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100662K: 100662K AY Part number 100662K BOLT SHOULDER LTV wt=.083
100663K: 100663K AY Part number 100663K PIN SUSPENS. LTV wt=.059
100664L: 100664L AY Part number 100664L CROSSBAR LTV Replaced by HOP-100664L, CROSSBAR LTV wt=2.722 wt=2.722
100665L: 100665L AY Part number 100665L BRACKET LIFT LTV Replaced by HOP-100665L, BRACKET LIFT LTV
100668L: 100668L AY Part number 100668L SUPPORT PLATE LT Replaced by HOP-100668L, SUPPORT PLATE LT wt=.341 wt=.341
100669K: 100669K AY Part number 100669K REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP2
100670N: 100670N AY Part number 100670N Sub= 106085X
100671M: 100671M AY Part number 100671M Sub= 106578X
100672K: 100672K AY Part number 100672K SPACER BRAKE LTV This item is part of the superseding sequence 532100672 > 100672K Replaced by HOP-100672K, SPACER BRAKE LTV wt=.067
100673L: 100673L AY Part number 100673L BRACKET SUPT LTV Replaced by HOP-100673L, BRACKET SUPT LTV
100674L: 100674L AY Part number 100674L BRACKET PIVOT LTV Replaced by HOP-100674L, BRACKET PIVOT LTV
100675K: 100675K AY Part number 100675K ROD BRAKE LTV Replaced by HOP-100675K, ROD BRAKE LTV. Replaced by: 583637801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 100675K > 583637801 wt=.112 wt=.112
100677L: 100677L AY Part number 100677L BRACKET SUPT LT Replaced by HOP-100677L, BRACKET SUPT LT. Replaced by: 583637901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 100677L > 583637901 wt=.853 wt=.853
100679L: 100679L AY Part number 100679L ARM IDLER ASM LT Replaced by HOP-100679L, ARM IDLER ASM LT wt=.658 wt=.658
100681K: 100681K AY Part number 100681K NLA Replaced by HOP-100681K, NLA
100682K: 100682K AY Part number 100682K Sub= 4470J
100693K: 100693K AY Part number 100693K Sub= 122074X
100694K: 100694K AY Part number 100694K Sub= 106218X Replaced by HOP-100694K, Sub= 106218X
100696K: 100696K AY Part number 100696K Sub= 140325X417
100697C: 100697C AY Part number 100697C NLA Replaced by HOP-100697C, NLA
100699K: 100699K AY Part number 100699K Sub= 121687X
10071000: 10071000 AY Part number 10071000 LOCKWASHER Replaced by HOP-10071000, LOCKWASHER. Replaced by: 810071000 This item is part of the superseding sequence 10071000 > 810071000 wt=.004 wt=.004
100710L: 100710L AY Part number 100710L INSERT-WHEEL LT Replaced by HOP-100710L, INSERT-WHEEL LT wt=.112 wt=.112
100711L: 100711L AY Part number 100711L ADAPTER.WHEEL.STRG.760. Replaced by: 186737 This item is part of the superseding sequence 100711L > 186737 wt=.329
100712K: 100712K AY Part number 100712K WASHER Replaced by HOP-100712K, WASHER wt=.159 wt=.159
100712X: 100712X AY Part number 100712X Sub= 100712K
100713N: 100713N AY Part number 100713N Sub= 150547. Replaced by: 146906 This item is part of the superseding sequence 100713N > 146906
100714L: 100714L AY Part number 100714L SLEEVE LTV Replaced by HOP-100714L, SLEEVE LTV. Replaced by: 583638001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 100714L > 583638001 wt=.084 wt=.084
100717N: 100717N AY Part number 100717N Sub= TH4H690
100724M: 100724M AY Part number 100724M SHAFT INPUT T Replaced by HOP-100724M, SHAFT INPUT T wt=.7 wt=.7
100729M: 100729M AY Part number 100729M NLA Replaced by HOP-100729M, NLA
100731K: 100731K AY Part number 100731K ROD HINGE LTV Replaced by HOP-100731K, ROD HINGE LTV
100734K: 100734K AY Part number 100734K REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
100735K: 100735K AY Part number 100735K ROD - ADJUST Replaced by HOP-100735K, ROD - ADJUST
100740X: 100740X AY Part number 100740X ** N.L.A.10-10-89 ** Replaced by HOP-100740X, ** N.L.A.10-10-89 **
100744M: 100744M AY Part number 100744M TINE ASM,OUTER LH. Replaced by: 156933 This item is part of the superseding sequence 100744M > 156933
100746M: 100746M AY Part number 100746M TINE WELDMENT TI wt=3.984
100752K: 100752K AY Part number 100752K NLA Replaced by HOP-100752K, NLA
100753K: 100753K AY Part number 100753K NLA Replaced by HOP-100753K, NLA
100762L: 100762L AY Part number 100762L NLA Replaced by HOP-100762L, NLA
100763M: 100763M AY Part number 100763M ARM ASM Replaced by HOP-100763M, ARM ASM
100766L: 100766L AY Part number 100766L SHAFT ASM Replaced by HOP-100766L, SHAFT ASM
100770L: 100770L AY Part number 100770L NLA Replaced by HOP-100770L, NLA
100775L: 100775L AY Part number 100775L RETAINER T *SU*NLA* Replaced by HOP-100775L, RETAINER T *SU*NLA*
100783K: 100783K AY Part number 100783K ***** N.L.A. 8-19-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-100783K, ***** N.L.A. 8-19-91 *****
100784K: 100784K AY Part number 100784K *** N.L.A. 11-22-96 *** (FILTE Replaced by HOP-100784K, *** N.L.A. 11-22-96 *** (FILTE
100785K: 100785K AY Part number 100785K *** N.L.A. 7/97 (END CAP SEAL) Replaced by HOP-100785K, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (END CAP SEAL)
100786K: 100786K AY Part number 100786K **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** (ELEMENT Replaced by HOP-100786K, **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** (ELEMENT
100787K: 100787K AY Part number 100787K NLA Replaced by HOP-100787K, NLA
100789K: 100789K AY Part number 100789K NLA Replaced by HOP-100789K, NLA
100790K: 100790K AY Part number 100790K TIRE 5.70-8 Replaced by HOP-100790K, TIRE 5.70-8
100800K: 100800K AY Part number 100800K LOCK RING X Replaced by HOP-100800K, LOCK RING X
100808K: 100808K AY Part number 100808K NLA Replaced by HOP-100808K, NLA
100810K: 100810K AY Part number 100810K NLA Replaced by HOP-100810K, NLA
100812K: 100812K AY Part number 100812K **** NLA 1/94 **** (PIVOT) Replaced by HOP-100812K, **** NLA 1/94 **** (PIVOT)
100813K: 100813K AY Part number 100813K NLA Replaced by HOP-100813K, NLA
100814K: 100814K AY Part number 100814K REPLACED BY: ROP678H233 Replaced by HOP-100814K, REPLACED BY: ROP678H233
100816K: 100816K AY Part number 100816K ** N.L.A.12-18-90 ** Replaced by HOP-100816K, ** N.L.A.12-18-90 **
100818K: 100818K AY Part number 100818K COVER X Replaced by HOP-100818K, COVER X
100819K: 100819K AY Part number 100819K NLA Replaced by HOP-100819K, NLA
100826L: 100826L AY Part number 100826L ANCHOR-HEAD Replaced by HOP-100826L, ANCHOR-HEAD
100831L: 100831L AY Part number 100831L *** N.L.A. 7/97 (HEAD) *** Replaced by HOP-100831L, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (HEAD) ***
100833X: 100833X AY Part number 100833X Sub= 108429X Replaced by HOP-100833X, Sub= 108429X
100836K: 100836K AY Part number 100836K BRACKET GTV Replaced by HOP-100836K, BRACKET GTV wt=.111
100837L: 100837L AY Part number 100837L NLA Replaced by HOP-100837L, NLA
1008J: 1008J AY Part number 1008J *****N.L.A. 10/95 (SCREW)***** Replaced by HOP-1008J, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (SCREW)*****
100902R: 100902R AY Part number 100902R Sub= 103329X Replaced by HOP-100902R, Sub= 103329X
100904M: 100904M AY Part number 100904M NLA Replaced by HOP-100904M, NLA
100905M: 100905M AY Part number 100905M NLA Replaced by HOP-100905M, NLA
100906K: 100906K AY Part number 100906K *** N.L.A. 7/97 (SUPPORT) *** Replaced by HOP-100906K, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (SUPPORT) ***
100907M: 100907M AY Part number 100907M (!) BLADE Replaced by HOP-100907M, (!) BLADE wt=2.238 wt=2.238
100908K: 100908K AY Part number 100908K (!) STUD Replaced by HOP-100908K, (!) STUD wt=.165 wt=.165
100909M: 100909M AY Part number 100909M NLA Replaced by HOP-100909M, NLA
100910M: 100910M AY Part number 100910M Sub= 86896 Replaced by HOP-100910M, Sub= 86896
100911K: 100911K AY Part number 100911K WHEEL PM, BEARI * Replaced by HOP-100911K, WHEEL PM BEARI *
100912M: 100912M AY Part number 100912M NLA Replaced by HOP-100912M, NLA
100913M: 100913M AY Part number 100913M NLA Replaced by HOP-100913M, NLA
100915K: 100915K AY Part number 100915K *** N.L.A. 7/97 (PTO SPACER) * Replaced by HOP-100915K, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (PTO SPACER) *
100918N: 100918N AY Part number 100918N *****N.L.A. 5/96 (DRIVE COVER) Replaced by HOP-100918N, *****N.L.A. 5/96 (DRIVE COVER)
100919M: 100919M AY Part number 100919M *** N.L.A. 7/97 (LH CARRIER AS Replaced by HOP-100919M, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (LH CARRIER AS
100921K: 100921K AY Part number 100921K NLA Replaced by HOP-100921K, NLA
100922M: 100922M AY Part number 100922M NLA Replaced by HOP-100922M, NLA
100923K: 100923K AY Part number 100923K NLA Replaced by HOP-100923K, NLA
100926M: 100926M AY Part number 100926M REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-100926M, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
100930L: 100930L AY Part number 100930L SPRING-EXTEN PM
100931N: 100931N AY Part number 100931N NLA Replaced by HOP-100931N, NLA
100932N: 100932N AY Part number 100932N HANDLE-LOWER Replaced by HOP-100932N, HANDLE-LOWER
100933K: 100933K AY Part number 100933K STOP.ROPE Replaced by HOP-100933K, STOP.ROPE
100936N: 100936N AY Part number 100936N NLA Replaced by HOP-100936N, NLA
100937N: 100937N AY Part number 100937N NLA Replaced by HOP-100937N, NLA
100938M: 100938M AY Part number 100938M (!)CONTROL CABLE Replaced by HOP-100938M, (!)CONTROL CABLE
100939M: 100939M AY Part number 100939M REPLACED BY: ROP102771X
100940M: 100940M AY Part number 100940M NLA Replaced by HOP-100940M, NLA wt=.283 wt=.283
100944L: 100944L AY Part number 100944L NLA Replaced by HOP-100944L, NLA
100945R: 100945R AY Part number 100945R DISCHARGE GRD PM Replaced by HOP-100945R, DISCHARGE GRD PM
100955K: 100955K AY Part number 100955K NLA Replaced by HOP-100955K, NLA wt=.013 wt=.013
100956K: 100956K AY Part number 100956K NLA Replaced by HOP-100956K, NLA wt=.013 wt=.013
100958L: 100958L AY Part number 100958L SPRING-TORSION PM Replaced by HOP-100958L, SPRING-TORSION PM wt=.037 wt=.037
100979M: 100979M AY Part number 100979M NLA Replaced by HOP-100979M, NLA wt=.403 wt=.403
100980M: 100980M AY Part number 100980M NLA Replaced by HOP-100980M, NLA
101-500: 101-500 AY Part number 101500 / 101-500 FILTER Replaced by HOP-101-500, FILTER
101005M: 101005M AY Part number 101005M REPLACED BY: ROP100629K
10100800: 10100800 AY Part number 10100800 WASHER,LOCK Replaced by HOP-10100800, WASHER LOCK
101008K: 101008K AY Part number 101008K BOLT SHOULDER LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 55855 > 101008K wt=.056
10102: 10102 AY Part number 10102 WASHER Replaced by HOP-10102, WASHER
101025K: 101025K AY Part number 101025K REPLACED BY: ROP102811X
101027X: 101027X AY Part number 101027X COMP DECK Replaced by HOP-101027X, COMP DECK
101058M: 101058M AY Part number 101058M Sub= 139417 Replaced by HOP-101058M, Sub= 139417
101059L: 101059L AY Part number 101059L NLA Replaced by HOP-101059L, NLA
101060M: 101060M AY Part number 101060M GEAR LT wt=2.25
101061N: 101061N AY Part number 101061N PIVOT ROD LT Replaced by HOP-101061N, PIVOT ROD LT
101062K: 101062K AY Part number 101062K BUSHING LT Replaced by HOP-101062K, BUSHING LT wt=.07 wt=.07
101068M: 101068M AY Part number 101068M NLA Replaced by HOP-101068M, NLA
101076N: 101076N AY Part number 101076N Sub= 108894X Replaced by HOP-101076N, Sub= 108894X
101083D: 101083D AY Part number 101083D BEVEL GEAR * WHEN GONE NLA** Replaced by HOP-101083D, BEVEL GEAR * WHEN GONE NLA**
101084D: 101084D AY Part number 101084D (!)GEAR Replaced by HOP-101084D, (!)GEAR wt=3.85 wt=3.85
101085M: 101085M AY Part number 101085M NLA Replaced by HOP-101085M, NLA
101086M: 101086M AY Part number 101086M NLA Replaced by HOP-101086M, NLA
101087C: 101087C AY Part number 101087C GEAR Replaced by HOP-101087C, GEAR wt=.36 wt=.36
101088C: 101088C AY Part number 101088C NLA Replaced by HOP-101088C, NLA
101089D: 101089D AY Part number 101089D GEAR LT * Replaced by HOP-101089D, GEAR LT * wt=.754 wt=.754
101090C: 101090C AY Part number 101090C GEAR YTV * Replaced by HOP-101090C, GEAR YTV *
101091D: 101091D AY Part number 101091D GEAR YTV * Replaced by HOP-101091D, GEAR YTV *
10110600: 10110600 AY Part number 10110600 LOCKWASHER T * Replaced by HOP-10110600, LOCKWASHER T *
101122M: 101122M AY Part number 101122M BRAKE BAND ASM Replaced by HOP-101122M, BRAKE BAND ASM. Replaced by: 532101122 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101122M > 532101122 wt=.42 wt=.42
101159L: 101159L AY Part number 101159L SHIELD HEAT LTV Replaced by HOP-101159L, SHIELD HEAT LTV. Replaced by: 583638401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101159L > 583638401 wt=.113 wt=.113
101171K: 101171K AY Part number 101171K SPACER LT * Replaced by HOP-101171K, SPACER LT *
101189L: 101189L AY Part number 101189L ENGINE PULLEY TI Replaced by HOP-101189L, ENGINE PULLEY TI. Replaced by: 532101189 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101189L > 532101189 wt=.866 wt=.866
101193M: 101193M AY Part number 101193M TINE RH CRT Replaced by HOP-101193M, TINE/RH. Replaced by: 532006557 > 532101193 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101193M > 532006557 > 532101193 wt=1.296 wt=1.296
101194M: 101194M AY Part number 101194M TINE.LH.CRT Replaced by HOP-101194M, TINE/LH. Replaced by: 532006556 > 532101194 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101194M > 532006556 > 532101194 wt=1.351 wt=1.351
101195K: 101195K AY Part number 101195K NLA Replaced by HOP-101195K, NLA
101200K: 101200K AY Part number 101200K SPACER LT Replaced by HOP-101200K, SPACER LT wt=.156 wt=.156
101201K: 101201K AY Part number 101201K SPACER LT wt=.017
101229D: 101229D AY Part number 101229D HANDLE BRACKET * Replaced by HOP-101229D, HANDLE BRACKET *
101229D367: 101229D367 AY Part number 101229D367 NLA Replaced by HOP-101229D367, NLA wt=1.506 wt=1.506
101230K: 101230K AY Part number 101230K BRAKE BAND ASM Replaced by HOP-101230K, BRAKE BAND ASM. Replaced by: 583638601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101230K > 583638601 wt=.419 wt=.419
101232L: 101232L AY Part number 101232L NLA Replaced by HOP-101232L, NLA
101235L: 101235L AY Part number 101235L SCREEN GRILL GTV Replaced by HOP-101235L, SCREEN GRILL GTV wt=1.163 wt=1.163
101248K: 101248K AY Part number 101248K ROD REVERSE TI Replaced by HOP-101248K, ROD REVERSE TI. Replaced by: 583638701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101248K > 583638701
101251L: 101251L AY Part number 101251L CABLE-CLUTCH CRT Replaced by HOP-101251L, CABLE-CLUTCH CRT wt=.29
101253M: 101253M AY Part number 101253M REPLACED BY: ROP102958X Replaced by HOP-101253M, REPLACED BY: ROP102958X
101254N: 101254N AY Part number 101254N NLA Replaced by HOP-101254N, NLA
101255M: 101255M AY Part number 101255M ** N.L.A.9-13-91 ** Replaced by HOP-101255M, ** N.L.A.9-13-91 **
101272K: 101272K AY Part number 101272K TRUNION LT* Replaced by HOP-101272K, TRUNION LT*
101273M: 101273M AY Part number 101273M MUFFLER LTV Replaced by HOP-101273M, MUFFLER LTV. Replaced by: 583638801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101273M > 583638801 wt=.92 wt=.92
101274N: 101274N AY Part number 101274N SUPPORT ASM T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-101274N, SUPPORT ASM T *NLA* wt=4.923 wt=4.923
101276L: 101276L AY Part number 101276L NLA Replaced by HOP-101276L, NLA
101278K: 101278K AY Part number 101278K SPACER LT wt=.282
101279K: 101279K AY Part number 101279K SPACER SPLIT LTV wt=.037
101282K: 101282K AY Part number 101282K NUT, LOCK CRT Replaced by HOP-101282K, NUT, LOCK CRT. Replaced by: 583639101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101282K > 583639101 wt=.032 wt=.032
101303N: 101303N AY Part number 101303N *** N.L.A. 7/97 (HARNESS) *** Replaced by HOP-101303N, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (HARNESS) ***
101305X: 101305X AY Part number 101305X SHIFT FORK KIT * Replaced by HOP-101305X, SHIFT FORK KIT *
101310M: 101310M AY Part number 101310M *** N.L.A. 7/97 (WHEEL ASM) * Replaced by HOP-101310M, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (WHEEL ASM) *
101319L: 101319L AY Part number 101319L NLA Replaced by HOP-101319L, NLA
101322N: 101322N AY Part number 101322N WIRING HARNESS LT Replaced by HOP-101322N, WIRING HARNESS LT. Replaced by: 583639201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101322N > 583639201
101326L: 101326L AY Part number 101326L DEFLECTOR.222573 Replaced by HOP-101326L, DEFLECTOR.222573. Replaced by: 532101326 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101326L > 532101326 wt=.089 wt=.089
101326X: 101326X AY Part number 101326X DEFLECTOR.222573 Replaced by HOP-101326X, DEFLECTOR.222573
101336K: 101336K AY Part number 101336K Sub= 132753
10134-L204-0000: 10134-L204-0000 AY Part number 10134L2040000 / 10134-L204-0000 WHEEL
101341M: 101341M AY Part number 101341M PULLEY GTV Replaced by HOP-101341M, PULLEY GTV. Replaced by: 583639401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101341M > 583639401 wt=1.465 wt=1.465
101342N: 101342N AY Part number 101342N BELT-TRANS. DRIVE Replaced by HOP-101342N, BELT-V.93.07. Replaced by: 583639501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101342N > 583639501 wt=.6 wt=.6
101343L: 101343L AY Part number 101343L PULLEY GTV Replaced by HOP-101343L, PULLEY GTV wt=.673 wt=.673
101344L: 101344L AY Part number 101344L PULLEY V IDLR GTV Replaced by HOP-101344L, PULLEY V IDLR GTV. Replaced by: 532101344 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101344L > 532101344 wt=1.027 wt=1.027
101345M: 101345M AY Part number 101345M ROD SHIFT GTV Replaced by HOP-101345M, ROD SHIFT GTV wt=.937 wt=.937
101347L: 101347L AY Part number 101347L BRACKET GTV Replaced by HOP-101347L, BRACKET GTV
101348L: 101348L AY Part number 101348L NLA Replaced by HOP-101348L, NLA
101349L: 101349L AY Part number 101349L NLA Replaced by HOP-101349L, NLA
101350K: 101350K AY Part number 101350K GTV, BEARING Replaced by HOP-101350K, GTV BEARING
101355X: 101355X AY Part number 101355X SPRING GTV Replaced by HOP-101355X, SPRING GTV. Replaced by: 583639701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101355X > 583639701 wt=.287 wt=.287
101356L: 101356L AY Part number 101356L ROD CLUTCH GTV Replaced by HOP-101356L, ROD CLUTCH GTV
101358K: 101358K AY Part number 101358K BRACKET ASM GTV* Replaced by HOP-101358K, BRACKET ASM GTV*
101361K: 101361K AY Part number 101361K *****N.L.A. 6/96 (RETAINER BEL Replaced by HOP-101361K, *****N.L.A. 6/96 (RETAINER BEL
101370L: 101370L AY Part number 101370L **** N.L.A. 4/95 ****(CLUTCH A Replaced by HOP-101370L, **** N.L.A. 4/95 ****(CLUTCH A
101371K: 101371K AY Part number 101371K ***** N.L.A. 8-19-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-101371K, ***** N.L.A. 8-19-91 *****
101372L: 101372L AY Part number 101372L ***** N.L.A. 8-16-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-101372L, ***** N.L.A. 8-16-91 *****
101373L: 101373L AY Part number 101373L NLA Replaced by HOP-101373L, NLA wt=.046 wt=.046
101374M: 101374M AY Part number 101374M NLA Replaced by HOP-101374M, NLA
101375M: 101375M AY Part number 101375M NLA Replaced by HOP-101375M, NLA wt=.555 wt=.555
101383X: 101383X AY Part number 101383X SPRING EXT LT Replaced by HOP-101383X, SPRING EXT LT. Replaced by: 583639801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101383X > 583639801 wt=.098 wt=.098
101389X: 101389X AY Part number 101389X ENGINE PULLEY RER Replaced by HOP-101389X, ENGINE PULLEY RER
101396X: 101396X AY Part number 101396X **** NLA 1/94 **** (TEE FILTER Replaced by HOP-101396X, **** NLA 1/94 **** (TEE FILTER
101397X: 101397X AY Part number 101397X FITTING PIPE **** NLA 1-92 *** Replaced by HOP-101397X, FITTING PIPE **** NLA 1-92 ***
101399X: 101399X AY Part number 101399X NLA Replaced by HOP-101399X, NLA
10140500X053: 10140500X053 AY Part number 10140500X053 WASHER.LOCK.5/16 NDM.PLTD
101414X: 101414X AY Part number 101414X GEARCASE HALF G * Replaced by HOP-101414X, GEARCASE HALF G *
101416X: 101416X AY Part number 101416X SHIFT SHAFT GTV Replaced by HOP-101416X, SHIFT SHAFT GTV wt=.261
101419X: 101419X AY Part number 101419X CLAMP LT * Replaced by HOP-101419X, CLAMP LT *
101420X: 101420X AY Part number 101420X ***** N.L.A. 8-19-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-101420X, ***** N.L.A. 8-19-91 *****
101429X: 101429X AY Part number 101429X STEERING ROD LT Replaced by HOP-101429X, STEERING ROD LT
101434X: 101434X AY Part number 101434X SHEAVE VARI. GTV Replaced by HOP-101434X, SHEAVE VARI. GTV
101450X053: 101450X053 AY Part number 101450X053 NUT.SPECIAL Replaced by HOP-101450X053, NUT.SPECIAL
101454X: 101454X AY Part number 101454X TRANSAXLE * REPL 677A302 *SHO Replaced by HOP-101454X, TRANSAXLE * REPL 677A302 *SHO
101456X: 101456X AY Part number 101456X GEAR SUPPORT Replaced by HOP-101456X, GEAR SUPPORT
101460X: 101460X AY Part number 101460X NLA Replaced by HOP-101460X, NLA
101461X: 101461X AY Part number 101461X Sub= 110468X Replaced by HOP-101461X, Sub= 110468X
101462X: 101462X AY Part number 101462X NLA Replaced by HOP-101462X, NLA
101463X: 101463X AY Part number 101463X NLA Replaced by HOP-101463X, NLA
101465X: 101465X AY Part number 101465X *** N.L.A. 1/96 (CHAIN) *** Replaced by HOP-101465X, *** N.L.A. 1/96 (CHAIN) ***
101470X: 101470X AY Part number 101470X GEAR 25T LTV Replaced by HOP-101470X, GEAR 25T LTV
101476X: 101476X AY Part number 101476X **** NLA 2/93 **** (RESERVOIR) Replaced by HOP-101476X, **** NLA 2/93 **** (RESERVOIR)
101477X: 101477X AY Part number 101477X KIT.JACKSHAFT.LT Replaced by HOP-101477X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 wt=4.903 wt=4.903
101479X: 101479X AY Part number 101479X Sub= 101477X
101489X: 101489X AY Part number 101489X *****N.L.A. 8/96 (END CAP)**** Replaced by HOP-101489X, *****N.L.A. 8/96 (END CAP)****
101490X: 101490X AY Part number 101490X NLA Replaced by HOP-101490X, NLA
101491X: 101491X AY Part number 101491X NLA Replaced by HOP-101491X, NLA
101496X: 101496X AY Part number 101496X SPACER LT wt=.034
101502X: 101502X AY Part number 101502X NLA Replaced by HOP-101502X, NLA
101503X: 101503X AY Part number 101503X REPLACED BY: ROP102772X
101504X: 101504X AY Part number 101504X NLA Replaced by HOP-101504X, NLA
101510X: 101510X AY Part number 101510X NLA Replaced by HOP-101510X, NLA
101517X: 101517X AY Part number 101517X NLA Replaced by HOP-101517X, NLA
101530X: 101530X AY Part number 101530X NLA Replaced by HOP-101530X, NLA wt=2.117 wt=2.117
101539X: 101539X AY Part number 101539X SHEET INSTR LT Replaced by HOP-101539X, SHEET INSTR LT
101552X: 101552X AY Part number 101552X NLA Replaced by HOP-101552X, NLA
101558X: 101558X AY Part number 101558X **** N.L.A. **** (BRAKE ROD) Replaced by HOP-101558X, **** N.L.A. **** (BRAKE ROD)
101612X: 101612X AY Part number 101612X *****N.L.A. 6/96 (START CONTRO Replaced by HOP-101612X, *****N.L.A. 6/96 (START CONTRO
101614X: 101614X AY Part number 101614X *****N.L.A. 4/96 (FUEL TANK)** Replaced by HOP-101614X, *****N.L.A. 4/96 (FUEL TANK)**
101615X: 101615X AY Part number 101615X NLA Replaced by HOP-101615X, NLA
101616X: 101616X AY Part number 101616X NLA Replaced by HOP-101616X, NLA
101623X: 101623X AY Part number 101623X PISTON&ROD ASY TR Replaced by HOP-101623X, PISTON&ROD ASY TR. Replaced by: 583640001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 101623X > 583640001
101624X: 101624X AY Part number 101624X *** N.L.A. 7/97 (CARB REPAIR K Replaced by HOP-101624X, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (CARB REPAIR K
101625X: 101625X AY Part number 101625X NLA Replaced by HOP-101625X, NLA
101632X: 101632X AY Part number 101632X GRIP COMFORT PM Replaced by HOP-101632X, GRIP COMFORT PM
101634X: 101634X AY Part number 101634X *****N.L.A. 9/96 (BAIL)***** Replaced by HOP-101634X, *****N.L.A. 9/96 (BAIL)*****
101655X: 101655X AY Part number 101655X NLA Replaced by HOP-101655X, NLA
101660X: 101660X AY Part number 101660X NLA Replaced by HOP-101660X, NLA
101661X: 101661X AY Part number 101661X NLA Replaced by HOP-101661X, NLA
101662X: 101662X AY Part number 101662X *****N.L.A. 10/95 (HANDLE)**** Replaced by HOP-101662X, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (HANDLE)****
101665X: 101665X AY Part number 101665X NLA Replaced by HOP-101665X, NLA
101666X: 101666X AY Part number 101666X NLA Replaced by HOP-101666X, NLA
101667X: 101667X AY Part number 101667X NLA Replaced by HOP-101667X, NLA
101668X: 101668X AY Part number 101668X *****N.L.A. 10/95 (FELT)***** Replaced by HOP-101668X, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (FELT)*****
101669X: 101669X AY Part number 101669X NLA Replaced by HOP-101669X, NLA
101671X: 101671X AY Part number 101671X NLA Replaced by HOP-101671X, NLA
101672X: 101672X AY Part number 101672X (!) SPOOL-OUTER TR Replaced by HOP-101672X, (!) SPOOL-OUTER TR wt=.159 wt=.159
101673X: 101673X AY Part number 101673X *** N.L.A. 7/97 (EYELET) *** Replaced by HOP-101673X, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (EYELET) ***
101674X: 101674X AY Part number 101674X NLA Replaced by HOP-101674X, NLA wt=.014 wt=.014
101675X: 101675X AY Part number 101675X NLA Replaced by HOP-101675X, NLA wt=.003 wt=.003
101676X: 101676X AY Part number 101676X NLA Replaced by HOP-101676X, NLA
101677X: 101677X AY Part number 101677X NLA Replaced by HOP-101677X, NLA wt=.06 wt=.06
101683X: 101683X AY Part number 101683X NLA Replaced by HOP-101683X, NLA
101687X: 101687X AY Part number 101687X SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-101687X, SPRING LT
101688X: 101688X AY Part number 101688X NLA Replaced by HOP-101688X, NLA
101702X: 101702X AY Part number 101702X NLA Replaced by HOP-101702X, NLA
10170500: 10170500 AY Part number 10170500 LOCKWASHER Replaced by HOP-10170500, LOCKWASHER
101766X: 101766X AY Part number 101766X ***N.L.A. 9/97 (WHL & TIRE ASM Replaced by HOP-101766X, ***N.L.A. 9/97 (WHL & TIRE ASM
101780X: 101780X AY Part number 101780X NLA Replaced by HOP-101780X, NLA
101800X: 101800X AY Part number 101800X NLA Replaced by HOP-101800X, NLA
101825X: 101825X AY Part number 101825X NLA Replaced by HOP-101825X, NLA
101850X: 101850X AY Part number 101850X NLA Replaced by HOP-101850X, NLA
101883X: 101883X AY Part number 101883X **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** (MANUAL) Replaced by HOP-101883X, **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** (MANUAL)
101892X: 101892X AY Part number 101892X DECAL T Replaced by HOP-101892X, DECAL T
101896X: 101896X AY Part number 101896X DECAL T Replaced by HOP-101896X, DECAL T
101897X: 101897X AY Part number 101897X DECAL.CLUTCH/BRK Replaced by HOP-101897X, DECAL.CLUTCH/BRK
101907X: 101907X AY Part number 101907X NLA Replaced by HOP-101907X, NLA
101908X: 101908X AY Part number 101908X PLATE YTV * Replaced by HOP-101908X, PLATE YTV *
101909X: 101909X AY Part number 101909X NLA Replaced by HOP-101909X, NLA wt=.003 wt=.003
101911X: 101911X AY Part number 101911X NLA Replaced by HOP-101911X, NLA
101913X: 101913X AY Part number 101913X WASHER Replaced by HOP-101913X, WASHER
101914X: 101914X AY Part number 101914X NLA Replaced by HOP-101914X, NLA
101915X: 101915X AY Part number 101915X NLA Replaced by HOP-101915X, NLA
101917X: 101917X AY Part number 101917X PLT-SEPARATOR L * Replaced by HOP-101917X, PLT-SEPARATOR L *
101918X: 101918X AY Part number 101918X SPRING YTV * Replaced by HOP-101918X, SPRING YTV *
101921X: 101921X AY Part number 101921X GEAR YTV Replaced by HOP-101921X, GEAR YTV wt=1.036 wt=1.036
101922X: 101922X AY Part number 101922X *****N.L.A. 8/96 (WASHER)***** Replaced by HOP-101922X, *****N.L.A. 8/96 (WASHER)*****
101923X: 101923X AY Part number 101923X AXLE SEAL Replaced by HOP-101923X, AXLE SEAL
101924X: 101924X AY Part number 101924X SHAFT YTV * Replaced by HOP-101924X, SHAFT YTV *
101925X: 101925X AY Part number 101925X NLA Replaced by HOP-101925X, NLA
101927X: 101927X AY Part number 101927X SHAFT PRIMARY Y * Replaced by HOP-101927X, SHAFT PRIMARY Y *
101929X: 101929X AY Part number 101929X NLA Replaced by HOP-101929X, NLA
101930X: 101930X AY Part number 101930X WASHER YTV Replaced by HOP-101930X, WASHER YTV wt=.007 wt=.007
101931X: 101931X AY Part number 101931X NLA Replaced by HOP-101931X, NLA wt=.009 wt=.009
101932X: 101932X AY Part number 101932X WASHER Replaced by HOP-101932X, WASHER
101934X: 101934X AY Part number 101934X NLA Replaced by HOP-101934X, NLA
101935X: 101935X AY Part number 101935X NLA Replaced by HOP-101935X, NLA wt=.015 wt=.015
101936X: 101936X AY Part number 101936X NLA Replaced by HOP-101936X, NLA wt=.016 wt=.016
101937X: 101937X AY Part number 101937X NLA Replaced by HOP-101937X, NLA
101939X: 101939X AY Part number 101939X NLA Replaced by HOP-101939X, NLA
101941X: 101941X AY Part number 101941X *****N.L.A. 3/96 (SPACER)***** Replaced by HOP-101941X, *****N.L.A. 3/96 (SPACER)*****
101942X: 101942X AY Part number 101942X *** N.L.A. 7/97 (SPACER) *** Replaced by HOP-101942X, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (SPACER) ***
101943X: 101943X AY Part number 101943X NLA Replaced by HOP-101943X, NLA
101946X: 101946X AY Part number 101946X DISC YTV * Replaced by HOP-101946X, DISC YTV * wt=.003
101948X: 101948X AY Part number 101948X DISC-BRAKE YTV Replaced by HOP-101948X, DISC-BRAKE YTV
101955X: 101955X AY Part number 101955X NLA. Replaced by HOP-101955X, NLA.
101962X: 101962X AY Part number 101962X *****N.L.A. 10/95 (HANDLE PANE Replaced by HOP-101962X, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (HANDLE PANE
101992X: 101992X AY Part number 101992X ROD BRAKE LTV Replaced by HOP-101992X, ROD BRAKE LTV wt=.476 wt=.476
102049X: 102049X AY Part number 102049X NLA Replaced by HOP-102049X, NLA
102050X: 102050X AY Part number 102050X NLA Replaced by HOP-102050X, NLA
102051X: 102051X AY Part number 102051X NLA Replaced by HOP-102051X, NLA
102052X: 102052X AY Part number 102052X GEAR ASM YTV * Replaced by HOP-102052X, GEAR ASM YTV *
102054X: 102054X AY Part number 102054X ***N.L.A. 9/97 (PINION GEAR AS Replaced by HOP-102054X, ***N.L.A. 9/97 (PINION GEAR AS
102055X: 102055X AY Part number 102055X *****N.L.A. 4/96 (GEARCASE TOP Replaced by HOP-102055X, *****N.L.A. 4/96 (GEARCASE TOP
102095X: 102095X AY Part number 102095X **** NLA 2/93 **** (MANUAL) Replaced by HOP-102095X, **** NLA 2/93 **** (MANUAL)
102100X: 102100X AY Part number 102100X CRT, BEARING Replaced by HOP-102100X, CRT BEARING wt=.038 wt=.038
102101X: 102101X AY Part number 102101X SCRW WHIZ LOK CRT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532102101 > 102101X Replaced by HOP-102101X, SCRW WHIZ LOK CRT wt=.092
102106X: 102106X AY Part number 102106X Sub= 918102106X
102107X: 102107X AY Part number 102107X ARM ASM CRT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532102107 > 102107X Replaced by HOP-102107X, ARM ASM CRT wt=.278 wt=.278
102109X: 102109X AY Part number 102109X SHAFT - SHIFT Replaced by HOP-102109X, SHAFT - SHIFT wt=.204 wt=.204
102110X: 102110X AY Part number 102110X SHAFT-INPUT CRT Replaced by HOP-102110X, SHAFT-INPUT CRT wt=.657 wt=.657
102111X: 102111X AY Part number 102111X SHAFT CRT Replaced by HOP-102111X, SHAFT CRT. Replaced by: 532102111 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102111X > 532102111 wt=.356 wt=.356
102112X: 102112X AY Part number 102112X SHFT 2ND RED. CRT Replaced by HOP-102112X, SHFT 2ND RED. CRT. Replaced by: 532102112 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102112X > 532102112 wt=.298 wt=.298
102113X: 102113X AY Part number 102113X PINION-INPUT CRT Replaced by HOP-102113X, PINION-INPUT CRT wt=.297 wt=.297
102114X: 102114X AY Part number 102114X GEAR ASM CRT Replaced by HOP-102114X, GEAR ASSY CRT. Replaced by: 532102114 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102114X > 532102114 wt=.319 wt=.319
102115X: 102115X AY Part number 102115X GEAR-REV IDLR CRT Replaced by HOP-102115X, GEAR-REV IDLR CRT. Replaced by: 532102115 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102115X > 532102115 wt=.291 wt=.291
102116X: 102116X AY Part number 102116X NLA Replaced by HOP-102116X, NLA
102120X: 102120X AY Part number 102120X REPLACED BY: ROP131527
102121X: 102121X AY Part number 102121X GEAR W/12 TH.SPROCKET*CRT* Replaced by HOP-102121X, SPRCKT 8 GEAR CRT. Replaced by: 532102121 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102121X > 532102121 wt=1.906 wt=1.906
102128X: 102128X AY Part number 102128X O RING CRT Replaced by HOP-102128X, O RING CRT. Replaced by: 532102128 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102128X > 532102128 wt=.004 wt=.004
102129X: 102129X AY Part number 102129X NLA Replaced by HOP-102129X, NLA
102130X: 102130X AY Part number 102130X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
102131X: 102131X AY Part number 102131X *****N.L.A. 6/96 (SHAFT ASM)* Replaced by HOP-102131X, *****N.L.A. 6/96 (SHAFT ASM)*
102134X: 102134X AY Part number 102134X CHAIN CRT Replaced by HOP-102134X, CHAIN CRT. Replaced by: 532102134 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102134X > 532102134 wt=.352 wt=.352
102135X: 102135X AY Part number 102135X NLA Replaced by HOP-102135X, NLA
102136X: 102136X AY Part number 102136X WASHER SEAL CRT Replaced by HOP-102136X, WASHER SEAL CRT. Replaced by: 532004360 > 532102136 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102136X > 532004360 > 532102136 wt=.003 wt=.003
102137X: 102137X AY Part number 102137X GASKET TI. Replaced by: 106211X This item is part of the superseding sequence 102137X > 106211X
102141X: 102141X AY Part number 102141X SHIFT ARM CRT Replaced by HOP-102141X, SHIFT ARM CRT. Replaced by: 532102141 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102141X > 532102141 wt=.007 wt=.007
102142X: 102142X AY Part number 102142X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
102143X: 102143X AY Part number 102143X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
102144X: 102144X AY Part number 102144X RING SPIRAL CRT Replaced by HOP-102144X, RING SPIRAL CRT. Replaced by: 532102144 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102144X > 532102144 wt=.007 wt=.007
102148X388: 102148X388 AY Part number 102148X388 Sub= 131159X505
102148X417: 102148X417 AY Part number 102148X417 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
102148X475: 102148X475 AY Part number 102148X475 GUARD, BELT. Replaced by: 131159X475 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102148X475 > 131159X475 wt=2.582
102152X: 102152X AY Part number 102152X SHIELD TINE TI. Replaced by: 102152X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102152X > 102152X417
102152X358: 102152X358 AY Part number 102152X358 NLA Replaced by HOP-102152X358, NLA
102152X417: 102152X417 AY Part number 102152X417 SHIELD TINE TI This item is part of the superseding sequence 102152X > 102152X417 Replaced by HOP-102152X417, SHIELD TINE TI wt=7.087 wt=7.087
102152X418: 102152X418 AY Part number 102152X418 SHIELD.TINE Replaced by HOP-102152X418, SHIELD.TINE
102152X419: 102152X419 AY Part number 102152X419 TINE SHIELD Replaced by HOP-102152X419, TINE SHIELD
102152X422: 102152X422 AY Part number 102152X422 SHIELD.TINE.CRT14 Replaced by HOP-102152X422, SHIELD.TILLER.TINE.CRT14.ORNG. Replaced by: 532138863 > 532446449 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102152X422 > 532138863 > 532446449
102152X428: 102152X428 AY Part number 102152X428 SHIELD.PNT.TINE
102152X473: 102152X473 AY Part number 102152X473 SHIELD.TINE Replaced by HOP-102152X473, SHIELD.TINE
102152X479: 102152X479 AY Part number 102152X479 SHIELD.PNT.T This item is part of the superseding sequence 102152X558 > 102152X479
102152X505: 102152X505 AY Part number 102152X505 SHIELD TINE Replaced by HOP-102152X505, SHIELD TINE
102152X550: 102152X550 AY Part number 102152X550 SHIELD.TINE.PNT. Replaced by HOP-102152X550, SHIELD.TINE.PNT.
102152X558: 102152X558 AY Part number 102152X558 SHIELD.PNT.T. Replaced by: 102152X479 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102152X558 > 102152X479
102152X612: 102152X612 AY Part number 102152X612 SHIELD.PNT.T
102152X613: 102152X613 AY Part number 102152X613 SHIELD.PNT.T
102152X668: 102152X668 AY Part number 102152X668 SHIELD.PNT.T Replaced by HOP-102152X668, SHIELD.PNT.T
102153X: 102153X AY Part number 102153X SHOULDER LEVELING CONTROL Replaced by HOP-102153X, SHOULDER LEVELING CONTROL
102154X: 102154X AY Part number 102154X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
102155X: 102155X AY Part number 102155X Sub= 124343X
102156X: 102156X AY Part number 102156X Sub= 102156X500
102156X479: 102156X479 AY Part number 102156X479 STAKE.DEPTH. Replaced by HOP-102156X479, STAKE.DEPTH.16.CRT.BLACK. Replaced by: 532102156 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102156X479 > 532102156 wt=1.38
102156X500: 102156X500 AY Part number 102156X500 STAKE DEPTH 16 Replaced by HOP-102156X500, STAKE.DEPTH.16.CRT.BLACK. Replaced by: 532144437 > 532102156 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102156X500 > 532144437 > 532102156 wt=1.368 wt=1.368
102162X: 102162X AY Part number 102162X CABLE.CLUTCH.CRT Replaced by HOP-102162X, CABLE.CLUTCH.CRT. Replaced by: 532102162 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102162X > 532102162 wt=.27 wt=.27
102168X: 102168X AY Part number 102168X NLA Replaced by HOP-102168X, NLA
102169X: 102169X AY Part number 102169X CAP CRT * Replaced by HOP-102169X, CAP CRT *
102170X: 102170X AY Part number 102170X TINE LH CRT Replaced by HOP-102170X, TINE LH CRT wt=2.557 wt=2.557
102172X: 102172X AY Part number 102172X R.H. TINE Replaced by HOP-102172X, R.H. TINE wt=2.56 wt=2.56
102173X: 102173X AY Part number 102173X COUNTERWEIGHT CRT
102180X: 102180X AY Part number 102180X DECAL CRT Replaced by HOP-102180X, DECAL CRT. Replaced by: 532102180 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102180X > 532102180 wt=.005 wt=.005
102189X: 102189X AY Part number 102189X Sub= 124258X
102190X: 102190X AY Part number 102190X TIRE.CHV.13X5-6 Replaced by HOP-102190X, TIRE.CHV.13X5-6. Replaced by: 532102190 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102190X > 532102190 wt=4.48 wt=4.48
102194X: 102194X AY Part number 102194X BOLT CRT Replaced by HOP-102194X, BOLT CRT
102318X: 102318X AY Part number 102318X SHLD LEVELING CRT Replaced by HOP-102318X, SHLD LEVELING CRT
102318X366: 102318X366 AY Part number 102318X366 *** N.L.A. 7/97 (LEVELING SHIE Replaced by HOP-102318X366, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (LEVELING SHIE
102326X: 102326X AY Part number 102326X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
102326X366: 102326X366 AY Part number 102326X366 SHIELD.TINE.PNT.. Replaced by: 102326X419 > 102326X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X366 > 102326X419 > 102326X550
102326X388: 102326X388 AY Part number 102326X388 SHIELD, TINE. Replaced by: 102326X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X388 > 102326X505
102326X417: 102326X417 AY Part number 102326X417 SHIELD,TINE Replaced by HOP-102326X417, SHIELD TINE wt=8.665 wt=8.665
102326X418: 102326X418 AY Part number 102326X418 SHIELD,TINE Replaced by HOP-102326X418, SHIELD TINE
102326X419: 102326X419 AY Part number 102326X419 SHIELD.TINE.PNT.. Replaced by: 102326X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X366 > 102326X419 > 102326X550
102326X421: 102326X421 AY Part number 102326X421 SHIELD,TINE Replaced by HOP-102326X421, SHEILD TINE. Replaced by: 532124712 > 532195793 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X421 > 532124712 > 532195793
102326X422: 102326X422 AY Part number 102326X422 SHLD TINE TI Replaced by HOP-102326X422, SHLD TINE TI
102326X423: 102326X423 AY Part number 102326X423 SHIELD, TINE. Replaced by: 102326X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X423 > 102326X505
102326X424: 102326X424 AY Part number 102326X424 SHIELD TINE. Replaced by: 102326X428 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X424 > 102326X428
102326X428: 102326X428 AY Part number 102326X428 SHIELD TINE This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X424 > 102326X428 Replaced by HOP-102326X428, GUARD.BELT.TILLER.RT.BLACK. Replaced by: 583686402 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X428 > 583686402 wt=8.585 wt=8.585
102326X473: 102326X473 AY Part number 102326X473 SHIELD, TINE Replaced by HOP-102326X473, SHIELD TINE wt=7.004
102326X475: 102326X475 AY Part number 102326X475 SHIELD,TINE TI Replaced by HOP-102326X475, SHIELD TINE TI
102326X505: 102326X505 AY Part number 102326X505 SHIELD, TINE This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X423 > 102326X505 Replaced by HOP-102326X505, SHIELD, TINE wt=8.474
102326X520: 102326X520 AY Part number 102326X520 TINE SHIELD Replaced by HOP-102326X520, TINE SHIELD wt=6.566 wt=6.566
102326X550: 102326X550 AY Part number 102326X550 SHIELD.TINE.PNT. This item is part of the superseding sequence 102326X366 > 102326X419 > 102326X550 wt=6.72
102326X558: 102326X558 AY Part number 102326X558 SHIELD.PNT.TINE Replaced by HOP-102326X558, SHIELD.PNT.TINE
102326X574: 102326X574 AY Part number 102326X574 SHIELD.TINE Replaced by HOP-102326X574, SHIELD.TINE
102326X602: 102326X602 AY Part number 102326X602 SHIELD.PNT.TINE Replaced by HOP-102326X602, SHIELD.PNT.TINE
102326X603: 102326X603 AY Part number 102326X603 SHIELD.PNT.TINE.MT.RED Replaced by HOP-102326X603, SHIELD.PNT.TINE.MT.RED
102326X613: 102326X613 AY Part number 102326X613 SHIELD.PNT.T
102326X615: 102326X615 AY Part number 102326X615 SHIELD.PNT.TINE.RED
102326X667: 102326X667 AY Part number 102326X667 SHIELD.PNT.T
102331X: 102331X AY Part number 102331X BRACKET LH CRT Replaced by HOP-102331X, BRACKET LH CRT. Replaced by: 532102331 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102331X > 532102331
102331X479: 102331X479 AY Part number 102331X479 BRACKET.REIN
102332X: 102332X AY Part number 102332X BRACKET.REIN. Replaced by: 102332X479 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102332X > 102332X479 wt=1.068
102332X479: 102332X479 AY Part number 102332X479 BRACKET.REIN This item is part of the superseding sequence 102332X > 102332X479
102347X: 102347X AY Part number 102347X REPLACED BY: ROP110289X
102362X: 102362X AY Part number 102362X OWNERS MANUALNLA Replaced by HOP-102362X, OWNERS MANUALNLA
102364X: 102364X AY Part number 102364X NLA Replaced by HOP-102364X, NLA
102376X: 102376X AY Part number 102376X BRACKET ASM CRT Replaced by HOP-102376X, BRACKET ASM CRT
102379X: 102379X AY Part number 102379X CLIP DUAL CRT Replaced by HOP-102379X, CLIP DUAL CRT (NLARS). Replaced by: 584367101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102379X > 584367101
102380X: 102380X AY Part number 102380X HUB & PLATE WELDMENT-LH Replaced by HOP-102380X, HUB & PLATE WELDMENT-LH wt=3.832 wt=3.832
102382X: 102382X AY Part number 102382X HUB & PLATE WELDMENT-RH Replaced by HOP-102382X, HUB & PLATE WELDMENT-RH wt=3.74 wt=3.74
102383X: 102383X AY Part number 102383X COUNTERWEIGHT CRT Replaced by HOP-102383X, COUNTERWEIGHT CRT (2 2). Replaced by: 532102383 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102383X > 532102383 wt=16.991 wt=16.991
102384X: 102384X AY Part number 102384X BOLT CRT Replaced by HOP-102384X, BOLT.FIN.HEX.3/8-16UNC. Replaced by: 532102384 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102384X > 532102384 wt=.373 wt=.373
102403X: 102403X AY Part number 102403X IDLER-FLAT T Replaced by HOP-102403X, IDLER-FLAT T. Replaced by: 532102403 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102403X > 532102403 wt=1.103 wt=1.103
102415X: 102415X AY Part number 102415X MANUAL Replaced by HOP-102415X, MANUAL
102421X: 102421X AY Part number 102421X BRKT ASM TI Replaced by HOP-102421X, BRKT ASSY TI. Replaced by: 583640701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102421X > 583640701 wt=.461 wt=.461
102443X: 102443X AY Part number 102443X NLA Replaced by HOP-102443X, NLA
102458X: 102458X AY Part number 102458X SHAFT ASM GT Replaced by HOP-102458X, SHAFT ASM GT wt=3.11 wt=3.11
102476X: 102476X AY Part number 102476X Sub= 150109
102481X: 102481X AY Part number 102481X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-102481X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
102482X: 102482X AY Part number 102482X AXLE ASM Replaced by HOP-102482X, AXLE ASM
102484X: 102484X AY Part number 102484X NLA Replaced by HOP-102484X, NLA
102500X: 102500X AY Part number 102500X BELT-GROUND Replaced by HOP-102500X, BELT-GROUND. Replaced by: 583640801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102500X > 583640801 wt=.472 wt=.472
102501X: 102501X AY Part number 102501X Sub= 141940
102502X: 102502X AY Part number 102502X SADDLE YTV
102505X: 102505X AY Part number 102505X NLA Replaced by HOP-102505X, NLA
102507X: 102507X AY Part number 102507X SHAFT ASM YTV Replaced by HOP-102507X, SHAFT ASM YTV
102526X: 102526X AY Part number 102526X NLA Replaced by HOP-102526X, NLA wt=.124 wt=.124
102530X: 102530X AY Part number 102530X Sub= 110150X Replaced by HOP-102530X, Sub= 110150X
102531X: 102531X AY Part number 102531X Sub= 110150X
102551X: 102551X AY Part number 102551X NLA Replaced by HOP-102551X, NLA
102560X: 102560X AY Part number 102560X NLA Replaced by HOP-102560X, NLA
102579X: 102579X AY Part number 102579X *** N.L.A. 7/97 (PAL NUT) *** Replaced by HOP-102579X, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (PAL NUT) ***
102604X: 102604X AY Part number 102604X GRIP BAR CRT Replaced by HOP-102604X, GRIP BAR CRT. Replaced by: 532102604 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102604X > 532102604 wt=.022 wt=.022
102654X: 102654X AY Part number 102654X *** N.L.A. 7/97 (IMPELLER) *** Replaced by HOP-102654X, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (IMPELLER) ***
102655X: 102655X AY Part number 102655X REPLACED BY: ROPTH4H380
102658X: 102658X AY Part number 102658X NLA Replaced by HOP-102658X, NLA
102669X: 102669X AY Part number 102669X BELT KEEPER LT Replaced by HOP-102669X, BELT KEEPER LT wt=.177 wt=.177
102670X: 102670X AY Part number 102670X SPRING GTV Replaced by HOP-102670X, SPRING GTV wt=.064 wt=.064
102671X: 102671X AY Part number 102671X NLA Replaced by HOP-102671X, NLA
102686X358: 102686X358 AY Part number 102686X358 NLA Replaced by HOP-102686X358, NLA
102686X417: 102686X417 AY Part number 102686X417 SHIELD LEVEL TI Replaced by HOP-102686X417, SHIELD LEVEL TI
102686X418: 102686X418 AY Part number 102686X418 SHIELD.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102686X418, SHIELD.LEVELING
102686X419: 102686X419 AY Part number 102686X419 SHIELD LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102686X419, SHIELD LEVELING
102686X422: 102686X422 AY Part number 102686X422 SHIELD.PNT.L. Replaced by: 102686X668 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102686X422 > 102686X668
102686X428: 102686X428 AY Part number 102686X428 SHIELD.PNT.LEVELING
102686X473: 102686X473 AY Part number 102686X473 SHIELD.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102686X473, SHIELD.LEVELING
102686X505: 102686X505 AY Part number 102686X505 SHIELD LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102686X505, SHIELD LEVELING
102686X550: 102686X550 AY Part number 102686X550 SHIELD.PNT.LEVEL Replaced by HOP-102686X550, SHIELD.PNT.LEVEL
102686X558: 102686X558 AY Part number 102686X558 SHIELD.PNT.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102686X558, SHIELD.PNT.LEVELING
102686X613: 102686X613 AY Part number 102686X613 SHIELD.PNT.L Replaced by HOP-102686X613, SHIELD.PNT.L
102686X615: 102686X615 AY Part number 102686X615 SHIELD.LEVEL Replaced by HOP-102686X615, SHIELD.LEVEL
102686X668: 102686X668 AY Part number 102686X668 SHIELD.PNT.L This item is part of the superseding sequence 102686X422 > 102686X668 Replaced by HOP-102686X668, SHIELD.PNT.L
102687X: 102687X AY Part number 102687X THROTTLE CONTROL ASM Replaced by HOP-102687X, THROTTLE CONTROL ASM
102695X358: 102695X358 AY Part number 102695X358 SHLD-LEVELING TI Replaced by HOP-102695X358, SHLD-LEVELING TI
102695X366: 102695X366 AY Part number 102695X366 SHIELD.LEVELING. Replaced by: 102695X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X366 > 102695X550
102695X367: 102695X367 AY Part number 102695X367 SHIELD LEVEL CRT Replaced by HOP-102695X367, SHIELD LEVEL CRT
102695X417: 102695X417 AY Part number 102695X417 SHIELD LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102695X417, SHIELD LEVELING. Replaced by: 583641201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X417 > 583641201
102695X418: 102695X418 AY Part number 102695X418 SHIELD,LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102695X418, SHIELD LEVELING
102695X421: 102695X421 AY Part number 102695X421 SHIELD LEVEL Replaced by HOP-102695X421, SHIELD LEVEL. Replaced by: 532124713 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X421 > 532124713
102695X422: 102695X422 AY Part number 102695X422 SHIELD.PNT.L. Replaced by: 102695X668 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X422 > 102695X668
102695X424: 102695X424 AY Part number 102695X424 SHLD LEV TI This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X475 > 102695X424 Replaced by HOP-102695X424, SHLD LEV TI
102695X427: 102695X427 AY Part number 102695X427 SHIELD PNT LEVEL Replaced by HOP-102695X427, SHIELD PNT LEVEL
102695X428: 102695X428 AY Part number 102695X428 SHIELD,LEVEL This item is part of the superseding sequence 195794 > 102695X428 Replaced by HOP-102695X428, SHEILD TINE. Replaced by: 532195793 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X428 > 532195793 wt=5.19 wt=5.19
102695X459: 102695X459 AY Part number 102695X459 LEVELING SHIELD Replaced by HOP-102695X459, LEVELING SHIELD
102695X473: 102695X473 AY Part number 102695X473 SHIELD, LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102695X473, SHIELD LEVELING
102695X475: 102695X475 AY Part number 102695X475 SHLD LEV TI. Replaced by: 102695X424 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X475 > 102695X424 wt=5.624
102695X505: 102695X505 AY Part number 102695X505 LEVELING SHIELD Replaced by HOP-102695X505, LEVELING SHIELD wt=5.484 wt=5.484
102695X520: 102695X520 AY Part number 102695X520 SHIELD.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102695X520, SHIELD.LEVELING
102695X550: 102695X550 AY Part number 102695X550 SHIELD.LEVELING This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X366 > 102695X550 Replaced by HOP-102695X550, SHIELD.LEVELING.CRT.17".RED. Replaced by: 584367201 > 583641501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X550 > 584367201 > 583641501 wt=5.387 wt=5.387
102695X558: 102695X558 AY Part number 102695X558 SHIELD.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102695X558, SHIELD.LEVELING
102695X574: 102695X574 AY Part number 102695X574 SHIELD-LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102695X574, SHIELD-LEVELING
102695X602: 102695X602 AY Part number 102695X602 LEVELING SHIELD.PNT Replaced by HOP-102695X602, LEVELING SHIELD.PNT
102695X603: 102695X603 AY Part number 102695X603 SHIELD.PNT.SIDE.OUTER.LH Replaced by HOP-102695X603, SHIELD.PNT.SIDE.OUTER.LH
102695X613: 102695X613 AY Part number 102695X613 SHIELD.PNT.LEVELING
102695X615: 102695X615 AY Part number 102695X615 SHILED.LEVELING.CRT17
102695X665: 102695X665 AY Part number 102695X665 SHIELD.PNT.L
102695X668: 102695X668 AY Part number 102695X668 SHIELD.PNT.L This item is part of the superseding sequence 102695X422 > 102695X668 Replaced by HOP-102695X668, SHIELD.PNT.L
102701X: 102701X AY Part number 102701X GRIP CRT Replaced by HOP-102701X, GRIP CRT. Replaced by: 532102701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102701X > 532102701 wt=.008 wt=.008
102710X: 102710X AY Part number 102710X OWNERS MANUA Replaced by HOP-102710X, OWNERS MANUA
102713X417: 102713X417 AY Part number 102713X417 SHIELD.PNT.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102713X417, SHIELD.PNT.LEVELING
102713X418: 102713X418 AY Part number 102713X418 SHIELD.LEVEL.GREY Replaced by HOP-102713X418, SHIELD.LEVEL.GREY
102713X419: 102713X419 AY Part number 102713X419 SHIELD.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102713X419, SHIELD.LEVELING
102713X421: 102713X421 AY Part number 102713X421 SHIELD.LEVEL.YEL. Replaced by HOP-102713X421, SHIELD.LEVEL.YEL.
102713X422: 102713X422 AY Part number 102713X422 SHIELD.LEVEL.ORNG Replaced by HOP-102713X422, SHIELD.LEVEL.ORNG
102713X424: 102713X424 AY Part number 102713X424 SHIELD.LEVEL.GRN. Replaced by HOP-102713X424, SHIELD.LEVEL.GRN.
102713X428: 102713X428 AY Part number 102713X428 SHIELD LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102713X428, SHIELD LEVELING
102713X459: 102713X459 AY Part number 102713X459 SHIELD.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102713X459, SHIELD.LEVELING
102713X473: 102713X473 AY Part number 102713X473 SHIELD.LEVEL.YEL Replaced by HOP-102713X473, SHIELD.LEVEL.YEL
102713X505: 102713X505 AY Part number 102713X505 SHIELD LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102713X505, SHIELD LEVELING. Replaced by: 583641701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102713X505 > 583641701 wt=7.28 wt=7.28
102713X520: 102713X520 AY Part number 102713X520 SHIELD.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102713X520, SHIELD.LEVELING
102713X550: 102713X550 AY Part number 102713X550 SHIELD.PNT.LEVEL. Replaced by HOP-102713X550, SHIELD.PNT.LEVEL.
102713X558: 102713X558 AY Part number 102713X558 SHIELD.LEVELING Replaced by HOP-102713X558, SHIELD.LEVELING
102713X668: 102713X668 AY Part number 102713X668 SHIELD.PNT.L
102716X: 102716X AY Part number 102716X (!) THROTTLE CONTROL Replaced by HOP-102716X, (!) THROTTLE CONTROL wt=.491 wt=.491
102718X: 102718X AY Part number 102718X (!) DECAL Replaced by HOP-102718X, (!) DECAL
102721X: 102721X AY Part number 102721X NLA Replaced by HOP-102721X, NLA
102722X: 102722X AY Part number 102722X NLA Replaced by HOP-102722X, NLA
102726X: 102726X AY Part number 102726X REPLACED BY: ROP106729X
102727X: 102727X AY Part number 102727X SPRING.EXT.8.5" Replaced by HOP-102727X, SPRING.EXT.8.5". Replaced by: 532102727 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102727X > 532102727 wt=.17 wt=.17
102729X: 102729X AY Part number 102729X NLA Replaced by HOP-102729X, NLA
102731X: 102731X AY Part number 102731X NLA Replaced by HOP-102731X, NLA
102744X004: 102744X004 AY Part number 102744X004 CLAMP.BAR.CO Replaced by HOP-102744X004, CLAMP.BAR.CO
102744X358: 102744X358 AY Part number 102744X358 CLAMP.CNTRL.BAR. Replaced by: 102744X431 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102744X358 > 102744X431
102744X431: 102744X431 AY Part number 102744X431 CLAMP.CNTRL.BAR This item is part of the superseding sequence 102744X358 > 102744X431 Replaced by HOP-102744X431, CLAMP BAR CRT. Replaced by: 532102744 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102744X431 > 532102744 wt=.051 wt=.051
102754X: 102754X AY Part number 102754X (!)WHL/TIRE ASM.***WHEN GONE Replaced by HOP-102754X, (!)WHL/TIRE ASM.***WHEN GONE
102765X: 102765X AY Part number 102765X NLA Replaced by HOP-102765X, NLA
102771X: 102771X AY Part number 102771X NLA Replaced by HOP-102771X, NLA wt=.345 wt=.345
102772X: 102772X AY Part number 102772X (!) ZONE START KIT Replaced by HOP-102772X, (!) ZONE START KIT
102775X: 102775X AY Part number 102775X NLA Replaced by HOP-102775X, NLA
102782X: 102782X AY Part number 102782X STRAP Replaced by HOP-102782X, STRAP wt=.121 wt=.121
102783X: 102783X AY Part number 102783X (!) SUPPORT PLATE Replaced by HOP-102783X, (!) SUPPORT PLATE wt=1.184 wt=1.184
102784X: 102784X AY Part number 102784X *** N.L.A. 7/97 (CHASIS) *** Replaced by HOP-102784X, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (CHASIS) ***
102786X: 102786X AY Part number 102786X SUPPORT SECTOR LT Replaced by HOP-102786X, SUPPORT SECTOR LT
102787X: 102787X AY Part number 102787X STRG SECTOR LT wt=1.87
102790X: 102790X AY Part number 102790X DRAG LINK LT Replaced by HOP-102790X, DRAG LINK LT
102791X: 102791X AY Part number 102791X NLA Replaced by HOP-102791X, NLA
102792X: 102792X AY Part number 102792X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
102794X: 102794X AY Part number 102794X SHAFT ASM LT * REPL 100507M Replaced by HOP-102794X, SHAFT ASM LT * REPL 100507M wt=4.383 wt=4.383
102797X: 102797X AY Part number 102797X ARM-ADJ LT Replaced by HOP-102797X, ARM-ADJ LT
102798X: 102798X AY Part number 102798X NLA Replaced by HOP-102798X, NLA
102803X: 102803X AY Part number 102803X STEERING BUSHING

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