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6599J: 6599J AY Part number 6599J NLA Replaced by HOP-6599J, NLA
660627: 660627 AY Part number 660627 33-1713 BLADE.FOR SEAR/ROPER Replaced by HOP-660627, 33-1713 BLADE.FOR SEAR/ROPER
660743: 660743 AY Part number 660743 33-1714 BLADE.FOR DEAR/ROPER Replaced by HOP-660743, 33-1714 BLADE.FOR DEAR/ROPER
6608H1: 6608H1 AY Part number 6608H1 **** NLA 1/94 **** (HOSE CLAMP Replaced by HOP-6608H1, **** NLA 1/94 **** (HOSE CLAMP
661027: 661027 AY Part number 661027 33-1721 BLADE.FOR DEAR/ROPER Replaced by HOP-661027, 33-1721 BLADE.FOR DEAR/ROPER
66114: 66114 AY Part number 66114 *** USE MBL 5L570 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-66114, *** USE MBL 5L570 *** N.L.A. F
66132: 66132 AY Part number 66132 **** NLA 7/92 **** (SCREW) Replaced by HOP-66132, **** NLA 7/92 **** (SCREW)
6614J: 6614J AY Part number 6614J NLA Replaced by HOP-6614J, NLA
6619J: 6619J AY Part number 6619J (!)BEVEL WASHER Replaced by HOP-6619J, (!)BEVEL WASHER wt=.009 wt=.009
661J: 661J AY Part number 661J NLA Replaced by HOP-661J, NLA
66238: 66238 AY Part number 66238 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP7
6635H: 6635H AY Part number 6635H IDLER T Replaced by HOP-6635H, IDLER T. Replaced by: 583772001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 6635H > 583772001 wt=.44 wt=.44
663A10: 663A10 AY Part number 663A10 MOWER MANDREL T Replaced by HOP-663A10, MOWER MANDREL T wt=4.087 wt=4.087
663A128: 663A128 AY Part number 663A128 **** NLA 10/95 **** (FRONT AXL Replaced by HOP-663A128, **** NLA 10/95 **** (FRONT AXL
663A149: 663A149 AY Part number 663A149 MUFFLER CLAMP Replaced by HOP-663A149, MUFFLER CLAMP
663A171: 663A171 AY Part number 663A171 MOTOR MT Replaced by HOP-663A171, MOTOR MT wt=.062 wt=.062
663A28: 663A28 AY Part number 663A28 **** NLA 7/92 **** (STEERING S Replaced by HOP-663A28, **** NLA 7/92 **** (STEERING S
663A30: 663A30 AY Part number 663A30 KING PIN Replaced by HOP-663A30, KING PIN
663A71: 663A71 AY Part number 663A71 NLA Replaced by HOP-663A71, NLA
663A76: 663A76 AY Part number 663A76 NLA Replaced by HOP-663A76, NLA
663A77: 663A77 AY Part number 663A77 NLA Replaced by HOP-663A77, NLA wt=2.757 wt=2.757
663A93: 663A93 AY Part number 663A93 IDLER BRACKET Replaced by HOP-663A93, IDLER BRACKET
663A94: 663A94 AY Part number 663A94 **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** ( IDLER Replaced by HOP-663A94, **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** ( IDLER
663A98: 663A98 AY Part number 663A98 **** NLA 1/94 **** (DEFLECTOR) Replaced by HOP-663A98, **** NLA 1/94 **** (DEFLECTOR)
663X133: 663X133 AY Part number 663X133 BELT KIT LT
66426: 66426 AY Part number 66426 Sub= 7192J
6642H: 6642H AY Part number 6642H **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** Replaced by HOP-6642H, **** N.L.A. 4/95 ****
66434: 66434 AY Part number 66434 (!) SELECTOR SPRING Replaced by HOP-66434, (!) SELECTOR SPRING
66465: 66465 AY Part number 66465 TUBE.410/350-5 Replaced by HOP-66465, TUBE.410/350-5
664A7: 664A7 AY Part number 664A7 NLA Replaced by HOP-664A7, NLA
66506: 66506 AY Part number 66506 BEARING * Replaced by HOP-66506, BEARING *
6652H: 6652H AY Part number 6652H LINK RT Replaced by HOP-6652H, LINK RT wt=.124 wt=.124
6656H: 6656H AY Part number 6656H PIN RT wt=.045
6656J: 6656J AY Part number 6656J SHAFT TI Replaced by HOP-6656J, SHAFT TI wt=.28 wt=.28
66676: 66676 AY Part number 66676 NLA Replaced by HOP-66676, NLA
66681: 66681 AY Part number 66681 **** NLA 1/94 **** (MITER GEAR Replaced by HOP-66681, **** NLA 1/94 **** (MITER GEAR
66685: 66685 AY Part number 66685 NLA Replaced by HOP-66685, NLA
66710: 66710 AY Part number 66710 PAN HEAD SCREW * Replaced by HOP-66710, PAN HEAD SCREW *
6678H: 6678H AY Part number 6678H NLA Replaced by HOP-6678H, NLA
667A100: 667A100 AY Part number 667A100 GUIDE BAR CS Replaced by HOP-667A100, GUIDE BAR CS
667A109: 667A109 AY Part number 667A109 *****N.L.A. 9/96 (FUEL TANK)** Replaced by HOP-667A109, *****N.L.A. 9/96 (FUEL TANK)**
667A111: 667A111 AY Part number 667A111 *****N.L.A. 10/95 (MUFFLER)*** Replaced by HOP-667A111, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (MUFFLER)***
667A146: 667A146 AY Part number 667A146 NLA Replaced by HOP-667A146, NLA
667A163: 667A163 AY Part number 667A163 NLA Replaced by HOP-667A163, NLA
667A199: 667A199 AY Part number 667A199 *****N.L.A. 10/95 (SHORT BLOCK Replaced by HOP-667A199, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (SHORT BLOCK
667A202: 667A202 AY Part number 667A202 ** N L A 11-16-89 ** Replaced by HOP-667A202, ** N L A 11-16-89 **
667A203: 667A203 AY Part number 667A203 *****N.L.A. 4/96 (OIL TANK)*** Replaced by HOP-667A203, *****N.L.A. 4/96 (OIL TANK)***
667A204: 667A204 AY Part number 667A204 *** N.L.A. 2/97 (SOLID STATE C Replaced by HOP-667A204, *** N.L.A. 2/97 (SOLID STATE C
667A207: 667A207 AY Part number 667A207 CLUTCH DRUM * SHORT DISC * Replaced by HOP-667A207, CLUTCH DRUM * SHORT DISC *
667A33: 667A33 AY Part number 667A33 NLA Replaced by HOP-667A33, NLA
667A451: 667A451 AY Part number 667A451 **** NLA **** (PULLEY) Replaced by HOP-667A451, **** NLA **** (PULLEY)
667A96: 667A96 AY Part number 667A96 NLA Replaced by HOP-667A96, NLA
667A98: 667A98 AY Part number 667A98 **** NLA 8/93 **** (RIM ASM) Replaced by HOP-667A98, **** NLA 8/93 **** (RIM ASM)
667J: 667J AY Part number 667J NLA Replaced by HOP-667J, NLA
66833: 66833 AY Part number 66833 MANUAL.OPER.SAND Replaced by HOP-66833, MANUAL.OPER.SAND
6683H: 6683H AY Part number 6683H RING Replaced by HOP-6683H, RING
6685J: 6685J AY Part number 6685J HEAT SHIELD Replaced by HOP-6685J, HEAT SHIELD
6691J: 6691J AY Part number 6691J GEAR Replaced by HOP-6691J, GEAR
6693J: 6693J AY Part number 6693J NLA Replaced by HOP-6693J, NLA
6694J: 6694J AY Part number 6694J GEAR-SPUR 13T Y * Replaced by HOP-6694J, GEAR-SPUR 13T Y *
669J: 669J AY Part number 669J NLA Replaced by HOP-669J, NLA
670A15: 670A15 AY Part number 670A15 ***** N.L.A. 6-15-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-670A15, ***** N.L.A. 6-15-91 *****
6712H: 6712H AY Part number 6712H REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
6712J: 6712J AY Part number 6712J VINYL CAP TI This item is part of the superseding sequence 532006712 > 6712J Replaced by HOP-6712J, VINYL CAP. Replaced by: 532006712 This item is part of the superseding sequence 6712J > 532006712 wt=.001 wt=.001
6713H: 6713H AY Part number 6713H REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
67151: 67151 AY Part number 67151 ROCKER Replaced by HOP-67151, ROCKER
67153: 67153 AY Part number 67153 *****N.L.A. 10/95 (BEARING PIN Replaced by HOP-67153, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (BEARING PIN
67154: 67154 AY Part number 67154 ****N.L.A. 4-16-91**** Replaced by HOP-67154, ****N.L.A. 4-16-91****
67159: 67159 AY Part number 67159 NLA Replaced by HOP-67159, NLA wt=1.308 wt=1.308
67160: 67160 AY Part number 67160 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP7 Replaced by HOP-67160, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP7
67163: 67163 AY Part number 67163 ***** N.L.A. 7-11-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-67163, ***** N.L.A. 7-11-91 *****
67172: 67172 AY Part number 67172 NLA Replaced by HOP-67172, NLA
67173: 67173 AY Part number 67173 CUP, BEARING * Replaced by HOP-67173, CUP BEARING *
67174: 67174 AY Part number 67174 NLA Replaced by HOP-67174, NLA
67187: 67187 AY Part number 67187 ROD, BATTERY Replaced by HOP-67187, ROD, BATTERY. Replaced by: 582935901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 67187 > 582935901 wt=.157 wt=.157
67215: 67215 AY Part number 67215 SCREW SELF TAP. Replaced by: 36953 This item is part of the superseding sequence 67215 > 36953
67222: 67222 AY Part number 67222 ENGINE PULLEY * Replaced by HOP-67222, ENGINE PULLEY * wt=2.009 wt=2.009
6723J: 6723J AY Part number 6723J ASM BRAKE JAW T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-6723J, ASM BRAKE JAW T *NLA* wt=.264 wt=.264
67240: 67240 AY Part number 67240 *****N.L.A. 10/95 (BELL CRANK) Replaced by HOP-67240, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (BELL CRANK)
67254: 67254 AY Part number 67254 **** NLA 10/94 **** (STEERING Replaced by HOP-67254, **** NLA 10/94 **** (STEERING
6725J: 6725J AY Part number 6725J O-RING T
6729J: 6729J AY Part number 6729J NLA Replaced by HOP-6729J, NLA
672R: 672R AY Part number 672R RECTIFIER N.L.A. Replaced by HOP-672R, RECTIFIER N.L.A.
67317: 67317 AY Part number 67317 NLA Replaced by HOP-67317, NLA
67318: 67318 AY Part number 67318 NLA Replaced by HOP-67318, NLA
67319: 67319 AY Part number 67319 NLA *** 8-87 *** NLA *** NLA * Replaced by HOP-67319, NLA *** 8-87 *** NLA *** NLA *
67337: 67337 AY Part number 67337 PIVOT ROD SUPPORT Replaced by HOP-67337, PIVOT ROD SUPPORT wt=.444 wt=.444
67344: 67344 AY Part number 67344 CHAIN Replaced by HOP-67344, CHAIN
67346: 67346 AY Part number 67346 V BELT T (L439) wt=.417
6735J: 6735J AY Part number 6735J *** N.L.A.8-13-90 ***(SHIFT KN Replaced by HOP-6735J, *** N.L.A.8-13-90 ***(SHIFT KN
67360: 67360 AY Part number 67360 Sub= STD380239 Replaced by HOP-67360, Sub= STD380239 wt=.009 wt=.009
67362: 67362 AY Part number 67362 Sub= 73446 Replaced by HOP-67362, Sub= 73446
67365: 67365 AY Part number 67365 FOOT PAD LT
673758: 673758 AY Part number 673758 22"MOWER.BLADE.AYP.MULCHER Replaced by HOP-673758, 22 MOWER.BLADE.AYP.MULCHER
67394: 67394 AY Part number 67394 NLA Replaced by HOP-67394, NLA
67398: 67398 AY Part number 67398 V BELT T *
673A105: 673A105 AY Part number 673A105 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A105, NLA
673A106: 673A106 AY Part number 673A106 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A106, NLA
673A107: 673A107 AY Part number 673A107 JACK SCREW *
673A110: 673A110 AY Part number 673A110 **** N.L.A. 4/96 **** (CLUTCH Replaced by HOP-673A110, **** N.L.A. 4/96 **** (CLUTCH
673A111: 673A111 AY Part number 673A111 Sub= 124371X
673A112: 673A112 AY Part number 673A112 Sub= 124371X
673A113: 673A113 AY Part number 673A113 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A113, NLA
673A115: 673A115 AY Part number 673A115 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A115, NLA
673A116: 673A116 AY Part number 673A116 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A116, NLA
673A124: 673A124 AY Part number 673A124 ISO-MT ASM T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-673A124, ISO-MT ASM T *NLA* wt=.19 wt=.19
673A146: 673A146 AY Part number 673A146 *****N.L.A. 7/96 (ARM)***** Replaced by HOP-673A146, *****N.L.A. 7/96 (ARM)*****
673A15: 673A15 AY Part number 673A15 REPLACED BY: ROP121159X
673A155: 673A155 AY Part number 673A155 ENG PULLEY T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-673A155, ENG PULLEY T *NLA* wt=8.004 wt=8.004
673A162: 673A162 AY Part number 673A162 **** NLA 5/94 **** (BRACKET) Replaced by HOP-673A162, **** NLA 5/94 **** (BRACKET)
673A180: 673A180 AY Part number 673A180 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A180, NLA
673A181: 673A181 AY Part number 673A181 Sub= 124371X
673A192: 673A192 AY Part number 673A192 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A192, NLA
673A202: 673A202 AY Part number 673A202 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A202, NLA
673A209: 673A209 AY Part number 673A209 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A209, NLA
673A211: 673A211 AY Part number 673A211 Sub= 101122M. Replaced by: 7920J This item is part of the superseding sequence 673A211 > 7920J
673A218: 673A218 AY Part number 673A218 CONN BODY KIT PL Replaced by HOP-673A218, CONN BODY KIT PL wt=.016 wt=.016
673A223: 673A223 AY Part number 673A223 SCREEN Replaced by HOP-673A223, SCREEN. Replaced by: 532124835 This item is part of the superseding sequence 673A223 > 532124835
673A227: 673A227 AY Part number 673A227 *** N L A *** 8-5-91 Replaced by HOP-673A227, *** N L A *** 8-5-91
673A242: 673A242 AY Part number 673A242 IDLER ROD ASM T Replaced by HOP-673A242, IDLER ROD ASM T wt=.224 wt=.224
673A243: 673A243 AY Part number 673A243 **** NLA 6/92 **** (STEERING S Replaced by HOP-673A243, **** NLA 6/92 **** (STEERING S
673A245: 673A245 AY Part number 673A245 *** N.L.A. 9/97 (LH SPINDLE) * Replaced by HOP-673A245, *** N.L.A. 9/97 (LH SPINDLE) *
673A246: 673A246 AY Part number 673A246 SPINDLE Replaced by HOP-673A246, SPINDLE
673A262: 673A262 AY Part number 673A262 **** NLA 1/94 **** (BELLCRANK) Replaced by HOP-673A262, **** NLA 1/94 **** (BELLCRANK)
673A28: 673A28 AY Part number 673A28 ****N.L.A. 8/96**** (BRAKE BAN Replaced by HOP-673A28, ****N.L.A. 8/96**** (BRAKE BAN
673A280: 673A280 AY Part number 673A280 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A280, NLA
673A289: 673A289 AY Part number 673A289 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A289, NLA
673A37: 673A37 AY Part number 673A37 **** NLA 10/94 **** (ARM BRACK Replaced by HOP-673A37, **** NLA 10/94 **** (ARM BRACK
673A42: 673A42 AY Part number 673A42 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A42, NLA
673A43: 673A43 AY Part number 673A43 HITCH PLATE H * Replaced by HOP-673A43, HITCH PLATE H *
673A47: 673A47 AY Part number 673A47 LIFT SHAFT M * Replaced by HOP-673A47, LIFT SHAFT M *
673A48: 673A48 AY Part number 673A48 IDLER ARM Replaced by HOP-673A48, IDLER ARM wt=1.008 wt=1.008
673A49: 673A49 AY Part number 673A49 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A49, NLA
673A55: 673A55 AY Part number 673A55 SUSPEN ARM M
673A61: 673A61 AY Part number 673A61 LEVER 0 PLUNGER M Replaced by HOP-673A61, LEVER 0 PLUNGER M wt=2.779 wt=2.779
673A80: 673A80 AY Part number 673A80 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A80, NLA
673A92: 673A92 AY Part number 673A92 NLA Replaced by HOP-673A92, NLA
673A93: 673A93 AY Part number 673A93 BRAKE ARM 0 PAD * Replaced by HOP-673A93, BRAKE ARM 0 PAD *
673A98: 673A98 AY Part number 673A98 **** NLA 2/93 **** (PULLEY) Replaced by HOP-673A98, **** NLA 2/93 **** (PULLEY)
673H103: 673H103 AY Part number 673H103 **** NLA 1/94 **** (COVER) Replaced by HOP-673H103, **** NLA 1/94 **** (COVER)
673H124: 673H124 AY Part number 673H124 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H124, NLA
673H144: 673H144 AY Part number 673H144 Sub= 634A477
673H147: 673H147 AY Part number 673H147 Sub= 9093R Replaced by HOP-673H147, Sub= 9093R
673H148: 673H148 AY Part number 673H148 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H148, NLA
673H152: 673H152 AY Part number 673H152 LIFT LINK LH M Replaced by HOP-673H152, LIFT LINK LH M
673H154: 673H154 AY Part number 673H154 Sub= 673A48 Replaced by HOP-673H154, Sub= 673A48
673H157: 673H157 AY Part number 673H157 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H157, NLA
673H158: 673H158 AY Part number 673H158 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H158, NLA
673H159: 673H159 AY Part number 673H159 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H159, NLA
673H162: 673H162 AY Part number 673H162 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H162, NLA
673H169: 673H169 AY Part number 673H169 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H169, NLA
673H177: 673H177 AY Part number 673H177 **** NLA 8/92 ****
673H182: 673H182 AY Part number 673H182 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6 Replaced by HOP-673H182, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
673H183: 673H183 AY Part number 673H183 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6 Replaced by HOP-673H183, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
673H185: 673H185 AY Part number 673H185 *** N.L.A. 8/95 (SHIELD DEFLEC Replaced by HOP-673H185, *** N.L.A. 8/95 (SHIELD DEFLEC
673H186: 673H186 AY Part number 673H186 REPLACED BY: ROP677A153
673H197: 673H197 AY Part number 673H197 IDLER ARM WELD M Replaced by HOP-673H197, IDLER ARM WELD M
673H21: 673H21 AY Part number 673H21 **** NLA 10/94 **** (DRAWBAR) Replaced by HOP-673H21, **** NLA 10/94 **** (DRAWBAR)
673H219: 673H219 AY Part number 673H219 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H219, NLA
673H220: 673H220 AY Part number 673H220 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H220, NLA
673H224: 673H224 AY Part number 673H224 **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** (HEAT DE Replaced by HOP-673H224, **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** (HEAT DE
673H234: 673H234 AY Part number 673H234 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H234, NLA
673H238: 673H238 AY Part number 673H238 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H238, NLA
673H239: 673H239 AY Part number 673H239 BRACKET RS * Replaced by HOP-673H239, BRACKET RS *
673H252: 673H252 AY Part number 673H252 Sub= 677A288 Replaced by HOP-673H252, Sub= 677A288
673H280: 673H280 AY Part number 673H280 NLA Replaced by HOP-673H280, NLA
673H306: 673H306 AY Part number 673H306 *** N.L.A. 7-24-90 *** (PUSHER Replaced by HOP-673H306, *** N.L.A. 7-24-90 *** (PUSHER
673H355: 673H355 AY Part number 673H355 REPLACED BY: ROP8105J Replaced by HOP-673H355, REPLACED BY: ROP8105J
673H357: 673H357 AY Part number 673H357 GUARD BRKT. Replaced by: 800767 This item is part of the superseding sequence 673H357 > 800767
673H390: 673H390 AY Part number 673H390 Sub= 136321
673H444: 673H444 AY Part number 673H444 Sub= 111782X
673H64: 673H64 AY Part number 673H64 CLEVIS H Replaced by HOP-673H64, CLEVIS H wt=.914 wt=.914
673H65: 673H65 AY Part number 673H65 LOWER HITCH BAR Replaced by HOP-673H65, LOWER HITCH BAR
673H67: 673H67 AY Part number 673H67 ACTUATOR ADAPTER Replaced by HOP-673H67, ACTUATOR ADAPTER
67400: 67400 AY Part number 67400 Sub= 104679X
67401: 67401 AY Part number 67401 *****N.L.A. 6/96 (BLADE SPRING Replaced by HOP-67401, *****N.L.A. 6/96 (BLADE SPRING
67403: 67403 AY Part number 67403 *** USE MBL 4L600 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-67403, *** USE MBL 4L600 *** N.L.A. F
67404: 67404 AY Part number 67404 BELT SNUBBER Replaced by HOP-67404, BELT SNUBBER
67411: 67411 AY Part number 67411 NLA Replaced by HOP-67411, NLA
67416: 67416 AY Part number 67416 WHEEL 0 TIRE NLA Replaced by HOP-67416, WHEEL 0 TIRE NLA
67420: 67420 AY Part number 67420 SPACER Replaced by HOP-67420, SPACER
67438: 67438 AY Part number 67438 **N.L.A. FROM AYP** Replaced by HOP-67438, **N.L.A. FROM AYP**
67439: 67439 AY Part number 67439 HANDLE PIVOT PIN Replaced by HOP-67439, HANDLE PIVOT PIN
67444: 67444 AY Part number 67444 BLADE * REPL 67444R * Replaced by HOP-67444, BLADE * REPL 67444R *
67444R: 67444R AY Part number 67444R REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6 Replaced by HOP-67444R, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
67445: 67445 AY Part number 67445 WASHER Replaced by HOP-67445, WASHER
67450: 67450 AY Part number 67450 *****N.L.A. 9/96 (LH LINK)**** Replaced by HOP-67450, *****N.L.A. 9/96 (LH LINK)****
67451: 67451 AY Part number 67451 **** NLA 10/95 **** (RH HANDLE Replaced by HOP-67451, **** NLA 10/95 **** (RH HANDLE
6745J: 6745J AY Part number 6745J OWNERS MANUAL T Replaced by HOP-6745J, OWNERS MANUAL T
6746J: 6746J AY Part number 6746J OWNERS MANUA Replaced by HOP-6746J, OWNERS MANUA
67479: 67479 AY Part number 67479 NLA Replaced by HOP-67479, NLA
67479R: 67479R AY Part number 67479R REPLACED BY: ROP67479 Replaced by HOP-67479R, REPLACED BY: ROP67479
67486: 67486 AY Part number 67486 SPROCKET Replaced by HOP-67486, SPROCKET. Replaced by: 582002201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 67486 > 582002201 wt=.108 wt=.108
67486R: 67486R AY Part number 67486R Sub= 67486
67487: 67487 AY Part number 67487 NLA Replaced by HOP-67487, NLA wt=.105 wt=.105
6748J: 6748J AY Part number 6748J NLA Replaced by HOP-6748J, NLA
674A111: 674A111 AY Part number 674A111 STAKE HOLDER TI Replaced by HOP-674A111, STAKE HOLDER TI wt=2.218 wt=2.218
674A141: 674A141 AY Part number 674A141 HANDLE TI * Replaced by HOP-674A141, HANDLE TI *
674A150366: 674A150366 AY Part number 674A150366 HANDLE PANEL TI Replaced by HOP-674A150366, HANDLE PANEL TI
674A150367: 674A150367 AY Part number 674A150367 HANDLE PANEL TI Replaced by HOP-674A150367, HANDLE PANEL TI
674A150388: 674A150388 AY Part number 674A150388 PANEL TI Replaced by HOP-674A150388, PANEL TI
674A150418: 674A150418 AY Part number 674A150418 PANEL,HANDLE
674A150421: 674A150421 AY Part number 674A150421 HANDLE PANEL Replaced by HOP-674A150421, HANDLE PANEL. Replaced by: 674150421 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A150421 > 674150421
674A150424: 674A150424 AY Part number 674A150424 PANEL,HDLE TI Replaced by HOP-674A150424, PANEL HDLE TI
674A150428: 674A150428 AY Part number 674A150428 PANEL HANDLE
674A150429: 674A150429 AY Part number 674A150429 PANEL,HANDLE * Replaced by HOP-674A150429, PANEL HANDLE *
674A150459: 674A150459 AY Part number 674A150459 HANDLE PANEL Replaced by HOP-674A150459, HANDLE PANEL
674A150473: 674A150473 AY Part number 674A150473 PANEL, HANDLE Replaced by HOP-674A150473, PANEL HANDLE
674A150475: 674A150475 AY Part number 674A150475 PANEL,HDLE Replaced by HOP-674A150475, PANEL HDLE
674A150505: 674A150505 AY Part number 674A150505 HANDLE PANEL Replaced by HOP-674A150505, HANDLE PANEL
674A150550: 674A150550 AY Part number 674A150550 PANEL.HANDLE.PNT. wt=3.702
674A157: 674A157 AY Part number 674A157 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A157, NLA
674A159: 674A159 AY Part number 674A159 BRACKET T wt=1.495
674A160: 674A160 AY Part number 674A160 ARM ASM T
674A161: 674A161 AY Part number 674A161 ARM ASM T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-674A161, ARM ASM T *NLA*
674A163: 674A163 AY Part number 674A163 Sub= 144728
674A164: 674A164 AY Part number 674A164 Sub= 127322X
674A166: 674A166 AY Part number 674A166 ISO MOUNT KIT Replaced by HOP-674A166, ISO MOUNT KIT. Replaced by: 583772801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A166 > 583772801 wt=.231 wt=.231
674A173: 674A173 AY Part number 674A173 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A173, NLA
674A174: 674A174 AY Part number 674A174 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A174, NLA
674A186: 674A186 AY Part number 674A186 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A186, NLA
674A189: 674A189 AY Part number 674A189 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A189, NLA
674A190: 674A190 AY Part number 674A190 GEARCASE ASM CRT Replaced by HOP-674A190, GEARCASE ASM CRT
674A192: 674A192 AY Part number 674A192 GEARCASE ASM CRT Replaced by HOP-674A192, GEARCASE ASM CRT
674A195: 674A195 AY Part number 674A195 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A195, NLA
674A196: 674A196 AY Part number 674A196 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A196, NLA
674A198: 674A198 AY Part number 674A198 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A198, NLA
674A207: 674A207 AY Part number 674A207 REPLACED BY: ROP677A449
674A213: 674A213 AY Part number 674A213 ARM ASM GT Replaced by HOP-674A213, ARM ASM GT wt=.743 wt=.743
674A215: 674A215 AY Part number 674A215 ROD ASM T Replaced by HOP-674A215, ROD ASM T
674A225: 674A225 AY Part number 674A225 MANDREL T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-674A225, MANDREL T *NLA* wt=7.617 wt=7.617
674A226: 674A226 AY Part number 674A226 IDLER GEAR Replaced by HOP-674A226, IDLER GEAR
674A232: 674A232 AY Part number 674A232 KEEPER Replaced by HOP-674A232, KEEPER
674A243: 674A243 AY Part number 674A243 AXLE ASSEMBLY Replaced by HOP-674A243, AXLE ASSEMBLY wt=5.9 wt=5.9
674A244: 674A244 AY Part number 674A244 NOTFOUND Replaced by HOP-674A244, NOTFOUND
674A247: 674A247 AY Part number 674A247 SPRING ASM wt=4.048
674A249: 674A249 AY Part number 674A249 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A249, NLA
674A261: 674A261 AY Part number 674A261 Sub= 800769 Replaced by HOP-674A261, Sub= 800769
674A266: 674A266 AY Part number 674A266 SADDLE W/SCREEN * Replaced by HOP-674A266, SADDLE W/SCREEN *
674A273: 674A273 AY Part number 674A273 REPLACED BY: ROPLA019BR Replaced by HOP-674A273, REPLACED BY: ROPLA019BR
674A281: 674A281 AY Part number 674A281 PAWL.RAMP/WASHER-7820327 Replaced by HOP-674A281, PAWL.RAMP/WASHER-7820327 wt=.032 wt=.032
674A288: 674A288 AY Part number 674A288 Sub= 142145
674A289: 674A289 AY Part number 674A289 GEAR ASM TI Replaced by HOP-674A289, GEAR ASMBLY REVERSE IDLER. Replaced by: 532144562 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A289 > 532144562 wt=.23 wt=.23
674A290: 674A290 AY Part number 674A290 SPROCKET ASM TI Replaced by HOP-674A290, SPROCKET ASSY TI. Replaced by: 532144564 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A290 > 532144564 wt=1.408 wt=1.408
674A291: 674A291 AY Part number 674A291 Sub= 674A290
674A293: 674A293 AY Part number 674A293 SHAFT ASM * Replaced by HOP-674A293, SHAFT ASM * wt=6.29 wt=6.29
674A294: 674A294 AY Part number 674A294 SHAFT TINE CRT. Replaced by: 105378X This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A294 > 105378X
674A295: 674A295 AY Part number 674A295 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A295, NLA
674A299: 674A299 AY Part number 674A299 STAKE ASM CRT * Replaced by HOP-674A299, STAKE ASM CRT * wt=2.437 wt=2.437
674A30: 674A30 AY Part number 674A30 IDLER ARM TI Replaced by HOP-674A30, IDLER ARM TI wt=.286 wt=.286
674A302: 674A302 AY Part number 674A302 HUB ASM CRT Replaced by HOP-674A302, HUB ASM CRT
674A307: 674A307 AY Part number 674A307 **** NLA 7/95 **** (BEARING AS Replaced by HOP-674A307, **** NLA 7/95 **** (BEARING AS
674A308: 674A308 AY Part number 674A308 ASM M BEARING *NLA* Replaced by HOP-674A308, ASM M BEARING *NLA* wt=.214 wt=.214
674A316: 674A316 AY Part number 674A316 *****N.L.A. 8/96 (CHAIN TIGHTE Replaced by HOP-674A316, *****N.L.A. 8/96 (CHAIN TIGHTE
674A317: 674A317 AY Part number 674A317 PUMP KIT *SHORT DISC* Replaced by HOP-674A317, PUMP KIT *SHORT DISC*
674A325: 674A325 AY Part number 674A325 *****N.L.A. 8/96 (BRACKET ASM Replaced by HOP-674A325, *****N.L.A. 8/96 (BRACKET ASM
674A376: 674A376 AY Part number 674A376 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A376, NLA
674A38: 674A38 AY Part number 674A38 TINE WELD INNERMT Replaced by HOP-674A38, TINE WELD INNERMT wt=1.792 wt=1.792
674A382: 674A382 AY Part number 674A382 Sub= 6066J
674A39: 674A39 AY Part number 674A39 TINE WELD INNERMT Replaced by HOP-674A39, TINE WELD INNERMT. Replaced by: 583773001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A39 > 583773001 wt=1.746 wt=1.746
674A40: 674A40 AY Part number 674A40 TINE WELD OUTERMT Replaced by HOP-674A40, TINE WELD OUTERMT wt=2.034 wt=2.034
674A41: 674A41 AY Part number 674A41 TINE WELD OUTERMT Replaced by HOP-674A41, TINE WELD OUTERMT. Replaced by: 583773101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A41 > 583773101 wt=1.955 wt=1.955
674A42: 674A42 AY Part number 674A42 TINE ASM.INNER LH. Replaced by: 156931 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A42 > 156931
674A43: 674A43 AY Part number 674A43 TINE TI Replaced by HOP-674A43, Sub= 674A43 wt=3.359 wt=3.359
674A44: 674A44 AY Part number 674A44 TINE ASM,OUTER LH. Replaced by: 156933 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A44 > 156933
674A45: 674A45 AY Part number 674A45 TINE TI Replaced by HOP-674A45, Sub= 674A45 wt=3.791 wt=3.791
674A49: 674A49 AY Part number 674A49 NLA Replaced by HOP-674A49, NLA
674A63: 674A63 AY Part number 674A63 TINE.INNER.LH ** Replaced by HOP-674A63, TINE.ASM.INNER.LH.12.PNT.BLACK. Replaced by: 156923 > 532156923 > 584971402 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A63 > 156923 > 532156923 > 584971402
674A64: 674A64 AY Part number 674A64 Sub= 156924 Replaced by HOP-674A64, TINE.ASM.INNER.RH.12.PNT.BLACK. Replaced by: 156924 > 532156924 > 584971502 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A64 > 156924 > 532156924 > 584971502
674A65: 674A65 AY Part number 674A65 TINE.OUTER.LH.T** Replaced by HOP-674A65, TINE.ASM.OUTER.LH.12.PNT. Replaced by: 156925 > 156925X479 > 532446349 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A65 > 156925 > 156925X479 > 532446349
674A66: 674A66 AY Part number 674A66 TINE OUTER RH T** Replaced by HOP-674A66, TINE.ASM.OUTER.RH.12.BLACK. Replaced by: 156926 > 532156926 > 532446351 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A66 > 156926 > 532156926 > 532446351
674A71: 674A71 AY Part number 674A71 ***N.L.A. 5/97 (CLUTCH CONTROL Replaced by HOP-674A71, ***N.L.A. 5/97 (CLUTCH CONTROL
674H113: 674H113 AY Part number 674H113 NLA Replaced by HOP-674H113, NLA wt=1.594 wt=1.594
674H114: 674H114 AY Part number 674H114 TINE WELD INNERRT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-674H114, TINE WELD INNERRT *NLA* wt=1.464 wt=1.464
674H115: 674H115 AY Part number 674H115 **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** ( TINE W Replaced by HOP-674H115, **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** ( TINE W
674H124: 674H124 AY Part number 674H124 Sub= 1951J500. Replaced by: 1951J431 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674H124 > 1951J431
674H136: 674H136 AY Part number 674H136 Sub= 674A111
674H139: 674H139 AY Part number 674H139 Sub= 105391X
674H140: 674H140 AY Part number 674H140 Sub= 532126669
674H144: 674H144 AY Part number 674H144 BRACKET.ENGINE.TI Replaced by HOP-674H144, BRACKET.ENGINE.TI
674H149: 674H149 AY Part number 674H149 TINE ASM LH INNER. Replaced by: 106857X This item is part of the superseding sequence 674H149 > 106857X
674H150: 674H150 AY Part number 674H150 Sub= 106858X
674H151: 674H151 AY Part number 674H151 TINE ASM LH *SU. Replaced by: 106859X This item is part of the superseding sequence 674H151 > 106859X
674H152: 674H152 AY Part number 674H152 Sub= 106860X
674H154: 674H154 AY Part number 674H154 Sub= 154127
674H155: 674H155 AY Part number 674H155 Sub= 159764 This item is part of the superseding sequence 2622J500 > 674H155 wt=1.416
674H172: 674H172 AY Part number 674H172 Sub= 674A141 Replaced by HOP-674H172, Sub= 674A141
674H174: 674H174 AY Part number 674H174 Sub= 532126669
674H175: 674H175 AY Part number 674H175 BRACKET TI * Replaced by HOP-674H175, BRACKET TI *
674H194: 674H194 AY Part number 674H194 BRACKET-DRAW Replaced by HOP-674H194, BRACKET-DRAW
674H20: 674H20 AY Part number 674H20 Sub= 674A30
674H203: 674H203 AY Part number 674H203 SPINDLE ASM
674H206: 674H206 AY Part number 674H206 Sub= 677A886
674H207: 674H207 AY Part number 674H207 REVERSE IDLER T * Replaced by HOP-674H207, REVERSE IDLER T *
674H232: 674H232 AY Part number 674H232 HOOD ASML
674H249: 674H249 AY Part number 674H249 Sub= 3701J
674H31: 674H31 AY Part number 674H31 TINE ASM.INNER LH. Replaced by: 674A42 > 156931 This item is part of the superseding sequence 674H31 > 674A42 > 156931
674H32: 674H32 AY Part number 674H32 Sub= 674A43
674H34: 674H34 AY Part number 674H34 Sub= 674A45
674H4: 674H4 AY Part number 674H4 NLA Replaced by HOP-674H4, NLA
674H66: 674H66 AY Part number 674H66 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
674H67: 674H67 AY Part number 674H67 Sub= 674A64
674H68: 674H68 AY Part number 674H68 Sub= 674A65
674H69: 674H69 AY Part number 674H69 Sub= 674A66
674H99: 674H99 AY Part number 674H99 Sub= 108712X
6752J: 6752J AY Part number 6752J TRANSAXLE PULLEY Replaced by HOP-6752J, TRANSAXLE PULLEY
6753J: 6753J AY Part number 6753J V-BELT.59.33 Replaced by HOP-6753J, V-BELT.59.33. Replaced by: 583773201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 6753J > 583773201 wt=.454 wt=.454
6753JR: 6753JR AY Part number 6753JR Sub= 6753J
6758J: 6758J AY Part number 6758J NLA Replaced by HOP-6758J, NLA
6759J: 6759J AY Part number 6759J NLA Replaced by HOP-6759J, NLA
67609: 67609 AY Part number 67609 AXLE BOLT Replaced by HOP-67609, BOLT.SHLDR.3/8=16 X 1/2.WSHRHD. Replaced by: 532067609 > 532179613 This item is part of the superseding sequence 67609 > 532067609 > 532179613 wt=.126 wt=.126
67614: 67614 AY Part number 67614 *** N.L.A. 9/95 (BRAKE ROD) ** Replaced by HOP-67614, *** N.L.A. 9/95 (BRAKE ROD) **
67615: 67615 AY Part number 67615 *****N.L.A. 11/95 (SPRING)**** Replaced by HOP-67615, *****N.L.A. 11/95 (SPRING)****
67626: 67626 AY Part number 67626 *****N.L.A. 8/96 (SPRING)***** Replaced by HOP-67626, *****N.L.A. 8/96 (SPRING)*****
67631: 67631 AY Part number 67631 HUB CAP *NLA* Replaced by HOP-67631, HUB CAP *NLA*
67653: 67653 AY Part number 67653 *** N.L.A. 10/96 (HANDLE GRIP) Replaced by HOP-67653, *** N.L.A. 10/96 (HANDLE GRIP)
67677: 67677 AY Part number 67677 **** NLA 2/93 **** (WIRING HAR Replaced by HOP-67677, **** NLA 2/93 **** (WIRING HAR
67679: 67679 AY Part number 67679 *****N.L.A. 10/95 (INTERLOCK S Replaced by HOP-67679, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (INTERLOCK S
67681: 67681 AY Part number 67681 **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** (IGNITIO Replaced by HOP-67681, **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** (IGNITIO
6769J: 6769J AY Part number 6769J NLA Replaced by HOP-6769J, NLA
676A17: 676A17 AY Part number 676A17 NLA Replaced by HOP-676A17, NLA
676A20: 676A20 AY Part number 676A20 *** N.L.A. 10/95 (REAR MT ASM Replaced by HOP-676A20, *** N.L.A. 10/95 (REAR MT ASM
676A21: 676A21 AY Part number 676A21 **** NLA 1/94 **** (HANDLE) Replaced by HOP-676A21, **** NLA 1/94 **** (HANDLE)
676A27: 676A27 AY Part number 676A27 *** N.L.A. 11-8-90 *** (MUFFLE Replaced by HOP-676A27, *** N.L.A. 11-8-90 *** (MUFFLE
676A3: 676A3 AY Part number 676A3 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6 Replaced by HOP-676A3, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
676A33: 676A33 AY Part number 676A33 FUEL FILTER Replaced by HOP-676A33, FUEL FILTER
676A8: 676A8 AY Part number 676A8 *** N.L.A. 10-16-90 ** (MUF CA Replaced by HOP-676A8, *** N.L.A. 10-16-90 ** (MUF CA
676H3: 676H3 AY Part number 676H3 **** NLA 2/93 **** (DECOMP LEV Replaced by HOP-676H3, **** NLA 2/93 **** (DECOMP LEV
67703: 67703 AY Part number 67703 NLA Replaced by HOP-67703, NLA
6770J: 6770J AY Part number 6770J NLA Replaced by HOP-6770J, NLA
67725: 67725 AY Part number 67725 WASHER FLUT Replaced by HOP-67725, WASHER FLUT. Replaced by: 532067725 This item is part of the superseding sequence 67725 > 532067725 wt=.07 wt=.054
67731: 67731 AY Part number 67731 DISCHARGE CHUTE Replaced by HOP-67731, DISCHARGE CHUTE
6774H: 6774H AY Part number 6774H REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
6774R: 6774R AY Part number 6774R REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6 Replaced by HOP-6774R, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP6
67766: 67766 AY Part number 67766 BLADE SHAFT Replaced by HOP-67766, BLADE SHAFT
67767: 67767 AY Part number 67767 *****N.L.A. 11/96 (SHEAVE)**** Replaced by HOP-67767, *****N.L.A. 11/96 (SHEAVE)****
6776J: 6776J AY Part number 6776J NUT * Replaced by HOP-6776J, NUT *
67788: 67788 AY Part number 67788 *** USE MBL 4L780 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-67788, *** USE MBL 4L780 *** N.L.A. F
677A1: 677A1 AY Part number 677A1 STEERING SECTOR **WHEN GONE N Replaced by HOP-677A1, STEERING SECTOR **WHEN GONE N
677A101: 677A101 AY Part number 677A101 DASH ASM Replaced by HOP-677A101, DASH ASM
677A108: 677A108 AY Part number 677A108 FRONT AXLE T * Replaced by HOP-677A108, FRONT AXLE T * wt=5.985 wt=5.985
677A109: 677A109 AY Part number 677A109 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A109, NLA
677A110: 677A110 AY Part number 677A110 ARM ASM T Replaced by HOP-677A110, ARM ASM T
677A111: 677A111 AY Part number 677A111 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A111, NLA
677A115: 677A115 AY Part number 677A115 LIFT SHAFT Replaced by HOP-677A115, LIFT SHAFT wt=5.81 wt=5.81
677A117: 677A117 AY Part number 677A117 BRACKET Replaced by HOP-677A117, BRACKET
677A134: 677A134 AY Part number 677A134 PIVOT ROD ASM Replaced by HOP-677A134, PIVOT ROD ASM wt=5.101 wt=5.101
677A139: 677A139 AY Part number 677A139 Sub= 121150X Replaced by HOP-677A139, Sub= 121150X
677A14: 677A14 AY Part number 677A14 Sub= 101477X
677A149: 677A149 AY Part number 677A149 SPRING WASHER PL Replaced by HOP-677A149, SPRING WASHER PL
677A153: 677A153 AY Part number 677A153 SHIELD.DEFLECTOR Replaced by HOP-677A153, SHIELD.DEFLECTOR wt=4.619 wt=4.619
677A154: 677A154 AY Part number 677A154 MANDREL Replaced by HOP-677A154, MANDREL
677A155: 677A155 AY Part number 677A155 MANDREL M8 Replaced by HOP-677A155, MANDREL M8
677A156: 677A156 AY Part number 677A156 MANDREL Replaced by HOP-677A156, MANDREL
677A157: 677A157 AY Part number 677A157 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A157, NLA
677A159: 677A159 AY Part number 677A159 MANDREL ASM Replaced by HOP-677A159, MANDREL ASM
677A160: 677A160 AY Part number 677A160 SHEAV M Replaced by HOP-677A160, SHEAV M
677A161: 677A161 AY Part number 677A161 SHEAVE M Replaced by HOP-677A161, SHEAVE M wt=5.893 wt=5.893
677A168: 677A168 AY Part number 677A168 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A168, NLA wt=1.717 wt=1.717
677A169: 677A169 AY Part number 677A169 KINGPIN ASM LH * Replaced by HOP-677A169, KINGPIN ASM LH * wt=1.908 wt=1.908
677A181: 677A181 AY Part number 677A181 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
677A202: 677A202 AY Part number 677A202 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A202, NLA
677A208: 677A208 AY Part number 677A208 STEERING SHFT LT Replaced by HOP-677A208, STEERING SHFT LT
677A22: 677A22 AY Part number 677A22 Sub= 677A110 Replaced by HOP-677A22, Sub= 677A110
677A23: 677A23 AY Part number 677A23 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A23, NLA
677A233: 677A233 AY Part number 677A233 Sub= 101477X Replaced by HOP-677A233, Sub= 101477X
677A239: 677A239 AY Part number 677A239 **** USE PEERLESS 794271A TRAN Replaced by HOP-677A239, **** USE PEERLESS 794271A TRAN
677A240: 677A240 AY Part number 677A240 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A240, NLA
677A241: 677A241 AY Part number 677A241 CHASSIS* Replaced by HOP-677A241, CHASSIS*
677A243: 677A243 AY Part number 677A243 Sub= 100348X
677A244: 677A244 AY Part number 677A244 Sub= 100508L Replaced by HOP-677A244, Sub= 100508L
677A247: 677A247 AY Part number 677A247 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A247, NLA
677A248: 677A248 AY Part number 677A248 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A248, NLA
677A257: 677A257 AY Part number 677A257 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A257, NLA
677A266: 677A266 AY Part number 677A266 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A266, NLA
677A27: 677A27 AY Part number 677A27 CHASSIS MOUN Replaced by HOP-677A27, CHASSIS MOUN
677A28: 677A28 AY Part number 677A28 *** N L A *** 7-27-91 PO 6899
677A282: 677A282 AY Part number 677A282 TOOL BAR C Replaced by HOP-677A282, TOOL BAR C
677A288: 677A288 AY Part number 677A288 MANDREL.ASM.W/SHEAVE Replaced by HOP-677A288, MANDREL.ASM.W/SHEAVE wt=13.005 wt=13.005
677A290: 677A290 AY Part number 677A290 BELT GUIDE Replaced by HOP-677A290, BELT GUIDE wt=1.087 wt=1.087
677A291: 677A291 AY Part number 677A291 MANDREL SHEAVE M Replaced by HOP-677A291, MANDREL SHEAVE M wt=8.145 wt=8.145
677A3: 677A3 AY Part number 677A3 SPINDLE Replaced by HOP-677A3, SPINDLE
677A302: 677A302 AY Part number 677A302 Sub= 101454X Replaced by HOP-677A302, Sub= 101454X
677A313: 677A313 AY Part number 677A313 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A313, NLA
677A316: 677A316 AY Part number 677A316 BUSH&DIRT SEAL M Replaced by HOP-677A316, BUSH&DIRT SEAL M wt=.157 wt=.157
677A339: 677A339 AY Part number 677A339 OUTER ARM * Replaced by HOP-677A339, OUTER ARM *
677A341: 677A341 AY Part number 677A341 INNER ARM T * Replaced by HOP-677A341, INNER ARM T *
677A344: 677A344 AY Part number 677A344 MANDREL.ASM.OUTER Replaced by HOP-677A344, MANDREL.ASM.OUTER wt=4.819 wt=4.819
677A35: 677A35 AY Part number 677A35 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A35, NLA
677A351: 677A351 AY Part number 677A351 MANDREL ASM M* Replaced by HOP-677A351, MANDREL ASM M*
677A358: 677A358 AY Part number 677A358 IDLER.INSIDE.ARM Replaced by HOP-677A358, IDLER.INSIDE.ARM. Replaced by: 583773301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 677A358 > 583773301 wt=1.112 wt=1.112
677A362: 677A362 AY Part number 677A362 (!)DIRT SEAL KIT Replaced by HOP-677A362, (!)DIRT SEAL KIT wt=.014 wt=.014
677A363: 677A363 AY Part number 677A363 REPLACED BY: ROP146940 Replaced by HOP-677A363, REPLACED BY: ROP146940
677A366: 677A366 AY Part number 677A366 OUTER SHEAVE M Replaced by HOP-677A366, OUTER SHEAVE M wt=1.105 wt=1.105
677A367: 677A367 AY Part number 677A367 *****N.L.A. 5/96 (BUSHING KIT) Replaced by HOP-677A367, *****N.L.A. 5/96 (BUSHING KIT)
677A375: 677A375 AY Part number 677A375 *** N.L.A. 10/96 (BELL CRANK) Replaced by HOP-677A375, *** N.L.A. 10/96 (BELL CRANK)
677A376: 677A376 AY Part number 677A376 **** NLA 6/95 **** (SHAFT ASM Replaced by HOP-677A376, **** NLA 6/95 **** (SHAFT ASM
677A379: 677A379 AY Part number 677A379 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A379, NLA
677A381: 677A381 AY Part number 677A381 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A381, NLA
677A4: 677A4 AY Part number 677A4 FRONT AXLE Replaced by HOP-677A4, FRONT AXLE
677A429: 677A429 AY Part number 677A429 SPINDLE T Replaced by HOP-677A429, SPINDLE T
677A432: 677A432 AY Part number 677A432 STRAP ASM-REAR T wt=.638
677A449: 677A449 AY Part number 677A449 IDLER BRKT ASM * REPL 674A20 Replaced by HOP-677A449, IDLER BRKT ASM * REPL 674A20
677A45: 677A45 AY Part number 677A45 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A45, NLA
677A451: 677A451 AY Part number 677A451 IDLER-INSIDE T Replaced by HOP-677A451, IDLER-INSIDE T wt=1.045 wt=1.045
677A453: 677A453 AY Part number 677A453 ***N.L.A. 9/97 (MANDREL)*** Replaced by HOP-677A453, ***N.L.A. 9/97 (MANDREL)***
677A46: 677A46 AY Part number 677A46 Sub= 106577X
677A463: 677A463 AY Part number 677A463 GEAR ASM Replaced by HOP-677A463, GEAR ASM wt=.424 wt=.424
677A464: 677A464 AY Part number 677A464 SHAFT ASM Replaced by HOP-677A464, SHAFT ASM
677A479: 677A479 AY Part number 677A479 SHAFT ASM Replaced by HOP-677A479, SHAFT ASM wt=.942 wt=.942
677A480: 677A480 AY Part number 677A480 SPROCKET ASM Replaced by HOP-677A480, SPROCKET ASM wt=1.684 wt=1.684
677A482: 677A482 AY Part number 677A482 SHAFT ASM * Replaced by HOP-677A482, SHAFT ASM *
677A488: 677A488 AY Part number 677A488 TINE SHAFT * Replaced by HOP-677A488, TINE SHAFT *
677A497: 677A497 AY Part number 677A497 LIFT ARM ASM T Replaced by HOP-677A497, LIFT ARM ASM T
677A498: 677A498 AY Part number 677A498 LIFT SHAFT ASST T Replaced by HOP-677A498, LIFT SHAFT ASST T wt=3.853 wt=3.853
677A50: 677A50 AY Part number 677A50 Sub= 677A745 Replaced by HOP-677A50, Sub= 677A745
677A510: 677A510 AY Part number 677A510 RUNNER M Replaced by HOP-677A510, RUNNER M wt=1.054 wt=1.054
677A53: 677A53 AY Part number 677A53 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A53, NLA
677A536: 677A536 AY Part number 677A536 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A536, NLA wt=.13 wt=.13
677A537: 677A537 AY Part number 677A537 BRACKET ASSEM T Replaced by HOP-677A537, BRACKET ASSEM T
677A538: 677A538 AY Part number 677A538 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A538, NLA
677A539: 677A539 AY Part number 677A539 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A539, NLA
677A56: 677A56 AY Part number 677A56 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A56, NLA
677A560: 677A560 AY Part number 677A560 ****NO LONGER AVAILABLE**** Replaced by HOP-677A560, ****NO LONGER AVAILABLE****
677A573: 677A573 AY Part number 677A573 SHEAVE T Replaced by HOP-677A573, SHEAVE T
677A594: 677A594 AY Part number 677A594 MANDREL.ASM.SHEAVE Replaced by HOP-677A594, MANDREL.ASM.SHEAVE wt=1.433 wt=1.433
677A595: 677A595 AY Part number 677A595 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A595, NLA
677A604: 677A604 AY Part number 677A604 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A604, NLA
677A607: 677A607 AY Part number 677A607 GT, BELLCRANK* Replaced by HOP-677A607, GT BELLCRANK*
677A608: 677A608 AY Part number 677A608 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A608, NLA
677A632: 677A632 AY Part number 677A632 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A632, NLA
677A635: 677A635 AY Part number 677A635 SPINDLE ASM T * Replaced by HOP-677A635, SPINDLE ASM T * wt=1.842 wt=1.842
677A636: 677A636 AY Part number 677A636 SPINDLE LH * Replaced by HOP-677A636, SPINDLE LH *
677A637: 677A637 AY Part number 677A637 BRAKE BRKT ASM T Replaced by HOP-677A637, BRAKE BRKT ASM T wt=.727
677A65: 677A65 AY Part number 677A65 Sub= 100530K Replaced by HOP-677A65, Sub= 100530K
677A66: 677A66 AY Part number 677A66 Sub= 106404X Replaced by HOP-677A66, Sub= 106404X
677A662: 677A662 AY Part number 677A662 LIFT CHANNEL* Replaced by HOP-677A662, LIFT CHANNEL* wt=6.848 wt=6.848
677A666: 677A666 AY Part number 677A666 ANCHOR ASM D * Replaced by HOP-677A666, ANCHOR ASM D *
677A67: 677A67 AY Part number 677A67 BRAKE ROD LH T * Replaced by HOP-677A67, BRAKE ROD LH T *
677A673: 677A673 AY Part number 677A673 SPINDLE ASM This item is part of the superseding sequence 678H418 > 677A673 Replaced by HOP-677A673, SPINDLE ASM wt=2.24
677A68: 677A68 AY Part number 677A68 L.H. BRAKE ROD Replaced by HOP-677A68, L.H. BRAKE ROD
677A742: 677A742 AY Part number 677A742 LEVER ASM Replaced by HOP-677A742, LEVER ASM
677A743: 677A743 AY Part number 677A743 CHASSIS COVER T Replaced by HOP-677A743, CHASSIS COVER T wt=1.669 wt=1.669
677A745: 677A745 AY Part number 677A745 ***** KEY 677A745K ***** DECK Replaced by HOP-677A745, ***** KEY 677A745K ***** DECK
677A758: 677A758 AY Part number 677A758 STEERING PINION T Replaced by HOP-677A758, STEERING PINION T wt=2.519 wt=2.519
677A774: 677A774 AY Part number 677A774 LEVER ARM *NLA* Replaced by HOP-677A774, LEVER ARM *NLA* wt=2.017 wt=2.017
677A784: 677A784 AY Part number 677A784 VARIATOR ARM T This item is part of the superseding sequence 678H296 > 677A784 wt=.998
677A799: 677A799 AY Part number 677A799 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A799, NLA
677A816: 677A816 AY Part number 677A816 SHAFT.STEER.ASM.T Replaced by HOP-677A816, SHAFT.STEER.ASM.T wt=3.013 wt=3.013
677A822: 677A822 AY Part number 677A822 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A822, NLA
677A841: 677A841 AY Part number 677A841 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A841, NLA
677A842: 677A842 AY Part number 677A842 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A842, NLA
677A843: 677A843 AY Part number 677A843 BRACKET AXLE T * Replaced by HOP-677A843, BRACKET AXLE T *
677A846: 677A846 AY Part number 677A846 ARM SUSP Replaced by HOP-677A846, ARM SUSP
677A847: 677A847 AY Part number 677A847 ARM SUSP INN Replaced by HOP-677A847, ARM SUSP INN wt=2.39 wt=2.39
677A849: 677A849 AY Part number 677A849 IDLER GEAR TI Replaced by HOP-677A849, IDLER GEAR TI. Replaced by: 583773601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 677A849 > 583773601
677A850: 677A850 AY Part number 677A850 CHANNEL * Replaced by HOP-677A850, CHANNEL *
677A853: 677A853 AY Part number 677A853 BRAKE LATCH* Replaced by HOP-677A853, BRAKE LATCH*
677A855: 677A855 AY Part number 677A855 HITCH CHANNEL Replaced by HOP-677A855, HITCH CHANNEL wt=10.752 wt=10.752
677A859: 677A859 AY Part number 677A859 (!)SUPPORT ASM Replaced by HOP-677A859, (!)SUPPORT ASM wt=1.084 wt=1.084
677A86: 677A86 AY Part number 677A86 MUFFLER *** WHEN GONE N.L.A. Replaced by HOP-677A86, MUFFLER *** WHEN GONE N.L.A. wt=2.204 wt=2.204
677A860: 677A860 AY Part number 677A860 HITCH YOKE TI Replaced by HOP-677A860, HITCH YOKE TI wt=5.622 wt=5.622
677A875: 677A875 AY Part number 677A875 STRAP ASM T Replaced by HOP-677A875, STRAP ASM T
677A876: 677A876 AY Part number 677A876 STRAP ASM T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-677A876, STRAP ASM T *NLA* wt=.55 wt=.55
677A880: 677A880 AY Part number 677A880 Sub= 146154
677A883: 677A883 AY Part number 677A883 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A883, NLA
677A885: 677A885 AY Part number 677A885 SECTOR BRKT * Replaced by HOP-677A885, SECTOR BRKT *
677A886: 677A886 AY Part number 677A886 BRACKET T Replaced by HOP-677A886, BRACKET T wt=1.331 wt=1.331
677A894: 677A894 AY Part number 677A894 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A894, NLA
677A903: 677A903 AY Part number 677A903 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A903, NLA
677A904: 677A904 AY Part number 677A904 CHASSIS WELD Replaced by HOP-677A904, CHASSIS WELD
677A905: 677A905 AY Part number 677A905 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A905, NLA
677A909: 677A909 AY Part number 677A909 Sub= 106577X
677A91: 677A91 AY Part number 677A91 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-677A91, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
677A928: 677A928 AY Part number 677A928 PIN KIT T Replaced by HOP-677A928, PIN KIT T. Replaced by: 532106615 This item is part of the superseding sequence 677A928 > 532106615 wt=.091 wt=.091
677A936: 677A936 AY Part number 677A936 **** NLA 8/94 **** (MUFFLER) Replaced by HOP-677A936, **** NLA 8/94 **** (MUFFLER)
677A94: 677A94 AY Part number 677A94 Sub= 673A124
677A98: 677A98 AY Part number 677A98 RIM ASM LT Replaced by HOP-677A98, RIM ASM LT
677A980: 677A980 AY Part number 677A980 NLA Replaced by HOP-677A980, NLA
677A994: 677A994 AY Part number 677A994 FRAME ASM T * Replaced by HOP-677A994, FRAME ASM T *
677A995: 677A995 AY Part number 677A995 AXLE ASM LT Replaced by HOP-677A995, AXLE ASM LT
677H102: 677H102 AY Part number 677H102 NLA Replaced by HOP-677H102, NLA
677H133: 677H133 AY Part number 677H133 **** NLA 4/94 **** (SOLENOID) Replaced by HOP-677H133, **** NLA 4/94 **** (SOLENOID)
677H134: 677H134 AY Part number 677H134 ** N.L.A.5-6-91 ** Replaced by HOP-677H134, ** N.L.A.5-6-91 **
677H215: 677H215 AY Part number 677H215 REPLACED BY: ROP9873R
677H219: 677H219 AY Part number 677H219 NLA Replaced by HOP-677H219, NLA
677H220: 677H220 AY Part number 677H220 NLA Replaced by HOP-677H220, NLA
677H245: 677H245 AY Part number 677H245 SIDE PLATE Replaced by HOP-677H245, SIDE PLATE
677H250: 677H250 AY Part number 677H250 IDLER BRACKET ASM Replaced by HOP-677H250, IDLER BRACKET ASM
677H262: 677H262 AY Part number 677H262 BAR ** N.L.A.6-24-93 ** Replaced by HOP-677H262, BAR ** N.L.A.6-24-93 **
677H306: 677H306 AY Part number 677H306 NLA Replaced by HOP-677H306, NLA
677H311: 677H311 AY Part number 677H311 SHANK SIDE CT * Replaced by HOP-677H311, SHANK SIDE CT * wt=1.022 wt=1.022
677H312: 677H312 AY Part number 677H312 SHANK * Replaced by HOP-677H312, SHANK * wt=2.534 wt=2.534
677H313: 677H313 AY Part number 677H313 NLA Replaced by HOP-677H313, NLA
677H316: 677H316 AY Part number 677H316 NLA Replaced by HOP-677H316, NLA
677H333: 677H333 AY Part number 677H333 REPLACED BY: ROP77594 Replaced by HOP-677H333, REPLACED BY: ROP77594
677H379: 677H379 AY Part number 677H379 NLA Replaced by HOP-677H379, NLA
677H408: 677H408 AY Part number 677H408 LH BRACKET M * Replaced by HOP-677H408, LH BRACKET M *
677H410: 677H410 AY Part number 677H410 NLA Replaced by HOP-677H410, NLA
677H412: 677H412 AY Part number 677H412 COVER T * Replaced by HOP-677H412, COVER T *

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