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105465X366: 105465X366 AY Part number 105465X366 FOOTREST Replaced by HOP-105465X366, FOOTREST
105465X388: 105465X388 AY Part number 105465X388 FOOTREST LH YT Replaced by HOP-105465X388, FOOTREST LH YT
105465X390: 105465X390 AY Part number 105465X390 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105465X390, FOOTREST LH
105465X392: 105465X392 AY Part number 105465X392 FOOTREST LH * Replaced by HOP-105465X392, FOOTREST LH *
105465X393: 105465X393 AY Part number 105465X393 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105465X393, FOOTREST LH
105465X417: 105465X417 AY Part number 105465X417 Sub= 145244X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105465X361 > 105465X417
105465X423: 105465X423 AY Part number 105465X423 FOOTREST *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105465X423, FOOTREST *NLA*
105465X428: 105465X428 AY Part number 105465X428 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105465X428, FOOTREST LH
105465X429: 105465X429 AY Part number 105465X429 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105465X429, FOOTREST LH
105465X459: 105465X459 AY Part number 105465X459 FOOTREST.PNT.LH. Replaced by: 145244X574 > 179716X574 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105465X459 > 145244X574 > 179716X574
105465X496: 105465X496 AY Part number 105465X496 FOOTREST, LH Replaced by HOP-105465X496, FOOTREST LH
105465X505: 105465X505 AY Part number 105465X505 FOOTREST.LH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145244X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105465X505 > 145244X505
105465X520: 105465X520 AY Part number 105465X520 FOOTREST.LH Replaced by HOP-105465X520, FOOTREST.LH
105466X: 105466X AY Part number 105466X Sub= 108256X Replaced by HOP-105466X, Sub= 108256X
105474X: 105474X AY Part number 105474X TRANSAXLE GTV Replaced by HOP-105474X, TRANSAXLE GTV
105475X: 105475X AY Part number 105475X FOOTREST RH T
105475X361: 105475X361 AY Part number 105475X361 FOOTREST RH T Replaced by HOP-105475X361, FOOTREST RH T
105475X394: 105475X394 AY Part number 105475X394 FOOTREST RH Replaced by HOP-105475X394, FOOTREST RH
105475X417: 105475X417 AY Part number 105475X417 FOOTREST.RH.LT/GT. Replaced by: 145243X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X417 > 145243X417
105475X418: 105475X418 AY Part number 105475X418 FOOTREST.RH.LT/GT. Replaced by: 145243X418 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X418 > 145243X418
105475X419: 105475X419 AY Part number 105475X419 FOOTREST.RH. Replaced by: 145243X550 > 179717X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X419 > 145243X550 > 179717X550
105475X420: 105475X420 AY Part number 105475X420 FOOTREST RH Replaced by HOP-105475X420, FOOTREST RH
105475X421: 105475X421 AY Part number 105475X421 RH FOOTREST Replaced by HOP-105475X421, RH FOOTREST
105475X423: 105475X423 AY Part number 105475X423 FOOTREST RH Replaced by HOP-105475X423, FOOTREST RH
105475X428: 105475X428 AY Part number 105475X428 FOOTREST RH *SUBS/2*
105475X473: 105475X473 AY Part number 105475X473 FOOTREST RH *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105475X473, FOOTREST RH *NLA*
105475X500: 105475X500 AY Part number 105475X500 FOOTREST RH PERF Replaced by HOP-105475X500, FOOTREST RH PERF
105475X505: 105475X505 AY Part number 105475X505 FOOTREST.RH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145243X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X505 > 145243X505
105475X520: 105475X520 AY Part number 105475X520 FOOTREST.RH.PERF. Replaced by HOP-105475X520, FOOTREST.RH.PERF.
105475X550: 105475X550 AY Part number 105475X550 FOOTREST.RH. Replaced by: 145243X550 > 179717X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X550 > 145243X550 > 179717X550
105475X558: 105475X558 AY Part number 105475X558 FOOTREST.RH.LT/YT. Replaced by: 145243X558 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X558 > 145243X558
105475X598: 105475X598 AY Part number 105475X598 FOOTREST.PNT.RH *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145243X598 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X598 > 145243X598
105476X: 105476X AY Part number 105476X FOOTREST LH T Replaced by HOP-105476X, FOOTREST LH T
105476X361: 105476X361 AY Part number 105476X361 FOOTREST T Replaced by HOP-105476X361, FOOTREST T
105476X394: 105476X394 AY Part number 105476X394 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105476X394, FOOTREST LH
105476X417: 105476X417 AY Part number 105476X417 FOOTREST.PNT.LH. Replaced by: 145244X417 > 179716X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X417 > 145244X417 > 179716X417
105476X418: 105476X418 AY Part number 105476X418 FOOTREST.LH *SUBS/2*
105476X419: 105476X419 AY Part number 105476X419 FOOTREST.LH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145244X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X419 > 145244X550
105476X420: 105476X420 AY Part number 105476X420 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105476X420, FOOTREST LH
105476X421: 105476X421 AY Part number 105476X421 LH FOOTREST Replaced by HOP-105476X421, LH FOOTREST
105476X423: 105476X423 AY Part number 105476X423 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105476X423, FOOTREST LH
105476X428: 105476X428 AY Part number 105476X428 FOOTREST LH *SUBS/2*
105476X473: 105476X473 AY Part number 105476X473 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105476X473, FOOTREST LH
105476X500: 105476X500 AY Part number 105476X500 FOOTREST LH PERF Replaced by HOP-105476X500, FOOTREST LH PERF
105476X505: 105476X505 AY Part number 105476X505 FOOTREST.LH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145244X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X505 > 145244X505
105476X520: 105476X520 AY Part number 105476X520 FOOTREST.LH.PERF Replaced by HOP-105476X520, FOOTREST.LH.PERF
105476X550: 105476X550 AY Part number 105476X550 FOOTREST.LH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145244X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X550 > 145244X550
105476X558: 105476X558 AY Part number 105476X558 FOOTREST.LH.YT/GT. Replaced by: 145244X558 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X558 > 145244X558
105476X598: 105476X598 AY Part number 105476X598 FOOTREST.LH. Replaced by: 145244X598 > 179716X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X598 > 145244X598 > 179716X550
105477X: 105477X AY Part number 105477X Sub= 121657X
105483X: 105483X AY Part number 105483X Sub= 136819
105487X: 105487X AY Part number 105487X NLA Replaced by HOP-105487X, NLA
105492X: 105492X AY Part number 105492X REPLACED BY: ROP108512X
105493X: 105493X AY Part number 105493X PIVOT GRILL LH T. Replaced by: 108513X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105493X > 108513X
105494X: 105494X AY Part number 105494X Sub= 108508X
105495X: 105495X AY Part number 105495X Sub= 108509X
105500X: 105500X AY Part number 105500X BELT RETAINER GT Replaced by HOP-105500X, BELT RETAINER GT wt=.133 wt=.133
105501X: 105501X AY Part number 105501X SUSP BRACKET T Replaced by HOP-105501X, SUSP BRACKET T wt=.544 wt=.544
105503X: 105503X AY Part number 105503X LIFT LINK RH T Replaced by HOP-105503X, LIFT LINK RH T wt=.312 wt=.312
105505X: 105505X AY Part number 105505X Sub= 121794X
105508X: 105508X AY Part number 105508X BRKT FENDER T Replaced by HOP-105508X, BRKT FENDER T
105509X: 105509X AY Part number 105509X Sub= 137113
105512X: 105512X AY Part number 105512X SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-105512X, SPRING LT wt=.331
105513X: 105513X AY Part number 105513X REPLACED BY: ROP140551. Replaced by: 126656X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105513X > 126656X
105514X: 105514X AY Part number 105514X CLAMP, SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-105514X, CLAMP, SPRING LT. Replaced by: 583646001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105514X > 583646001
105515X: 105515X AY Part number 105515X Sub= 140121
105516X: 105516X AY Part number 105516X PAN.ASM.SEAT. Replaced by: 140552 > 155925 > 182493 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105516X > 140552 > 155925 > 182493
105518X: 105518X AY Part number 105518X DASH-LOWER YT wt=3.864
105519X: 105519X AY Part number 105519X LOWER DASH GT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105519 > 105519X Replaced by HOP-105519X, LOWER DASH GT
105520X: 105520X AY Part number 105520X PANEL-SIDE RH T Replaced by HOP-105520X, PANEL-SIDE RH T
105522X: 105522X AY Part number 105522X PANEL-DASH RH T Replaced by HOP-105522X, PANEL-DASH RH T wt=3.99 wt=3.99
105523X: 105523X AY Part number 105523X PANEL DASH LH. Replaced by: 124118X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105523X > 124118X
105525X: 105525X AY Part number 105525X BRKT-SUPPORT YT
105527X: 105527X AY Part number 105527X Sub= 532121046. Replaced by: 121046X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105527X > 121046X
105528X: 105528X AY Part number 105528X GRILL YT T Replaced by HOP-105528X, GRILL YT T
105529X: 105529X AY Part number 105529X Sub= 139888
105531X: 105531X AY Part number 105531X NUT-PUSH YT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105531 > 105531X Replaced by HOP-105531X, NUT-PUSH YT wt=.013
105539X: 105539X AY Part number 105539X FENDER.PNT.YTGT.. Replaced by: 121642X417 > 167285X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105539X > 121642X417 > 167285X417
105559X: 105559X AY Part number 105559X SHIELD-HEAT GT Replaced by HOP-105559X, SHIELD-HEAT GT
105561X: 105561X AY Part number 105561X DECAL-16 HP YT Replaced by HOP-105561X, DECAL-16 HP YT
105562X: 105562X AY Part number 105562X DECAL GT Replaced by HOP-105562X, DECAL GT
105567X: 105567X AY Part number 105567X DECAL-CHASSIS GT Replaced by HOP-105567X, DECAL-CHASSIS GT
105568X: 105568X AY Part number 105568X NLA Replaced by HOP-105568X, NLA
105570X: 105570X AY Part number 105570X NLA Replaced by HOP-105570X, NLA
105571X: 105571X AY Part number 105571X NLA Replaced by HOP-105571X, NLA
105572X: 105572X AY Part number 105572X *****N.L.A. 4/96 (DECAL)***** Replaced by HOP-105572X, *****N.L.A. 4/96 (DECAL)*****
105573X: 105573X AY Part number 105573X HEAT BRACE GT Replaced by HOP-105573X, HEAT BRACE GT
105574X: 105574X AY Part number 105574X *** N.L.A. 4/96 (LH MUFFLER) * Replaced by HOP-105574X, *** N.L.A. 4/96 (LH MUFFLER) *
105575X: 105575X AY Part number 105575X MUFFLER Replaced by HOP-105575X, MUFFLER
105588X: 105588X AY Part number 105588X Sub= 122077X
105589X: 105589X AY Part number 105589X ENGINE BELT GUARD wt=.42
105592X: 105592X AY Part number 105592X CLUTCH BRACKET GT Replaced by HOP-105592X, CLUTCH BRACKET GT. Replaced by: 583646401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105592X > 583646401 wt=.838 wt=.838
105597X: 105597X AY Part number 105597X BELT RETAINER GT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105597 > 105597X Replaced by HOP-105597X, BELT RETAINER GT. Replaced by: 583646501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105597X > 583646501 wt=.082 wt=.082
105598X: 105598X AY Part number 105598X ROD BRACKET GT Replaced by HOP-105598X, ROD BRACKET GT. Replaced by: 532105598 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105598X > 532105598 wt=.302 wt=.302
105599X: 105599X AY Part number 105599X BRACKET-DRIVE GT Replaced by HOP-105599X, BRACKET-DRIVE GT wt=1.552 wt=1.552
105600X: 105600X AY Part number 105600X NLA Replaced by HOP-105600X, NLA
105611X: 105611X AY Part number 105611X Sub= 918105611X
105620X: 105620X AY Part number 105620X DASH LT
105621X: 105621X AY Part number 105621X DASH-LOWER LT Replaced by HOP-105621X, DASH-LOWER LT
105624X: 105624X AY Part number 105624X LIFT HUB-LEVE T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105624 > 105624X wt=.87
105630: 105630 AY Part number 105630 REPLACED BY: ROP105630X
105630X: 105630X AY Part number 105630X WASHER YT Replaced by HOP-105630X, WASHER YT wt=.011 wt=.011
105633X: 105633X AY Part number 105633X LIFT SHAFT GT Replaced by HOP-105633X, LIFT SHAFT GT
105640X: 105640X AY Part number 105640X STRAP, TORQUE T Replaced by HOP-105640X, STRAP, TORQUE T. Replaced by: 583646701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105640X > 583646701 wt=.488 wt=.488
105641X: 105641X AY Part number 105641X SHAFT-STEERIN T Replaced by HOP-105641X, SHAFT-STEERIN T wt=2.138 wt=2.138
105643X: 105643X AY Part number 105643X Sub= 123136X
105646X: 105646X AY Part number 105646X BRACKET-SLEEV T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105646X, BRACKET-SLEEV T *NLA* wt=.048 wt=.048
105647X: 105647X AY Part number 105647X NLA Replaced by HOP-105647X, NLA
105653X: 105653X AY Part number 105653X Sub= 130897
105654X: 105654X AY Part number 105654X Sub= 130524
105655X: 105655X AY Part number 105655X SPINDLE LH YT Replaced by HOP-105655X, SPINDLE LH YT
105656X: 105656X AY Part number 105656X SPINDLE-LH LT Replaced by HOP-105656X, SPINDLE-LH LT
105662X: 105662X AY Part number 105662X LINK.PARALLEL Replaced by HOP-105662X, LINK.PARALLEL wt=3.335 wt=3.335
105663X: 105663X AY Part number 105663X SUPPORT-SADDL T Replaced by HOP-105663X, SUPPORT-SADDL T wt=1.46 wt=1.46
105664X: 105664X AY Part number 105664X SUPPORT.SADDLE.FT Replaced by HOP-105664X, SUP-SADDLE FRT LT. Replaced by: 532105664 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105664X > 532105664 wt=1.559 wt=1.559
105668: 105668 AY Part number 105668 REPLACED BY: ROP105668X
105668X: 105668X AY Part number 105668X SADDLE.AXLE.12GA. *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105668X, SADDLE.AXLE.12GA. *NLA*
105669X: 105669X AY Part number 105669X Sub= 108075X Replaced by HOP-105669X, Sub= 108075X
105676X: 105676X AY Part number 105676X WHEEL.LH.DR.
105678X: 105678X AY Part number 105678X GRILL ASM LT Replaced by HOP-105678X, GRILL ASM LT
105682X417: 105682X417 AY Part number 105682X417 HOOD Replaced by HOP-105682X417, HOOD
105682X418: 105682X418 AY Part number 105682X418 HOOD Replaced by HOP-105682X418, HOOD
105682X419: 105682X419 AY Part number 105682X419 HOOD ASM * Replaced by HOP-105682X419, HOOD ASM *
105682X421: 105682X421 AY Part number 105682X421 NLA Replaced by HOP-105682X421, NLA
105682X423: 105682X423 AY Part number 105682X423 HOOD ASM Replaced by HOP-105682X423, HOOD ASM
105682X424: 105682X424 AY Part number 105682X424 Sub= 128561X424
105682X427: 105682X427 AY Part number 105682X427 HOOD.ASM. Replaced by HOP-105682X427, HOOD.ASM.
105682X475: 105682X475 AY Part number 105682X475 HOOD Replaced by HOP-105682X475, HOOD
105682X505: 105682X505 AY Part number 105682X505 HOOD ASM. Replaced by HOP-105682X505, HOOD ASM.
105686X: 105686X AY Part number 105686X ROD, ADJ, LIFT * Replaced by HOP-105686X, ROD ADJ LIFT *
105687X: 105687X AY Part number 105687X Sub= 109238X
105689X: 105689X AY Part number 105689X Sub= 144725
105690X: 105690X AY Part number 105690X Sub= 144729 Replaced by HOP-105690X, Sub= 144729
105697X: 105697X AY Part number 105697X NLA Replaced by HOP-105697X, NLA
105699X: 105699X AY Part number 105699X Sub= 110458X
105700X: 105700X AY Part number 105700X SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-105700X, SPRING LT wt=.045 wt=.045
105701X: 105701X AY Part number 105701X WASH-SHFT PLT LT Replaced by HOP-105701X, WASH-SHFT PLT LT. Replaced by: 532105701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105701X > 532105701 wt=.013 wt=.013
105702X: 105702X AY Part number 105702X SPACER, SPLIT LT Replaced by HOP-105702X, SPACER SPLIT LT wt=.212 wt=.212
105703X: 105703X AY Part number 105703X REPLACED BY: ROP125478X
105706X: 105706X AY Part number 105706X LY, BEARING Replaced by HOP-105706X, LY, BEARING. Replaced by: 532105706 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105706X > 532105706 wt=.008 wt=.008
105707X: 105707X AY Part number 105707X ASMT BELLCRAN** Replaced by HOP-105707X, ASMT BELLCRAN**
105709X: 105709X AY Part number 105709X SPRING, RETURN LT Replaced by HOP-105709X, SPRING, RETURN LT. Replaced by: 532105709 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105709X > 532105709 wt=.206 wt=.239
105710X: 105710X AY Part number 105710X LINK, CLUTCH T wt=.316
105712X: 105712X AY Part number 105712X BATTERY PANEL Replaced by HOP-105712X, BATTERY PANEL
105713X: 105713X AY Part number 105713X RH TORQUE STRAP Replaced by HOP-105713X, RH TORQUE STRAP
105714X: 105714X AY Part number 105714X TORQUE STRP LH LT Replaced by HOP-105714X, TORQUE STRP LH LT
105715X: 105715X AY Part number 105715X ROD-TIE LT Replaced by HOP-105715X, ROD-TIE LT wt=.913 wt=.913
105722X: 105722X AY Part number 105722X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
105723X: 105723X AY Part number 105723X Sub= 125925X
105725X: 105725X AY Part number 105725X Sub= 110438X
105726X: 105726X AY Part number 105726X Sub= 154391 Replaced by HOP-105726X, Sub= 154391
105727X: 105727X AY Part number 105727X LINK-DRAG LT Replaced by HOP-105727X, LINK-DRAG LT. Replaced by: 532105727 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105727X > 532105727 wt=2.113 wt=2.113
105730X: 105730X AY Part number 105730X KEEPER,BLT ENG LT Replaced by HOP-105730X, KEEPER,BLT ENG LT. Replaced by: 532105730 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105730X > 532105730 wt=.209 wt=.209
105731X: 105731X AY Part number 105731X REPLACED BY: ROP137326. Replaced by: 107326X > 137326X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105731X > 107326X > 137326X
105732X: 105732X AY Part number 105732X Sub= 125907X. Replaced by: 120302X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105732X > 120302X
105733X: 105733X AY Part number 105733X Sub= 106918X
105737X: 105737X AY Part number 105737X SWITCH, INTERLO T Replaced by HOP-105737X, SWITCH INTERLO T wt=.079 wt=.079
105742X: 105742X AY Part number 105742X SADDLE LT Replaced by HOP-105742X, SADDLE LT
105743X: 105743X AY Part number 105743X Sub= 109835X
105744X: 105744X AY Part number 105744X ROD, FRT. PARAL T Replaced by HOP-105744X, ROD, FRT. PARAL T. Replaced by: 532105744 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105744X > 532105744 wt=.432 wt=.432
105750X: 105750X AY Part number 105750X DUCT, INTAKE T Replaced by HOP-105750X, DUCT INTAKE T
105751X: 105751X AY Part number 105751X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-105751X, Sub= 123650X
105754X: 105754X AY Part number 105754X SHAFT-LIFT LT Replaced by HOP-105754X, SHAFT-LIFT LT wt=3.869 wt=3.869
105764X: 105764X AY Part number 105764X LIFT ROD ASM T Replaced by HOP-105764X, LIFT ROD ASM T wt=.155 wt=.155
105766X: 105766X AY Part number 105766X COUPLE LEVER T Replaced by HOP-105766X, COUPLE LEVER T wt=.043 wt=.043
105767: 105767 AY Part number 105767 NOTFOUND This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-10-57-67 > 105767
105767X: 105767X AY Part number 105767X PIN-GROOVE LT Replaced by HOP-105767X, PIN-GROOVE LT. Replaced by: 532105767 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105767X > 532105767 wt=.034 wt=.034
105767X008: 105767X008 AY Part number 105767X008 PIN.GROOVE.1.500" Y
105768X: 105768X AY Part number 105768X LEVER ASM LT* Replaced by HOP-105768X, LEVER ASM LT*
105776X: 105776X AY Part number 105776X NLA Replaced by HOP-105776X, NLA
105777X: 105777X AY Part number 105777X NLA Replaced by HOP-105777X, NLA
105783X: 105783X AY Part number 105783X ROD SHIFTER L T Replaced by HOP-105783X, ROD SHIFTER L T
105786X: 105786X AY Part number 105786X TOP PANEL LT Replaced by HOP-105786X, TOP PANEL LT
105788X: 105788X AY Part number 105788X (!) SPEED DECAL Replaced by HOP-105788X, (!) SPEED DECAL
105791X: 105791X AY Part number 105791X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-105791X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
105792X: 105792X AY Part number 105792X HINGE,HOOD,RH T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105792X, HINGE HOOD RH T *NLA* wt=1.506 wt=1.506
105797X: 105797X AY Part number 105797X HINGE,HOOD,LH T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105797X, HINGE HOOD LH T *NLA* wt=1.511 wt=1.511
105800X: 105800X AY Part number 105800X NLA Replaced by HOP-105800X, NLA
105801X: 105801X AY Part number 105801X DECAL LT Replaced by HOP-105801X, DECAL LT
105802X: 105802X AY Part number 105802X NLA Replaced by HOP-105802X, NLA
105803X: 105803X AY Part number 105803X NLA Replaced by HOP-105803X, NLA
105804X: 105804X AY Part number 105804X DECAL 10 HP LT Replaced by HOP-105804X, DECAL 10 HP LT
105805X: 105805X AY Part number 105805X DECAL-11 HP LT Replaced by HOP-105805X, DECAL-11 HP LT
105806X: 105806X AY Part number 105806X GRILLE DECAL Replaced by HOP-105806X, GRILLE DECAL
105807X: 105807X AY Part number 105807X (!) DECAL Replaced by HOP-105807X, (!) DECAL
105809X: 105809X AY Part number 105809X DECAL 5 SPEED LT Replaced by HOP-105809X, DECAL 5 SPEED LT
105810X: 105810X AY Part number 105810X DECAL-CAP LT Replaced by HOP-105810X, DECAL-CAP LT
105812X: 105812X AY Part number 105812X NLA Replaced by HOP-105812X, NLA
105814X: 105814X AY Part number 105814X DECAL.LT Replaced by HOP-105814X, DECAL.LT
105819X: 105819X AY Part number 105819X HARNESS-IGN G T Replaced by HOP-105819X, HARNESS-IGN G T
105831X: 105831X AY Part number 105831X Sub= 674A166 This item is part of the superseding sequence 102815X > 105831X
105838X: 105838X AY Part number 105838X RETAINER LT Replaced by HOP-105838X, RETAINER LT. Replaced by: 532105838 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105838X > 532105838 wt=.001 wt=.001
105839X: 105839X AY Part number 105839X RECEPTACLE LT Replaced by HOP-105839X, RECEPTACLE LT. Replaced by: 532105839 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105839X > 532105839 wt=.008
105842X: 105842X AY Part number 105842X STRAP, TORQUE LT Replaced by HOP-105842X, STRAP TORQUE LT wt=.284 wt=.284
105843X: 105843X AY Part number 105843X SADDLE LT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105843X, SADDLE LT *NLA* wt=3.055 wt=3.055
105844X: 105844X AY Part number 105844X ROD BRAKE PARK. Replaced by: 125637X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105844X > 125637X
105848X: 105848X AY Part number 105848X BOLT, SHOULDER LT Replaced by HOP-105848X, BOLT SHOULDER LT wt=.079 wt=.079
105850X: 105850X AY Part number 105850X Sub= 109504X
105855X: 105855X AY Part number 105855X LINK LIFT LT Replaced by HOP-105855X, LINK LIFT LT. Replaced by: 583646801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105855X > 583646801 wt=.23 wt=.23
105856X: 105856X AY Part number 105856X REPLACED BY: ROP110095X
105857X: 105857X AY Part number 105857X BRKT,SUSP RH T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105857X, BRKT SUSP RH T *NLA* wt=.571 wt=.571
105862X: 105862X AY Part number 105862X Sub= 121598X
105863X: 105863X AY Part number 105863X Sub= 121599X Replaced by HOP-105863X, Sub= 121599X
105864X: 105864X AY Part number 105864X BRACKET, SUSPE T Replaced by HOP-105864X, BRACKET SUSPE T wt=.408 wt=.408
105872X: 105872X AY Part number 105872X LINK STOP wt=.769
105876: 105876 AY Part number 105876 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
105876X: 105876X AY Part number 105876X Sub= 125908X
105877X: 105877X AY Part number 105877X REPLACED BY: ROP109214X Replaced by HOP-105877X, REPLACED BY: ROP109214X
105885X: 105885X AY Part number 105885X **** NLA 1/94 **** (MANUAL) Replaced by HOP-105885X, **** NLA 1/94 **** (MANUAL)
105889X: 105889X AY Part number 105889X *** N.L.A. 9/95 (MANUAL) *** Replaced by HOP-105889X, *** N.L.A. 9/95 (MANUAL) ***
105890X: 105890X AY Part number 105890X SHIFTER ASM Replaced by HOP-105890X, SHIFTER ASM
105891X: 105891X AY Part number 105891X Sub= 121687X
105892X: 105892X AY Part number 105892X NOTFOUND
105895X: 105895X AY Part number 105895X Sub= 109785X
105896X: 105896X AY Part number 105896X Sub= 137607
105897X: 105897X AY Part number 105897X GROMMET TI * Replaced by HOP-105897X, GROMMET TI *
105901X: 105901X AY Part number 105901X REPLACED BY: ROP105901X366
105901X366: 105901X366 AY Part number 105901X366 *** N.L.A. 7/97 (HOOD) *** Replaced by HOP-105901X366, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (HOOD) ***
105903X: 105903X AY Part number 105903X NLA Replaced by HOP-105903X, NLA
105904X: 105904X AY Part number 105904X SPRING, DETENT LT Replaced by HOP-105904X, SPRING, DETENT LT. Replaced by: 583647001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105904X > 583647001 wt=.004 wt=.004
105905X: 105905X AY Part number 105905X SCREW, SET LT Replaced by HOP-105905X, SCREW-SET 3623. Replaced by: 583647101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105905X > 583647101 wt=.01 wt=.01
105906X: 105906X AY Part number 105906X WASHER, PLAIN LT wt=.015
105909X: 105909X AY Part number 105909X RING,RETAINING LT(3624) Replaced by HOP-105909X, RING,RETAINING LT(3624). Replaced by: 583647301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105909X > 583647301 wt=.001 wt=.001
105910X: 105910X AY Part number 105910X CHAIN,24 PTCH LT Replaced by HOP-105910X, CHAIN,24 PTCH LT. Replaced by: 532105910 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105910X > 532105910 wt=.279 wt=.279
105911X: 105911X AY Part number 105911X BEARING.FLNG.5510 Replaced by HOP-105911X, BEARING.FLNG.5510. Replaced by: 532105911 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105911X > 532105911 wt=.033 wt=.033
105912X: 105912X AY Part number 105912X GEAR, SPUR LT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105912X, GEAR SPUR LT *NLA*
105913X: 105913X AY Part number 105913X Sub= 138246
105914X: 105914X AY Part number 105914X KEY. CLUTCH.LT Replaced by HOP-105914X, KEY. CLUTCH.LT. Replaced by: 583647401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105914X > 583647401 wt=.027 wt=.027
105915X: 105915X AY Part number 105915X SHAFT,INTERMED LT Replaced by HOP-105915X, SHAFT INTERMED LT
105916X: 105916X AY Part number 105916X RING,RETAINING LT (3627) Replaced by HOP-105916X, RING,RETAINING LT (3627). Replaced by: 532105916 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105916X > 532105916 wt=.008 wt=.008
105917X: 105917X AY Part number 105917X SPROCKET, 18T LT Replaced by HOP-105917X, SPROCKET 18T LT
105919X: 105919X AY Part number 105919X ***N.L.A. 4/97 (SPUR GEAR)*** Replaced by HOP-105919X, ***N.L.A. 4/97 (SPUR GEAR)***
105920X: 105920X AY Part number 105920X *** N.L.A. 7/97 (WASHER) *** Replaced by HOP-105920X, *** N.L.A. 7/97 (WASHER) ***
105921X: 105921X AY Part number 105921X Sub= 147540
105922X: 105922X AY Part number 105922X NLA Replaced by HOP-105922X, NLA
105923X: 105923X AY Part number 105923X SPACER LT Replaced by HOP-105923X, SPACER LT wt=.07
105925X: 105925X AY Part number 105925X WASHER, PLAIN LT Replaced by HOP-105925X, WASHER PLAIN LT wt=.02 wt=.02
105926X: 105926X AY Part number 105926X ASSEMBLY, GEAR * Replaced by HOP-105926X, ASSEMBLY GEAR *
105927X: 105927X AY Part number 105927X SHAFT T. Replaced by: 120998X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105927X > 120998X
105928X: 105928X AY Part number 105928X SPROCKET 9T LT Replaced by HOP-105928X, SPROCKET 9T LT. Replaced by: 532105928 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105928X > 532105928 wt=.009 wt=.009
105930X: 105930X AY Part number 105930X WASHER, PLAIN LT Replaced by HOP-105930X, WASHER PLAIN LT wt=.005
105931X: 105931X AY Part number 105931X WASHER, PLAIN LT Replaced by HOP-105931X, WASHER PLAIN LT
105932X: 105932X AY Part number 105932X WASHER, PLAIN LT
105933X: 105933X AY Part number 105933X Sub= 108977X
105934X: 105934X AY Part number 105934X Sub= 147540
105936X: 105936X AY Part number 105936X SPACER LT Replaced by HOP-105936X, SPACER LT
105937X: 105937X AY Part number 105937X GEAR, SPUR 31T LT wt=.498
105938X: 105938X AY Part number 105938X SHAFT, DRIVE LT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105938X, SHAFT DRIVE LT *NLA* wt=.474 wt=.474
105941X: 105941X AY Part number 105941X RING,RETAINING LT Replaced by HOP-105941X, RING,RETAINING LT. Replaced by: 583647801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105941X > 583647801 wt=.004 wt=.004
105945X: 105945X AY Part number 105945X HOUSING, LOWER LT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105945X, HOUSING LOWER LT *NLA* wt=5.063 wt=5.063
105946X: 105946X AY Part number 105946X ASM LEVER LT* Replaced by HOP-105946X, ASM LEVER LT*
105950X: 105950X AY Part number 105950X MUFFLER LH YT * Replaced by HOP-105950X, MUFFLER LH YT *
105951X: 105951X AY Part number 105951X MUFFLER RH YT Replaced by HOP-105951X, MUFFLER RH YT
105953X: 105953X AY Part number 105953X DUCT-INTAKE YT Replaced by HOP-105953X, DUCT-INTAKE YT
105965X: 105965X AY Part number 105965X CAP.FUEL.2.2. Replaced by: 123549X > 158990 > 140527 > 197725 > 425162 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105965X > 123549X > 158990 > 140527 > 197725 > 425162
105968X: 105968X AY Part number 105968X BRAKE ROD KIT YTV Replaced by HOP-105968X, BRAKE ROD KIT YTV wt=.995 wt=.995
105975X: 105975X AY Part number 105975X BRACKET-GUARD TI Replaced by HOP-105975X, BRACKET-GUARD TI
105978X: 105978X AY Part number 105978X *** N.L.A. 5/92 *** Replaced by HOP-105978X, *** N.L.A. 5/92 ***
105996X: 105996X AY Part number 105996X MAN YT110BT Replaced by HOP-105996X, MAN YT110BT
105J: 105J AY Part number 105J MUFFLER T Replaced by HOP-105J, MUFFLER T
106000X: 106000X AY Part number 106000X BRKT-V-PULLEY GT Replaced by HOP-106000X, BRKT-V-PULLEY GT
106003X: 106003X AY Part number 106003X LENS-RH YT Replaced by HOP-106003X, LENS-RH YT wt=.266
106004X: 106004X AY Part number 106004X LENS-LH YT Replaced by HOP-106004X, LENS-LH YT. Replaced by: 583647901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106004X > 583647901 wt=.259 wt=.259
106005X: 106005X AY Part number 106005X Sub= 132257
106006X: 106006X AY Part number 106006X Sub= 132257 Replaced by HOP-106006X, Sub= 132257
106012X: 106012X AY Part number 106012X SPACER GT Replaced by HOP-106012X, SPACER GT wt=.118 wt=.118
106013X012: 106013X012 AY Part number 106013X012 Sub= 106013X417 Replaced by HOP-106013X012, Sub= 106013X417
106013X361: 106013X361 AY Part number 106013X361 REPLACED BY: ROP106013X417 Replaced by HOP-106013X361, REPLACED BY: ROP106013X417
106013X416: 106013X416 AY Part number 106013X416 HOOD. Replaced by: 106013X421 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106013X416 > 106013X421
106013X417: 106013X417 AY Part number 106013X417 HOOD Replaced by HOP-106013X417, HOOD wt=17.073 wt=17.073
106013X419: 106013X419 AY Part number 106013X419 HOOD Replaced by HOP-106013X419, HOOD
106013X421: 106013X421 AY Part number 106013X421 HOOD This item is part of the superseding sequence 106013X416 > 106013X421 Replaced by HOP-106013X421, HOOD
106013X459: 106013X459 AY Part number 106013X459 HOOD Replaced by HOP-106013X459, HOOD
106013X550: 106013X550 AY Part number 106013X550 HOOD.ASM.PNT. Replaced by HOP-106013X550, HOOD.ASM.PNT.
106014X: 106014X AY Part number 106014X SLEEV-STEERIN T Replaced by HOP-106014X, SLEEV-STEERIN T wt=.051 wt=.051
106015X: 106015X AY Part number 106015X SLEEVE-STEERIN T Replaced by HOP-106015X, SLEEVE-STEERIN T wt=.1 wt=.1
106019X: 106019X AY Part number 106019X Sub= 109413X
106020X: 106020X AY Part number 106020X Sub= 151346
106021X: 106021X AY Part number 106021X EXT SPRING GT Replaced by HOP-106021X, EXT SPRING GT. Replaced by: 583648001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106021X > 583648001 wt=.114 wt=.114
106022X: 106022X AY Part number 106022X DECK DRV COVE T Replaced by HOP-106022X, DECK DRV COVE T wt=7 wt=7
106023X: 106023X AY Part number 106023X BELT GUARD GT Replaced by HOP-106023X, BELT GUARD GT. Replaced by: 583648101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106023X > 583648101 wt=.202 wt=.202
106037X: 106037X AY Part number 106037X Sub= 136819
106038X: 106038X AY Part number 106038X Sub= 121657X
1060413: 1060413 AY Part number 1060413 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-1060413, OWNERS MANUAL
106041X: 106041X AY Part number 106041X Sub= 121705X Replaced by HOP-106041X, JACKSHAFT YT. Replaced by: 121705X > 532121704 > 532121705 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106041X > 121705X > 532121704 > 532121705
106042X012: 106042X012 AY Part number 106042X012 SHIFT COVER GATE Replaced by HOP-106042X012, SHIFT COVER GATE
106042X013: 106042X013 AY Part number 106042X013 CVR SHAFT GATE *NLA* Replaced by HOP-106042X013, CVR SHAFT GATE *NLA*
106042X016: 106042X016 AY Part number 106042X016 CVR GATE SHIFT Replaced by HOP-106042X016, CVR GATE SHIFT
106042X017: 106042X017 AY Part number 106042X017 COVER,SHIFTG Replaced by HOP-106042X017, COVER SHIFTG
106042X018: 106042X018 AY Part number 106042X018 SADDLE.6SP.GT Replaced by HOP-106042X018, SADDLE.6SP.GT. Replaced by: 583648201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106042X018 > 583648201 wt=.672 wt=.672
106045X: 106045X AY Part number 106045X SPINDLE RH T Replaced by HOP-106045X, SPINDLE RH T wt=1.577 wt=1.577
106046X: 106046X AY Part number 106046X SPINDLE ASM T Replaced by HOP-106046X, SPINDLE ASM T wt=1.759 wt=1.759
106048X: 106048X AY Part number 106048X NLA Replaced by HOP-106048X, NLA
106075X: 106075X AY Part number 106075X MANUAL T Replaced by HOP-106075X, MANUAL T
106082X: 106082X AY Part number 106082X PAD-SPACER LT Replaced by HOP-106082X, PAD-SPACER LT. Replaced by: 532106082 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106082X > 532106082 wt=.009 wt=.009
106083X: 106083X AY Part number 106083X NLA Replaced by HOP-106083X, NLA
106085X: 106085X AY Part number 106085X BELT-V.79.1.MWR Replaced by HOP-106085X, BELT-V.79.1.MWR. Replaced by: 532106085 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106085X > 532106085 wt=.54 wt=.54
106085XMS: 106085XMS AY Part number 106085XMS GROUND DRIVE BELT
106085XR: 106085XR AY Part number 106085XR Sub= 106085X
106086X: 106086X AY Part number 106086X FOAM STRIP T Replaced by HOP-106086X, FOAM STRIP T wt=.121 wt=.121
106087X: 106087X AY Part number 106087X HEAT SHIELD G T Replaced by HOP-106087X, HEAT SHIELD G T
106088X: 106088X AY Part number 106088X FOAM STRIP T Replaced by HOP-106088X, FOAM STRIP T wt=.013 wt=.013
106090X: 106090X AY Part number 106090X HINGE-LH LT Replaced by HOP-106090X, HINGE-LH LT wt=2.2 wt=2.2
106091X: 106091X AY Part number 106091X HINGE-RH LT Replaced by HOP-106091X, HINGE-RH LT wt=2.123 wt=2.123
106092X: 106092X AY Part number 106092X SHIELD SUPPORT GT Replaced by HOP-106092X, SHIELD SUPPORT GT
106093X: 106093X AY Part number 106093X NLA Replaced by HOP-106093X, NLA
106095X: 106095X AY Part number 106095X Sub= 95-8060-6F
106096X: 106096X AY Part number 106096X SHAFT-INT YT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-106096X, SHAFT-INT YT *NLA* wt=1.49 wt=1.49
106097X: 106097X AY Part number 106097X WASHER, PLAIN LT(3732) wt=.008
106098X: 106098X AY Part number 106098X WASHER, PLAIN LT Replaced by HOP-106098X, WASHER PLAIN LT
106099X: 106099X AY Part number 106099X DASHBOARD LT * Replaced by HOP-106099X, DASHBOARD LT *
106102X: 106102X AY Part number 106102X YT160BT MAN Replaced by HOP-106102X, YT160BT MAN
106105X: 106105X AY Part number 106105X BRAKE ROD KIT T * Replaced by HOP-106105X, BRAKE ROD KIT T *
106108X: 106108X AY Part number 106108X Sub= 106108X417
106108X311: 106108X311 AY Part number 106108X311 Sub= 106108X427 Replaced by HOP-106108X311, Sub= 106108X427
106108X361: 106108X361 AY Part number 106108X361 Sub= 106108X417
106108X416: 106108X416 AY Part number 106108X416 RIM wt=5.436
106108X417: 106108X417 AY Part number 106108X417 RIM 8" SEARS SILVER Replaced by HOP-106108X417, RIM 8". Replaced by: 532106108 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X417 > 532106108 wt=5.438 wt=5.438
106108X418: 106108X418 AY Part number 106108X418 RIM.ASM.8".REAR.GREY wt=5.975
106108X421: 106108X421 AY Part number 106108X421 Sub= 106108X416 Replaced by HOP-106108X421, RIM.ASM.8"REAR.YELLOW.SERVI. Replaced by: 106108421 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X421 > 106108421 wt=5.436 wt=5.436
106108X427: 106108X427 AY Part number 106108X427 RIM AS 8" REAR Replaced by HOP-106108X427, RIM.ASM.8X7.REAR.WHITE. Replaced by: 106108X624 > 532183338 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X427 > 106108X624 > 532183338 wt=5.421 wt=5.421
106108X431: 106108X431 AY Part number 106108X431 RIM.ASM.8'REAR.MATTE.BLK.SERVC Replaced by HOP-106108X431, RIM.ASM.8'REAR.MATTE.BLK.SERVC. Replaced by: 532440881 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X431 > 532440881
106108X471: 106108X471 AY Part number 106108X471 RIM.ASM.8"RE Replaced by HOP-106108X471, RIM.ASM.8"REAR.LM.GRN.SRVC.471. Replaced by: 532438726 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X471 > 532438726 wt=6.024 wt=6.024
106108X473: 106108X473 AY Part number 106108X473 RIM.ASM.8"REAR Replaced by HOP-106108X473, RIM.ASM.8 REAR wt=5.55 wt=5.55
106108X475: 106108X475 AY Part number 106108X475 RIM,REAR Replaced by HOP-106108X475, RIM REAR
106108X480: 106108X480 AY Part number 106108X480 RIM,REAR Replaced by HOP-106108X480, RIM REAR
106108X551: 106108X551 AY Part number 106108X551 RIM REAR 8" ASM Replaced by HOP-106108X551, RIM REAR 8 ASM wt=3.031 wt=3.031
106108X598: 106108X598 AY Part number 106108X598 RIM ASM 8" REA Replaced by HOP-106108X598, RIM ASM 8 REA
106108X612: 106108X612 AY Part number 106108X612 RIM.ASM.8" This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X623 > 106108X612
106108X613: 106108X613 AY Part number 106108X613 RIM ASM.8".R Replaced by HOP-106108X613, RIM ASM.8".REAR(S.GREY).613. Replaced by: 583648701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X613 > 583648701
106108X623: 106108X623 AY Part number 106108X623 RIM.ASM.8". Replaced by: 106108X612 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X623 > 106108X612
106108X624: 106108X624 AY Part number 106108X624 RIM.ASM.8".REAR.WHITE Replaced by HOP-106108X624, RIM.ASM.8X7.REAR.WHITE. Replaced by: 532183338 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X624 > 532183338 wt=5.421 wt=5.421
106108X643: 106108X643 AY Part number 106108X643 RIM.ASM.8"RE
106108X645: 106108X645 AY Part number 106108X645 RIM.ASM.8"RE Replaced by HOP-106108X645, RIM ASM.8".REAR(S.GREY).613. Replaced by: 583648801 > 583648701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106108X645 > 583648801 > 583648701
106116X: 106116X AY Part number 106116X TORQUE STRAP LT Replaced by HOP-106116X, TORQUE STRAP LT
106126X: 106126X AY Part number 106126X KEY-WOODRUFF LT Replaced by HOP-106126X, KEY-WOODRUFF LT wt=.019 wt=.019
106127X: 106127X AY Part number 106127X ROD-STEERING T wt=1.307
106129X: 106129X AY Part number 106129X REPLACED BY: ROP153986
106130X: 106130X AY Part number 106130X (!) GEAR wt=.414
106138X: 106138X AY Part number 106138X REPLACED BY: ROP109297X
106141X: 106141X AY Part number 106141X Sub= 137300
106142X: 106142X AY Part number 106142X Sub= 137300 Replaced by HOP-106142X, Sub= 137300
106144X: 106144X AY Part number 106144X SHAFT ASM TI ** Replaced by HOP-106144X, SHAFT ASM TI **
106146X: 106146X AY Part number 106146X SPACER TI Replaced by HOP-106146X, SPACER TI. Replaced by: 532106146 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106146X > 532106146 wt=.218 wt=.218
106147X: 106147X AY Part number 106147X CHAIN.50 LINK TI Replaced by HOP-106147X, CHAIN.50 LINK TI. Replaced by: 532106147 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106147X > 532106147 wt=1.817 wt=1.817
106150X: 106150X AY Part number 106150X NLA Replaced by HOP-106150X, NLA
106151X: 106151X AY Part number 106151X Sub= 144893
106152X: 106152X AY Part number 106152X SHAFT, DRIVE YT
106155X: 106155X AY Part number 106155X MANUAL-OWNERS GT Replaced by HOP-106155X, MANUAL-OWNERS GT. Replaced by: 917106155 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106155X > 917106155
106157X: 106157X AY Part number 106157X PLATE-STRAP LT Replaced by HOP-106157X, PLATE-STRAP LT wt=.08 wt=.08
106160X: 106160X AY Part number 106160X O-RING TI Replaced by HOP-106160X, O-RING TI (2 2). Replaced by: 532106160 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106160X > 532106160 wt=.002 wt=.002
106161X: 106161X AY Part number 106161X SPRING Replaced by HOP-106161X, SPRING
106162X: 106162X AY Part number 106162X NLA Replaced by HOP-106162X, NLA
106179X: 106179X AY Part number 106179X Sub= 150430
106179X363: 106179X363 AY Part number 106179X363 Sub= 162170. Replaced by: 150430 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106179X363 > 150430
106180X363: 106180X363 AY Part number 106180X363 Sub= 150430 Replaced by HOP-106180X363, Sub= 150430
106181X: 106181X AY Part number 106181X SPACER CRT Replaced by HOP-106181X, SPACER CRT. Replaced by: 532106181 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106181X > 532106181 wt=.187 wt=.187
106182X: 106182X AY Part number 106182X BELT GUARD KIT * Replaced by HOP-106182X, BELT GUARD KIT *
106184X: 106184X AY Part number 106184X NLA Replaced by HOP-106184X, NLA
106185X: 106185X AY Part number 106185X LIFT LINK Replaced by HOP-106185X, LIFT LINK
106187X: 106187X AY Part number 106187X HANDLE KIT Replaced by HOP-106187X, HANDLE KIT
106190X: 106190X AY Part number 106190X CLAMP LT Replaced by HOP-106190X, CLAMP LT wt=.068 wt=.068
106192X: 106192X AY Part number 106192X Sub= 125479X
106199X: 106199X AY Part number 106199X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
106202X: 106202X AY Part number 106202X REFLECTOR-TAIL YT Replaced by HOP-106202X, REFLECTOR-TAIL YT wt=.032 wt=.032
106203X: 106203X AY Part number 106203X NLA Replaced by HOP-106203X, NLA
106204X: 106204X AY Part number 106204X Sub= 132793
106208X: 106208X AY Part number 106208X SPACER Replaced by HOP-106208X, SPACER
106211X: 106211X AY Part number 106211X GASKET TI This item is part of the superseding sequence 102137X > 106211X
106212X: 106212X AY Part number 106212X BLOCK TI * Replaced by HOP-106212X, BLOCK TI *
106213X: 106213X AY Part number 106213X DUCT, INTAKE T Replaced by HOP-106213X, DUCT INTAKE T
106214X: 106214X AY Part number 106214X GUARD YT Replaced by HOP-106214X, GUARD YT wt=.643 wt=.643
106217X: 106217X AY Part number 106217X TIRE *SHORT DISC* wt=4.625
106218X: 106218X AY Part number 106218X WHEEL *SHORT DISC* Replaced by HOP-106218X, WHEEL *SHORT DISC*
106222X: 106222X AY Part number 106222X Sub= 122073X
106223X: 106223X AY Part number 106223X DECAL YT Replaced by HOP-106223X, DECAL YT
106224X: 106224X AY Part number 106224X DECAL.V.BELT.44". Replaced by: 139346 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106224X > 139346
106228X: 106228X AY Part number 106228X REPLACED BY: ROP106228X417 Replaced by HOP-106228X, Sub= 106228X417
106228X311: 106228X311 AY Part number 106228X311 Sub= 106228X427
106228X416: 106228X416 AY Part number 106228X416 RIM Replaced by HOP-106228X416, RIM
106228X417: 106228X417 AY Part number 106228X417 RIM.FRONT. wt=5.253
106228X421: 106228X421 AY Part number 106228X421 RIM.ASM.8"FRONT Replaced by HOP-106228X421, RIM.ASM.8"FRONT. Replaced by: 583649301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106228X421 > 583649301 wt=5.312 wt=5.312
106228X427: 106228X427 AY Part number 106228X427 RIM ASM 8" FRT Replaced by HOP-106228X427, Sub= 106228X427 wt=5.328 wt=5.328
106228X428: 106228X428 AY Part number 106228X428 RIM.ASM.8"FR Replaced by HOP-106228X428, RIM.ASM.8"FRONT.SERVICE.BLACK. Replaced by: 583649401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106228X428 > 583649401
106228X431: 106228X431 AY Part number 106228X431 RIM ASM 8"FR
106228X473: 106228X473 AY Part number 106228X473 RIM.FRONT.8".YEL wt=1.503
106228X551: 106228X551 AY Part number 106228X551 RIM.ASM.8"FRONT. Replaced by: 106228X624 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106228X551 > 106228X624
106228X613: 106228X613 AY Part number 106228X613 RIM ASM.8"FR Replaced by HOP-106228X613, RIM ASM.8"FRONT.SERVICE.MS-613. Replaced by: 106228X645 > 583649501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106228X613 > 106228X645 > 583649501 wt=5.416 wt=5.416
106228X624: 106228X624 AY Part number 106228X624 RIM.ASM.8"FRONT This item is part of the superseding sequence 106228X551 > 106228X624 wt=5.4
106228X643: 106228X643 AY Part number 106228X643 RIM ASM.8"FR
106228X645: 106228X645 AY Part number 106228X645 RIM ASM 8"FR Replaced by HOP-106228X645, RIM ASM.8"FRONT.SERVICE.MS-613. Replaced by: 583649501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106228X613 > 106228X645 > 583649501
106230X: 106230X AY Part number 106230X Sub= 122075X Replaced by HOP-106230X, TIRE.FRT.(16X6).TURF.SAVER. Replaced by: 122075X > 532003938 > 532122075 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106230X > 122075X > 532003938 > 532122075
106264X: 106264X AY Part number 106264X ** N.L.A.11-8-89 ** Replaced by HOP-106264X, ** N.L.A.11-8-89 **
106268X: 106268X AY Part number 106268X Sub= 122074X
106272X: 106272X AY Part number 106272X RIM ASM 10 T Replaced by HOP-106272X, RIM ASM 10 T
106274X: 106274X AY Part number 106274X TIRE.TS.20X10-10. Replaced by: 122076X This item is part of the superseding sequence 106274X > 122076X
106277X: 106277X AY Part number 106277X Sub= 106277X417
106277X311: 106277X311 AY Part number 106277X311 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
106277X416: 106277X416 AY Part number 106277X416 RIM Replaced by HOP-106277X416, RIM
106277X417: 106277X417 AY Part number 106277X417 WHEEL,REAR This item is part of the superseding sequence 106277X418 > 106277X417 wt=10.829
106277X418: 106277X418 AY Part number 106277X418 WHEEL,REAR. Replaced by: 106277X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106277X418 > 106277X417
106277X421: 106277X421 AY Part number 106277X421 RIM.ASM.12"REAR wt=10.936
106277X427: 106277X427 AY Part number 106277X427 RIM ASM 12" REAR Replaced by HOP-106277X427, Sub= 106277X427 wt=11.29 wt=11.29
106277X428: 106277X428 AY Part number 106277X428 WHEEL,REAR. Replaced by: 106277X418 > 106277X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106277X428 > 106277X418 > 106277X417
106277X431: 106277X431 AY Part number 106277X431 RIM/ASM.12"R Replaced by HOP-106277X431, RIM/ASM.12 R
106277X473: 106277X473 AY Part number 106277X473 RIM.REAR.12"".YEL Replaced by HOP-106277X473, RIM.REAR.12 .YEL
106277X551: 106277X551 AY Part number 106277X551 Sub= 124074X551
106277X613: 106277X613 AY Part number 106277X613 RIM ASM.12"R Replaced by HOP-106277X613, RIM ASM.12"REAR.SERVICE.MS-613. Replaced by: 583649801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106277X613 > 583649801
106277X624: 106277X624 AY Part number 106277X624 RIM.ASM.12"REAR.SERV This item is part of the superseding sequence 532009528 > 106277X624 Replaced by HOP-106277X624, RIM.ASM.12"REAR.SERV. Replaced by: 532186866 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106277X624 > 532186866 wt=11.565 wt=11.565
106277X643: 106277X643 AY Part number 106277X643 RIM.ASM.12". Replaced by HOP-106277X643, RIM.ASM.12 .
106277X645: 106277X645 AY Part number 106277X645 RIM.ASM.12".REAR.SERVICE Replaced by HOP-106277X645, RIM ASM.12"REAR.SERVICE.MS-613. Replaced by: 583649901 > 583649801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106277X645 > 583649901 > 583649801
106279X: 106279X AY Part number 106279X CONTROL KNOB LT Replaced by HOP-106279X, CONTROL KNOB LT. Replaced by: 583650001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106279X > 583650001 wt=.068 wt=.068
106283X: 106283X AY Part number 106283X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
106288X311: 106288X311 AY Part number 106288X311 5 RIM ASM. N.L.A.4-22 92 Replaced by HOP-106288X311, 5 RIM ASM. N.L.A.4-22 92
106295X: 106295X AY Part number 106295X Sub= 109503X Replaced by HOP-106295X, Sub= 109503X
106296X: 106296X AY Part number 106296X Sub= 122066X Replaced by HOP-106296X, Sub= 122066X
106297X: 106297X AY Part number 106297X BRKT-CLUTCH YT Replaced by HOP-106297X, BRKT-CLUTCH YT wt=.614
106298X: 106298X AY Part number 106298X Sub= 139245. Replaced by: 127783 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106298X > 127783
106300X: 106300X AY Part number 106300X Sub= 121441X
106301X: 106301X AY Part number 106301X Sub= 121440X
106302X: 106302X AY Part number 106302X BELT GUARD BRACKET Replaced by HOP-106302X, BELT GUARD BRACKET wt=.091 wt=.091
106307X: 106307X AY Part number 106307X BRACKET ASM TI Replaced by HOP-106307X, BRACKET ASM TI
106308X: 106308X AY Part number 106308X TRUNION. Replaced by: 130171 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106308X > 130171
106310X: 106310X AY Part number 106310X NLA Replaced by HOP-106310X, NLA
106315X: 106315X AY Part number 106315X Sub= 135665
106316X: 106316X AY Part number 106316X Sub= 109550X Replaced by HOP-106316X, Sub= 109550X
106317X: 106317X AY Part number 106317X SNUBBER-BELT Replaced by HOP-106317X, SNUBBER-BELT wt=.093 wt=.093
106318X: 106318X AY Part number 106318X ADJ ROD GT Replaced by HOP-106318X, ADJ ROD GT wt=.246 wt=.246
106319X: 106319X AY Part number 106319X SPRING-EXT LT wt=.009
106320X: 106320X AY Part number 106320X BRACKET-SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-106320X, BRACKET-SPRING LT. Replaced by: 583650201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106320X > 583650201 wt=.0091 wt=.0091
106321X: 106321X AY Part number 106321X ASM IDLER ARM YT wt=.549
106336X: 106336X AY Part number 106336X NLA Replaced by HOP-106336X, NLA
106340X: 106340X AY Part number 106340X ENGINE BRKT TI Replaced by HOP-106340X, ENGINE BRKT TI
106342X: 106342X AY Part number 106342X SPACER LT Replaced by HOP-106342X, SPACER LT. Replaced by: 583650401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106342X > 583650401 wt=.043 wt=.043
106343X: 106343X AY Part number 106343X DRAWBAR SPACE T
106344X: 106344X AY Part number 106344X DRAWBAR SPACE T Replaced by HOP-106344X, DRAWBAR SPACE T
106345X: 106345X AY Part number 106345X PLATE H Replaced by HOP-106345X, PLATE H
106346X: 106346X AY Part number 106346X PIN LINK H Replaced by HOP-106346X, PIN LINK H
106350X: 106350X AY Part number 106350X NLA Replaced by HOP-106350X, NLA
106351X: 106351X AY Part number 106351X PLUG GT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106351 > 106351X
106360X: 106360X AY Part number 106360X STRAP TORQUE LT
106362X: 106362X AY Part number 106362X WASHER This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106362 > 106362X Replaced by HOP-106362X, WASHER wt=.012 wt=.012
106366X: 106366X AY Part number 106366X NLA Replaced by HOP-106366X, NLA
106367X: 106367X AY Part number 106367X SPACER-CLUTCH GT Replaced by HOP-106367X, SPACER-CLUTCH GT wt=.125 wt=.125
106370X: 106370X AY Part number 106370X SADDLE.SILKSCREEN. Replaced by: 106370X012 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106370X > 106370X012
106370X012: 106370X012 AY Part number 106370X012 SADDLE.SILKSCREEN This item is part of the superseding sequence 106370X > 106370X012
106381X: 106381X AY Part number 106381X BELT-MOWER DECK, 44" CUT Replaced by HOP-106381X, V-BELT. Replaced by: 582778701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106381X > 582778701 wt=.57 wt=.57
106385X: 106385X AY Part number 106385X Sub= 120542X
106388X: 106388X AY Part number 106388X SPACER TI Replaced by HOP-106388X, SPACER TI. Replaced by: 532106388 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106388X > 532106388 wt=.115 wt=.115
106389X: 106389X AY Part number 106389X SPACER CRT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106389 > 106389X Replaced by HOP-106389X, SPACER CRT wt=.08
106390X: 106390X AY Part number 106390X BUSHING TI Replaced by HOP-106390X, BUSHING TI. Replaced by: 532106390 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106390X > 532106390 wt=.156 wt=.156
106391X: 106391X AY Part number 106391X SPACER CRT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106391 > 106391X Replaced by HOP-106391X, SPACER CRT wt=.099
106392X: 106392X AY Part number 106392X SPACER CRT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106392 > 106392X Replaced by HOP-106392X, SPACER CRT wt=.173 wt=.173
106393X: 106393X AY Part number 106393X SPACER CRT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106393 > 106393X Replaced by HOP-106393X, SPACER CRT wt=.213 wt=.213
106394X: 106394X AY Part number 106394X SPACER CRT Replaced by HOP-106394X, SPACER CRT (3 2) (2 2). Replaced by: 532106394 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106394X > 532106394 wt=.597 wt=.597
106395X: 106395X AY Part number 106395X LENS LT Replaced by HOP-106395X, LENS LT. Replaced by: 583650801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106395X > 583650801 wt=.776 wt=.776
106403X: 106403X AY Part number 106403X REPLACED BY: ROP108429X
106404X: 106404X AY Part number 106404X CLUTCH LINK LT Replaced by HOP-106404X, CLUTCH LINK LT wt=.183 wt=.183
106407X: 106407X AY Part number 106407X Sub= 108767X
106412X: 106412X AY Part number 106412X Sub= TH4H690 Replaced by HOP-106412X, BELT.THERM.69. Replaced by: TH4H690 > 583785901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106412X > TH4H690 > 583785901
106412XR: 106412XR AY Part number 106412XR Sub= TH4H690
106440X: 106440X AY Part number 106440X TIE ROD T * Replaced by HOP-106440X, TIE ROD T *
106441X: 106441X AY Part number 106441X NLA Replaced by HOP-106441X, NLA
106442X: 106442X AY Part number 106442X ASMT BELLCRANK Replaced by HOP-106442X, ASMT BELLCRANK
106444X: 106444X AY Part number 106444X BRKT,BELLCRAN T Replaced by HOP-106444X, BRKT BELLCRAN T wt=.338 wt=.338
106445X: 106445X AY Part number 106445X *** N.L.A. 6/97 (ROD LT) *** Replaced by HOP-106445X, *** N.L.A. 6/97 (ROD LT) ***
106446X: 106446X AY Part number 106446X ROD CLUTCH T Replaced by HOP-106446X, ROD CLUTCH T wt=.199 wt=.199
106447X: 106447X AY Part number 106447X SUP,LVR,CLUTCH LT Replaced by HOP-106447X, SUP LVR CLUTCH LT wt=.406 wt=.406
106448X: 106448X AY Part number 106448X REPLACED BY: ROP532124429. Replaced by: 124429X This item is part of the superseding sequence 106448X > 124429X
106451X: 106451X AY Part number 106451X BOLT, SHOULDER LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106451 > 106451X Replaced by HOP-106451X, BOLT, SHOULDER LT. Replaced by: 532106451 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106451X > 532106451 wt=.078 wt=.078
106452X: 106452X AY Part number 106452X BRACKET,SWITCH LT Replaced by HOP-106452X, BRACKET SWITCH LT wt=.095 wt=.095
106453X: 106453X AY Part number 106453X NLA Replaced by HOP-106453X, NLA
106456X: 106456X AY Part number 106456X BRK,BRAKE,PVT LT Replaced by HOP-106456X, BRK BRAKE PVT LT
106457X: 106457X AY Part number 106457X NLA Replaced by HOP-106457X, NLA
106461X: 106461X AY Part number 106461X Sub= 126756X
106462X: 106462X AY Part number 106462X SPRING, EXT LT wt=1.095
106463X: 106463X AY Part number 106463X ROD, BRAKE LH LT Replaced by HOP-106463X, ROD BRAKE LH LT wt=.112 wt=.112
106464X: 106464X AY Part number 106464X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
106479X: 106479X AY Part number 106479X NLA Replaced by HOP-106479X, NLA wt=.407 wt=.407
106480X: 106480X AY Part number 106480X NLA Replaced by HOP-106480X, NLA
106481X: 106481X AY Part number 106481X NLA Replaced by HOP-106481X, NLA
106482X: 106482X AY Part number 106482X HARNESS-IGN YT * Replaced by HOP-106482X, HARNESS-IGN YT *
106486X: 106486X AY Part number 106486X SPACER YT Replaced by HOP-106486X, SPACER YT wt=.102 wt=.102
106490X: 106490X AY Part number 106490X NLA Replaced by HOP-106490X, NLA
106496X: 106496X AY Part number 106496X L. PVT BRKT Replaced by HOP-106496X, L. PVT BRKT
106498X: 106498X AY Part number 106498X BRACKET PIVOT Y Replaced by HOP-106498X, BRACKET PIVOT Y
106499X: 106499X AY Part number 106499X Sub= 123205X
1064R: 1064R AY Part number 1064R DECAL* Replaced by HOP-1064R, DECAL*
106511X: 106511X AY Part number 106511X BRACKET LH YT Replaced by HOP-106511X, BRACKET LH YT wt=.806 wt=.806
106512X: 106512X AY Part number 106512X BRACKET RH YT Replaced by HOP-106512X, BRACKET RH YT wt=1.382 wt=1.382
106513X: 106513X AY Part number 106513X WASHER, WEAR LT wt=.048
106515X: 106515X AY Part number 106515X SHAFT-ROCK YT Replaced by HOP-106515X, SHAFT-ROCK YT
106521X: 106521X AY Part number 106521X SUPPORT-SHAFT YT Replaced by HOP-106521X, SUPPORT-SHAFT YT wt=.741 wt=.741
106522X: 106522X AY Part number 106522X BRACE-IDLER YT wt=.24
106523X: 106523X AY Part number 106523X SUPPORT YT, BAR This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106523 > 106523X Replaced by HOP-106523X, SUPPORT YT BAR wt=3.033
106524X: 106524X AY Part number 106524X SPRING YT Replaced by HOP-106524X, SPRING YT wt=1.086 wt=1.086
106525X: 106525X AY Part number 106525X SPACER YT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-106525X, SPACER YT *NLA* wt=.116 wt=.116
106526X: 106526X AY Part number 106526X ARM-IDLER YT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106526 > 106526X Replaced by HOP-106526X, ARM-IDLER YT. Replaced by: 532106526 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106526X > 532106526 wt=1.538 wt=1.538
106527X: 106527X AY Part number 106527X ROD-BRAKE YT
106529X: 106529X AY Part number 106529X GUIDE-BELT YT Replaced by HOP-106529X, GUIDE-BELT YT wt=.434 wt=.434

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