Tester
HA1180: HA1180 Replaces DESA Part number HA1180 HA1180, Low Pressure Air Gauge
HA2210: HA2210 Replaces DESA Part number HA2210 FUEL FILTER M18053
HA2303: HA2303 Replaces DESA Part number HA2303 HANDLE B110 B115
HA3210: HA3210 Replaces DESA Part number HA3210 THERMOSTAT FOR 280IF & 160IF
HC1010P: HC1010P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number HC1010P AIRFLOW SWITCH
HC1120: HC1120 Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number HC1120 THERMOSTAT, TWO-STAGE
HM1166P: HM1166P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number HM1166P MO1HP 1PH 1800 1505 2000
HP1161P: HP1161P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number HP1161P 18" FAN BLADE 1801
HR1053P: HR1053P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number HR1053P 1/2" HI-PRESSURE REGULATOR
HR1082P: HR1082P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number HR1082P 3/4" HIGH PRESS REGULA3050
HW-KFA1016: HW-KFA1016 Replaces GHP Part number HW-KFA1016 Hardware Kit(w/Cap Nuts)
I40329: I40329 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number I40329 TUBE BP 1/4" FF L.260mm
I40330: I40330 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number I40330 TUBE BP 1/4" FF L.420mm
I40331: I40331 Replaces BIEMMEDUE Part number I40331 TUBE BP 1/4" FL 580MM
K-80D-A5-0: K-80D-A5-0 Replaces GHP Part number K-80D-A5-0 Safety Shut-Off Valve
K-80D-A5-02: K-80D-A5-02 Replaces GHP Part number K-80D-A5-02 Manifold
KR-106A: KR-106A Replaces GHP Part number KR-106A Reg/Hose Assy
L98071-03: L98071-03 Replaces DESA Part number L98071-03 Ods Pilot for Natural Gas
L98071-06: L98071-06 Replaces DESA Part number L98071-06 PILOT ODS
LPA1010: LPA1010 Replaces DESA Part number LPA1010 Hose Assy 3/8" X 10' 1/2"
LPA1020: LPA1020 Replaces DESA Part number LPA1020 10FT HOSE LP35 2510
LPA1025: LPA1025 Replaces DESA Part number LPA1025 HOSE ASSEMBLY
LPA2005: LPA2005 Replaces DESA Part number LPA2005 5 PSI REGULA
LPA2020: LPA2020 Replaces DESA Part number LPA2020 LPA2020, 5-20 PSI Regula(Red)
LPA2025: LPA2025 Replaces DESA Part number LPA2025 LPA2025, Regula/ ConnecAssembly
LPA2100: LPA2100 Replaces DESA Part number LPA2100 Regula& POL Fitting
LPA2170: LPA2170 Replaces DESA Part number LPA2170 REGULA10 PSI
LPA3005: LPA3005 Replaces DESA Part number LPA3005 REGULAAND HOSE ASSEMBLY
LPA3020: LPA3020 Replaces DESA Part number LPA3020 REGULAAND HOSE ASSEMBLY
LPA3025: LPA3025 Replaces DESA Part number LPA3025 REGULA& HOSE ASSEMBLY
LPA3030: LPA3030 Replaces DESA Part number LPA3030 LPA3030, Regula& Hose Assembly
LPA3055: LPA3055 Replaces DESA Part number LPA3055 REGULAAND HOSE ASSEMBLY
LPA3070: LPA3070 Replaces DESA Part number LPA3070 LPA3070, Regulaand Hose Assembly
LPA4000: LPA4000 Replaces DESA Part number LPA4000 KIT PIEZO IGNITOR
LPG 12SO2P: LPG 12SO2P Replaces HEAT WAGON / SURE FLAME Part number LPG 12SO2P VALVE ST2 & ST3
M10659-1: M10659-1 Replaces DESA Part number M10659-1 M10659-1, Washer Nozzle Seal
M10809-1: M10809-1 Replaces DESA Part number M10809-1 M10809-1, Nozzle Spring
M10908-14: M10908-14 Replaces DESA Part number M10908-14 SCREW HWH TAPPING 8 32 X .38
M10908-2: M10908-2 Replaces DESA Part number M10908-2 SCREW HEX WSR HEAD TAPPING
M10908-27: M10908-27 Replaces DESA Part number M10908-27 SCREW HEX HD WSH 10 32 X .50
M10990-3: M10990-3 Replaces DESA Part number M10990-3 M10990-3, Bushing
M10993-1: M10993-1 Replaces DESA Part number M10993-1 M10993-1, Pressure Relief Spring
M11084-27: M11084-27 Replaces DESA Part number M11084-27 M11084-27, Screw (Sold Individually)
M11084-29: M11084-29 Replaces DESA Part number M11084-29 SCREW HWH AB 10 16 X .75
M11143-1: M11143-1 Replaces DESA Part number M11143-1 M11143-1, Strain Relief Bushing
M11271-8: M11271-8 Replaces DESA Part number M11271-8 M11271-8, Nut Clip
M11637: M11637 Replaces DESA Part number M11637 M11637, Lint Filter
M12179: M12179 Replaces DESA Part number M12179 M12179, Input Filter
M12244-1: M12244-1 Replaces DESA Part number M12244-1 M12244-1, Output Filter
M12342-3: M12342-3 Replaces DESA Part number M12342-3 FRAME SUPP WHEEL
M12345-34: M12345-34 Replaces DESA Part number M12345-34 SCREW OVL PHIL
M12461-13: M12461-13 Replaces DESA Part number M12461-13 Screw, Hex Slot WSR 8 32X1/4
M12461-18: M12461-18 Replaces DESA Part number M12461-18 SCREW HEX SLT WSR 8 32X7/8
M12461-2: M12461-2 Replaces DESA Part number M12461-2 SCREW HEX SLT WSR 6 32X3/8
M12461-31: M12461-31 Replaces DESA Part number M12461-31 M12461-31, Hex Screw & Slotted Washer
M12461-34: M12461-34 Replaces DESA Part number M12461-34 SCREW HX SLT WSR 10 32X1.5
M12650-3: M12650-3 Replaces DESA Part number M12650-3 CAPACITOR
M12831-3: M12831-3 Replaces DESA Part number M12831-3 FRAME SUPPT
M12951: M12951 Replaces DESA Part number M12951 ELECTRODE L H
M12952: M12952 Replaces DESA Part number M12952 ELECTRODE R H
M13372: M13372 Replaces DESA Part number M13372 SEAL
M15241: M15241 Replaces DESA Part number M15241 OUTPUT FILTER
M15823-27: M15823-27 Replaces DESA Part number M15823-27 M15823-27, 147000, Screw, Sold Individually
M15823-37: M15823-37 Replaces DESA Part number M15823-37 SCREW SLT P HWH TPG 8X.25
M15823-39: M15823-39 Replaces DESA Part number M15823-39 SCREW SLT P HWH TPG 8X.50
M16545: M16545 Replaces DESA Part number M16545 M16545, Plastic End Cover
M16656-17: M16656-17 Replaces DESA Part number M16656-17 M16656-17, Photocell and Bushing Assembly
M16656-21: M16656-21 Replaces DESA Part number M16656-21 M16656-21, Photocell and Bushing

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