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110924X: 110924X AY Part number 110924X LEVER ASM T**
110927X: 110927X AY Part number 110927X NLA Replaced by HOP-110927X, NLA
110932X: 110932X AY Part number 110932X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
110934X: 110934X AY Part number 110934X MAN YT160DT Replaced by HOP-110934X, MAN YT160DT
110939X: 110939X AY Part number 110939X HARNESS T * Replaced by HOP-110939X, HARNESS T *
110940X: 110940X AY Part number 110940X HOUR METER T
110942X: 110942X AY Part number 110942X DASH Replaced by HOP-110942X, DASH
110943X: 110943X AY Part number 110943X ADAPTER T
110944X: 110944X AY Part number 110944X SPACER T Replaced by HOP-110944X, SPACER T wt=.29 wt=.29
110946X: 110946X AY Part number 110946X STOP T Replaced by HOP-110946X, STOP T
110947X: 110947X AY Part number 110947X CHAFF GUARD T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532110947 > 110947X Replaced by HOP-110947X, CHAFF GUARD T wt=.256 wt=.256
110948X: 110948X AY Part number 110948X HEAT SHIELD T Replaced by HOP-110948X, HEAT SHIELD T
110951X: 110951X AY Part number 110951X HARNESS RER * Replaced by HOP-110951X, HARNESS RER *
110952X: 110952X AY Part number 110952X NLA Replaced by HOP-110952X, NLA
110953X: 110953X AY Part number 110953X HANDLE RER Replaced by HOP-110953X, HANDLE RER
110954X: 110954X AY Part number 110954X *** N.L.A. 1/97 (ARM ASM) *** Replaced by HOP-110954X, *** N.L.A. 1/97 (ARM ASM) ***
110955X: 110955X AY Part number 110955X FRONT MEMBER RER Replaced by HOP-110955X, FRONT MEMBER RER
110957X: 110957X AY Part number 110957X DIFFERENTIAL R * Replaced by HOP-110957X, DIFFERENTIAL R *
110959X: 110959X AY Part number 110959X AXLE ASM RER * Replaced by HOP-110959X, AXLE ASM RER *
110964X: 110964X AY Part number 110964X ** N.L.A. 6/96 (SHIFT LEVER) * Replaced by HOP-110964X, ** N.L.A. 6/96 (SHIFT LEVER) *
110965X: 110965X AY Part number 110965X SADDLE RER *NLA* Replaced by HOP-110965X, SADDLE RER *NLA*
110966X: 110966X AY Part number 110966X SHAFT RER Replaced by HOP-110966X, SHAFT RER wt=1.75
110968X: 110968X AY Part number 110968X KINGPIN RER * Replaced by HOP-110968X, KINGPIN RER * wt=1.105 wt=1.105
110973X: 110973X AY Part number 110973X *****N.L.A. 5/96 (THROTTLE)*** Replaced by HOP-110973X, *****N.L.A. 5/96 (THROTTLE)***
110975X: 110975X AY Part number 110975X BELT-MOWER DECK, RER Replaced by HOP-110975X, V-BELT RER. Replaced by: 583661101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 110975X > 583661101 wt=.29 wt=.29
110976X: 110976X AY Part number 110976X THROTTLE (ENG)RER This item is part of the superseding sequence 120702X > 110976X Replaced by HOP-110976X, THROTTLE (ENG)RER
110978X: 110978X AY Part number 110978X NLA Replaced by HOP-110978X, NLA
110979X: 110979X AY Part number 110979X NLA Replaced by HOP-110979X, NLA
110980X: 110980X AY Part number 110980X SPACER RER Replaced by HOP-110980X, SPACER RER
110981X366: 110981X366 AY Part number 110981X366 FRONT PANEL Replaced by HOP-110981X366, FRONT PANEL
110984X: 110984X AY Part number 110984X PIVOT BRKT RER Replaced by HOP-110984X, PIVOT BRKT RER wt=.1 wt=.1
110985X: 110985X AY Part number 110985X RER, BELLCRANK Replaced by HOP-110985X, RER BELLCRANK
110988X: 110988X AY Part number 110988X JACKSHAFT RER * Replaced by HOP-110988X, JACKSHAFT RER *
110991X: 110991X AY Part number 110991X SPRING RER * Replaced by HOP-110991X, SPRING RER * wt=.1 wt=.1
110997X: 110997X AY Part number 110997X BRACKET T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532110997 > 110997X Replaced by HOP-110997X, BRACKET T wt=1.775
111003X: 111003X AY Part number 111003X HOUSING M * Replaced by HOP-111003X, HOUSING M *
111004X: 111004X AY Part number 111004X Sub= 107620X Replaced by HOP-111004X, Sub= 107620X
111016X: 111016X AY Part number 111016X NLA Replaced by HOP-111016X, NLA
111026X: 111026X AY Part number 111026X DECAL Replaced by HOP-111026X, DECAL
111027X: 111027X AY Part number 111027X NLA Replaced by HOP-111027X, NLA
111028X: 111028X AY Part number 111028X NLA Replaced by HOP-111028X, NLA
111035X: 111035X AY Part number 111035X NLA Replaced by HOP-111035X, NLA
111038X: 111038X AY Part number 111038X HOUSING PM * Replaced by HOP-111038X, HOUSING PM *
111042X: 111042X AY Part number 111042X MOWER HSG Replaced by HOP-111042X, MOWER HSG
111066X: 111066X AY Part number 111066X MAN R241AT F Replaced by HOP-111066X, MAN R241AT F
111079X: 111079X AY Part number 111079X DECAL Replaced by HOP-111079X, DECAL
111085X: 111085X AY Part number 111085X NLA Replaced by HOP-111085X, NLA
111088X: 111088X AY Part number 111088X HOUSING PM * Replaced by HOP-111088X, HOUSING PM *
111107X: 111107X AY Part number 111107X DECAL Replaced by HOP-111107X, DECAL
111112X: 111112X AY Part number 111112X CATCHER HARD BLK** Replaced by HOP-111112X, REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
111113X: 111113X AY Part number 111113X CATCHER HARD GREEN** Replaced by HOP-111113X, CATCHER HARD GREEN**
111123X: 111123X AY Part number 111123X SCREW PM Replaced by HOP-111123X, SCREW PM
111144X: 111144X AY Part number 111144X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111144X, MANUAL PM
111154X: 111154X AY Part number 111154X CABLE PM *NLA* Replaced by HOP-111154X, CABLE PM *NLA* wt=.135 wt=.135
111155X: 111155X AY Part number 111155X CONTROL PM *NLA* Replaced by HOP-111155X, CONTROL PM *NLA* wt=.155 wt=.155
111163X: 111163X AY Part number 111163X GRASS BAG PM Replaced by HOP-111163X, GRASS BAG PM
111165X: 111165X AY Part number 111165X SCREW
111168X: 111168X AY Part number 111168X MANUAL Replaced by HOP-111168X, MANUAL
111173X: 111173X AY Part number 111173X SHOULDER BOLT PM wt=.2
111182X: 111182X AY Part number 111182X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111182X, MANUAL PM
111190X: 111190X AY Part number 111190X CABLE CLAMP Replaced by HOP-111190X, CABLE CLAMP. Replaced by: 532111190 This item is part of the superseding sequence 111190X > 532111190 wt=.015 wt=.015
111193X: 111193X AY Part number 111193X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111193X, MANUAL PM
111197X: 111197X AY Part number 111197X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111197X, MANUAL PM
111199X: 111199X AY Part number 111199X REAR SKIRT Replaced by HOP-111199X, REAR SKIRT wt=.68 wt=.68
1111J: 1111J AY Part number 1111J ** N.L.A.5-22-90 ** Replaced by HOP-1111J, ** N.L.A.5-22-90 **
111256X: 111256X AY Part number 111256X NLA Replaced by HOP-111256X, NLA wt=5.11 wt=5.11
111273X: 111273X AY Part number 111273X SUPPORT Replaced by HOP-111273X, SUPPORT
111274X: 111274X AY Part number 111274X THROTTLE PM Replaced by HOP-111274X, THROTTLE PM wt=.16 wt=.16
111276X: 111276X AY Part number 111276X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111276X, MANUAL PM
111280X: 111280X AY Part number 111280X UPPER HANDLE Replaced by HOP-111280X, UPPER HANDLE
111282X: 111282X AY Part number 111282X DECAL Replaced by HOP-111282X, DECAL
111286X: 111286X AY Part number 111286X HEAD CONTROL PM Replaced by HOP-111286X, HEAD CONTROL PM wt=.285 wt=.285
111287X: 111287X AY Part number 111287X CABLE PM Replaced by HOP-111287X, CABLE PM wt=.342 wt=.342
111290X: 111290X AY Part number 111290X UPPER HANDLE P * Replaced by HOP-111290X, UPPER HANDLE P *
111301X: 111301X AY Part number 111301X UPPER HANDLE PM Replaced by HOP-111301X, UPPER HANDLE PM
111302X479: 111302X479 AY Part number 111302X479 HANDLE.UPPER* Replaced by HOP-111302X479, HANDLE.UPPER*
111303X: 111303X AY Part number 111303X HANDLE PM * Replaced by HOP-111303X, HANDLE PM *
111312X: 111312X AY Part number 111312X Sub= 86337X479
111321X: 111321X AY Part number 111321X NLA Replaced by HOP-111321X, NLA
111329X: 111329X AY Part number 111329X NLA Replaced by HOP-111329X, NLA
111356X: 111356X AY Part number 111356X MOWER HOUSING * Replaced by HOP-111356X, MOWER HOUSING *
111420X: 111420X AY Part number 111420X BOLT PM Replaced by HOP-111420X, BOLT PM
111429X: 111429X AY Part number 111429X NLA Replaced by HOP-111429X, NLA
111432X: 111432X AY Part number 111432X ADAPTER PLATE * Replaced by HOP-111432X, ADAPTER PLATE *
111433X: 111433X AY Part number 111433X WHEEL.8X1.75.PR.SP. Replaced by HOP-111433X, WHEEL.8X1.75.LP.. Replaced by: 583661301 > 532146248 This item is part of the superseding sequence 111433X > 583661301 > 532146248 wt=1.86 wt=1.86
111437X: 111437X AY Part number 111437X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111437X, MANUAL PM
111438X: 111438X AY Part number 111438X GRASS BAG PM *NLA* Replaced by HOP-111438X, GRASS BAG PM *NLA*
111441X: 111441X AY Part number 111441X PULLEY PM Replaced by HOP-111441X, PULLEY PM
111454X: 111454X AY Part number 111454X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111454X, MANUAL PM
111496X: 111496X AY Part number 111496X ADAPTER PM Replaced by HOP-111496X, ADAPTER PM wt=.445 wt=.445
111499X: 111499X AY Part number 111499X MANUAL AP 62 Replaced by HOP-111499X, MANUAL AP 62
1114J: 1114J AY Part number 1114J INSERT CAP LT Replaced by HOP-1114J, INSERT CAP LT wt=.05 wt=.05
111500X: 111500X AY Part number 111500X CONTROL PM Replaced by HOP-111500X, CONTROL PM wt=.23 wt=.23
11150400: 11150400 AY Part number 11150400 LOCKWASHER Replaced by HOP-11150400, LOCKWASHER wt=.003 wt=.003
11150500: 11150500 AY Part number 11150500 LOCKWASHER Replaced by HOP-11150500, LOCKWASHER
11151000: 11151000 AY Part number 11151000 LOCKWASHER * Replaced by HOP-11151000, LOCKWASHER *
111517X: 111517X AY Part number 111517X SHIELD T Replaced by HOP-111517X, SHIELD T
111528X: 111528X AY Part number 111528X **N.L.A. 2/95 (MANUAL)** Replaced by HOP-111528X, **N.L.A. 2/95 (MANUAL)**
111544X: 111544X AY Part number 111544X CONTROL Replaced by HOP-111544X, CONTROL
111546X: 111546X AY Part number 111546X KEY PM This item is part of the superseding sequence 532111546 > 111546X Replaced by HOP-111546X, KEY PM
111547X: 111547X AY Part number 111547X NLA Replaced by HOP-111547X, NLA
111549X: 111549X AY Part number 111549X CHARGER PM wt=.51
111558X: 111558X AY Part number 111558X MANUAL Replaced by HOP-111558X, MANUAL
111573X: 111573X AY Part number 111573X REPLACED BY: ROP111737X
111575X: 111575X AY Part number 111575X ADAPTER PLATE Replaced by HOP-111575X, ADAPTER PLATE
111608X: 111608X AY Part number 111608X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111608X, MANUAL PM
111615X: 111615X AY Part number 111615X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111615X, MANUAL PM
111620X: 111620X AY Part number 111620X NLA Replaced by HOP-111620X, NLA
111642X: 111642X AY Part number 111642X *** N.L.A. 4/96 (OWNERS GUIDE) Replaced by HOP-111642X, *** N.L.A. 4/96 (OWNERS GUIDE)
111644X: 111644X AY Part number 111644X ENGINE CONTROL PM Replaced by HOP-111644X, ENGINE CONTROL PM
111661X479: 111661X479 AY Part number 111661X479 WHL SUPT BRKT LH Replaced by HOP-111661X479, WHL SUPT BRKT LH
111662X479: 111662X479 AY Part number 111662X479 WHEEL SUPPORT BRACKET Replaced by HOP-111662X479, WHEEL SUPPORT BRACKET
111680X: 111680X AY Part number 111680X NLA Replaced by HOP-111680X, NLA
111702X: 111702X AY Part number 111702X HOUSING PM Replaced by HOP-111702X, HOUSING PM
111721X: 111721X AY Part number 111721X Sub= 111163X Replaced by HOP-111721X, Sub= 111163X
111731X: 111731X AY Part number 111731X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111731X, MANUAL PM
111737X: 111737X AY Part number 111737X Sub= 150958 Replaced by HOP-111737X, Sub= 150958
111743X: 111743X AY Part number 111743X GBAG PUSH MOWER** *NLA* Replaced by HOP-111743X, GBAG PUSH MOWER** *NLA* wt=1.523 wt=1.523
111782X: 111782X AY Part number 111782X RING SPACER PM Replaced by HOP-111782X, RING SPACER PM
111831X: 111831X AY Part number 111831X HOUSING PM Replaced by HOP-111831X, HOUSING PM
111832X: 111832X AY Part number 111832X HOUSING PM Replaced by HOP-111832X, HOUSING PM
111836X: 111836X AY Part number 111836X DECAL Replaced by HOP-111836X, DECAL
111838X: 111838X AY Part number 111838X *** N.L.A. 3/96 (HOUSING) *** Replaced by HOP-111838X, *** N.L.A. 3/96 (HOUSING) ***
111849X: 111849X AY Part number 111849X NLA Replaced by HOP-111849X, NLA
111850X: 111850X AY Part number 111850X NLA Replaced by HOP-111850X, NLA
111859X: 111859X AY Part number 111859X HOUSING PM * Replaced by HOP-111859X, HOUSING PM *
111864X: 111864X AY Part number 111864X HOUSING Replaced by HOP-111864X, HOUSING
111897X: 111897X AY Part number 111897X Sub= GCK3000 Replaced by HOP-111897X, Sub= GCK3000
111903X: 111903X AY Part number 111903X CONTROL PM Replaced by HOP-111903X, CONTROL PM. Replaced by: 583661401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 111903X > 583661401 wt=.168 wt=.168
111905X: 111905X AY Part number 111905X MANUAL PM Replaced by HOP-111905X, MANUAL PM
111922X: 111922X AY Part number 111922X WHEEL.8X1.75.PR.LP. Replaced by: 850690 This item is part of the superseding sequence 111922X > 850690
111923X: 111923X AY Part number 111923X WHEEL.8X1.75.WHT. Replaced by: 148439 This item is part of the superseding sequence 111923X > 148439
111924X: 111924X AY Part number 111924X Sub= TH3H340
111925X: 111925X AY Part number 111925X COVER.DRV.B&S.20. Replaced by: 701459 This item is part of the superseding sequence 111925X > 701459
111926X: 111926X AY Part number 111926X NLA Replaced by HOP-111926X, NLA
111929X: 111929X AY Part number 111929X CABLE ASM Replaced by HOP-111929X, CABLE ASM
111930X: 111930X AY Part number 111930X THROTTLE CONTROL Replaced by HOP-111930X, THROTTLE CONTROL. Replaced by: 582789701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 111930X > 582789701 wt=.171 wt=.171
1121642X574: 1121642X574 AY Part number 1121642X574 FENDER Replaced by HOP-1121642X574, FENDER
11221-MB30-0700: 11221-MB30-0700 AY Part number 11221MB300700 / 11221-MB30-0700 VALVE COVER
1122B-PB50-0000: 1122B-PB50-0000 AY Part number 1122BPB500000 / 1122B-PB50-0000 HEAD COMP.,
11246-PB52-0000: 11246-PB52-0000 AY Part number 11246PB520000 / 11246-PB52-0000 GUIDE, IN. V
11247-PB52-0000: 11247-PB52-0000 AY Part number 11247PB520000 / 11247-PB52-0000 GUIDE, EX. V
1134J: 1134J AY Part number 1134J NLA Replaced by HOP-1134J, NLA
1135J: 1135J AY Part number 1135J NLA Replaced by HOP-1135J, NLA
1136J: 1136J AY Part number 1136J NLA Replaced by HOP-1136J, NLA
114-884: 114-884 AY Part number 114884 / 114-884 20" BLADE
114-886: 114-886 AY Part number 114886 / 114-886 BLADE 22" Replaced by HOP-114-886, BLADE 22
11483: 11483 AY Part number 11483 PART NLA'D Replaced by HOP-11483, PART NLA'D
115313749: 115313749 AY Part number 115313749 MANUAL OPERA Replaced by HOP-115313749, MANUAL OPERAT
115365126: 115365126 AY Part number 115365126 OWNER'S MANUAL (pp2822) Replaced by HOP-115365126, OWNER'S MANUAL (pp2822)
115384327: 115384327 AY Part number 115384327 MANUAL.OPR.R Replaced by HOP-115384327, MANUAL.OPR.R
115386027: 115386027 AY Part number 115386027 MANUAL.IPL.R Replaced by HOP-115386027, MANUAL.IPL.R
115388526: 115388526 AY Part number 115388526 OPERATOR MAN Replaced by HOP-115388526, OPERATOR MAN
115388726: 115388726 AY Part number 115388726 OPERATOR MAN Replaced by HOP-115388726, OPERATOR MAN
115392927: 115392927 AY Part number 115392927 MANUAL OPERA Replaced by HOP-115392927, MANUAL OPERA
1153R: 1153R AY Part number 1153R IDLER GEAR T wt=.35
115403126: 115403126 AY Part number 115403126 OPERATOR MAN Replaced by HOP-115403126, OPERATOR MAN
115416827: 115416827 AY Part number 115416827 MANUAL OPERA Replaced by HOP-115416827, MANUAL OPERA
115447327: 115447327 AY Part number 115447327 MANUAL.OPERA Replaced by HOP-115447327, MANUAL.OPERA
115477927: 115477927 AY Part number 115477927 MANUAL.OWNER Replaced by HOP-115477927, MANUAL.OWNER
115478496: 115478496 AY Part number 115478496 MANUAL.OWNER Replaced by HOP-115478496, MANUAL.OWNER
115478827: 115478827 AY Part number 115478827 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115478827, MANUAL.OPERS
115478996: 115478996 AY Part number 115478996 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115478996, MANUAL.OPER.
115479739: 115479739 AY Part number 115479739 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115479739, MANUAL.OPER.
115479839: 115479839 AY Part number 115479839 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115479839, MANUAL.OPER.
115479939: 115479939 AY Part number 115479939 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115479939, MANUAL.OPER.
115480039: 115480039 AY Part number 115480039 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115480039, MANUAL.OPER.
115481849: 115481849 AY Part number 115481849 MANUAL.OWNER Replaced by HOP-115481849, MANUAL.OWNER
115483832: 115483832 AY Part number 115483832 MANUAL.OWNER Replaced by HOP-115483832, MANUAL.OWNER
115483932: 115483932 AY Part number 115483932 MANUAL.OWNER Replaced by HOP-115483932, MANUAL.OWNER
115484127: 115484127 AY Part number 115484127 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115484127, MANUAL.OPER.
115484232: 115484232 AY Part number 115484232 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115484232, MANUAL.OPER.
115487227: 115487227 AY Part number 115487227 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115487227, MANUAL.OPER.
115487231: 115487231 AY Part number 115487231 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115487231, MANUAL.OPER.
115496910: 115496910 AY Part number 115496910 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115496910, MANUAL.OPER.
115496920: 115496920 AY Part number 115496920 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115496920, MANUAL.OPER.
115496940: 115496940 AY Part number 115496940 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115496940, MANUAL.OPER.
115496950: 115496950 AY Part number 115496950 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115496950, MANUAL.OPER.
115497020: 115497020 AY Part number 115497020 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497020, MANUAL.OPER.
115497110: 115497110 AY Part number 115497110 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497110, MANUAL.OPER.
115497140: 115497140 AY Part number 115497140 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497140, MANUAL.OPER.
115497150: 115497150 AY Part number 115497150 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497150, MANUAL.OPER.
115497310: 115497310 AY Part number 115497310 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497310, MANUAL.OPER.
115497320: 115497320 AY Part number 115497320 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497320, MANUAL.OPER.
115497340: 115497340 AY Part number 115497340 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497340, MANUAL.OPER.
115497350: 115497350 AY Part number 115497350 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497350, MANUAL.OPER.
115497410: 115497410 AY Part number 115497410 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497410, MANUAL.OPER.
115497420: 115497420 AY Part number 115497420 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497420, MANUAL.OPER.
115497440: 115497440 AY Part number 115497440 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497440, MANUAL.OPER.
115497450: 115497450 AY Part number 115497450 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497450, MANUAL.OPER.
115497727: 115497727 AY Part number 115497727 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497727, MANUAL.OPER.
115497731: 115497731 AY Part number 115497731 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497731, MANUAL.OPER.
115497810: 115497810 AY Part number 115497810 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497810, MANUAL.OPER.
115497820: 115497820 AY Part number 115497820 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497820, MANUAL.OPER.
115497840: 115497840 AY Part number 115497840 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497840, MANUAL.OPER.
115497850: 115497850 AY Part number 115497850 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115497850, MANUAL.OPER.
115498410: 115498410 AY Part number 115498410 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115498410, MANUAL.OPER.
115498420: 115498420 AY Part number 115498420 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115498420, MANUAL.OPER.
115499520: 115499520 AY Part number 115499520 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115499520, MANUAL.OPER.
115499610: 115499610 AY Part number 115499610 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115499610, MANUAL.OPER.
115499620: 115499620 AY Part number 115499620 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115499620, MANUAL.OPER.
115499640: 115499640 AY Part number 115499640 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115499640, MANUAL.OPER.
115499650: 115499650 AY Part number 115499650 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115499650, MANUAL.OPER.
1154J: 1154J AY Part number 1154J **** NLA 2/93 **** (CHAIN) Replaced by HOP-1154J, **** NLA 2/93 **** (CHAIN)
115500410: 115500410 AY Part number 115500410 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500410, MANUAL.OPER.
115500420: 115500420 AY Part number 115500420 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500420, MANUAL.OPER.
115500440: 115500440 AY Part number 115500440 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500440, MANUAL.OPER.
115500450: 115500450 AY Part number 115500450 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500450, MANUAL.OPER.
115500510: 115500510 AY Part number 115500510 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500510, MANUAL.OPER.
115500520: 115500520 AY Part number 115500520 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500520, MANUAL.OPER.
115500540: 115500540 AY Part number 115500540 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500540, MANUAL.OPER.
115500550: 115500550 AY Part number 115500550 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500550, MANUAL.OPER.
115500810: 115500810 AY Part number 115500810 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500810, MANUAL.OPER.
115500820: 115500820 AY Part number 115500820 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500820, MANUAL.OPER.
115500840: 115500840 AY Part number 115500840 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500840, MANUAL.OPER.
115500850: 115500850 AY Part number 115500850 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500850, MANUAL.OPER.
115500910: 115500910 AY Part number 115500910 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500910, MANUAL.OPER.
115500920: 115500920 AY Part number 115500920 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500920, MANUAL.OPER.
115500940: 115500940 AY Part number 115500940 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500940, MANUAL.OPER.
115500950: 115500950 AY Part number 115500950 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115500950, MANUAL.OPER.
115501310: 115501310 AY Part number 115501310 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115501310, MANUAL.OPER.
115501320: 115501320 AY Part number 115501320 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115501320, MANUAL.OPER.
115501340: 115501340 AY Part number 115501340 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115501340, MANUAL.OPERS
115501350: 115501350 AY Part number 115501350 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115501350, MANUAL.OPERS
115511426: 115511426 AY Part number 115511426 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115511426, MANUAL.OPERS
1155121227: 1155121227 AY Part number 1155121227 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-1155121227, MANUAL.OPER.
115512127: 115512127 AY Part number 115512127 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115512127, MANUAL.OPER.
115512227: 115512227 AY Part number 115512227 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115512227, MANUAL.OPER.
115514926: 115514926 AY Part number 115514926 MANUAL.OPS.9 Replaced by HOP-115514926, MANUAL.OPS.9
115515620: 115515620 AY Part number 115515620 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115515620, MANUAL.OPERS
115515710: 115515710 AY Part number 115515710 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115515710, MANUAL.OPERS
115515840: 115515840 AY Part number 115515840 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115515840, MANUAL.OPERS
115515950: 115515950 AY Part number 115515950 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115515950, MANUAL.OPERS
115520426: 115520426 AY Part number 115520426 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115520426, MANUAL.OPERS
115520820: 115520820 AY Part number 115520820 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115520820, MANUAL.OPERS
115520910: 115520910 AY Part number 115520910 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115520910, MANUAL.OPERS
115521050: 115521050 AY Part number 115521050 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115521050, MANUAL.OPERS
115521140: 115521140 AY Part number 115521140 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115521140, MANUAL.OPERS
115521227: 115521227 AY Part number 115521227 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115521227, MANUAL.OPERS
115522127: 115522127 AY Part number 115522127 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115522127, MANUAL.OPERS
115524027: 115524027 AY Part number 115524027 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115524027, MANUAL.OPER.
115524327: 115524327 AY Part number 115524327 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115524327, MANUAL.OPERS
115524420: 115524420 AY Part number 115524420 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115524420, MANUAL.OPER.
115524510: 115524510 AY Part number 115524510 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115524510, MANUAL.OPER.
115524650: 115524650 AY Part number 115524650 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115524650, MANUAL.OPER.
115524740: 115524740 AY Part number 115524740 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115524740, MANUAL.OPER.
115526420: 115526420 AY Part number 115526420 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115526420, MANUAL.OPERS
115526510: 115526510 AY Part number 115526510 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115526510, MANUAL.OPERS
115526650: 115526650 AY Part number 115526650 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115526650, MANUAL.OPERS
115526740: 115526740 AY Part number 115526740 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115526740, MANUAL.OPERS
115526827: 115526827 AY Part number 115526827 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115526827, MANUAL.OPERS
115527227: 115527227 AY Part number 115527227 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115527227, MANUAL.OPER.
115527327: 115527327 AY Part number 115527327 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115527327, MANUAL.OPERS
115527427: 115527427 AY Part number 115527427 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115527427, MANUAL.OPERS
115529427: 115529427 AY Part number 115529427 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115529427, MANUAL.OPERS
115529827: 115529827 AY Part number 115529827 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115529827, MANUAL.OPERS
115530327: 115530327 AY Part number 115530327 MAN.OPERS.96 Replaced by HOP-115530327, MAN.OPERS.96
115530427: 115530427 AY Part number 115530427 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115530427, MANUAL.OPERS
115530527: 115530527 AY Part number 115530527 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115530527, MANUAL.OPERS
115530627: 115530627 AY Part number 115530627 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115530627, MANUAL.OPERS
115531427: 115531427 AY Part number 115531427 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115531427, MANUAL.OPERS
115532020: 115532020 AY Part number 115532020 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115532020, MANUAL.OPERS
115533320: 115533320 AY Part number 115533320 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115533320, MANUAL.OPERS
115534110: 115534110 AY Part number 115534110 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115534110, MANUAL.OPERS
115534250: 115534250 AY Part number 115534250 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115534250, MANUAL.OPERS
115534340: 115534340 AY Part number 115534340 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115534340, MANUAL.OPERS
115535120: 115535120 AY Part number 115535120 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115535120, MANUAL.OPERS
115535227: 115535227 AY Part number 115535227 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115535227, MANUAL.OPERS
115536421: 115536421 AY Part number 115536421 MAN.OPER.EN/ Replaced by HOP-115536421, MAN.OPER.EN/
115538610: 115538610 AY Part number 115538610 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115538610, MANUAL.OPER.
115538620: 115538620 AY Part number 115538620 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115538620, MANUAL.OPER.
115538640: 115538640 AY Part number 115538640 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115538640, MANUAL.OPER.
115538650: 115538650 AY Part number 115538650 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115538650, MANUAL.OPER.
115538720: 115538720 AY Part number 115538720 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115538720, MANUAL.OPERS
115538810: 115538810 AY Part number 115538810 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115538810, MANUAL.OPERS
115538950: 115538950 AY Part number 115538950 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115538950, MANUAL.OPERS
115539040: 115539040 AY Part number 115539040 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115539040, MANUAL.OPERS
115539131: 115539131 AY Part number 115539131 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539131, MANUAL.OPER.
115539149: 115539149 AY Part number 115539149 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539149, MANUAL.OPER.
115539331: 115539331 AY Part number 115539331 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539331, MANUAL.OPER.
115539339: 115539339 AY Part number 115539339 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539339, MANUAL.OPER.
115539431: 115539431 AY Part number 115539431 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539431, MANUAL.OPER.
115539449: 115539449 AY Part number 115539449 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539449, MANUAL.OPER.
115539532: 115539532 AY Part number 115539532 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539532, MANUAL.OPER.
115539549: 115539549 AY Part number 115539549 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539549, MANUAL.OPER.
115539631: 115539631 AY Part number 115539631 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539631, MANUAL.OPER.
115539649: 115539649 AY Part number 115539649 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539649, MANUAL.OPER.
115539731: 115539731 AY Part number 115539731 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539731, MANUAL.OPER.
115539749: 115539749 AY Part number 115539749 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115539749, MANUAL.OPER.
115540031: 115540031 AY Part number 115540031 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540031, MANUAL.OPER.
115540049: 115540049 AY Part number 115540049 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540049, MANUAL.OPER.
115540331: 115540331 AY Part number 115540331 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540331, MANUAL.OPER.
115540349: 115540349 AY Part number 115540349 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540349, MANUAL.OPER.
115540610: 115540610 AY Part number 115540610 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540610, MANUAL.OPER.
115540620: 115540620 AY Part number 115540620 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540620, MANUAL.OPER.
115540640: 115540640 AY Part number 115540640 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540640, MANUAL.OPER.
115540650: 115540650 AY Part number 115540650 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540650, MANUAL.OPER.
115540710: 115540710 AY Part number 115540710 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540710, MANUAL.OPER.
115540720: 115540720 AY Part number 115540720 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540720, MANUAL.OPER.
115540740: 115540740 AY Part number 115540740 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540740, MANUAL.OPER.
115540750: 115540750 AY Part number 115540750 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540750, MANUAL.OPER.
115540832: 115540832 AY Part number 115540832 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540832, MANUAL.OPER.
115540849: 115540849 AY Part number 115540849 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540849, MANUAL.OPER.
115540931: 115540931 AY Part number 115540931 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540931, MANUAL.OPER.
115540949: 115540949 AY Part number 115540949 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115540949, MANUAL.OPER.
115541127: 115541127 AY Part number 115541127 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115541127, MANUAL.OPERS
115541227: 115541227 AY Part number 115541227 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115541227, MANUAL.OPERS
115542631: 115542631 AY Part number 115542631 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115542631, MANUAL.OPERS
115542731: 115542731 AY Part number 115542731 MAN.OPER.961 Replaced by HOP-115542731, MAN.OPER.961
115542796: 115542796 AY Part number 115542796 MAN.OPER.961 Replaced by HOP-115542796, MAN.OPER.961
115543532: 115543532 AY Part number 115543532 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115543532, MANUAL.OPER.
115543546: 115543546 AY Part number 115543546 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115543546, MANUAL.OPER.
115545420: 115545420 AY Part number 115545420 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115545420, MANUAL.OPER.
115545910: 115545910 AY Part number 115545910 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115545910, MANUAL.OPER.
115545920: 115545920 AY Part number 115545920 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115545920, MANUAL.OPER.
115545940: 115545940 AY Part number 115545940 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115545940, MANUAL.OPER.
115545950: 115545950 AY Part number 115545950 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115545950, MANUAL.OPER.
115546010: 115546010 AY Part number 115546010 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546010, MANUAL.OPER.
115546019: 115546019 AY Part number 115546019 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546019, MANUAL.OPER.
115546020: 115546020 AY Part number 115546020 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546020, MANUAL.OPER.
115546040: 115546040 AY Part number 115546040 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546040, MANUAL.OPER.
115546050: 115546050 AY Part number 115546050 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546050, MANUAL.OPER.
115546120: 115546120 AY Part number 115546120 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546120, MANUAL.OPER.
115546210: 115546210 AY Part number 115546210 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546210, MANUAL.OPER.
115546350: 115546350 AY Part number 115546350 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546350, MANUAL.OPER.
115546440: 115546440 AY Part number 115546440 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115546440, MANUAL.OPER.
115551932: 115551932 AY Part number 115551932 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115551932, MANUAL.OPER.
115552227: 115552227 AY Part number 115552227 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115552227, MANUAL.OPERS
115552920: 115552920 AY Part number 115552920 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115552920, MANUAL.OPERS
115553010: 115553010 AY Part number 115553010 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115553010, MANUAL.OPERS
115553150: 115553150 AY Part number 115553150 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115553150, MANUAL.OPERS
115553240: 115553240 AY Part number 115553240 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115553240, MANUAL.OPERS
115553510: 115553510 AY Part number 115553510 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115553510, MANUAL.OPER.
115553520: 115553520 AY Part number 115553520 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115553520, MANUAL.OPER.
115553540: 115553540 AY Part number 115553540 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115553540, MANUAL.OPER.
115553550: 115553550 AY Part number 115553550 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115553550, MANUAL.OPER.
115553720: 115553720 AY Part number 115553720 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115553720, MANUAL.OPERS
115553810: 115553810 AY Part number 115553810 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115553810, MANUAL.OPERS
115553950: 115553950 AY Part number 115553950 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115553950, MANUAL.OPERS
115554040: 115554040 AY Part number 115554040 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115554040, MANUAL.OPERS
115556120: 115556120 AY Part number 115556120 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115556120, MANUAL.OPER.
115556210: 115556210 AY Part number 115556210 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115556210, MANUAL.OPER.
115556350: 115556350 AY Part number 115556350 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115556350, MANUAL.OPER.
115556440: 115556440 AY Part number 115556440 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115556440, MANUAL.OPER.
115559527: 115559527 AY Part number 115559527 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115559527, MANUAL.OPER.
115563220: 115563220 AY Part number 115563220 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115563220, MANUAL.OPERS
115563728: 115563728 AY Part number 115563728 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115563728, MANUAL.OPERS
115565927: 115565927 AY Part number 115565927 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115565927, MANUAL.OPERS
115569949: 115569949 AY Part number 115569949 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115569949, MANUAL.OPERS
115570059: 115570059 AY Part number 115570059 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115570059, MANUAL.OPERS
115572132: 115572132 AY Part number 115572132 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115572132, MANUAL.OPER.
115574120: 115574120 AY Part number 115574120 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115574120, MANUAL.OPERS
115575332: 115575332 AY Part number 115575332 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115575332, MANUAL.OPER.
115575346: 115575346 AY Part number 115575346 MANUAL.OPER. Replaced by HOP-115575346, MANUAL.OPER.
115576627: 115576627 AY Part number 115576627 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115576627, MANUAL.OPERS
115576749: 115576749 AY Part number 115576749 MANUAL.OPERS Replaced by HOP-115576749, MANUAL.OPERS
1156J: 1156J AY Part number 1156J *** N.L.A. 10/96 (FRONT MUFFLE Replaced by HOP-1156J, *** N.L.A. 10/96 (FRONT MUFFLE
1157J: 1157J AY Part number 1157J **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** ( REAR M Replaced by HOP-1157J, **** N.L.A. 4/95 **** ( REAR M
1166J: 1166J AY Part number 1166J NLA Replaced by HOP-1166J, NLA
11675: 11675 AY Part number 11675 BELT Replaced by HOP-11675, BELT
1167R: 1167R AY Part number 1167R WASHER T wt=.008
117J: 117J AY Part number 117J CABLE.BATTERY.RED Replaced by HOP-117J, CABLE.BATTERY.RED wt=.374 wt=.374
12-041-83: 12-041-83 AY Part number 1204183 / 12-041-83 GASKET.ENGINE.KOHLER
12-113-45: 12-113-45 AY Part number 1211345 / 12-113-45 DECAL.ENG.KOHL.13 *SU
12-113-46: 12-113-46 AY Part number 1211346 / 12-113-46 DECAL.ENG.KOHL.15
12-113-55: 12-113-55 AY Part number 1211355 / 12-113-55 DECAL,ENGINE *SU
12-113-63: 12-113-63 AY Part number 1211363 / 12-113-63 DECAL.KOHL.14.5.S *SU
12-113-64: 12-113-64 AY Part number 1211364 / 12-113-64 DECAL,KOHL15.0CMD
12-113-72: 12-113-72 AY Part number 1211372 / 12-113-72 DECAL.KOHL.15.5.
12000001: 12000001 AY Part number 12000001 E-RING LT Replaced by HOP-12000001, E-RING LT. Replaced by: 812000001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000001 > 812000001 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000002: 12000002 AY Part number 12000002 Sub= 2225J
12000003: 12000003 AY Part number 12000003 RING T Replaced by HOP-12000003, RING T. Replaced by: 812000003 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000003 > 812000003 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000004: 12000004 AY Part number 12000004 RING wt=.005
12000007: 12000007 AY Part number 12000007 E-RING LT Replaced by HOP-12000007, E-RING LT *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 583607201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000007 > 583607201 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000008: 12000008 AY Part number 12000008 KLIP RING Replaced by HOP-12000008, KLIP RING (1 2). Replaced by: 812000008 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000008 > 812000008 wt=.09 wt=.005
12000010: 12000010 AY Part number 12000010 RING.RETAINING Replaced by HOP-12000010, RING.RETAINING. Replaced by: 812000010 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000010 > 812000010 wt=.01 wt=.001
12000012: 12000012 AY Part number 12000012 RING.RETAINING. Replaced by HOP-12000012, RING.RETAINING.. Replaced by: 583607301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000012 > 583607301 wt=.007 wt=.007
12000014: 12000014 AY Part number 12000014 E-RING Replaced by HOP-12000014, E-RING. Replaced by: 532033750 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000014 > 532033750 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000015: 12000015 AY Part number 12000015 E-RING
12000022: 12000022 AY Part number 12000022 E-RING Replaced by HOP-12000022, E-RING. Replaced by: 812000022 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000022 > 812000022 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000026: 12000026 AY Part number 12000026 NLA Replaced by HOP-12000026, NLA
12000027: 12000027 AY Part number 12000027 E-RING Replaced by HOP-12000027, E-RING. Replaced by: 812000027 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000027 > 812000027 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000028: 12000028 AY Part number 12000028 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP2
12000029: 12000029 AY Part number 12000029 RING Replaced by HOP-12000029, RING. Replaced by: 812000029 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000029 > 812000029 wt=.008 wt=.008
12000030: 12000030 AY Part number 12000030 RETAINING RING ST Replaced by HOP-12000030, RETAINING RING ST. Replaced by: 812000030 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000030 > 812000030 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000032: 12000032 AY Part number 12000032 KLIP RING Replaced by HOP-12000032, KLIP RING. Replaced by: 812000032 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000032 > 812000032 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000033: 12000033 AY Part number 12000033 KLIP RING Replaced by HOP-12000033, KLIP RING
12000034: 12000034 AY Part number 12000034 KLIP RING Replaced by HOP-12000034, KLIP RING (1 2). Replaced by: 812000034 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000034 > 812000034 wt=.009 wt=.009
12000035: 12000035 AY Part number 12000035 RING.KLIP T5304-31 Replaced by HOP-12000035, RING.KLIP T5304-31. Replaced by: 812000035 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000035 > 812000035 wt=10 wt=.001
12000036: 12000036 AY Part number 12000036 KLIP RING TI Replaced by HOP-12000036, KLIP RING TI. Replaced by: 812000036 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000036 > 812000036 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000037: 12000037 AY Part number 12000037 KLIP RING Replaced by HOP-12000037, KLIP RING. Replaced by: 812000037 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000037 > 812000037 wt=.03 wt=.005
12000039: 12000039 AY Part number 12000039 KLIP RING Replaced by HOP-12000039, KLIP RING. Replaced by: 812000039 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000039 > 812000039 wt=.02 wt=.005
12000040: 12000040 AY Part number 12000040 KLIP RING Replaced by HOP-12000040, KLIP RING. Replaced by: 812000040 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000040 > 812000040 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000041: 12000041 AY Part number 12000041 **** NLA 10/94 **** (KLIP RING Replaced by HOP-12000041, **** NLA 10/94 **** (KLIP RING
12000042: 12000042 AY Part number 12000042 *** N.L.A. 9/96 (RING) *** Replaced by HOP-12000042, *** N.L.A. 9/96 (RING) ***
12000043: 12000043 AY Part number 12000043 SNAP RING PL. Replaced by: 1865J This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000043 > 1865J
12000044: 12000044 AY Part number 12000044 *****N.L.A. 10/95 (RING)***** Replaced by HOP-12000044, *****N.L.A. 10/95 (RING)*****
12000045: 12000045 AY Part number 12000045 RING Replaced by HOP-12000045, RING (2 2) (3 2). Replaced by: 812000045 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000045 > 812000045 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000047: 12000047 AY Part number 12000047 *** N.L.A. 9/96 (RET RING) *** Replaced by HOP-12000047, *** N.L.A. 9/96 (RET RING) ***
12000049: 12000049 AY Part number 12000049 RING Replaced by HOP-12000049, RING
12000050: 12000050 AY Part number 12000050 *** N.L.A. 9/96 (KLIP RING) ** Replaced by HOP-12000050, *** N.L.A. 9/96 (KLIP RING) **
12000053: 12000053 AY Part number 12000053 E RING HYT Replaced by HOP-12000053, E RING HYT. Replaced by: 812000053 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000053 > 812000053 wt=.01 wt=.01
12000057: 12000057 AY Part number 12000057 Sub= 12000058
12000058: 12000058 AY Part number 12000058 E-RING.7/16.RE. Replaced by HOP-12000058, E-RING.7/16.RE.. Replaced by: 812000058 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000058 > 812000058 wt=.005 wt=.005
12000059: 12000059 AY Part number 12000059 RETAINER RING Replaced by HOP-12000059, RETAINER RING. Replaced by: 582730101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12000059 > 582730101 wt=.1 wt=.005
120000X: 120000X AY Part number 120000X BRACKET T This item is part of the superseding sequence 532120000 > 120000X Replaced by HOP-120000X, BRACKET T wt=.99 wt=.99
120001X011: 120001X011 AY Part number 120001X011 DASH PLATE T Replaced by HOP-120001X011, DASH PLATE T
120003X011: 120003X011 AY Part number 120003X011 DASH PLATE LT Replaced by HOP-120003X011, DASH PLATE LT
120003X014: 120003X014 AY Part number 120003X014 DASH PLATE Replaced by HOP-120003X014, DASH PLATE
120012X: 120012X AY Part number 120012X MAN L2500BT Replaced by HOP-120012X, MAN L2500BT
120016X: 120016X AY Part number 120016X DASH T Replaced by HOP-120016X, DASH T
120017X: 120017X AY Part number 120017X STEERING BRKT T Replaced by HOP-120017X, STEERING BRKT T. Replaced by: 584367801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120017X > 584367801 wt=1.09 wt=1.09
120019X: 120019X AY Part number 120019X (!) REAR COVER Replaced by HOP-120019X, (!) REAR COVER
120028X: 120028X AY Part number 120028X (!)DASH Replaced by HOP-120028X, (!)DASH
120033X: 120033X AY Part number 120033X SPACER T wt=1.322
120047X016: 120047X016 AY Part number 120047X016 CONSOLE (GER) RER Replaced by HOP-120047X016, CONSOLE (GER) RER
120049X: 120049X AY Part number 120049X NLA Replaced by HOP-120049X, NLA
120055X: 120055X AY Part number 120055X Sub= 162150. Replaced by: 132755 > 133439 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120055X > 132755 > 133439
120056X: 120056X AY Part number 120056X Sub= 132779
120057X: 120057X AY Part number 120057X HARNESS LT * Replaced by HOP-120057X, HARNESS LT *
120058X: 120058X AY Part number 120058X MAN YTH160CT Replaced by HOP-120058X, MAN YTH160CT
120062X: 120062X AY Part number 120062X *****N.L.A. 11/95 (MANUAL)**** Replaced by HOP-120062X, *****N.L.A. 11/95 (MANUAL)****
120063X: 120063X AY Part number 120063X NLA Replaced by HOP-120063X, NLA
120064X: 120064X AY Part number 120064X HARNESS T * Replaced by HOP-120064X, HARNESS T *
120066X: 120066X AY Part number 120066X Sub= 140121
120068X: 120068X AY Part number 120068X KNOB 1/2"" YT
120068XMS: 120068XMS AY Part number 120068XMS KNOB 1/2" YT
12007-QB60-0100: 12007-QB60-0100 AY Part number 12007QB600100 / 12007-QB60-0100 BARREL ASSY.
120071X: 120071X AY Part number 120071X YT110GT MAN Replaced by HOP-120071X, YT110GT MAN
120074X: 120074X AY Part number 120074X HARNESS T * Replaced by HOP-120074X, HARNESS T *
120075X: 120075X AY Part number 120075X DECAL TI Replaced by HOP-120075X, DECAL TI. Replaced by: 532120075 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120075X > 532120075 wt=.2 wt=.2
120076X: 120076X AY Part number 120076X NOTFOUND
120079X: 120079X AY Part number 120079X MANUAL605111 Replaced by HOP-120079X, MANUAL605111
120080X: 120080X AY Part number 120080X MANUAL Replaced by HOP-120080X, MANUAL
120081X: 120081X AY Part number 120081X HARNESS,IGNITION Replaced by HOP-120081X, HARNESS IGNITION
120083X: 120083X AY Part number 120083X HARNESS IGNI Replaced by HOP-120083X, HARNESS IGNI
120088X012: 120088X012 AY Part number 120088X012 SADDLE T Replaced by HOP-120088X012, SADDLE T
120089X014: 120089X014 AY Part number 120089X014 SADDLE * Replaced by HOP-120089X014, SADDLE *
120090X011: 120090X011 AY Part number 120090X011 NLA Replaced by HOP-120090X011, NLA
120090X013: 120090X013 AY Part number 120090X013 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-120090X013, SADDLE
120094X: 120094X AY Part number 120094X MANUAL RB Replaced by HOP-120094X, MANUAL RB. Replaced by: 917120094 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120094X > 917120094
120097X: 120097X AY Part number 120097X PIN RB Replaced by HOP-120097X, PIN RB wt=.205 wt=.205
120098X: 120098X AY Part number 120098X Sub= 120098X004
120098X004: 120098X004 AY Part number 120098X004 BRACKET.FRT.LATCH Replaced by HOP-120098X004, BRACKET.FRT.LATCH
120100X: 120100X AY Part number 120100X CHUTE ENT RB Replaced by HOP-120100X, CHUTE ENT RB
120101X: 120101X AY Part number 120101X BAFFLE RB * Replaced by HOP-120101X, BAFFLE RB *
120102X004: 120102X004 AY Part number 120102X004 LATCH BRKT RB * Replaced by HOP-120102X004, LATCH BRKT RB *
120103X431: 120103X431 AY Part number 120103X431 LATCH.RB.ASM Replaced by HOP-120103X431, LATCH.RB.ASM wt=.97 wt=.97
120107X: 120107X AY Part number 120107X HANDLE RB * Replaced by HOP-120107X, HANDLE RB *
120108X: 120108X AY Part number 120108X Sub= 121104X363 Replaced by HOP-120108X, Sub= 121104X363
120109X: 120109X AY Part number 120109X Sub= 121105X363
12011-L209-0000: 12011-L209-0000 AY Part number 12011L2090000 / 12011-L209-0000 PRE-HEATER H
12012-L209-0000: 12012-L209-0000 AY Part number 12012L2090000 / 12012-L209-0000 MUFFLER PRE-
120120X: 120120X AY Part number 120120X NLA Replaced by HOP-120120X, NLA
120124X: 120124X AY Part number 120124X MANUAL RER 8 Replaced by HOP-120124X, MANUAL RER 8
120125X: 120125X AY Part number 120125X **** NLA 07/97 **** (PLATE) Replaced by HOP-120125X, **** NLA 07/97 **** (PLATE)
120130X: 120130X AY Part number 120130X HARNESS T * Replaced by HOP-120130X, HARNESS T *
120134X: 120134X AY Part number 120134X YT120BT MAN Replaced by HOP-120134X, YT120BT MAN
120135X: 120135X AY Part number 120135X SPACER T Replaced by HOP-120135X, SPACER T wt=.165 wt=.165
120136X: 120136X AY Part number 120136X KEEPER BELT HYT Replaced by HOP-120136X, KEEPER BELT HYT wt=.23 wt=.23
120137X: 120137X AY Part number 120137X KIT.SHAFT.AS. Replaced by: 145542 > 154389 > 192468 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120137X > 145542 > 154389 > 192468
120144X: 120144X AY Part number 120144X MANUAL T Replaced by HOP-120144X, MANUAL T. Replaced by: 917120144 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120144X > 917120144
120153X: 120153X AY Part number 120153X GRILL T Replaced by HOP-120153X, GRILL T
120157X: 120157X AY Part number 120157X BELT GUARD T Replaced by HOP-120157X, BELT GUARD T wt=.17 wt=.17
120163X: 120163X AY Part number 120163X **** NLA 7/95 **** (MANUAL) Replaced by HOP-120163X, **** NLA 7/95 **** (MANUAL)
120168X: 120168X AY Part number 120168X KEY T Replaced by HOP-120168X, KEY T wt=.053 wt=.053
120172X: 120172X AY Part number 120172X SHAFT,LIFT T Replaced by HOP-120172X, SHAFT LIFT T
120174X: 120174X AY Part number 120174X SHAFT T Replaced by HOP-120174X, SHAFT T
120176X: 120176X AY Part number 120176X Sub= 123426X
120183X: 120183X AY Part number 120183X NYLON BEARING Replaced by HOP-120183X, NYLON BEARING. Replaced by: 532120183 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120183X > 532120183 wt=.005 wt=.005
120187X: 120187X AY Part number 120187X BAG OF PARTS Replaced by HOP-120187X, BAG OF PARTS
120189X: 120189X AY Part number 120189X NLA Replaced by HOP-120189X, NLA
120199X: 120199X AY Part number 120199X TUBE T Replaced by HOP-120199X, TUBE T. Replaced by: 532120199 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120199X > 532120199 wt=.165 wt=.165
120200X: 120200X AY Part number 120200X NYLINER T (12L18-F) Replaced by HOP-120200X, NYLINER T (12L18-F). Replaced by: 583661601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120200X > 583661601 wt=.005 wt=.005
120201X: 120201X AY Part number 120201X DECAL Replaced by HOP-120201X, DECAL
120203X: 120203X AY Part number 120203X STUD.LATCH.RB wt=.02
120225X: 120225X AY Part number 120225X MAN YT140BT Replaced by HOP-120225X, MAN YT140BT
120226X: 120226X AY Part number 120226X STEERING TUBE Replaced by HOP-120226X, STEERING TUBE
120237X: 120237X AY Part number 120237X GASKET Replaced by HOP-120237X, GASKET
12024: 12024 AY Part number 12024 SCREW. Replaced by: 874180410 This item is part of the superseding sequence 12024 > 874180410
120244X: 120244X AY Part number 120244X BRACKET LT Replaced by HOP-120244X, BRACKET LT wt=.47 wt=.47
120245X: 120245X AY Part number 120245X NLA Replaced by HOP-120245X, NLA
120246X: 120246X AY Part number 120246X NLA Replaced by HOP-120246X, NLA
120247X: 120247X AY Part number 120247X STRAP RB * Replaced by HOP-120247X, STRAP RB *
120248X: 120248X AY Part number 120248X BAFFLE Replaced by HOP-120248X, BAFFLE wt=.2105 wt=.2105
120249X: 120249X AY Part number 120249X BAFFLE Replaced by HOP-120249X, BAFFLE wt=.765 wt=.765
120250X: 120250X AY Part number 120250X BRACKET RB Replaced by HOP-120250X, BRACKET RB. Replaced by: 583661801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 120250X > 583661801
120251X: 120251X AY Part number 120251X CLAMP RB * Replaced by HOP-120251X, CLAMP RB *
120256X: 120256X AY Part number 120256X BAFFLE RB Replaced by HOP-120256X, BAFFLE RB wt=1.79
120257X: 120257X AY Part number 120257X BAFFLE Replaced by HOP-120257X, BAFFLE wt=1.9 wt=1.9
120258X: 120258X AY Part number 120258X REPLACED BY: ROP122176X
120259X: 120259X AY Part number 120259X BRACKET RB * Replaced by HOP-120259X, BRACKET RB *
120260X: 120260X AY Part number 120260X NLA Replaced by HOP-120260X, NLA
120261X: 120261X AY Part number 120261X NLA Replaced by HOP-120261X, NLA
120262: 120262 AY Part number 120262 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
120262X: 120262X AY Part number 120262X Sub= 126338X
120263X: 120263X AY Part number 120263X NLA Replaced by HOP-120263X, NLA
120276X: 120276X AY Part number 120276X MANUAL RER Replaced by HOP-120276X, MANUAL RER
120292X: 120292X AY Part number 120292X MANUAL ENG Replaced by HOP-120292X, MANUAL ENG
120295X: 120295X AY Part number 120295X ARM BRAKE

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