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104084X473: 104084X473 AY Part number 104084X473 SHIELD.SIDE.YEL Replaced by HOP-104084X473, SHIELD.SIDE.YEL
104084X479: 104084X479 AY Part number 104084X479 SHIELD.SIDE. This item is part of the superseding sequence 104084X428 > 104084X479
104084X505: 104084X505 AY Part number 104084X505 SHIELD SIDE RED Replaced by HOP-104084X505, SHIELD SIDE RED wt=1.921 wt=1.921
104084X520: 104084X520 AY Part number 104084X520 SHIELD.ASM.SIDE Replaced by HOP-104084X520, SHIELD.ASM.SIDE
104084X550: 104084X550 AY Part number 104084X550 SHIELD.SIDE.. Replaced by: 104084X479 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104084X550 > 104084X479
104084X558: 104084X558 AY Part number 104084X558 SHIELD ASM, TINE
104084X668: 104084X668 AY Part number 104084X668 SHIELD.ASM.P
104085X: 104085X AY Part number 104085X SHIELD SIDE. Replaced by: 104085X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X > 104085X417
104085X366: 104085X366 AY Part number 104085X366 SHIELD SIDE. Replaced by: 104085X428 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X366 > 104085X428
104085X388: 104085X388 AY Part number 104085X388 SHIELD CRT Replaced by HOP-104085X388, SHIELD CRT wt=.908 wt=.908
104085X417: 104085X417 AY Part number 104085X417 SHIELD SIDE This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X475 > 104085X417 wt=1.008
104085X418: 104085X418 AY Part number 104085X418 SHEILD,SIDE Replaced by HOP-104085X418, SHEILD SIDE
104085X421: 104085X421 AY Part number 104085X421 SHIELD.ASM.PNT.SIDE. Replaced by: 197761X421 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X421 > 197761X421
104085X422: 104085X422 AY Part number 104085X422 SHIELD SIDE
104085X424: 104085X424 AY Part number 104085X424 SHLD SIDE Replaced by HOP-104085X424, SHLD SIDE wt=1.024
104085X428: 104085X428 AY Part number 104085X428 SHIELD SIDE This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X366 > 104085X428 wt=.989
104085X473: 104085X473 AY Part number 104085X473 SHIELD, SIDE Replaced by HOP-104085X473, SHIELD SIDE
104085X475: 104085X475 AY Part number 104085X475 SHIELD SIDE. Replaced by: 104085X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X475 > 104085X417
104085X505: 104085X505 AY Part number 104085X505 SHIELD, SIDE Replaced by HOP-104085X505, KIT.TILLER.SIDE.SHIELD. Replaced by: 585414301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X505 > 585414301
104085X520: 104085X520 AY Part number 104085X520 SHIELD.SIDE Replaced by HOP-104085X520, SHIELD.SIDE
104085X550: 104085X550 AY Part number 104085X550 SHIELD.ASM.P. Replaced by: 197761X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X550 > 197761X550
104085X558: 104085X558 AY Part number 104085X558 SHILED.ASM.PNT.SIDE wt=1.071
104085X574: 104085X574 AY Part number 104085X574 SHIELD ASM.P. Replaced by: 197761X574 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X574 > 197761X574
104085X602: 104085X602 AY Part number 104085X602 SHIELD.ASM.PNT Replaced by HOP-104085X602, SHIELD.ASM.PNT
104085X603: 104085X603 AY Part number 104085X603 SHIELD.ASM.PNT.SIDE Replaced by HOP-104085X603, SHIELD.ASM.PNT.SIDE
104085X615: 104085X615 AY Part number 104085X615 SHIELD.ASM.PNT.SIDE. Replaced by: 197761X615 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104085X615 > 197761X615
104086X: 104086X AY Part number 104086X SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH. Replaced by: 104086X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104086X > 104086X417
104086X388: 104086X388 AY Part number 104086X388 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH Replaced by HOP-104086X388, SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH wt=3.027 wt=3.027
104086X392: 104086X392 AY Part number 104086X392 SHIELD.SD.OUT.L * Replaced by HOP-104086X392, SHIELD.SD.OUT.L *
104086X417: 104086X417 AY Part number 104086X417 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH This item is part of the superseding sequence 104086X > 104086X417 wt=2.042
104086X418: 104086X418 AY Part number 104086X418 SHIELD.LH.OUT.SID Replaced by HOP-104086X418, SHIELD.LH.OUT.SID
104086X419: 104086X419 AY Part number 104086X419 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH
104086X422: 104086X422 AY Part number 104086X422 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH Replaced by HOP-104086X422, SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH
104086X424: 104086X424 AY Part number 104086X424 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH Replaced by HOP-104086X424, SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH wt=1.854
104086X427: 104086X427 AY Part number 104086X427 SHIELD OUT LH PNT Replaced by HOP-104086X427, SHIELD OUT LH PNT
104086X428: 104086X428 AY Part number 104086X428 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH Replaced by HOP-104086X428, SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH wt=2.035 wt=2.035
104086X431: 104086X431 AY Part number 104086X431 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH Replaced by HOP-104086X431, SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH
104086X459: 104086X459 AY Part number 104086X459 Sub= 104086X574 Replaced by HOP-104086X459, Sub= 104086X574
104086X473: 104086X473 AY Part number 104086X473 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH Replaced by HOP-104086X473, SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH
104086X475: 104086X475 AY Part number 104086X475 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH. Replaced by: 104086X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104086X475 > 104086X417
104086X505: 104086X505 AY Part number 104086X505 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH Replaced by HOP-104086X505, SHIELD.SIDE.OUTER.LH.RED. Replaced by: 532442869 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104086X505 > 532442869 wt=2.091 wt=2.091
104086X520: 104086X520 AY Part number 104086X520 SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH Replaced by HOP-104086X520, SHIELD.SD.OUT.LH
104086X550: 104086X550 AY Part number 104086X550 SHIELD.OUT.SD.LH. Replaced by HOP-104086X550, SHIELD.OUT.SD.LH. wt=2.11 wt=2.11
104086X574: 104086X574 AY Part number 104086X574 SHIELD OUTER,LH Replaced by HOP-104086X574, SHIELD OUTER LH
10408X417: 10408X417 AY Part number 10408X417 SHIELD.ASM.P Replaced by HOP-10408X417, SHIELD.ASM.P
104101X367: 104101X367 AY Part number 104101X367 SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH Replaced by HOP-104101X367, SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH
104101X392: 104101X392 AY Part number 104101X392 SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH Replaced by HOP-104101X392, SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH wt=2.123
104101X417: 104101X417 AY Part number 104101X417 SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH**
104101X418: 104101X418 AY Part number 104101X418 SHIELD.RH.OUT.SID Replaced by HOP-104101X418, SHIELD.RH.OUT.SID
104101X419: 104101X419 AY Part number 104101X419 SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH
104101X421: 104101X421 AY Part number 104101X421 SHIELD.SIDE.OUTER.LH. Replaced by: 161415X421 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104101X421 > 161415X421
104101X422: 104101X422 AY Part number 104101X422 SHIELD.PNT.S. Replaced by: 161415X422 > 161415X668 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104101X422 > 161415X422 > 161415X668
104101X424: 104101X424 AY Part number 104101X424 SHIELD.PNT.SIDE.OUTER.LH. Replaced by: 161415X424 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104101X424 > 161415X424
104101X427: 104101X427 AY Part number 104101X427 SHIELD OUT RH PNT
104101X428: 104101X428 AY Part number 104101X428 SHIELD TINE,SIDE Replaced by HOP-104101X428, SHIELD TINE SIDE
104101X431: 104101X431 AY Part number 104101X431 SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH** Replaced by HOP-104101X431, SHLD.SIDE.OUTER.R. Replaced by: 532195795 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104101X431 > 532195795
104101X459: 104101X459 AY Part number 104101X459 SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH Replaced by HOP-104101X459, SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH
104101X475: 104101X475 AY Part number 104101X475 SHIELD.SIDE.OUTRH Replaced by HOP-104101X475, SHIELD.SIDE.OUTRH
104101X505: 104101X505 AY Part number 104101X505 SHIELD.SD.OUT.RH** wt=2.053
104101X520: 104101X520 AY Part number 104101X520 R.H. OUTSIDE SHIELD Replaced by HOP-104101X520, R.H. OUTSIDE SHIELD wt=2.068 wt=2.068
104101X550: 104101X550 AY Part number 104101X550 SHIELD.OUT.SD.RH. Replaced by HOP-104101X550, SHIELD.OUT.SD.RH.
104101X574: 104101X574 AY Part number 104101X574 SHIELD, OUTER,RH Replaced by HOP-104101X574, SHIELD OUTER RH
104139X: 104139X AY Part number 104139X SHIFT PLATE Replaced by HOP-104139X, SHIFT PLATE wt=.156 wt=.156
104140X: 104140X AY Part number 104140X BRACKET-SUPP LT Replaced by HOP-104140X, BRACKET-SUPP LT
104141X: 104141X AY Part number 104141X BRACKET-SUPP LT * Replaced by HOP-104141X, BRACKET-SUPP LT *
104142X: 104142X AY Part number 104142X BRAKE ROD LT Replaced by HOP-104142X, BRAKE ROD LT
104143X: 104143X AY Part number 104143X NLA Replaced by HOP-104143X, NLA
104144X: 104144X AY Part number 104144X PANEL TOP LT, B * Replaced by HOP-104144X, PANEL TOP LT B *
104149X390: 104149X390 AY Part number 104149X390 FENDER T Replaced by HOP-104149X390, FENDER T
104150X-346: 104150X-346 AY Part number 104150X346 / 104150X-346 REPLACED BY: ROP104150X366
104150X366: 104150X366 AY Part number 104150X366 NLA Replaced by HOP-104150X366, NLA
104150X390: 104150X390 AY Part number 104150X390 FENDER T Replaced by HOP-104150X390, FENDER T
104151X: 104151X AY Part number 104151X NLA Replaced by HOP-104151X, NLA
104159X: 104159X AY Part number 104159X SPACER SPLIT CRT Replaced by HOP-104159X, SPACER SPLIT CRT. Replaced by: 532104159 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104159X > 532104159 wt=.02 wt=.02
104164X: 104164X AY Part number 104164X TIE CABLE CRT Replaced by HOP-104164X, TIE CABLE CRT wt=.005
104166X: 104166X AY Part number 104166X PLASTIC BAG (12 * Replaced by HOP-104166X, PLASTIC BAG (12 *
104177X: 104177X AY Part number 104177X SHIELD-TINE TI Replaced by HOP-104177X, SHIELD-TINE TI
104177X419: 104177X419 AY Part number 104177X419 SHIELD.TINE Replaced by HOP-104177X419, SHIELD.TINE
104177X550: 104177X550 AY Part number 104177X550 SHLD.PNT.TINE Replaced by HOP-104177X550, SHLD.PNT.TINE wt=11.348
104178X: 104178X AY Part number 104178X TINE SHIELD Replaced by HOP-104178X, TINE SHIELD
104178X417: 104178X417 AY Part number 104178X417 TINE SHEILD Replaced by HOP-104178X417, TINE SHEILD
104178X418: 104178X418 AY Part number 104178X418 SHIELD.TINE.GREY Replaced by HOP-104178X418, SHIELD.TINE.GREY wt=12.966 wt=12.966
104178X419: 104178X419 AY Part number 104178X419 SHIELD.TINE Replaced by HOP-104178X419, SHIELD.TINE wt=13.172
104178X421: 104178X421 AY Part number 104178X421 SHIELD.TINE.YELL Replaced by HOP-104178X421, SHIELD.TINE.YELL
104178X422: 104178X422 AY Part number 104178X422 SHIELD.TINE.ORNG Replaced by HOP-104178X422, SHIELD.TINE.ORNG
104178X424: 104178X424 AY Part number 104178X424 SHIELD.TINE.GRN. Replaced by HOP-104178X424, SHIELD.TINE.GRN.
104178X428: 104178X428 AY Part number 104178X428 SHIELD TINE Replaced by HOP-104178X428, SHIELD TINE. Replaced by: 583644001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104178X428 > 583644001
104178X459: 104178X459 AY Part number 104178X459 SHIELD.TINE Replaced by HOP-104178X459, SHIELD.TINE
104178X505: 104178X505 AY Part number 104178X505 SHIELD TINE RED Replaced by HOP-104178X505, SHIELD TINE RED wt=12.693 wt=12.693
104178X520: 104178X520 AY Part number 104178X520 SHIELD.TINE Replaced by HOP-104178X520, SHIELD.TINE wt=12.622 wt=12.622
104178X550: 104178X550 AY Part number 104178X550 SHIELD.PNT.TINE. Replaced by HOP-104178X550, SHIELD.PNT.TINE.
104178X558: 104178X558 AY Part number 104178X558 SHIELD TINE Replaced by HOP-104178X558, SHIELD TINE
104178X574: 104178X574 AY Part number 104178X574 SHIELD.TINE Replaced by HOP-104178X574, SHIELD.TINE wt=12.758 wt=12.758
104183X: 104183X AY Part number 104183X NLA Replaced by HOP-104183X, NLA
104199X: 104199X AY Part number 104199X **** NLA 7/95 **** (OWNERS MAN Replaced by HOP-104199X, **** NLA 7/95 **** (OWNERS MAN
104204X: 104204X AY Part number 104204X OWNERS MANUAL LT Replaced by HOP-104204X, OWNERS MANUAL LT. Replaced by: 917104204 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104204X > 917104204
104213X: 104213X AY Part number 104213X NUT-CAP TI Replaced by HOP-104213X, NUT-CAP TI. Replaced by: 583644101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104213X > 583644101 wt=.018 wt=.018
104214X: 104214X AY Part number 104214X NUT TI Replaced by HOP-104214X, NUT TI. Replaced by: 532104214 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104214X > 532104214 wt=.025 wt=.025
104216X: 104216X AY Part number 104216X NLA Replaced by HOP-104216X, NLA
104233X: 104233X AY Part number 104233X NLA Replaced by HOP-104233X, NLA
104238X: 104238X AY Part number 104238X NLA Replaced by HOP-104238X, NLA
104239X: 104239X AY Part number 104239X FLANGE GT, BEAR. Replaced by HOP-104239X, FLANGE GT, BEAR.. Replaced by: 532104239 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104239X > 532104239 wt=.06 wt=.06
104240X: 104240X AY Part number 104240X NLA
104241X: 104241X AY Part number 104241X BATTERY TRAY ** WHEN GONE USE
104262X: 104262X AY Part number 104262X GUARD-BELT GT * Replaced by HOP-104262X, GUARD-BELT GT *
104267X: 104267X AY Part number 104267X *****N.L.A. 10/95 (HARNESS)*** Replaced by HOP-104267X, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (HARNESS)***
104268X: 104268X AY Part number 104268X NLA Replaced by HOP-104268X, NLA
104287X: 104287X AY Part number 104287X NLA Replaced by HOP-104287X, NLA
104288X: 104288X AY Part number 104288X NLA Replaced by HOP-104288X, NLA
104290X: 104290X AY Part number 104290X DECAL LT Replaced by HOP-104290X, DECAL LT
104291X: 104291X AY Part number 104291X NLA Replaced by HOP-104291X, NLA
104292X: 104292X AY Part number 104292X NLA Replaced by HOP-104292X, NLA
104294X: 104294X AY Part number 104294X **** NLA 10/95 **** (DECAL) Replaced by HOP-104294X, **** NLA 10/95 **** (DECAL)
104295X: 104295X AY Part number 104295X DECAL Replaced by HOP-104295X, DECAL
104323X: 104323X AY Part number 104323X NLA Replaced by HOP-104323X, NLA
104336X: 104336X AY Part number 104336X NLA Replaced by HOP-104336X, NLA
104355X: 104355X AY Part number 104355X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
104355X390: 104355X390 AY Part number 104355X390 HOOD WELDMENT Replaced by HOP-104355X390, HOOD WELDMENT
104355X394: 104355X394 AY Part number 104355X394 HOOD WELDMENT * Replaced by HOP-104355X394, HOOD WELDMENT *
104360X: 104360X AY Part number 104360X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-104360X, PULLEY.IDLER.FLT.. Replaced by: 173438 > 532173438 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104360X > 173438 > 532173438
104361X: 104361X AY Part number 104361X SPRING T Replaced by HOP-104361X, SPRING T wt=.02 wt=.02
104362X: 104362X AY Part number 104362X Variable Speed Pulley Replaced by HOP-104362X, Variable Speed Pulley
104369X: 104369X AY Part number 104369X SPACER CRT Replaced by HOP-104369X, SPACER CRT
104370X: 104370X AY Part number 104370X SPACER CRT Replaced by HOP-104370X, SPACER CRT
104375X: 104375X AY Part number 104375X SHAFT ASM GT Replaced by HOP-104375X, SHAFT ASM GT
104382X004: 104382X004 AY Part number 104382X004 CLIP.BZP *NLA* Replaced by HOP-104382X004, CLIP.BZP *NLA*
104384X: 104384X AY Part number 104384X ELBOW RB * Replaced by HOP-104384X, ELBOW RB *
104386X: 104386X AY Part number 104386X LOWER BLADE SADDLE *REPL 8589 Replaced by HOP-104386X, LOWER BLADE SADDLE *REPL 8589
104387X: 104387X AY Part number 104387X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-104387X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
104388X: 104388X AY Part number 104388X NLA Replaced by HOP-104388X, NLA
104389X: 104389X AY Part number 104389X PLUG END RB Replaced by HOP-104389X, PLUG END RB wt=.01
104399X: 104399X AY Part number 104399X ASM LT BAFFLE Replaced by HOP-104399X, ASM LT BAFFLE wt=2.846 wt=2.846
104402X: 104402X AY Part number 104402X NLA Replaced by HOP-104402X, NLA
104405X: 104405X AY Part number 104405X Sub= 87054 Replaced by HOP-104405X, Sub= 87054
104415X: 104415X AY Part number 104415X TUBE.CHUTE.RB. Replaced by HOP-104415X, TUBE.CHUTE.RB.. Replaced by: 583644201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104415X > 583644201 wt=1.435 wt=1.435
104417X: 104417X AY Part number 104417X SPRING RB Replaced by HOP-104417X, SPRING RB
104418: 104418 AY Part number 104418 *** USE PRI 7-04798 *** N.L.A. Replaced by HOP-104418, *** USE PRI 7-04798 *** N.L.A. wt=1.918 wt=1.918
104418X: 104418X AY Part number 104418X BLADE.BAGGER.LOWR This item is part of the superseding sequence 104418XR Replaced by HOP-104418X, LOW LIFT BLADE. Replaced by: 532104418 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104418X > 532104418 wt=1.857 wt=1.857
104418XR: 104418XR AY Part number 104418XR BLADE.BAGGER.LOWR. Replaced by: 104418X This item is part of the superseding sequence 104418XR
104422X479: 104422X479 AY Part number 104422X479 HOLDER.ELBOW Replaced by HOP-104422X479, HOLDER.ELBOW
104425X: 104425X AY Part number 104425X REPLACED BY: ROP110563X Replaced by HOP-104425X, REPLACED BY: ROP110563X
104434X: 104434X AY Part number 104434X NLA Replaced by HOP-104434X, NLA
104436X: 104436X AY Part number 104436X NLA Replaced by HOP-104436X, NLA
104441X: 104441X AY Part number 104441X MAN TR440AR Replaced by HOP-104441X, MAN TR440AR
104445X: 104445X AY Part number 104445X SWITCH-INTER. GT Replaced by HOP-104445X, SWITCH-INTER. GT. Replaced by: 532104445 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104445X > 532104445 wt=.03 wt=.03
104448X: 104448X AY Part number 104448X SHAFT ASM GTV Replaced by HOP-104448X, SHAFT ASM GTV
104473X: 104473X AY Part number 104473X DECAL Replaced by HOP-104473X, DECAL
104475X: 104475X AY Part number 104475X NLA Replaced by HOP-104475X, NLA
1044R: 1044R AY Part number 1044R BLADE WASHER Replaced by HOP-1044R, BLADE WASHER. Replaced by: 583644301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 1044R > 583644301 wt=.174 wt=.174
104535X: 104535X AY Part number 104535X FRONT AXLE LT * Replaced by HOP-104535X, FRONT AXLE LT * wt=6.053 wt=6.053
104566X: 104566X AY Part number 104566X **** NLA 10/94 **** (HOURMETER Replaced by HOP-104566X, **** NLA 10/94 **** (HOURMETER
104568X: 104568X AY Part number 104568X NLA Replaced by HOP-104568X, NLA
104569X: 104569X AY Part number 104569X NLA Replaced by HOP-104569X, NLA
104577X: 104577X AY Part number 104577X ADAPTER T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532104577 > 104577X Replaced by HOP-104577X, ADAPTER T. Replaced by: 532104577 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104577X > 532104577 wt=.331 wt=.331
104589X: 104589X AY Part number 104589X NLA Replaced by HOP-104589X, NLA
104591X: 104591X AY Part number 104591X SHAFT STEERING GT Replaced by HOP-104591X, SHAFT STEERING GT wt=3.5 wt=3.5
104595X: 104595X AY Part number 104595X Sub= 5693J Replaced by HOP-104595X, Sub= 5693J
104597X: 104597X AY Part number 104597X LEVER ASM LT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-104597X, LEVER ASM LT *NLA* wt=3.812 wt=3.812
104598X: 104598X AY Part number 104598X ROD ASM-LEVER LT Replaced by HOP-104598X, ROD ASM-LEVER LT
104601X: 104601X AY Part number 104601X BRKT SWITCH GT Replaced by HOP-104601X, BRKT SWITCH GT wt=.112 wt=.112
104608X: 104608X AY Part number 104608X DASH ASM GT Replaced by HOP-104608X, DASH ASM GT
104613X: 104613X AY Part number 104613X BEZEL ASM. **REPLACES 124392. Replaced by: 124392X417 > 147717 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104613X > 124392X417 > 147717
104617X: 104617X AY Part number 104617X Sub= 106395X
104618X: 104618X AY Part number 104618X Sub= 155013
104624X: 104624X AY Part number 104624X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
104628X: 104628X AY Part number 104628X GRILL GT Replaced by HOP-104628X, GRILL GT
104632X: 104632X AY Part number 104632X SUPPORT-GRILL LT Replaced by HOP-104632X, SUPPORT-GRILL LT
104635X358: 104635X358 AY Part number 104635X358 Sub= 150302X505 Replaced by HOP-104635X358, Sub= 150302X505
104636X358: 104636X358 AY Part number 104636X358 Sub= 140679X505 Replaced by HOP-104636X358, Sub= 140679X505
104639X: 104639X AY Part number 104639X NLA Replaced by HOP-104639X, NLA
104640X: 104640X AY Part number 104640X NLA Replaced by HOP-104640X, NLA
104643X: 104643X AY Part number 104643X HOOD DECAL Replaced by HOP-104643X, HOOD DECAL
104644X: 104644X AY Part number 104644X *** N.L.A. 3/95 (HOOD DECAL) * Replaced by HOP-104644X, *** N.L.A. 3/95 (HOOD DECAL) *
104646X: 104646X AY Part number 104646X NLA Replaced by HOP-104646X, NLA
104649X: 104649X AY Part number 104649X ***N.L.A. 7/97 (BRACKET)*** Replaced by HOP-104649X, ***N.L.A. 7/97 (BRACKET)***
104660X: 104660X AY Part number 104660X NLA Replaced by HOP-104660X, NLA
104679X: 104679X AY Part number 104679X PULLEY-IDLER TI Replaced by HOP-104679X, PULLEY-IDLER TI. Replaced by: 532104679 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104679X > 532104679 wt=.358 wt=.358
104680X: 104680X AY Part number 104680X Sub= 4371J
104689X: 104689X AY Part number 104689X SPACER TI Replaced by HOP-104689X, SPACER TI
104694X: 104694X AY Part number 104694X PANEL-SIDE RH LT Replaced by HOP-104694X, PANEL-SIDE RH LT wt=3.733 wt=3.733
104713X: 104713X AY Part number 104713X NLA Replaced by HOP-104713X, NLA
104717X: 104717X AY Part number 104717X CABLE-CLUTCH TI * Replaced by HOP-104717X, CABLE-CLUTCH TI *
104755X: 104755X AY Part number 104755X """J" FASTENER LT"" This item is part of the superseding sequence 532104755 > 104755X Replaced by HOP-104755X, FASTENER."J"(USE W/#10 SCREW). Replaced by: 531104755 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104755X > 531104755 wt=.006 wt=.006
104757X: 104757X AY Part number 104757X HUB CAP Replaced by HOP-104757X, CAP.HUB.AXLE. Replaced by: 104757X428 > 532104757 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104757X > 104757X428 > 532104757
104757X421: 104757X421 AY Part number 104757X421 CAP.AXLE.HUB.YELLOW Replaced by HOP-104757X421, CAP AXLE (FRONT WHEEL ONLY). Replaced by: 104757421 > 532193268 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104757X421 > 104757421 > 532193268 wt=.026 wt=.026
104757X428: 104757X428 AY Part number 104757X428 CAP.HUB.AXLE Replaced by HOP-104757X428, CAP.HUB.AXLE. Replaced by: 532104757 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104757X428 > 532104757 wt=.024 wt=.03
104757X471: 104757X471 AY Part number 104757X471 CAP.HUB.AXLE Replaced by HOP-104757X471, CAP.HUB.AXLE.1.50 X 1.00.MS471. Replaced by: 532432510 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104757X471 > 532432510
104757X612: 104757X612 AY Part number 104757X612 CAP.HUB.AXLE wt=.024
104757X613: 104757X613 AY Part number 104757X613 CAP.HUB.AXLE Replaced by HOP-104757X613, CAP.HUB.AXLE.1.50X1.00.MS613. Replaced by: 532436499 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104757X613 > 532436499 wt=.025 wt=.025
104757X623: 104757X623 AY Part number 104757X623 CAP.HUB.AXLE
104757X643: 104757X643 AY Part number 104757X643 CAP.HUB.AXLE wt=.018
104757X645: 104757X645 AY Part number 104757X645 CAP.HUB.AXLE Replaced by HOP-104757X645, CAP.HUB.AXLE.M.GRY.1.50X1.00. Replaced by: 583644501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104757X645 > 583644501 wt=.018 wt=.023
104758X: 104758X AY Part number 104758X CAP-HUB GT Replaced by HOP-104758X, CAP-HUB GT. Replaced by: 583644601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104758X > 583644601 wt=.009 wt=.009
104769X: 104769X AY Part number 104769X OWNERS MANUA Replaced by HOP-104769X, OWNERS MANUA
104773X: 104773X AY Part number 104773X NLA Replaced by HOP-104773X, NLA
104776: 104776 AY Part number 104776 *** USE MBL 4L890 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-104776, *** USE MBL 4L890 *** N.L.A. F
104777X: 104777X AY Part number 104777X KEEPER BELT CNTSP. Replaced by: 140312 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104777X > 140312
104778X: 104778X AY Part number 104778X Sub= 144200. Replaced by: 105380X This item is part of the superseding sequence 104778X > 105380X
104783X: 104783X AY Part number 104783X DASH ASM LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532104783 > 104783X Replaced by HOP-104783X, DASH ASM LT
104786X: 104786X AY Part number 104786X SUPPORT ASM LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532104786 > 104786X Replaced by HOP-104786X, SUPPORT ASM LT
104790X: 104790X AY Part number 104790X HANDLE-CLUTCH L * Replaced by HOP-104790X, HANDLE-CLUTCH L *
104797X: 104797X AY Part number 104797X NLA Replaced by HOP-104797X, NLA
104798X: 104798X AY Part number 104798X NLA Replaced by HOP-104798X, NLA
104799X: 104799X AY Part number 104799X BRACE-TANK LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532104799 > 104799X Replaced by HOP-104799X, BRACE-TANK LT
104800X: 104800X AY Part number 104800X SUPPORT-TANK LT Replaced by HOP-104800X, SUPPORT-TANK LT
104801X: 104801X AY Part number 104801X GRILLE Replaced by HOP-104801X, GRILLE
104803X358: 104803X358 AY Part number 104803X358 REPLACED BY: ROP108442X358
104805X: 104805X AY Part number 104805X LOWER DASH This item is part of the superseding sequence 532104805 > 104805X Replaced by HOP-104805X, LOWER DASH
104806X: 104806X AY Part number 104806X NLA Replaced by HOP-104806X, NLA
104810X: 104810X AY Part number 104810X NLA Replaced by HOP-104810X, NLA
104814X: 104814X AY Part number 104814X NLA Replaced by HOP-104814X, NLA
104816X: 104816X AY Part number 104816X NLA Replaced by HOP-104816X, NLA
104819X: 104819X AY Part number 104819X PANEL-SIDE LH LT* Replaced by HOP-104819X, PANEL-SIDE LH LT*
104820X: 104820X AY Part number 104820X ADAPTER-WHEEL LT Replaced by HOP-104820X, ADAPTER-WHEEL LT. Replaced by: 532104820 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104820X > 532104820 wt=.36 wt=.36
104823X: 104823X AY Part number 104823X MAN TR010AR Replaced by HOP-104823X, MAN TR010AR
104829X: 104829X AY Part number 104829X MAN TR400AR Replaced by HOP-104829X, MAN TR400AR
104837X: 104837X AY Part number 104837X MAN TR500AR Replaced by HOP-104837X, MAN TR500AR
104840X: 104840X AY Part number 104840X MAN TR600AR Replaced by HOP-104840X, MAN TR600AR
104846X: 104846X AY Part number 104846X MAN TX100AR Replaced by HOP-104846X, MAN TX100AR
104850X: 104850X AY Part number 104850X MANUAL TX200 Replaced by HOP-104850X, MANUAL TX200
104857X: 104857X AY Part number 104857X SUPT-GUIDE ASY DB Replaced by HOP-104857X, SUPT-GUIDE ASY DB
104858X: 104858X AY Part number 104858X NLA Replaced by HOP-104858X, NLA
104859X: 104859X AY Part number 104859X PLATE HITCH RH DB *NLA* Replaced by HOP-104859X, PLATE HITCH RH DB *NLA*
104860X: 104860X AY Part number 104860X *****N.L.A. 1/96 (PLATE HITCH) Replaced by HOP-104860X, *****N.L.A. 1/96 (PLATE HITCH)
104870X: 104870X AY Part number 104870X THROTTLE CONTROL * REPL.11083 Replaced by HOP-104870X, THROTTLE CONTROL * REPL.11083
104871X: 104871X AY Part number 104871X *** N.L.A. 1/96 (CHOKE CONTROL Replaced by HOP-104871X, *** N.L.A. 1/96 (CHOKE CONTROL
104884X: 104884X AY Part number 104884X ROD.CONTROL.BLA * Replaced by HOP-104884X, ROD.CONTROL.BLA *
104886X: 104886X AY Part number 104886X NUT FLANGE CRT * Replaced by HOP-104886X, NUT FLANGE CRT *
104887X: 104887X AY Part number 104887X NLA Replaced by HOP-104887X, NLA
104889X358: 104889X358 AY Part number 104889X358 ASM-HANDLE TI Replaced by HOP-104889X358, ASM-HANDLE TI
104891X: 104891X AY Part number 104891X NLA Replaced by HOP-104891X, NLA
104895X: 104895X AY Part number 104895X **** NLA 1/94 **** (LH GEAR CA Replaced by HOP-104895X, **** NLA 1/94 **** (LH GEAR CA
104902X: 104902X AY Part number 104902X PULLEY-INPUT LT * Replaced by HOP-104902X, PULLEY-INPUT LT *
104904X: 104904X AY Part number 104904X NLA Replaced by HOP-104904X, NLA
104909X: 104909X AY Part number 104909X CLIP-MUFFLER LT* Replaced by HOP-104909X, CLIP-MUFFLER LT*
104910X: 104910X AY Part number 104910X BAFFLE ASM LT Replaced by HOP-104910X, BAFFLE ASM LT wt=.634
104913X: 104913X AY Part number 104913X VERTICAL LT, BAFL Replaced by HOP-104913X, VERTICAL LT BAFL
104916X: 104916X AY Part number 104916X BAFFLE YT Replaced by HOP-104916X, BAFFLE YT
104917X: 104917X AY Part number 104917X BAFFLE YT * Replaced by HOP-104917X, BAFFLE YT *
104921X: 104921X AY Part number 104921X Sub= 123888X Replaced by HOP-104921X, Sub= 123888X
104922X: 104922X AY Part number 104922X Sub= 123888X Replaced by HOP-104922X, Sub= 123888X
104926X: 104926X AY Part number 104926X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
104929X: 104929X AY Part number 104929X MAN GT180AT Replaced by HOP-104929X, MAN GT180AT
104933X: 104933X AY Part number 104933X NLA Replaced by HOP-104933X, NLA
104955X: 104955X AY Part number 104955X NLA Replaced by HOP-104955X, NLA
104969X: 104969X AY Part number 104969X MAN YT110AT Replaced by HOP-104969X, MAN YT110AT
104982X: 104982X AY Part number 104982X YT160AT MAN Replaced by HOP-104982X, YT160AT MAN
104983X: 104983X AY Part number 104983X MAN YT160AT Replaced by HOP-104983X, MAN YT160AT
104996X: 104996X AY Part number 104996X FORK-SHIFT YTV * Replaced by HOP-104996X, FORK-SHIFT YTV * wt=.493 wt=.493
104997X: 104997X AY Part number 104997X (!)SHIFT LINK Replaced by HOP-104997X, (!)SHIFT LINK
1049R: 1049R AY Part number 1049R NLA Replaced by HOP-1049R, NLA
104J: 104J AY Part number 104J NLA Replaced by HOP-104J, NLA
105002X: 105002X AY Part number 105002X CABLE LTV Replaced by HOP-105002X, CABLE LTV
105005X: 105005X AY Part number 105005X BOLT LT * Replaced by HOP-105005X, BOLT LT *
105006X: 105006X AY Part number 105006X Sub= 121150X Replaced by HOP-105006X, Sub= 121150X
105008X: 105008X AY Part number 105008X STEERING SHAFT WPINION ASM. Replaced by HOP-105008X, STEERING SHAFT WPINION ASM.
105017X: 105017X AY Part number 105017X MAN TR440AR Replaced by HOP-105017X, MAN TR440AR
105021X: 105021X AY Part number 105021X NLA Replaced by HOP-105021X, NLA
105024X: 105024X AY Part number 105024X MAN TX200AR Replaced by HOP-105024X, MAN TX200AR
105026X: 105026X AY Part number 105026X MAN TR600AR Replaced by HOP-105026X, MAN TR600AR
105030X: 105030X AY Part number 105030X MAN TR300AR Replaced by HOP-105030X, MAN TR300AR
105031X: 105031X AY Part number 105031X MANUAL Replaced by HOP-105031X, MANUAL
105032X: 105032X AY Part number 105032X MAN TR500AR Replaced by HOP-105032X, MAN TR500AR
105034X: 105034X AY Part number 105034X CLIP GT Replaced by HOP-105034X, CLIP GT wt=.017
105036X: 105036X AY Part number 105036X FOAM STRIP HYT Replaced by HOP-105036X, FOAM STRIP HYT wt=.29 wt=.29
105037X: 105037X AY Part number 105037X FOAM-STRIP LT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105037X, FOAM-STRIP LT *NLA* wt=.027 wt=.027
105040X: 105040X AY Part number 105040X BRACKET Replaced by HOP-105040X, BRACKET
105041X: 105041X AY Part number 105041X Sub= 129979
105044X: 105044X AY Part number 105044X HARNESS,WIRE. Replaced by: 127017X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105044X > 127017X
105049X: 105049X AY Part number 105049X BRAKE ARM ASM Replaced by HOP-105049X, BRAKE ARM ASM
105054X: 105054X AY Part number 105054X NLA Replaced by HOP-105054X, NLA
105070X: 105070X AY Part number 105070X BAG.30GAL.PLA.BAG Replaced by HOP-105070X, BAG.30GAL.PLA.BAG
105071X: 105071X AY Part number 105071X NLA Replaced by HOP-105071X, NLA
105072X: 105072X AY Part number 105072X NLA Replaced by HOP-105072X, NLA
105080X: 105080X AY Part number 105080X NLA Replaced by HOP-105080X, NLA
105081X: 105081X AY Part number 105081X NLA Replaced by HOP-105081X, NLA
105099X: 105099X AY Part number 105099X *** N.L.A. 9-97(WHEEL YTV *SHO Replaced by HOP-105099X, *** N.L.A. 9-97(WHEEL YTV *SHO
105101X: 105101X AY Part number 105101X TUBE.20X8-10 Replaced by HOP-105101X, TUBE.20X8-10. Replaced by: 583644901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105101X > 583644901 wt=1.868 wt=1.868
105104X: 105104X AY Part number 105104X **** NLA 9/95 **** (HEAT SHIEL Replaced by HOP-105104X, **** NLA 9/95 **** (HEAT SHIEL
105138X: 105138X AY Part number 105138X NLA Replaced by HOP-105138X, NLA
105139X: 105139X AY Part number 105139X NLA Replaced by HOP-105139X, NLA
105185X: 105185X AY Part number 105185X DECAL Replaced by HOP-105185X, DECAL
105187X: 105187X AY Part number 105187X SUPPORT ARM TI Replaced by HOP-105187X, SUPPORT ARM TI
105193X: 105193X AY Part number 105193X MANDREL M T Replaced by HOP-105193X, MANDREL M T wt=6.076 wt=6.076
105194X: 105194X AY Part number 105194X MANDREL ASM T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105194X, MANDREL ASM T *NLA* wt=4.218 wt=4.218
105195X: 105195X AY Part number 105195X MANDREL ASY R T Replaced by HOP-105195X, MANDREL ASY R T wt=7.14 wt=7.14
105197X: 105197X AY Part number 105197X SPRING ARM *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105197X, SPRING ARM *NLA*
105210X: 105210X AY Part number 105210X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP2
105212X: 105212X AY Part number 105212X *** N.L.A. 6/97 (L.H. AXLE) * Replaced by HOP-105212X, *** N.L.A. 6/97 (L.H. AXLE) *
105213X: 105213X AY Part number 105213X AXLE RH * Replaced by HOP-105213X, AXLE RH *
105216X: 105216X AY Part number 105216X ASM CONTROL BAR This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105216 > 105216X Replaced by HOP-105216X, ASM CONTROL BAR wt=1.026
105216X388: 105216X388 AY Part number 105216X388 BAR ASM Replaced by HOP-105216X388, BAR ASM
105218X: 105218X AY Part number 105218X MANDREL M T Replaced by HOP-105218X, MANDREL M T
105230X: 105230X AY Part number 105230X **N.L.A. 8/95 (SHIFT LEVER)** Replaced by HOP-105230X, **N.L.A. 8/95 (SHIFT LEVER)**
105268X: 105268X AY Part number 105268X BEZEL LT Replaced by HOP-105268X, BEZEL LT
105271X: 105271X AY Part number 105271X WHEEL TI Replaced by HOP-105271X, WHEEL TI wt=2.267 wt=2.267
105300X: 105300X AY Part number 105300X CABLE TIE This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105300 > 105300X Replaced by HOP-105300X, CABLE TIE
105302X: 105302X AY Part number 105302X NLA Replaced by HOP-105302X, NLA
105303X: 105303X AY Part number 105303X NLA Replaced by HOP-105303X, NLA wt=.488 wt=.488
105304X: 105304X AY Part number 105304X CAP-SLEEV(107627) Replaced by HOP-105304X, CAP-SLEEV(107627). Replaced by: 532105304 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105304X > 532105304 wt=.0001 wt=.0001
105307X: 105307X AY Part number 105307X IDLER.PULLEY.LT Replaced by HOP-105307X, IDLER.PULLEY.LT. Replaced by: 583645001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105307X > 583645001 wt=.602 wt=.602
105313X: 105313X AY Part number 105313X PULLEY LT Replaced by HOP-105313X, PULLEY LT. Replaced by: 583645101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105313X > 583645101 wt=.873 wt=.873
105315X: 105315X AY Part number 105315X NLA Replaced by HOP-105315X, NLA
105317X: 105317X AY Part number 105317X BRACKET ASM Replaced by HOP-105317X, BRACKET ASM
105318X: 105318X AY Part number 105318X HANDLE LH TI Replaced by HOP-105318X, HANDLE LH TI
105338X: 105338X AY Part number 105338X MAN LA019BR Replaced by HOP-105338X, MAN LA019BR
105345X: 105345X AY Part number 105345X GEAR TI wt=.981
105346X: 105346X AY Part number 105346X GEAR TI Replaced by HOP-105346X, GEAR TI. Replaced by: 532105346 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105346X > 532105346 wt=1.067 wt=1.067
105349X: 105349X AY Part number 105349X *** N.L.A. 6/6 (BRACKET) *** Replaced by HOP-105349X, *** N.L.A. 6/6 (BRACKET) ***
105358X: 105358X AY Part number 105358X SHIELD-DIRT TI wt=.452
105365X: 105365X AY Part number 105365X NLA Replaced by HOP-105365X, NLA
105371X: 105371X AY Part number 105371X Sub= 150109
105372X: 105372X AY Part number 105372X TRAY, BATTERY LT Replaced by HOP-105372X, TRAY, BATTERY LT. Replaced by: 583645301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105372X > 583645301 wt=.133 wt=.133
105373X: 105373X AY Part number 105373X NLA Replaced by HOP-105373X, NLA
105374X: 105374X AY Part number 105374X NLA Replaced by HOP-105374X, NLA
105378X: 105378X AY Part number 105378X SHAFT TINE CRT This item is part of the superseding sequence 674A294 > 105378X wt=4.16
105380X: 105380X AY Part number 105380X Sub= 144200 This item is part of the superseding sequence 104778X > 105380X
105381X: 105381X AY Part number 105381X Sub= 110712X
105382X: 105382X AY Part number 105382X Sub= 108240X
105383X: 105383X AY Part number 105383X KIT CONTROL CRT Replaced by HOP-105383X, KIT CONTROL CRT wt=.496 wt=.496
105386X: 105386X AY Part number 105386X HARNESS LT Replaced by HOP-105386X, HARNESS LT wt=.304 wt=.304
105387X: 105387X AY Part number 105387X NLA Replaced by HOP-105387X, NLA
105391X: 105391X AY Part number 105391X TRANSMISSION TI Replaced by HOP-105391X, TRANSMISSION TI. Replaced by: 583645401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105391X > 583645401 wt=15 wt=15
105397X: 105397X AY Part number 105397X Sub= 532126669 Replaced by HOP-105397X, Sub= 532126669. Replaced by: 532126669 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105397X > 532126669
105398X: 105398X AY Part number 105398X COVER ASM.TR Replaced by HOP-105398X, COVER ASM.TR
105399X: 105399X AY Part number 105399X COVER ASM.TR Replaced by HOP-105399X, COVER ASM.TR
105413X: 105413X AY Part number 105413X PIVOT STUD GT Replaced by HOP-105413X, PIVOT STUD GT. Replaced by: 532105413 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105413X > 532105413 wt=.164 wt=.164
105414X: 105414X AY Part number 105414X *** N.L.A. 7/97 ( DECAL) *** Replaced by HOP-105414X, *** N.L.A. 7/97 ( DECAL) ***
105415X: 105415X AY Part number 105415X Sub= 144730 Replaced by HOP-105415X, Sub= 144730
105419X: 105419X AY Part number 105419X STRAP GRILL ** Replaced by HOP-105419X, STRAP GRILL **
105419X388: 105419X388 AY Part number 105419X388 NLA Replaced by HOP-105419X388, NLA
105419X392: 105419X392 AY Part number 105419X392 STRAP GRILL Replaced by HOP-105419X392, STRAP GRILL
105419X417: 105419X417 AY Part number 105419X417 STRAP,GRILL Replaced by HOP-105419X417, STRAP GRILL
105419X418: 105419X418 AY Part number 105419X418 STRAP.GRILLE Replaced by HOP-105419X418, STRAP.GRILLE
105419X419: 105419X419 AY Part number 105419X419 STRAP,GRILL * Replaced by HOP-105419X419, STRAP GRILL *
105419X421: 105419X421 AY Part number 105419X421 GRILL STRAP Replaced by HOP-105419X421, GRILL STRAP
105419X423: 105419X423 AY Part number 105419X423 STRAP,GRILL * Replaced by HOP-105419X423, STRAP GRILL *
105419X424: 105419X424 AY Part number 105419X424 STRAP,GRILL Replaced by HOP-105419X424, STRAP GRILL
105419X473: 105419X473 AY Part number 105419X473 STRAP,GRILL Replaced by HOP-105419X473, STRAP GRILL
105419X475: 105419X475 AY Part number 105419X475 STRAP,GRILL * Replaced by HOP-105419X475, STRAP GRILL *
105419X496: 105419X496 AY Part number 105419X496 STRAP,GRILL *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105419X496, STRAP GRILL *NLA*
105419X505: 105419X505 AY Part number 105419X505 GRILL STRAP Replaced by HOP-105419X505, GRILL STRAP
105419X520: 105419X520 AY Part number 105419X520 STRAP.GRILL Replaced by HOP-105419X520, STRAP.GRILL
105429X: 105429X AY Part number 105429X SUSPENSION ARM GT Replaced by HOP-105429X, SUSPENSION ARM GT wt=1.437 wt=1.437
105432X: 105432X AY Part number 105432X BUSHING. Replaced by HOP-105432X, BUSHING.. Replaced by: 532105432 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105432X > 532105432 wt=.044 wt=.044
105433X: 105433X AY Part number 105433X SUSP BRKT GT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105433 > 105433X Replaced by HOP-105433X, SUSP BRKT GT wt=.886 wt=.886
105434X: 105434X AY Part number 105434X SUSP BRACE GT Replaced by HOP-105434X, SUSP BRACE GT. Replaced by: 532105434 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105434X > 532105434 wt=1.68 wt=1.68
105435X: 105435X AY Part number 105435X RELEASE PIN GT Replaced by HOP-105435X, RELEASE PIN GT. Replaced by: 532105435 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105435X > 532105435 wt=.436 wt=.436
105436X: 105436X AY Part number 105436X SUSP PLATE GT Replaced by HOP-105436X, SUSP PLATE GT wt=3.24 wt=3.24
105440X: 105440X AY Part number 105440X CLEVIS PIN GT Replaced by HOP-105440X, CLEVIS PIN GT wt=.049 wt=.049
105441X: 105441X AY Part number 105441X SUSP BRKT GT Replaced by HOP-105441X, SUSP BRKT GT wt=.506 wt=.506
105448X: 105448X AY Part number 105448X GUAGE WHL BRKT GT Replaced by HOP-105448X, GUAGE WHL BRKT GT wt=1.687 wt=1.687
105449X: 105449X AY Part number 105449X GUAGE WHL BRKT GT Replaced by HOP-105449X, GUAGE WHL BRKT GT wt=1.637 wt=1.637
105453X: 105453X AY Part number 105453X GUAGE WHL BAR GT Replaced by HOP-105453X, GUAGE WHL BAR GT wt=1.284 wt=1.284
105455X: 105455X AY Part number 105455X WHEEL.GAGE.BLK.PL Replaced by HOP-105455X, WHEEL.GAGE.BLK.PL. Replaced by: 532105455 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105455X > 532105455 wt=.535 wt=.535
105456X: 105456X AY Part number 105456X OUTER BRKT RH GT *SUBS/2* Replaced by HOP-105456X, OUTER BRKT RH GT *SUBS/2*
105457X: 105457X AY Part number 105457X OUTER BRKT LH GT Replaced by HOP-105457X, OUTER BRKT LH GT wt=1.07 wt=1.07
105458X: 105458X AY Part number 105458X BRACKET T Replaced by HOP-105458X, BRACKET T wt=.896 wt=.896
105460X: 105460X AY Part number 105460X INNER BRKT RH GT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105460 > 105460X wt=1.007
105461X: 105461X AY Part number 105461X INNER BRKT LH GT Replaced by HOP-105461X, INNER BRKT LH GT. Replaced by: 583645601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105461X > 583645601 wt=1.111 wt=1.111
105464X366: 105464X366 AY Part number 105464X366 FOOTREST RH T Replaced by HOP-105464X366, FOOTREST RH T
105464X388: 105464X388 AY Part number 105464X388 R.H. FOOTREST Replaced by HOP-105464X388, R.H. FOOTREST
105464X390: 105464X390 AY Part number 105464X390 FOOTREST * Replaced by HOP-105464X390, FOOTREST *
105464X392: 105464X392 AY Part number 105464X392 FOOTREST RH * Replaced by HOP-105464X392, FOOTREST RH *
105464X393: 105464X393 AY Part number 105464X393 FOOTREST RH Replaced by HOP-105464X393, FOOTREST RH
105464X419: 105464X419 AY Part number 105464X419 FOOTREST RH Replaced by HOP-105464X419, FOOTREST RH
105464X423: 105464X423 AY Part number 105464X423 FOOTREST *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105464X423, FOOTREST *NLA*
105464X424: 105464X424 AY Part number 105464X424 FOOTREST.RH. Replaced by: 145243X424 > 179717X424 > 179717X428 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105464X424 > 145243X424 > 179717X424 > 179717X428
105464X429: 105464X429 AY Part number 105464X429 FOOTREST RH * Replaced by HOP-105464X429, FOOTREST RH *
105464X496: 105464X496 AY Part number 105464X496 FOOTREST, RH ** Replaced by HOP-105464X496, FOOTREST RH **
105464X505: 105464X505 AY Part number 105464X505 FOOTREST.RH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145243X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105464X505 > 145243X505
105464X520: 105464X520 AY Part number 105464X520 FOOTREST.PNT.RH. Replaced by: 145243X520 > 179717X520 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105464X520 > 145243X520 > 179717X520
105465X361: 105465X361 AY Part number 105465X361 Sub= 145244X417. Replaced by: 105465X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105465X361 > 105465X417
105465X366: 105465X366 AY Part number 105465X366 FOOTREST Replaced by HOP-105465X366, FOOTREST
105465X388: 105465X388 AY Part number 105465X388 FOOTREST LH YT Replaced by HOP-105465X388, FOOTREST LH YT
105465X390: 105465X390 AY Part number 105465X390 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105465X390, FOOTREST LH
105465X392: 105465X392 AY Part number 105465X392 FOOTREST LH * Replaced by HOP-105465X392, FOOTREST LH *
105465X393: 105465X393 AY Part number 105465X393 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105465X393, FOOTREST LH
105465X417: 105465X417 AY Part number 105465X417 Sub= 145244X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105465X361 > 105465X417
105465X423: 105465X423 AY Part number 105465X423 FOOTREST *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105465X423, FOOTREST *NLA*
105465X428: 105465X428 AY Part number 105465X428 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105465X428, FOOTREST LH
105465X429: 105465X429 AY Part number 105465X429 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105465X429, FOOTREST LH
105465X459: 105465X459 AY Part number 105465X459 FOOTREST.PNT.LH. Replaced by: 145244X574 > 179716X574 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105465X459 > 145244X574 > 179716X574
105465X496: 105465X496 AY Part number 105465X496 FOOTREST, LH Replaced by HOP-105465X496, FOOTREST LH
105465X505: 105465X505 AY Part number 105465X505 FOOTREST.LH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145244X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105465X505 > 145244X505
105465X520: 105465X520 AY Part number 105465X520 FOOTREST.LH Replaced by HOP-105465X520, FOOTREST.LH
105466X: 105466X AY Part number 105466X Sub= 108256X Replaced by HOP-105466X, Sub= 108256X
105474X: 105474X AY Part number 105474X TRANSAXLE GTV Replaced by HOP-105474X, TRANSAXLE GTV
105475X: 105475X AY Part number 105475X FOOTREST RH T
105475X361: 105475X361 AY Part number 105475X361 FOOTREST RH T Replaced by HOP-105475X361, FOOTREST RH T
105475X394: 105475X394 AY Part number 105475X394 FOOTREST RH Replaced by HOP-105475X394, FOOTREST RH
105475X417: 105475X417 AY Part number 105475X417 FOOTREST.RH.LT/GT. Replaced by: 145243X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X417 > 145243X417
105475X418: 105475X418 AY Part number 105475X418 FOOTREST.RH.LT/GT. Replaced by: 145243X418 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X418 > 145243X418
105475X419: 105475X419 AY Part number 105475X419 FOOTREST.RH. Replaced by: 145243X550 > 179717X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X419 > 145243X550 > 179717X550
105475X420: 105475X420 AY Part number 105475X420 FOOTREST RH Replaced by HOP-105475X420, FOOTREST RH
105475X421: 105475X421 AY Part number 105475X421 RH FOOTREST Replaced by HOP-105475X421, RH FOOTREST
105475X423: 105475X423 AY Part number 105475X423 FOOTREST RH Replaced by HOP-105475X423, FOOTREST RH
105475X428: 105475X428 AY Part number 105475X428 FOOTREST RH *SUBS/2*
105475X473: 105475X473 AY Part number 105475X473 FOOTREST RH *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105475X473, FOOTREST RH *NLA*
105475X500: 105475X500 AY Part number 105475X500 FOOTREST RH PERF Replaced by HOP-105475X500, FOOTREST RH PERF
105475X505: 105475X505 AY Part number 105475X505 FOOTREST.RH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145243X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X505 > 145243X505
105475X520: 105475X520 AY Part number 105475X520 FOOTREST.RH.PERF. Replaced by HOP-105475X520, FOOTREST.RH.PERF.
105475X550: 105475X550 AY Part number 105475X550 FOOTREST.RH. Replaced by: 145243X550 > 179717X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X550 > 145243X550 > 179717X550
105475X558: 105475X558 AY Part number 105475X558 FOOTREST.RH.LT/YT. Replaced by: 145243X558 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X558 > 145243X558
105475X598: 105475X598 AY Part number 105475X598 FOOTREST.PNT.RH *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145243X598 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105475X598 > 145243X598
105476X: 105476X AY Part number 105476X FOOTREST LH T Replaced by HOP-105476X, FOOTREST LH T
105476X361: 105476X361 AY Part number 105476X361 FOOTREST T Replaced by HOP-105476X361, FOOTREST T
105476X394: 105476X394 AY Part number 105476X394 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105476X394, FOOTREST LH
105476X417: 105476X417 AY Part number 105476X417 FOOTREST.PNT.LH. Replaced by: 145244X417 > 179716X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X417 > 145244X417 > 179716X417
105476X418: 105476X418 AY Part number 105476X418 FOOTREST.LH *SUBS/2*
105476X419: 105476X419 AY Part number 105476X419 FOOTREST.LH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145244X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X419 > 145244X550
105476X420: 105476X420 AY Part number 105476X420 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105476X420, FOOTREST LH
105476X421: 105476X421 AY Part number 105476X421 LH FOOTREST Replaced by HOP-105476X421, LH FOOTREST
105476X423: 105476X423 AY Part number 105476X423 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105476X423, FOOTREST LH
105476X428: 105476X428 AY Part number 105476X428 FOOTREST LH *SUBS/2*
105476X473: 105476X473 AY Part number 105476X473 FOOTREST LH Replaced by HOP-105476X473, FOOTREST LH
105476X500: 105476X500 AY Part number 105476X500 FOOTREST LH PERF Replaced by HOP-105476X500, FOOTREST LH PERF
105476X505: 105476X505 AY Part number 105476X505 FOOTREST.LH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145244X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X505 > 145244X505
105476X520: 105476X520 AY Part number 105476X520 FOOTREST.LH.PERF Replaced by HOP-105476X520, FOOTREST.LH.PERF
105476X550: 105476X550 AY Part number 105476X550 FOOTREST.LH.LT/GT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 145244X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X550 > 145244X550
105476X558: 105476X558 AY Part number 105476X558 FOOTREST.LH.YT/GT. Replaced by: 145244X558 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X558 > 145244X558
105476X598: 105476X598 AY Part number 105476X598 FOOTREST.LH. Replaced by: 145244X598 > 179716X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105476X598 > 145244X598 > 179716X550
105477X: 105477X AY Part number 105477X Sub= 121657X
105483X: 105483X AY Part number 105483X Sub= 136819
105487X: 105487X AY Part number 105487X NLA Replaced by HOP-105487X, NLA
105492X: 105492X AY Part number 105492X REPLACED BY: ROP108512X
105493X: 105493X AY Part number 105493X PIVOT GRILL LH T. Replaced by: 108513X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105493X > 108513X
105494X: 105494X AY Part number 105494X Sub= 108508X
105495X: 105495X AY Part number 105495X Sub= 108509X
105500X: 105500X AY Part number 105500X BELT RETAINER GT Replaced by HOP-105500X, BELT RETAINER GT wt=.133 wt=.133
105501X: 105501X AY Part number 105501X SUSP BRACKET T Replaced by HOP-105501X, SUSP BRACKET T wt=.544 wt=.544
105503X: 105503X AY Part number 105503X LIFT LINK RH T Replaced by HOP-105503X, LIFT LINK RH T wt=.312 wt=.312
105505X: 105505X AY Part number 105505X Sub= 121794X
105508X: 105508X AY Part number 105508X BRKT FENDER T Replaced by HOP-105508X, BRKT FENDER T
105509X: 105509X AY Part number 105509X Sub= 137113
105512X: 105512X AY Part number 105512X SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-105512X, SPRING LT wt=.331
105513X: 105513X AY Part number 105513X REPLACED BY: ROP140551. Replaced by: 126656X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105513X > 126656X
105514X: 105514X AY Part number 105514X CLAMP, SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-105514X, CLAMP, SPRING LT. Replaced by: 583646001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105514X > 583646001
105515X: 105515X AY Part number 105515X Sub= 140121
105516X: 105516X AY Part number 105516X PAN.ASM.SEAT. Replaced by: 140552 > 155925 > 182493 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105516X > 140552 > 155925 > 182493
105518X: 105518X AY Part number 105518X DASH-LOWER YT wt=3.864
105519X: 105519X AY Part number 105519X LOWER DASH GT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105519 > 105519X Replaced by HOP-105519X, LOWER DASH GT
105520X: 105520X AY Part number 105520X PANEL-SIDE RH T Replaced by HOP-105520X, PANEL-SIDE RH T
105522X: 105522X AY Part number 105522X PANEL-DASH RH T Replaced by HOP-105522X, PANEL-DASH RH T wt=3.99 wt=3.99
105523X: 105523X AY Part number 105523X PANEL DASH LH. Replaced by: 124118X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105523X > 124118X
105525X: 105525X AY Part number 105525X BRKT-SUPPORT YT
105527X: 105527X AY Part number 105527X Sub= 532121046. Replaced by: 121046X This item is part of the superseding sequence 105527X > 121046X
105528X: 105528X AY Part number 105528X GRILL YT T Replaced by HOP-105528X, GRILL YT T
105529X: 105529X AY Part number 105529X Sub= 139888
105531X: 105531X AY Part number 105531X NUT-PUSH YT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105531 > 105531X Replaced by HOP-105531X, NUT-PUSH YT wt=.013
105539X: 105539X AY Part number 105539X FENDER.PNT.YTGT.. Replaced by: 121642X417 > 167285X417 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105539X > 121642X417 > 167285X417
105559X: 105559X AY Part number 105559X SHIELD-HEAT GT Replaced by HOP-105559X, SHIELD-HEAT GT
105561X: 105561X AY Part number 105561X DECAL-16 HP YT Replaced by HOP-105561X, DECAL-16 HP YT
105562X: 105562X AY Part number 105562X DECAL GT Replaced by HOP-105562X, DECAL GT
105567X: 105567X AY Part number 105567X DECAL-CHASSIS GT Replaced by HOP-105567X, DECAL-CHASSIS GT
105568X: 105568X AY Part number 105568X NLA Replaced by HOP-105568X, NLA
105570X: 105570X AY Part number 105570X NLA Replaced by HOP-105570X, NLA
105571X: 105571X AY Part number 105571X NLA Replaced by HOP-105571X, NLA
105572X: 105572X AY Part number 105572X *****N.L.A. 4/96 (DECAL)***** Replaced by HOP-105572X, *****N.L.A. 4/96 (DECAL)*****
105573X: 105573X AY Part number 105573X HEAT BRACE GT Replaced by HOP-105573X, HEAT BRACE GT
105574X: 105574X AY Part number 105574X *** N.L.A. 4/96 (LH MUFFLER) * Replaced by HOP-105574X, *** N.L.A. 4/96 (LH MUFFLER) *
105575X: 105575X AY Part number 105575X MUFFLER Replaced by HOP-105575X, MUFFLER
105588X: 105588X AY Part number 105588X Sub= 122077X
105589X: 105589X AY Part number 105589X ENGINE BELT GUARD wt=.42
105592X: 105592X AY Part number 105592X CLUTCH BRACKET GT Replaced by HOP-105592X, CLUTCH BRACKET GT. Replaced by: 583646401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105592X > 583646401 wt=.838 wt=.838
105597X: 105597X AY Part number 105597X BELT RETAINER GT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105597 > 105597X Replaced by HOP-105597X, BELT RETAINER GT. Replaced by: 583646501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105597X > 583646501 wt=.082 wt=.082
105598X: 105598X AY Part number 105598X ROD BRACKET GT Replaced by HOP-105598X, ROD BRACKET GT. Replaced by: 532105598 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105598X > 532105598 wt=.302 wt=.302
105599X: 105599X AY Part number 105599X BRACKET-DRIVE GT Replaced by HOP-105599X, BRACKET-DRIVE GT wt=1.552 wt=1.552
105600X: 105600X AY Part number 105600X NLA Replaced by HOP-105600X, NLA
105611X: 105611X AY Part number 105611X Sub= 918105611X
105620X: 105620X AY Part number 105620X DASH LT
105621X: 105621X AY Part number 105621X DASH-LOWER LT Replaced by HOP-105621X, DASH-LOWER LT
105624X: 105624X AY Part number 105624X LIFT HUB-LEVE T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532105624 > 105624X wt=.87
105630: 105630 AY Part number 105630 REPLACED BY: ROP105630X
105630X: 105630X AY Part number 105630X WASHER YT Replaced by HOP-105630X, WASHER YT wt=.011 wt=.011
105633X: 105633X AY Part number 105633X LIFT SHAFT GT Replaced by HOP-105633X, LIFT SHAFT GT
105640X: 105640X AY Part number 105640X STRAP, TORQUE T Replaced by HOP-105640X, STRAP, TORQUE T. Replaced by: 583646701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105640X > 583646701 wt=.488 wt=.488
105641X: 105641X AY Part number 105641X SHAFT-STEERIN T Replaced by HOP-105641X, SHAFT-STEERIN T wt=2.138 wt=2.138
105643X: 105643X AY Part number 105643X Sub= 123136X
105646X: 105646X AY Part number 105646X BRACKET-SLEEV T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105646X, BRACKET-SLEEV T *NLA* wt=.048 wt=.048
105647X: 105647X AY Part number 105647X NLA Replaced by HOP-105647X, NLA
105653X: 105653X AY Part number 105653X Sub= 130897
105654X: 105654X AY Part number 105654X Sub= 130524
105655X: 105655X AY Part number 105655X SPINDLE LH YT Replaced by HOP-105655X, SPINDLE LH YT
105656X: 105656X AY Part number 105656X SPINDLE-LH LT Replaced by HOP-105656X, SPINDLE-LH LT
105662X: 105662X AY Part number 105662X LINK.PARALLEL Replaced by HOP-105662X, LINK.PARALLEL wt=3.335 wt=3.335
105663X: 105663X AY Part number 105663X SUPPORT-SADDL T Replaced by HOP-105663X, SUPPORT-SADDL T wt=1.46 wt=1.46
105664X: 105664X AY Part number 105664X SUPPORT.SADDLE.FT Replaced by HOP-105664X, SUP-SADDLE FRT LT. Replaced by: 532105664 This item is part of the superseding sequence 105664X > 532105664 wt=1.559 wt=1.559
105668: 105668 AY Part number 105668 REPLACED BY: ROP105668X
105668X: 105668X AY Part number 105668X SADDLE.AXLE.12GA. *NLA* Replaced by HOP-105668X, SADDLE.AXLE.12GA. *NLA*
105669X: 105669X AY Part number 105669X Sub= 108075X Replaced by HOP-105669X, Sub= 108075X
105676X: 105676X AY Part number 105676X WHEEL.LH.DR.
105678X: 105678X AY Part number 105678X GRILL ASM LT Replaced by HOP-105678X, GRILL ASM LT
105682X417: 105682X417 AY Part number 105682X417 HOOD Replaced by HOP-105682X417, HOOD
105682X418: 105682X418 AY Part number 105682X418 HOOD Replaced by HOP-105682X418, HOOD
105682X419: 105682X419 AY Part number 105682X419 HOOD ASM * Replaced by HOP-105682X419, HOOD ASM *
105682X421: 105682X421 AY Part number 105682X421 NLA Replaced by HOP-105682X421, NLA
105682X423: 105682X423 AY Part number 105682X423 HOOD ASM Replaced by HOP-105682X423, HOOD ASM
105682X424: 105682X424 AY Part number 105682X424 Sub= 128561X424
105682X427: 105682X427 AY Part number 105682X427 HOOD.ASM. Replaced by HOP-105682X427, HOOD.ASM.

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