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106530X: 106530X AY Part number 106530X SPRING-EXT YT Replaced by HOP-106530X, SPRING-EXT YT wt=.174 wt=.174
106531X: 106531X AY Part number 106531X SPRING YT Replaced by HOP-106531X, SPRING YT (1 2) (L B). Replaced by: 583651301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106531X > 583651301 wt=.175 wt=.175
106548X: 106548X AY Part number 106548X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1. Replaced by: 109203X This item is part of the superseding sequence 106548X > 109203X
106549X: 106549X AY Part number 106549X KIT.HALVES.G. Replaced by: 121147X > 139544 > 150698 > 407383 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106549X > 121147X > 139544 > 150698 > 407383
106561X: 106561X AY Part number 106561X NLA Replaced by HOP-106561X, NLA
106570X: 106570X AY Part number 106570X GEARCASE L.H Replaced by HOP-106570X, GEARCASE L.H
106577X: 106577X AY Part number 106577X BRAKE.ASM.LT. Replaced by HOP-106577X, BRAKE.ASSY.LT.. Replaced by: 583651401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106577X > 583651401 wt=.231 wt=.231
106578X: 106578X AY Part number 106578X BRAKE LT Replaced by HOP-106578X, BRAKE LT. Replaced by: 532106578 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106578X > 532106578 wt=.15 wt=.15
106579X: 106579X AY Part number 106579X NLA Replaced by HOP-106579X, NLA
106580X: 106580X AY Part number 106580X NLA Replaced by HOP-106580X, NLA
106582X: 106582X AY Part number 106582X *** N.L.A. 10/96 (IGNITION HAR Replaced by HOP-106582X, *** N.L.A. 10/96 (IGNITION HAR
106583X: 106583X AY Part number 106583X ADAPTER LT* Replaced by HOP-106583X, ADAPTER LT*
106586X: 106586X AY Part number 106586X WASHER PLAIN wt=.012
106587X: 106587X AY Part number 106587X WASHER, PLAIN LT wt=.013
106588X: 106588X AY Part number 106588X WASHER, PLAIN LT Replaced by HOP-106588X, WASHER PLAIN LT wt=.015 wt=.015
106589X: 106589X AY Part number 106589X GEAR, SPUR 25T LT Replaced by HOP-106589X, GEAR, SPUR 25T LT. Replaced by: 583651701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106589X > 583651701 wt=.432 wt=.432
106590X: 106590X AY Part number 106590X AXLE, LH LT Replaced by HOP-106590X, AXLE LH LT
106591X: 106591X AY Part number 106591X MITER GEAR * SHORT DISC * Replaced by HOP-106591X, MITER GEAR * SHORT DISC *
106592X: 106592X AY Part number 106592X MITER GEAR * SHORT DISC * Replaced by HOP-106592X, MITER GEAR * SHORT DISC *
106593X: 106593X AY Part number 106593X R.H. AXLE * SHORT DISC * Replaced by HOP-106593X, R.H. AXLE * SHORT DISC *
106594X: 106594X AY Part number 106594X Sub= 108763X Replaced by HOP-106594X, Sub= 108763X
106596X: 106596X AY Part number 106596X SCREW, TAPPING LT Replaced by HOP-106596X, SCREW TAPPING LT
106597X: 106597X AY Part number 106597X ASM KIT INPUT * Replaced by HOP-106597X, ASM KIT INPUT *
106598X: 106598X AY Part number 106598X NLA Replaced by HOP-106598X, NLA
106599X: 106599X AY Part number 106599X NLA Replaced by HOP-106599X, NLA
106605X: 106605X AY Part number 106605X Sub= 167148
106606X: 106606X AY Part number 106606X BRAKE ARM LT Replaced by HOP-106606X, BRAKE ARM LT wt=.797 wt=.797
106610X: 106610X AY Part number 106610X BRKT ASM TI Replaced by HOP-106610X, BRKT ASM TI
106617X: 106617X AY Part number 106617X NLA Replaced by HOP-106617X, NLA
106632X: 106632X AY Part number 106632X SHIFT PLATE LT wt=.441
106634X: 106634X AY Part number 106634X Sub= 25036
106635X: 106635X AY Part number 106635X Sub= 25034
106637X: 106637X AY Part number 106637X SUPPORT BRKT GT Replaced by HOP-106637X, SUPPORT BRKT GT
106644X: 106644X AY Part number 106644X Sub= 121006X
106648X: 106648X AY Part number 106648X BOLT KIT Replaced by HOP-106648X, BOLT KIT
106660X: 106660X AY Part number 106660X LIFT LINK * REPL 102911X * Replaced by HOP-106660X, LIFT LINK * REPL 102911X *
106661X: 106661X AY Part number 106661X NLA Replaced by HOP-106661X, NLA
106662X: 106662X AY Part number 106662X LINK LIFT LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 100654K > 106662X wt=.08
106663X: 106663X AY Part number 106663X NLA Replaced by HOP-106663X, NLA
106666X: 106666X AY Part number 106666X NLA Replaced by HOP-106666X, NLA
106674X: 106674X AY Part number 106674X PLATE-SPACER GT wt=.15
106678X: 106678X AY Part number 106678X THROTTLE CNTRL LT Replaced by HOP-106678X, THROTTLE CNTRL LT wt=.443 wt=.443
106679X: 106679X AY Part number 106679X DECAL.WARNING.T Replaced by HOP-106679X, DECAL.WARNING.T
106726X: 106726X AY Part number 106726X *****N.L.A. 8/96 (HOOD LATCH K Replaced by HOP-106726X, *****N.L.A. 8/96 (HOOD LATCH K
106729X: 106729X AY Part number 106729X BELT-V.47.0 Replaced by HOP-106729X, BELT-V.47.0. Replaced by: 583652201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106729X > 583652201 wt=.376 wt=.376
106729XR: 106729XR AY Part number 106729XR Sub= 106729X
106730X: 106730X AY Part number 106730X ROD CLUTCH YT wt=.748
106732X: 106732X AY Part number 106732X Sub= 106732X417
106732X311: 106732X311 AY Part number 106732X311 RIM.ASM.6"FRONT.WHITE. Replaced by: 106732X427 > 106732X624 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X311 > 106732X427 > 106732X624
106732X361: 106732X361 AY Part number 106732X361 Sub= 106732X417
106732X417: 106732X417 AY Part number 106732X417 RIM,FRT T Replaced by HOP-106732X417, RIM,FRT T. Replaced by: 532106732 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X417 > 532106732 wt=3.227 wt=3.227
106732X418: 106732X418 AY Part number 106732X418 RIM.ASM.6".FRONT.GREY Replaced by HOP-106732X418, RIM.ASM.6".FRONT.GREY. Replaced by: 532182375 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X418 > 532182375
106732X421: 106732X421 AY Part number 106732X421 RIM.FRONT.6.YELLO Replaced by HOP-106732X421, RIM,FRT T. Replaced by: 106732421 > 532125121 > 532106732 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X421 > 106732421 > 532125121 > 532106732 wt=3.278 wt=3.278
106732X427: 106732X427 AY Part number 106732X427 RIM.ASM.6"FRONT.WHITE. Replaced by: 106732X624 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X427 > 106732X624 wt=3.31
106732X428: 106732X428 AY Part number 106732X428 RIM ASM 6 FRONT BLACK Replaced by HOP-106732X428, RIM ASM.6"FRONT.BLACK.SERVICE. Replaced by: 583652401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X428 > 583652401
106732X431: 106732X431 AY Part number 106732X431 RIM.ASM.6"FRONT(W.GREY).643 Replaced by HOP-106732X431, RIM.ASM.6"FRONT.MATTE.BLK.SERV. Replaced by: 532439673 > 583652501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X431 > 532439673 > 583652501 wt=3.359 wt=3.359
106732X471: 106732X471 AY Part number 106732X471 RIM ASM 6" FRT wt=3.8
106732X473: 106732X473 AY Part number 106732X473 RIM.ASM.6"FRONT Replaced by HOP-106732X473, RIM.ASM.6 FRONT
106732X475: 106732X475 AY Part number 106732X475 RIM,FRT 6" Replaced by HOP-106732X475, RIM FRT 6 wt=3.593 wt=3.593
106732X480: 106732X480 AY Part number 106732X480 RIM ASM. FRONT Replaced by HOP-106732X480, RIM ASM. FRONT
106732X551: 106732X551 AY Part number 106732X551 RIM.ASM.6"FRONT.WHITE. Replaced by: 106732X624 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X551 > 106732X624 wt=3.373
106732X598: 106732X598 AY Part number 106732X598 RIM.ASM.6"FRONT.(SAGE) wt=3
106732X612: 106732X612 AY Part number 106732X612 RIM.ASM.6" Replaced by HOP-106732X612, RIM.ASM.6
106732X613: 106732X613 AY Part number 106732X613 RIM ASM.6".F Replaced by HOP-106732X613, RIM ASM.6".FRONT(S.GREY).613. Replaced by: 583652701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X613 > 583652701 wt=3.486 wt=3.486
106732X623: 106732X623 AY Part number 106732X623 RIM.ASM.6"FR Replaced by HOP-106732X623, RIM.ASM.6 FR
106732X624: 106732X624 AY Part number 106732X624 RIM.ASM.6"FRONT.WHITE This item is part of the superseding sequence 137237X624 > 106732X624 Replaced by HOP-106732X624, RIM.ASM.6"FRONT.WHITE. Replaced by: 584459201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X624 > 584459201 wt=3.242 wt=3.242
106732X643: 106732X643 AY Part number 106732X643 RIM.ASM.6"FR
106732X645: 106732X645 AY Part number 106732X645 RIM.ASM.6"FRONT Replaced by HOP-106732X645, RIM,FRT T. Replaced by: 583652801 > 532106732 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106732X645 > 583652801 > 532106732 wt=3.464 wt=3.464
106734X: 106734X AY Part number 106734X Sub= 123713X Replaced by HOP-106734X, Sub= 123713X
106735X: 106735X AY Part number 106735X ROD-HINGE T Replaced by HOP-106735X, ROD-HINGE T. Replaced by: 532106735 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106735X > 532106735 wt=.216 wt=.216
106736: 106736 AY Part number 106736 DEFLECTOR SHIELD 38". Replaced by: 106736X This item is part of the superseding sequence 106736 > 106736X
106736X: 106736X AY Part number 106736X DEFLECTOR SHIELD 38" This item is part of the superseding sequence 106736 > 106736X
106736X428: 106736X428 AY Part number 106736X428 SHILED.DEFLECTOR.MOWER.38.BLK Replaced by HOP-106736X428, SHILED.DEFLECTOR.MOWER.38.BLK. Replaced by: 532106736 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106736X428 > 532106736 wt=1.3 wt=1.3
106737X: 106737X AY Part number 106737X MANUAL* Replaced by HOP-106737X, MANUAL*. Replaced by: 917106737 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106737X > 917106737
106738X: 106738X AY Part number 106738X ***** N.L.A. 9-11-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-106738X, ***** N.L.A. 9-11-91 *****
106755X: 106755X AY Part number 106755X DEFLECTOR SHLD LT Replaced by HOP-106755X, DEFLECTOR SHLD LT
106780X: 106780X AY Part number 106780X REPLACED BY: ROP7190J
106782X: 106782X AY Part number 106782X T, BEARING Replaced by HOP-106782X, T, BEARING. Replaced by: 583652901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106782X > 583652901 wt=.436 wt=.436
106784X: 106784X AY Part number 106784X Sub= 155013
106791X: 106791X AY Part number 106791X NLA Replaced by HOP-106791X, NLA
106792X: 106792X AY Part number 106792X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP5. Replaced by: 121043X This item is part of the superseding sequence 106792X > 121043X
106796X: 106796X AY Part number 106796X DASHBOARD T * Replaced by HOP-106796X, DASHBOARD T *
106803X: 106803X AY Part number 106803X MAN GT180BT/ Replaced by HOP-106803X, MAN GT180BT/
106810X: 106810X AY Part number 106810X SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-106810X, SPRING LT wt=.079 wt=.079
106811X: 106811X AY Part number 106811X NLA Replaced by HOP-106811X, NLA
106812X: 106812X AY Part number 106812X NLA Replaced by HOP-106812X, NLA
106813X: 106813X AY Part number 106813X NLA Replaced by HOP-106813X, NLA
106814X: 106814X AY Part number 106814X NLA Replaced by HOP-106814X, NLA
106815X: 106815X AY Part number 106815X Sub= 127073X Replaced by HOP-106815X, Sub= 127073X
106816X: 106816X AY Part number 106816X NLA Replaced by HOP-106816X, NLA wt=.033 wt=.033
106818X: 106818X AY Part number 106818X REPLACED BY: ROP101336K
106845X: 106845X AY Part number 106845X HOUSING UPPER FM Replaced by HOP-106845X, HOUSING UPPER FM
106846X: 106846X AY Part number 106846X Sub= 167148
106847X: 106847X AY Part number 106847X NLA Replaced by HOP-106847X, NLA
106850X: 106850X AY Part number 106850X *****N.L.A. 6/96 (LEVER)***** Replaced by HOP-106850X, *****N.L.A. 6/96 (LEVER)*****
106857X: 106857X AY Part number 106857X TINE ASM LH INNER This item is part of the superseding sequence 674H149 > 106857X
106858X: 106858X AY Part number 106858X TINE ASM RH *SU Replaced by HOP-106858X, TINE.ASM.INNER.RH.12". Replaced by: 165772 > 583017501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106858X > 165772 > 583017501 wt=1.65 wt=1.65
106859X: 106859X AY Part number 106859X TINE ASM LH *SU This item is part of the superseding sequence 674H151 > 106859X wt=1.729
106860X: 106860X AY Part number 106860X TINE ASM RH *SUBS/1* Replaced by HOP-106860X, TINE.ASM.OUTER.RH.12". Replaced by: 165774 > 583017701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106860X > 165774 > 583017701 wt=1.742 wt=1.742
106863X: 106863X AY Part number 106863X BELT-ENGINE TO DECK Replaced by HOP-106863X, BELT-ENGINE TO DECK wt=.57 wt=.57
106868X: 106868X AY Part number 106868X DECAL T Replaced by HOP-106868X, DECAL T
106872X: 106872X AY Part number 106872X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP5
106873X: 106873X AY Part number 106873X HARNESS Replaced by HOP-106873X, HARNESS
106884X: 106884X AY Part number 106884X Sub= 138955 Replaced by HOP-106884X, Sub= 138955
106885X: 106885X AY Part number 106885X WASHER #3736 Replaced by HOP-106885X, WASHER #3736 wt=.012 wt=.012
106888X: 106888X AY Part number 106888X SPRING ROD LT Replaced by HOP-106888X, SPRING ROD BRAKE. Replaced by: 532106888 > 532151332 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106888X > 532106888 > 532151332 wt=.064 wt=.064
106896X: 106896X AY Part number 106896X NLA Replaced by HOP-106896X, NLA
106897X: 106897X AY Part number 106897X NLA Replaced by HOP-106897X, NLA
106901X: 106901X AY Part number 106901X CLAMP,FUEL TANK Replaced by HOP-106901X, CLAMP FUEL TANK
106902X: 106902X AY Part number 106902X SPACER RETAINER Replaced by HOP-106902X, SPACER RETAINER. Replaced by: 532106902 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106902X > 532106902 wt=.155 wt=.155
106905X: 106905X AY Part number 106905X SPRING KIT T *NLA* Replaced by HOP-106905X, SPRING KIT T *NLA* wt=.076 wt=.076
106908X: 106908X AY Part number 106908X HYDRO ROD KIT F * Replaced by HOP-106908X, HYDRO ROD KIT F *
106909X: 106909X AY Part number 106909X SCREW LT Replaced by HOP-106909X, SCREW LT. Replaced by: 583653001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106909X > 583653001 wt=.027 wt=.027
106910X: 106910X AY Part number 106910X WASHER LT wt=.01
106911X: 106911X AY Part number 106911X CLIP LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106911 > 106911X Replaced by HOP-106911X, CLIP LT wt=.025
106915X: 106915X AY Part number 106915X ***** N.L.A. 7-1-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-106915X, ***** N.L.A. 7-1-91 *****
106918X: 106918X AY Part number 106918X ARM BRAKE LT Replaced by HOP-106918X, ARM BRAKE LT. Replaced by: 583653301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106918X > 583653301 wt=.507 wt=.507
106919X: 106919X AY Part number 106919X PLATE SHIFT LT Replaced by HOP-106919X, PLATE SHIFT LT
106920X: 106920X AY Part number 106920X PANEL LT * Replaced by HOP-106920X, PANEL LT * wt=2.941 wt=2.941
106921X: 106921X AY Part number 106921X PANEL LT * Replaced by HOP-106921X, PANEL LT *
106927X: 106927X AY Part number 106927X SIDE PANEL RH LT Replaced by HOP-106927X, SIDE PANEL RH LT
106927X393: 106927X393 AY Part number 106927X393 SIDE PANEL RH Replaced by HOP-106927X393, SIDE PANEL RH
106927X410: 106927X410 AY Part number 106927X410 PANEL,SIDE RH *NLA* Replaced by HOP-106927X410, PANEL SIDE RH *NLA*
106927X419: 106927X419 AY Part number 106927X419 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-106927X419, PANEL SIDE RH
106927X421: 106927X421 AY Part number 106927X421 SIDE PANEL RH Replaced by HOP-106927X421, SIDE PANEL RH
106927X423: 106927X423 AY Part number 106927X423 SIDE PANEL RH Replaced by HOP-106927X423, SIDE PANEL RH
106927X424: 106927X424 AY Part number 106927X424 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-106927X424, PANEL SIDE RH
106927X427: 106927X427 AY Part number 106927X427 PANEL.ASM.RH Replaced by HOP-106927X427, PANEL.ASM.RH
106927X475: 106927X475 AY Part number 106927X475 SIDE PANEL,RH Replaced by HOP-106927X475, SIDE PANEL RH
106927X505: 106927X505 AY Part number 106927X505 SIDE PANEL ASM RH Replaced by HOP-106927X505, SIDE PANEL ASM RH
106929X: 106929X AY Part number 106929X Sub= 106929X417 Replaced by HOP-106929X, Sub= 106929X417
106929X393: 106929X393 AY Part number 106929X393 SIDE PANEL LH Replaced by HOP-106929X393, SIDE PANEL LH
106929X410: 106929X410 AY Part number 106929X410 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-106929X410, PANEL SIDE LH
106929X417: 106929X417 AY Part number 106929X417 SIDE PANEL.ASM.LH Replaced by HOP-106929X417, SIDE PANEL.ASM.LH
106929X419: 106929X419 AY Part number 106929X419 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-106929X419, PANEL SIDE LH
106929X421: 106929X421 AY Part number 106929X421 SIDE PANEL LH Replaced by HOP-106929X421, SIDE PANEL LH
106929X423: 106929X423 AY Part number 106929X423 SIDE PANEL LH Replaced by HOP-106929X423, SIDE PANEL LH
106929X424: 106929X424 AY Part number 106929X424 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-106929X424, PANEL SIDE LH
106929X427: 106929X427 AY Part number 106929X427 PANEL.ASM.LH Replaced by HOP-106929X427, PANEL.ASM.LH
106929X475: 106929X475 AY Part number 106929X475 SIDE PANEL,LH Replaced by HOP-106929X475, SIDE PANEL LH
106929X505: 106929X505 AY Part number 106929X505 SIDE PANEL ASM LH Replaced by HOP-106929X505, SIDE PANEL ASM LH
106932X: 106932X AY Part number 106932X KNOB T(3/8 HOLE) Replaced by HOP-106932X, KNOB T(3/8 HOLE). Replaced by: 532106932 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106932X > 532106932 wt=.065 wt=.065
106933X: 106933X AY Part number 106933X KNOB T (1/2-HOLE) Replaced by HOP-106933X, KNOB T (1/2-HOLE). Replaced by: 532106933 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106933X > 532106933 wt=.06 wt=.06
106943X: 106943X AY Part number 106943X SPACER LT Replaced by HOP-106943X, SPACER LT wt=.105 wt=.105
106944X: 106944X AY Part number 106944X TUBE Replaced by HOP-106944X, TUBE
106945X: 106945X AY Part number 106945X TUBE YT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532106945 > 106945X Replaced by HOP-106945X, TUBE YT wt=.222
106947X: 106947X AY Part number 106947X NLA Replaced by HOP-106947X, NLA
106953X: 106953X AY Part number 106953X REV IDLER ARM TI Replaced by HOP-106953X, REV IDLER ARM TI
106954X: 106954X AY Part number 106954X BRACKET ASSEM TI Replaced by HOP-106954X, BRACKET ASSEM TI
106955X: 106955X AY Part number 106955X BRACKET ASM TI Replaced by HOP-106955X, BRACKET ASM TI
106956X: 106956X AY Part number 106956X BRACKET ASM TI Replaced by HOP-106956X, BRACKET ASM TI wt=.622 wt=.622
106965X: 106965X AY Part number 106965X PLATE.SUPT.BATTER. Replaced by: 137654 > 140181 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106965X > 137654 > 140181
106966X: 106966X AY Part number 106966X PANEL DASH HYT
106968X: 106968X AY Part number 106968X SHAFT IDLER TI Replaced by HOP-106968X, SHAFT IDLER TI. Replaced by: 532106968 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106968X > 532106968 wt=.056 wt=.056
106970X: 106970X AY Part number 106970X BELT GUARD TI Replaced by HOP-106970X, BELT GUARD TI
106970X021: 106970X021 AY Part number 106970X021 GUARD.BELT.SILKSC Replaced by HOP-106970X021, GUARD.BELT.SILKSC
106970X366: 106970X366 AY Part number 106970X366 BELT GUARD TI Replaced by HOP-106970X366, DECAL.RPLMT.PMST.42C. Replaced by: 532189080 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106970X366 > 532189080 wt=2.586 wt=2.586
106970X418: 106970X418 AY Part number 106970X418 GUARD,BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X418, GUARD BELT
106970X421: 106970X421 AY Part number 106970X421 GUARD,BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X421, GUARD BELT wt=2.548 wt=2.548
106970X424: 106970X424 AY Part number 106970X424 GRD,BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X424, GRD BELT
106970X428: 106970X428 AY Part number 106970X428 GUARD BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X428, GUARD BELT
106970X429: 106970X429 AY Part number 106970X429 GRD,BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X429, GRD BELT
106970X459: 106970X459 AY Part number 106970X459 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X459, GUARD BELT
106970X473: 106970X473 AY Part number 106970X473 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X473, GUARD BELT
106970X475: 106970X475 AY Part number 106970X475 GRD,BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X475, GRD BELT
106970X505: 106970X505 AY Part number 106970X505 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X505, GUARD BELT wt=2.447 wt=2.447
106970X550: 106970X550 AY Part number 106970X550 GUARD BELT
106970X574: 106970X574 AY Part number 106970X574 GUARD.BELT Replaced by HOP-106970X574, GUARD.BELT
106971X: 106971X AY Part number 106971X PLATE SHIFT LT Replaced by HOP-106971X, PLATE SHIFT LT. Replaced by: 583653601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 106971X > 583653601
106972X: 106972X AY Part number 106972X SHIFT PLATE Replaced by HOP-106972X, SHIFT PLATE
106974X: 106974X AY Part number 106974X Sub= 133796
106975X: 106975X AY Part number 106975X **NO LONGER AVAILABLE 2-24-88* Replaced by HOP-106975X, **NO LONGER AVAILABLE 2-24-88*
106976X: 106976X AY Part number 106976X PANEL DASH RH YT Replaced by HOP-106976X, PANEL DASH RH YT
106983X: 106983X AY Part number 106983X HANDLE YT Replaced by HOP-106983X, HANDLE YT
107036X: 107036X AY Part number 107036X HOUSING Replaced by HOP-107036X, HOUSING
107054X: 107054X AY Part number 107054X GRASS CAT DEC PM Replaced by HOP-107054X, GRASS CAT DEC PM
107068X: 107068X AY Part number 107068X CABLE.ASM.PM. Replaced by HOP-107068X, CABLE.ASM.PM. wt=.138 wt=.138
107091X: 107091X AY Part number 107091X NLA Replaced by HOP-107091X, NLA
107092X: 107092X AY Part number 107092X NLA Replaced by HOP-107092X, NLA
107093X: 107093X AY Part number 107093X NLA Replaced by HOP-107093X, NLA
107094X: 107094X AY Part number 107094X TORQUE TUBE Replaced by HOP-107094X, TORQUE TUBE
107098X: 107098X AY Part number 107098X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-107098X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
107109X: 107109X AY Part number 107109X GRASS BAG Replaced by HOP-107109X, GRASS BAG wt=1.467 wt=1.467
107113X: 107113X AY Part number 107113X GRASS BAG PM * Replaced by HOP-107113X, GRASS BAG PM *
1071249: 1071249 AY Part number 1071249 *** USE MBL 4L500 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-1071249, *** USE MBL 4L500 *** N.L.A. F
107129X: 107129X AY Part number 107129X NLA Replaced by HOP-107129X, NLA
107158X: 107158X AY Part number 107158X NLA Replaced by HOP-107158X, NLA
107170X: 107170X AY Part number 107170X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-107170X, MANUAL PM
107172: 107172 AY Part number 107172 SCREW PM. Replaced by: 107172X This item is part of the superseding sequence 107172 > 107172X
107172X: 107172X AY Part number 107172X SCREW PM This item is part of the superseding sequence 107172 > 107172X
107176X: 107176X AY Part number 107176X NLA Replaced by HOP-107176X, NLA
107181X: 107181X AY Part number 107181X DRIVE COVER PM wt=.418
107207X: 107207X AY Part number 107207X NLA Replaced by HOP-107207X, NLA
107212X: 107212X AY Part number 107212X DECAL Replaced by HOP-107212X, DECAL
107213X: 107213X AY Part number 107213X DECAL Replaced by HOP-107213X, DECAL
107239X: 107239X AY Part number 107239X MUFFLER DEFLECTOR
107240X: 107240X AY Part number 107240X DECAL Replaced by HOP-107240X, DECAL
107244X: 107244X AY Part number 107244X Sub= 107245X
107245X: 107245X AY Part number 107245X THROTTLE CNTRL PM Replaced by HOP-107245X, THROTTLE CNTRL PM. Replaced by: 583654001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 107245X > 583654001 wt=1.35 wt=1.35
107246: 107246 AY Part number 107246 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
107246X: 107246X AY Part number 107246X THROTTLE CNTRL PM Replaced by HOP-107246X, THROTTLE CNTRL PM wt=.138 wt=.138
107250X: 107250X AY Part number 107250X Sub= 851026 Replaced by HOP-107250X, Sub= 851026
107251X004: 107251X004 AY Part number 107251X004 ADAPTOR,BLADE Replaced by HOP-107251X004, ADAPTOR BLADE wt=.805 wt=.805
107252X: 107252X AY Part number 107252X REPLACED BY: ROP107251X004
107321X: 107321X AY Part number 107321X CABLE.ASM.PM * Replaced by HOP-107321X, CABLE.ASM.PM *
107326X: 107326X AY Part number 107326X REPLACED BY: ROP137326. Replaced by: 137326X This item is part of the superseding sequence 107326X > 137326X
107339X: 107339X AY Part number 107339X DECAL HYT wt=.004
107368X: 107368X AY Part number 107368X DRIVE SHAFT Replaced by HOP-107368X, DRIVE SHAFT
107375X: 107375X AY Part number 107375X GRASS CATCHER P * Replaced by HOP-107375X, GRASS CATCHER P * wt=3.605 wt=3.605
107393X: 107393X AY Part number 107393X DRIVE COVER PM **
107425X: 107425X AY Part number 107425X STIFFNER PM * Replaced by HOP-107425X, STIFFNER PM *
107434X: 107434X AY Part number 107434X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
107437X: 107437X AY Part number 107437X HANDLE BRACKET Replaced by HOP-107437X, HANDLE BRACKET
107438X: 107438X AY Part number 107438X HANDLE BRACKET Replaced by HOP-107438X, HANDLE BRACKET
107458X: 107458X AY Part number 107458X HOUSING PM * Replaced by HOP-107458X, HOUSING PM *
107470X: 107470X AY Part number 107470X HOUSING PM Replaced by HOP-107470X, HOUSING PM
107478X: 107478X AY Part number 107478X NLA Replaced by HOP-107478X, NLA
107479X: 107479X AY Part number 107479X Sub= 107795X Replaced by HOP-107479X, Sub= 107795X
107480X: 107480X AY Part number 107480X Sub= 851107
107488X: 107488X AY Part number 107488X SCREW This item is part of the superseding sequence 532107488 > 107488X Replaced by HOP-107488X, SCREW
107489X: 107489X AY Part number 107489X NLA
107490X: 107490X AY Part number 107490X 22" DECK HOUSING Replaced by HOP-107490X, 22 DECK HOUSING
107501X: 107501X AY Part number 107501X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-107501X, MANUAL PM
107509X: 107509X AY Part number 107509X MANUAL Replaced by HOP-107509X, MANUAL
107526X: 107526X AY Part number 107526X DECAL PM Replaced by HOP-107526X, DECAL PM
107527X: 107527X AY Part number 107527X NLA Replaced by HOP-107527X, NLA
107529X: 107529X AY Part number 107529X DECAL Replaced by HOP-107529X, DECAL
107530X: 107530X AY Part number 107530X DECAL Replaced by HOP-107530X, DECAL
107531X: 107531X AY Part number 107531X DECAL PM Replaced by HOP-107531X, DECAL PM
107536X: 107536X AY Part number 107536X NLA Replaced by HOP-107536X, NLA
107539X: 107539X AY Part number 107539X REPLACED BY: ROP111737X Replaced by HOP-107539X, REPLACED BY: ROP111737X
107561X: 107561X AY Part number 107561X NLA Replaced by HOP-107561X, NLA
107567X: 107567X AY Part number 107567X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-107567X, MANUAL PM
107570X: 107570X AY Part number 107570X MANUAL ***N.L.A. 11/91*** Replaced by HOP-107570X, MANUAL ***N.L.A. 11/91***
107585X: 107585X AY Part number 107585X PARTS MANUAL (A128AR) Replaced by HOP-107585X, PARTS MANUAL (A128AR)
107588X: 107588X AY Part number 107588X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-107588X, MANUAL PM
107593X: 107593X AY Part number 107593X NLA Replaced by HOP-107593X, NLA
107607X419: 107607X419 AY Part number 107607X419 Sub= 107607X479
107607X475: 107607X475 AY Part number 107607X475 Sub= 107607X479 Replaced by HOP-107607X475, Sub= 107607X479
107607X479: 107607X479 AY Part number 107607X479 BRACKET.SUPT.WHEL Replaced by HOP-107607X479, BRACKET.SUPT.WHEL wt=.968 wt=.968
107609X419: 107609X419 AY Part number 107609X419 BRACKET.SUPT.WHEL. Replaced by: 107609X479 This item is part of the superseding sequence 107609X419 > 107609X479
107609X475: 107609X475 AY Part number 107609X475 BRACKET.SUPT.WHEL. Replaced by: 107609X479 This item is part of the superseding sequence 107609X475 > 107609X479
107609X479: 107609X479 AY Part number 107609X479 BRACKET.SUPT.WHEL This item is part of the superseding sequence 107609X419 > 107609X479 Replaced by HOP-107609X479, BRACKET.SUPT.WHEL. Replaced by: 532143570 This item is part of the superseding sequence 107609X479 > 532143570 wt=.963 wt=.963
107611X: 107611X AY Part number 107611X ROD SUPPORT. Replaced by: 850709 This item is part of the superseding sequence 107611X > 850709 wt=.323
107612X004: 107612X004 AY Part number 107612X004 ARM AXLE ASM Replaced by HOP-107612X004, ARM AXLE ASM
107613X: 107613X AY Part number 107613X Sub= 107612X004
107619X: 107619X AY Part number 107619X SHOULDER BOLT P * Replaced by HOP-107619X, SHOULDER BOLT P *
107620X: 107620X AY Part number 107620X WHEEL.16X1.75.SR.SP Replaced by HOP-107620X, WHEEL.16X1.75.SR.SP wt=4.603 wt=4.603
107640X479: 107640X479 AY Part number 107640X479 WHL BRKT SUPT LH This item is part of the superseding sequence 851502 > 107640X479 Replaced by HOP-107640X479, WHL BRKT SUPT LH. Replaced by: 584367601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 107640X479 > 584367601 wt=.92 wt=.92
107641X479: 107641X479 AY Part number 107641X479 WHL.BRKT.SUPT. RH This item is part of the superseding sequence 851501 > 107641X479 Replaced by HOP-107641X479, WHL.BRKT.SUPT. RH wt=.915
107644X: 107644X AY Part number 107644X WHEEL.8X1.75.PR.SP wt=1.706
107645X: 107645X AY Part number 107645X NLA Replaced by HOP-107645X, NLA
107655X: 107655X AY Part number 107655X REMOTE CONTROL PM wt=.188
107656X: 107656X AY Part number 107656X Sub= 111500X
107657X: 107657X AY Part number 107657X CONTROL BRKT PM
107658X: 107658X AY Part number 107658X DRIVE CABLE PM Replaced by HOP-107658X, DRIVE CABLE PM wt=.223 wt=.223
107659X: 107659X AY Part number 107659X ZONE CONTROL PM Replaced by HOP-107659X, ZONE CONTROL PM wt=.275 wt=.275
107661X: 107661X AY Part number 107661X Sub= 103179X Replaced by HOP-107661X, Sub= 103179X
107662X: 107662X AY Part number 107662X NLA Replaced by HOP-107662X, NLA
107664X: 107664X AY Part number 107664X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-107664X, MANUAL PM
107666X: 107666X AY Part number 107666X WHEEL.7X1.75.PR.SP Replaced by HOP-107666X, WHEEL.7X1.75.PR.SP wt=1.286
107674X: 107674X AY Part number 107674X MAN S241AR E Replaced by HOP-107674X, MAN S241AR E
107679X: 107679X AY Part number 107679X WHEEL & TIRE Replaced by HOP-107679X, WHEEL & TIRE
107693X: 107693X AY Part number 107693X REAR SKIRT PM * Replaced by HOP-107693X, REAR SKIRT PM *
107700X: 107700X AY Part number 107700X ZONE CONTROL PM wt=.27
107701X: 107701X AY Part number 107701X THROTTLE PM Replaced by HOP-107701X, THROTTLE PM
107702X: 107702X AY Part number 107702X NLA Replaced by HOP-107702X, NLA
107703X: 107703X AY Part number 107703X TOP Replaced by HOP-107703X, TOP wt=2.952 wt=2.952
107707X: 107707X AY Part number 107707X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP7 Replaced by HOP-107707X, WHEEL/TIRE 8X1.75. Replaced by: 702245 > 583602401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 107707X > 702245 > 583602401
107708X: 107708X AY Part number 107708X WHEEL.9X1.75.PR.SP wt=2.069
107709X: 107709X AY Part number 107709X NLA Replaced by HOP-107709X, NLA
107725X419: 107725X419 AY Part number 107725X419 ADAPTOR Replaced by HOP-107725X419, ADAPTOR
107728X: 107728X AY Part number 107728X SUPPORT BRKT PM Replaced by HOP-107728X, SUPPORT BRKT PM
107731X004: 107731X004 AY Part number 107731X004 ADAPTER * REPLACES 107732X Replaced by HOP-107731X004, ADAPTER * REPLACES 107732X
107732X: 107732X AY Part number 107732X Sub= 107731X004
107733X: 107733X AY Part number 107733X NLA Replaced by HOP-107733X, NLA
107735X: 107735X AY Part number 107735X 20 BLADE E PM *NLA* Replaced by HOP-107735X, 20 BLADE E PM *NLA*
107749X: 107749X AY Part number 107749X SQUARE KEY E PM * Replaced by HOP-107749X, SQUARE KEY E PM *
107757X: 107757X AY Part number 107757X MAN R241AT E Replaced by HOP-107757X, MAN R241AT E
107771X: 107771X AY Part number 107771X UP STOP PM, BAIL Replaced by HOP-107771X, UP STOP PM BAIL
107780X: 107780X AY Part number 107780X THROTTLE CNTRL * Replaced by HOP-107780X, THROTTLE CNTRL * wt=.265 wt=.265
107781X: 107781X AY Part number 107781X NLA Replaced by HOP-107781X, NLA
107795X: 107795X AY Part number 107795X WHEEL.8X1.75.SR.SP Replaced by HOP-107795X, WHEEL.8X1.75.SR.SP wt=1.931 wt=1.931
107868X: 107868X AY Part number 107868X BLADE ADAPTER PM Replaced by HOP-107868X, BLADE ADAPTER PM
107872X: 107872X AY Part number 107872X NLA Replaced by HOP-107872X, NLA
107877X: 107877X AY Part number 107877X NLA Replaced by HOP-107877X, NLA
107879X: 107879X AY Part number 107879X UPPER HANDLE Replaced by HOP-107879X, UPPER HANDLE
107896X: 107896X AY Part number 107896X CHAIN COVER PM * Replaced by HOP-107896X, CHAIN COVER PM *
107903X: 107903X AY Part number 107903X Sub= 107607X479
107908X: 107908X AY Part number 107908X DECAL PM Replaced by HOP-107908X, DECAL PM
107910X: 107910X AY Part number 107910X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-107910X, MANUAL PM
107921X: 107921X AY Part number 107921X NLA Replaced by HOP-107921X, NLA
107932X: 107932X AY Part number 107932X WHEEL.7X1.75.PR.STD Replaced by HOP-107932X, WHEEL.7X1.75.PR.STD wt=1.255
107942X: 107942X AY Part number 107942X MAN BP70BT E Replaced by HOP-107942X, MAN BP70BT E
107953X: 107953X AY Part number 107953X NLA Replaced by HOP-107953X, NLA
107954X: 107954X AY Part number 107954X CABLE ASM PM Replaced by HOP-107954X, CABLE ASM PM wt=.128 wt=.128
107985X: 107985X AY Part number 107985X NLA Replaced by HOP-107985X, NLA
107994X: 107994X AY Part number 107994X NLA Replaced by HOP-107994X, NLA
107999X: 107999X AY Part number 107999X NLA Replaced by HOP-107999X, NLA
108021X: 108021X AY Part number 108021X MAN FR300CR- Replaced by HOP-108021X, MAN FR300CR-
108056X: 108056X AY Part number 108056X BUSHING YT Replaced by HOP-108056X, BUSHING YT
108067X: 108067X AY Part number 108067X PAL NUT LT Replaced by HOP-108067X, PAL NUT LT. Replaced by: 532108067 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108067X > 532108067 wt=.005 wt=.005
108068X: 108068X AY Part number 108068X ROCK SHAFT LT Replaced by HOP-108068X, ROCK SHAFT LT wt=.537 wt=.537
108075X: 108075X AY Part number 108075X FRONT AXLE Replaced by HOP-108075X, FRONT AXLE wt=6.32 wt=6.32
108083X: 108083X AY Part number 108083X KIT CENTERING LT Replaced by HOP-108083X, KIT CENTERING LT
108085X: 108085X AY Part number 108085X KIT CENTERING Y * Replaced by HOP-108085X, KIT CENTERING Y * wt=.268 wt=.268
108092X: 108092X AY Part number 108092X MANUAL HYT Replaced by HOP-108092X, MANUAL HYT
108093X: 108093X AY Part number 108093X U-BOLT HYT Replaced by HOP-108093X, U-BOLT HYT
108096X: 108096X AY Part number 108096X SHAFT PEDAL HYT Replaced by HOP-108096X, SHAFT PEDAL HYT
108097X: 108097X AY Part number 108097X SPACER HYT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532108097 > 108097X Replaced by HOP-108097X, SPACER HYT wt=.081
108099X: 108099X AY Part number 108099X PULLEY HYT Replaced by HOP-108099X, PULLEY HYT wt=.987 wt=.987
108102X: 108102X AY Part number 108102X ENGINE PULLEY HYT Replaced by HOP-108102X, ENGINE PULLEY HYT
108103X: 108103X AY Part number 108103X REPLACED BY: ROP120418X
108106X: 108106X AY Part number 108106X SADDLE HYT * Replaced by HOP-108106X, SADDLE HYT *
108106X012: 108106X012 AY Part number 108106X012 SADDLE LT Replaced by HOP-108106X012, SADDLE LT
108106X013: 108106X013 AY Part number 108106X013 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-108106X013, SADDLE
108108X: 108108X AY Part number 108108X NLA Replaced by HOP-108108X, NLA
108109X: 108109X AY Part number 108109X NLA Replaced by HOP-108109X, NLA
108110X: 108110X AY Part number 108110X ROD TIE HYT * Replaced by HOP-108110X, ROD TIE HYT *
108114X: 108114X AY Part number 108114X HARNESS HYT * Replaced by HOP-108114X, HARNESS HYT *
108119X: 108119X AY Part number 108119X GUARD BELT HYT Replaced by HOP-108119X, GUARD BELT HYT wt=1.067 wt=1.067
108127X: 108127X AY Part number 108127X ARM IDLER HYT Replaced by HOP-108127X, ARM IDLER HYT
108134X: 108134X AY Part number 108134X SECTOR ASM Replaced by HOP-108134X, SECTOR ASM wt=2.358 wt=2.358
108136X: 108136X AY Part number 108136X Sub= 110497X Replaced by HOP-108136X, Sub= 110497X
108137X: 108137X AY Part number 108137X T, BELLCRANK Replaced by HOP-108137X, T BELLCRANK wt=1.595 wt=1.595
108170X: 108170X AY Part number 108170X STOP CLUTCH T Replaced by HOP-108170X, STOP CLUTCH T wt=.189 wt=.189
108171X: 108171X AY Part number 108171X BRKT SUPPORT LT Replaced by HOP-108171X, BRKT SUPPORT LT wt=1.313 wt=1.313
108179X: 108179X AY Part number 108179X GASKET HYDRO HYT wt=.008
108180X: 108180X AY Part number 108180X PUMP HYDRO HYT Replaced by HOP-108180X, PUMP HYDRO HYT wt=23.729
108182X: 108182X AY Part number 108182X BRKT ASM HYT Replaced by HOP-108182X, BRKT ASM HYT
108185X: 108185X AY Part number 108185X GUARD HYT Replaced by HOP-108185X, GUARD HYT
108193X: 108193X AY Part number 108193X ROD CONTROL HYT
108194X: 108194X AY Part number 108194X NLA Replaced by HOP-108194X, NLA
108196X: 108196X AY Part number 108196X BRKT CONTROL HYT Replaced by HOP-108196X, BRKT CONTROL HYT wt=.582 wt=.582
108198X: 108198X AY Part number 108198X SPACER HYT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-108198X, SPACER HYT *NLA*
108200X: 108200X AY Part number 108200X WASHER FRIC HYT Replaced by HOP-108200X, WASHER FRIC HYT
108201X: 108201X AY Part number 108201X SPACER HYT Replaced by HOP-108201X, SPACER HYT
108203X: 108203X AY Part number 108203X NLA Replaced by HOP-108203X, NLA
108204X: 108204X AY Part number 108204X LINK CONTROL HYT
108205X: 108205X AY Part number 108205X HYT, BELLCRANK Replaced by HOP-108205X, HYT BELLCRANK wt=.383 wt=.383
108209X: 108209X AY Part number 108209X ARM ASM HYT Replaced by HOP-108209X, ARM ASM HYT wt=.342 wt=.342
108212X: 108212X AY Part number 108212X TRUNION HYT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532108212 > 108212X Replaced by HOP-108212X, TRUNION HYT
108214X: 108214X AY Part number 108214X BRKT IDLER HYT Replaced by HOP-108214X, BRKT IDLER HYT. Replaced by: 583654801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108214X > 583654801
108216X: 108216X AY Part number 108216X KEEPER BELT HYT Replaced by HOP-108216X, KEEPER BELT HYT. Replaced by: 583654901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108216X > 583654901 wt=.109 wt=.109
108217X: 108217X AY Part number 108217X SPACER HYT Replaced by HOP-108217X, SPACER HYT wt=.193
108218: 108218 AY Part number 108218 Sub= 142600
108218X: 108218X AY Part number 108218X Sub= 142600 Replaced by HOP-108218X, KIT.CLU.ELEC.REPL. Replaced by: 142600 > 532142600 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108218X > 142600 > 532142600
108222X: 108222X AY Part number 108222X CONTROL COAST HYT Replaced by HOP-108222X, CONTROL COAST HYT
108234X: 108234X AY Part number 108234X MUFFLER T Replaced by HOP-108234X, MUFFLER T wt=3.747 wt=3.747
108235X: 108235X AY Part number 108235X ROD LT Replaced by HOP-108235X, ROD LT wt=.646 wt=.646
108236X: 108236X AY Part number 108236X BRACKET LT Replaced by HOP-108236X, BRACKET LT. Replaced by: 532108236 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108236X > 532108236 wt=.035 wt=.035
108238X: 108238X AY Part number 108238X NLA Replaced by HOP-108238X, NLA
108240X: 108240X AY Part number 108240X SWITCH T Replaced by HOP-108240X, SWITCH T. Replaced by: 583655001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108240X > 583655001 wt=.049 wt=.049
108241X: 108241X AY Part number 108241X BRACKET LT Replaced by HOP-108241X, BRACKET LT wt=.802 wt=.802
108242X: 108242X AY Part number 108242X Sub= 110384X
108243X: 108243X AY Part number 108243X BRACKET LT Replaced by HOP-108243X, BRACKET LT
108247X: 108247X AY Part number 108247X ROD BRAKE LT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532108247 > 108247X Replaced by HOP-108247X, ROD BRAKE LT wt=.14 wt=.14
108249X: 108249X AY Part number 108249X ROD BRAKE LT Replaced by HOP-108249X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 wt=.132 wt=.132
108250X: 108250X AY Part number 108250X SPRING LT Replaced by HOP-108250X, SPRING LT. Replaced by: 532108250 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108250X > 532108250 wt=1.06 wt=1.06
108252X: 108252X AY Part number 108252X WASHER T wt=.09
108253X: 108253X AY Part number 108253X Sub= 120542X Replaced by HOP-108253X, Sub= 120542X
108256X: 108256X AY Part number 108256X PAD FOOTREST T Replaced by HOP-108256X, PAD FOOTREST T
108260X: 108260X AY Part number 108260X Sub= 126967X
108263X: 108263X AY Part number 108263X SADDLE ** Replaced by HOP-108263X, SADDLE **
108263X011: 108263X011 AY Part number 108263X011 SADDLE *NLA* Replaced by HOP-108263X011, SADDLE *NLA*
108263X012: 108263X012 AY Part number 108263X012 SADDLE LT Replaced by HOP-108263X012, SADDLE LT wt=3.435 wt=3.435
108263X013: 108263X013 AY Part number 108263X013 NLA Replaced by HOP-108263X013, NLA
108263X019: 108263X019 AY Part number 108263X019 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-108263X019, SADDLE
108263X020: 108263X020 AY Part number 108263X020 SADDLE * Replaced by HOP-108263X020, SADDLE *
108263X021: 108263X021 AY Part number 108263X021 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-108263X021, SADDLE
108271X: 108271X AY Part number 108271X NLA Replaced by HOP-108271X, NLA
108274X: 108274X AY Part number 108274X NLA Replaced by HOP-108274X, NLA
108274X421: 108274X421 AY Part number 108274X421 BRKT,HANDLE Replaced by HOP-108274X421, BRKT HANDLE
108276X: 108276X AY Part number 108276X HANDLE BAR CRT ** Replaced by HOP-108276X, HANDLE BAR CRT wt=1.306 wt=1.306
108279X: 108279X AY Part number 108279X NLA
108280X: 108280X AY Part number 108280X THROTTLE CONTROL Replaced by HOP-108280X, THROTTLE CONTROL
108281X: 108281X AY Part number 108281X ROD SHIFT CRT Replaced by HOP-108281X, ROD SHIFT CRT. Replaced by: 532108281 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108281X > 532108281 wt=1.5 wt=1.5
108282X: 108282X AY Part number 108282X REPLACED BY: ROP109794X Replaced by HOP-108282X, REPLACED BY: ROP109794X
108289X: 108289X AY Part number 108289X NLA Replaced by HOP-108289X, NLA
10830: 10830 AY Part number 10830 *** USE MBL 4L600 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-10830, *** USE MBL 4L600 *** N.L.A. F
108302X: 108302X AY Part number 108302X THROTTLE CONTROL Replaced by HOP-108302X, THROTTLE CONTROL
108308X: 108308X AY Part number 108308X NLA Replaced by HOP-108308X, NLA
108310X: 108310X AY Part number 108310X Sub= 130969
108311X: 108311X AY Part number 108311X ROD BRAKE LT * Replaced by HOP-108311X, ROD BRAKE LT *
108312X: 108312X AY Part number 108312X NLA Replaced by HOP-108312X, NLA
108319X: 108319X AY Part number 108319X ***** N.L.A. 6-3-91 ***** Replaced by HOP-108319X, ***** N.L.A. 6-3-91 *****
108331X: 108331X AY Part number 108331X Sub= 122067X
108332X: 108332X AY Part number 108332X KEEPER BELT RH** Replaced by HOP-108332X, KEEPER BELT RH**
108342X: 108342X AY Part number 108342X YT160CT MAN Replaced by HOP-108342X, YT160CT MAN
108359X: 108359X AY Part number 108359X Sub= 123808X Replaced by HOP-108359X, Sub= 123808X
108360X: 108360X AY Part number 108360X LENS RH LT Replaced by HOP-108360X, LENS RH LT wt=.246 wt=.246
108361X: 108361X AY Part number 108361X LENS LH LT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-108361X, LENS LH LT *NLA* wt=.291 wt=.291
108363X: 108363X AY Part number 108363X OWNERS MANUAL TI Replaced by HOP-108363X, OWNERS MANUAL TI
108367X: 108367X AY Part number 108367X DECAL T Replaced by HOP-108367X, DECAL T
108370X358: 108370X358 AY Part number 108370X358 Sub= 150301X505
108370X388: 108370X388 AY Part number 108370X388 REPLACED BY: ROP121886X388 Replaced by HOP-108370X388, REPLACED BY: ROP121886X388
108371X367: 108371X367 AY Part number 108371X367 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-108371X367, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
108371X388: 108371X388 AY Part number 108371X388 Sub= 140679X505 Replaced by HOP-108371X388, Sub= 140679X505
108371X392: 108371X392 AY Part number 108371X392 SIDE PANEL RH **. Replaced by: 132639X424 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108371X392 > 132639X424
108372X358: 108372X358 AY Part number 108372X358 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-108372X358, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
108372X367: 108372X367 AY Part number 108372X367 REPLACED BY: ROP108372X388 Replaced by HOP-108372X367, REPLACED BY: ROP108372X388
108372X388: 108372X388 AY Part number 108372X388 Sub= 150302X505 Replaced by HOP-108372X388, Sub= 150302X505
108372X392: 108372X392 AY Part number 108372X392 PANEL SIDE LH. Replaced by: 132638X424 > 140678X424 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108372X392 > 132638X424 > 140678X424
108373X: 108373X AY Part number 108373X MUFFLER HYT Replaced by HOP-108373X, MUFFLER HYT wt=2.993 wt=2.993
108378X: 108378X AY Part number 108378X NLA Replaced by HOP-108378X, NLA
108379X: 108379X AY Part number 108379X NLA Replaced by HOP-108379X, NLA
108387X: 108387X AY Part number 108387X ROD CLUTCH YT Replaced by HOP-108387X, ROD CLUTCH YT wt=.414 wt=.414
108393X: 108393X AY Part number 108393X SUPPORT SHAFT YT Replaced by HOP-108393X, SUPPORT SHAFT YT. Replaced by: 583655201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108393X > 583655201 wt=.773 wt=.773
108394X: 108394X AY Part number 108394X ROD BRAKE YT Replaced by HOP-108394X, ROD BRAKE YT wt=.185 wt=.185
108395X: 108395X AY Part number 108395X NLA Replaced by HOP-108395X, NLA
108397X: 108397X AY Part number 108397X LINK CONTROL HY * Replaced by HOP-108397X, LINK CONTROL HY *
108401X: 108401X AY Part number 108401X REAR RIM *SHORT DISC* Replaced by HOP-108401X, REAR RIM *SHORT DISC*
108402X: 108402X AY Part number 108402X U CLIP T Replaced by HOP-108402X, U CLIP T wt=.025 wt=.025
108403X417: 108403X417 AY Part number 108403X417 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-108403X417, PANEL SIDE RH
108403X418: 108403X418 AY Part number 108403X418 PANEL,SIDE RH *NLA* Replaced by HOP-108403X418, PANEL SIDE RH *NLA*
108403X419: 108403X419 AY Part number 108403X419 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-108403X419, PANEL SIDE RH
108403X459: 108403X459 AY Part number 108403X459 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-108403X459, PANEL SIDE RH
108403X550: 108403X550 AY Part number 108403X550 PANEL.ASM.PNT.RH. *NLA* Replaced by HOP-108403X550, PANEL.ASM.PNT.RH. *NLA*
108408X: 108408X AY Part number 108408X DASH T Replaced by HOP-108408X, DASH T
108410X417: 108410X417 AY Part number 108410X417 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-108410X417, PANEL SIDE LH
108410X418: 108410X418 AY Part number 108410X418 SIDE PANEL LH Replaced by HOP-108410X418, SIDE PANEL LH
108410X419: 108410X419 AY Part number 108410X419 PANEL SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-108410X419, PANEL SIDE LH
108410X459: 108410X459 AY Part number 108410X459 PANEL,SIDE Replaced by HOP-108410X459, PANEL SIDE
108410X550: 108410X550 AY Part number 108410X550 PANEL.ASM.LT. *NLA* Replaced by HOP-108410X550, PANEL.ASM.LT. *NLA*
108423X: 108423X AY Part number 108423X CABLE ASM. Replaced by HOP-108423X, CABLE ASM.. Replaced by: 532108423 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108423X > 532108423 wt=.17 wt=.17
108428X: 108428X AY Part number 108428X DECAL Replaced by HOP-108428X, DECAL
108429X: 108429X AY Part number 108429X KIT BELT Replaced by HOP-108429X, KIT BELT wt=.574 wt=.574
108440X: 108440X AY Part number 108440X NLA Replaced by HOP-108440X, NLA
108442X358: 108442X358 AY Part number 108442X358 Sub= 132637X505 Replaced by HOP-108442X358, Sub= 132637X505
108442X366: 108442X366 AY Part number 108442X366 PANEL,SIDE LH. Replaced by: 132637X419 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108442X366 > 132637X419
108442X367: 108442X367 AY Part number 108442X367 Sub= 132637X505 Replaced by HOP-108442X367, Sub= 132637X505
108442X388: 108442X388 AY Part number 108442X388 Sub= 132637X505 Replaced by HOP-108442X388, Sub= 132637X505
108443X358: 108443X358 AY Part number 108443X358 Sub= 132636X505 Replaced by HOP-108443X358, Sub= 132636X505
108443X367: 108443X367 AY Part number 108443X367 Sub= 132636X505 Replaced by HOP-108443X367, Sub= 132636X505
108443X388: 108443X388 AY Part number 108443X388 PANEL SIDE Replaced by HOP-108443X388, PANEL SIDE
108444X: 108444X AY Part number 108444X Sub= 110057X
108447X: 108447X AY Part number 108447X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-108447X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
108451X: 108451X AY Part number 108451X ROD ASM YT Replaced by HOP-108451X, ROD ASM YT
108455X: 108455X AY Part number 108455X SPUR GEAR 19T. Replaced by: 134796 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108455X > 134796
108456X: 108456X AY Part number 108456X REPLACED BY: ROP136794
108457X: 108457X AY Part number 108457X RIM HYD * REPL 122081X * Replaced by HOP-108457X, RIM HYD * REPL 122081X *
108457X311: 108457X311 AY Part number 108457X311 RIM Replaced by HOP-108457X311, RIM wt=6.493 wt=6.493
108488X: 108488X AY Part number 108488X YT110DT MAN Replaced by HOP-108488X, YT110DT MAN
108504X: 108504X AY Part number 108504X BRKT GRILL RH LT Replaced by HOP-108504X, BRKT GRILL RH LT wt=.761 wt=.761
108505X: 108505X AY Part number 108505X BRKT GRILL LH LT Replaced by HOP-108505X, BRKT GRILL LH LT
108508X: 108508X AY Part number 108508X BRKT PIVOT RH T *SU Replaced by HOP-108508X, BRKT PIVOT RH T *SU
108509X: 108509X AY Part number 108509X BRACKET.PIVOT.ASM.LH Replaced by HOP-108509X, BRACKET.PIVOT.ASM.LH
108512X: 108512X AY Part number 108512X PIVOT GRILL RH Replaced by HOP-108512X, PIVOT GRILL RH wt=.632 wt=.632
108513X: 108513X AY Part number 108513X PIVOT GRILL LH T This item is part of the superseding sequence 105493X > 108513X
108518X: 108518X AY Part number 108518X BOLT HYT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532108518 > 108518X Replaced by HOP-108518X, BOLT HYT
108521X: 108521X AY Part number 108521X Sub= 126687X Replaced by HOP-108521X, Sub= 126687X
108540X: 108540X AY Part number 108540X TUBE Replaced by HOP-108540X, TUBE. Replaced by: 582783401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108540X > 582783401 wt=.053 wt=.053
108541X: 108541X AY Part number 108541X KIT CENTERING G * Replaced by HOP-108541X, KIT CENTERING G * wt=.43 wt=.43
108544X: 108544X AY Part number 108544X CAP CRT Replaced by HOP-108544X, CAP CRT. Replaced by: 583655401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108544X > 583655401 wt=.016 wt=.016
108549X: 108549X AY Part number 108549X MANUAL ** N.L. A. 2-28-92 ** Replaced by HOP-108549X, MANUAL ** N.L. A. 2-28-92 **
108563X: 108563X AY Part number 108563X NLA Replaced by HOP-108563X, NLA
108565X: 108565X AY Part number 108565X TRANSMISSION T
108578X: 108578X AY Part number 108578X **** N.L.A. 2/91 (BLADE BRAKE Replaced by HOP-108578X, **** N.L.A. 2/91 (BLADE BRAKE
108587X: 108587X AY Part number 108587X ROD COAST HYT Replaced by HOP-108587X, ROD COAST HYT
108588X: 108588X AY Part number 108588X CONTROL THROTTLE. Replaced by: 110847X > 121524X This item is part of the superseding sequence 108588X > 110847X > 121524X
108591X: 108591X AY Part number 108591X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-108591X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
108592X: 108592X AY Part number 108592X DECAL HYT Replaced by HOP-108592X, DECAL HYT
108597X: 108597X AY Part number 108597X BELT-ENGINE TO DECK, 44" CUT This item is part of the superseding sequence 24694 > 108597X Replaced by HOP-108597X, BELT-ENGINE TO DECK 44 CUT wt=.551 wt=.551
108599X: 108599X AY Part number 108599X **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** ( DECAL Replaced by HOP-108599X, **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** ( DECAL
108601X: 108601X AY Part number 108601X NLA Replaced by HOP-108601X, NLA
108611X: 108611X AY Part number 108611X IDLER BRACKET Replaced by HOP-108611X, IDLER BRACKET
108616X: 108616X AY Part number 108616X NLA Replaced by HOP-108616X, NLA
108617X: 108617X AY Part number 108617X L8000AT MAN Replaced by HOP-108617X, L8000AT MAN
108631: 108631 AY Part number 108631 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
108631X: 108631X AY Part number 108631X DECAL Replaced by HOP-108631X, DECAL
108632X: 108632X AY Part number 108632X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 Replaced by HOP-108632X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
108635X: 108635X AY Part number 108635X NLA Replaced by HOP-108635X, NLA
108658X: 108658X AY Part number 108658X Sub= 120822X
108661X: 108661X AY Part number 108661X SPRING BRAKE HYT Replaced by HOP-108661X, SPRING BRAKE HYT
108663X: 108663X AY Part number 108663X REPLACED BY: ROP129376
108664X: 108664X AY Part number 108664X *****N.L.A. 9/96 (PLATE)***** Replaced by HOP-108664X, *****N.L.A. 9/96 (PLATE)*****
108668X: 108668X AY Part number 108668X YT140AR MAN Replaced by HOP-108668X, YT140AR MAN
108670X: 108670X AY Part number 108670X NLA Replaced by HOP-108670X, NLA
108671X: 108671X AY Part number 108671X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1. Replaced by: 121458X This item is part of the superseding sequence 108671X > 121458X
108673X: 108673X AY Part number 108673X BRKT,SUSP REAR LH wt=.778
108678X: 108678X AY Part number 108678X PULLEY ENGINE T * Replaced by HOP-108678X, PULLEY ENGINE T *
108679X: 108679X AY Part number 108679X DASHBOARD T Replaced by HOP-108679X, DASHBOARD T
108682X: 108682X AY Part number 108682X DECAL Replaced by HOP-108682X, DECAL
108683X: 108683X AY Part number 108683X ROD STEERING T Replaced by HOP-108683X, ROD STEERING T wt=1.294 wt=1.294
108684X: 108684X AY Part number 108684X GEAR.SECTOR.HYT Replaced by HOP-108684X, GEAR.SECTOR.HYT wt=1.409 wt=1.409
108685X: 108685X AY Part number 108685X GEAR PINION T Replaced by HOP-108685X, GEAR PINION T wt=.281 wt=.281
108688X: 108688X AY Part number 108688X KIT THROTTLE LT Replaced by HOP-108688X, KIT THROTTLE LT wt=.43 wt=.43
108692X: 108692X AY Part number 108692X NLA Replaced by HOP-108692X, NLA wt=.634 wt=.634
108705X: 108705X AY Part number 108705X SHAFT STR HYT Replaced by HOP-108705X, SHAFT STR HYT wt=2.406 wt=2.406
108710X: 108710X AY Part number 108710X SHIELD.SIDE.OUT.R. Replaced by: 108710X431 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108710X > 108710X431
108710X418: 108710X418 AY Part number 108710X418 SHIELD.SIDE.OUTER.LH. Replaced by: 161416X418 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108710X418 > 161416X418
108710X419: 108710X419 AY Part number 108710X419 SHIELD.RH.OUT.SID Replaced by HOP-108710X419, SHIELD.RH.OUT.SID
108710X421: 108710X421 AY Part number 108710X421 SHIELD.PNT.S. Replaced by: 161416X421 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108710X421 > 161416X421
108710X422: 108710X422 AY Part number 108710X422 SHIELD.OUT.SID.RH
108710X424: 108710X424 AY Part number 108710X424 SHIELD.SID.OUT.RH Replaced by HOP-108710X424, SHIELD.SID.OUT.RH
108710X428: 108710X428 AY Part number 108710X428 SHIELD SIDE OUTER Replaced by HOP-108710X428, SHIELD SIDE OUTER
108710X431: 108710X431 AY Part number 108710X431 SHIELD.SIDE.OUT.R This item is part of the superseding sequence 108710X > 108710X431 Replaced by HOP-108710X431, SHIELD.SIDE.OUT.R wt=2.702
108710X459: 108710X459 AY Part number 108710X459 SHIELD.RH.. Replaced by: 161416X574 This item is part of the superseding sequence 108710X459 > 161416X574
108710X473: 108710X473 AY Part number 108710X473 SHIELD.OUT.RH.YEL Replaced by HOP-108710X473, SHIELD.OUT.RH.YEL
108710X505: 108710X505 AY Part number 108710X505 SHIELD SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-108710X505, SHIELD SIDE RH

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