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130794MS: 130794MS AY Part number 130794MS 42 MANDREL ASM.
130794WA: 130794WA AY Part number 130794WA MANDREL ASM
130795X479: 130795X479 AY Part number 130795X479 PLATE,MULCHER *NLA* Replaced by HOP-130795X479, PLATE,MULCHER. Replaced by: 583673901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130795X479 > 583673901
130799: 130799 AY Part number 130799 CHASSIS Replaced by HOP-130799, CHASSIS
130800X015: 130800X015 AY Part number 130800X015 SADDLE 6 SP Replaced by HOP-130800X015, SADDLE 6 SP
130800X016: 130800X016 AY Part number 130800X016 SADDLE *NLA* Replaced by HOP-130800X016, SADDLE *NLA*
130800X017: 130800X017 AY Part number 130800X017 SADDLE *NLA* Replaced by HOP-130800X017, SADDLE *NLA*
130800X028: 130800X028 AY Part number 130800X028 SADDLE SLKSCR *NLA* Replaced by HOP-130800X028, SADDLE SLKSCR *NLA*
130800X029: 130800X029 AY Part number 130800X029 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-130800X029, SADDLE
130800X030: 130800X030 AY Part number 130800X030 SADDLE SILKSCRNED Replaced by HOP-130800X030, SADDLE SILKSCRNED
130801: 130801 AY Part number 130801 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
130802X431: 130802X431 AY Part number 130802X431 SHIFTER PLATE Replaced by HOP-130802X431, BRKT.SADDLE.SHIFT. Replaced by: 532162240 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130802X431 > 532162240
130804: 130804 AY Part number 130804 BRAKE ROD Replaced by HOP-130804, BRAKE ROD (2 2). Replaced by: 532130804 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130804 > 532130804 wt=.819 wt=.819
130805: 130805 AY Part number 130805 Sub= 145009
130807: 130807 AY Part number 130807 TRANSAXLE MTG BKT Replaced by HOP-130807, TRANSAXLE MTG BKT. Replaced by: 532130807 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130807 > 532130807 wt=.908 wt=.908
130811: 130811 AY Part number 130811 Sub= 532130811
130812: 130812 AY Part number 130812 ENGINE PULLEY Replaced by HOP-130812, ENGINE PULLEY. Replaced by: 532130812 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130812 > 532130812 wt=.42 wt=.42
130816: 130816 AY Part number 130816 ENGINE SHEAVE Replaced by HOP-130816, PULLEY.ENGINE.3".OD. Replaced by: 532102142 > 532130816 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130816 > 532102142 > 532130816 wt=.509 wt=.509
130832X613: 130832X613 AY Part number 130832X613 ARM SUSP.REA
130833: 130833 AY Part number 130833 SUSP ARM ASM REAR Replaced by HOP-130833, SUSP ARM ASM REAR wt=.73 wt=.73
130836: 130836 AY Part number 130836 Sub= 140608
130837: 130837 AY Part number 130837 Sub= 153298. Replaced by: 140609 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130837 > 140609
130840: 130840 AY Part number 130840 BRAKE ASM Replaced by HOP-130840, BRAKE ASM. Replaced by: 532130840 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130840 > 532130840 wt=.15 wt=.15
130841: 130841 AY Part number 130841 BRAKE ROD Replaced by HOP-130841, BRAKE ROD. Replaced by: 532130841 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130841 > 532130841 wt=.126 wt=.126
130849: 130849 AY Part number 130849 ARM SHIFT Replaced by HOP-130849, ARM SHIFT. Replaced by: 582946501 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130849 > 582946501
130860: 130860 AY Part number 130860 DECAL.CHASSIS.6SP Replaced by HOP-130860, DECAL.CHASSIS.6SP
130861: 130861 AY Part number 130861 CABLE,ENG ZONE CO Replaced by HOP-130861, CABLE,ENG ZONE CO. Replaced by: 532130861 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130861 > 532130861 wt=.13 wt=.13
130864: 130864 AY Part number 130864 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-130864, PARTS MANUAL. Replaced by: 574960301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130864 > 574960301
130869: 130869 AY Part number 130869 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-130869, PARTS MANUAL
130871X004: 130871X004 AY Part number 130871X004 DOOR LATCH *NLA* Replaced by HOP-130871X004, DOOR LATCH *NLA*
130874: 130874 AY Part number 130874 MANUAL 36145 Replaced by HOP-130874, MANUAL 36145
130889: 130889 AY Part number 130889 BRKT.MTG.BAGGER. Replaced by: 170053 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130889 > 170053
130890: 130890 AY Part number 130890 SWITCH BRACKET This item is part of the superseding sequence 532130890 Replaced by HOP-130890, SWITCH BRACKET wt=.05
130895: 130895 AY Part number 130895 LATCH HANDLE Replaced by HOP-130895, LATCH HANDLE. Replaced by: 532130895 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130895 > 532130895 wt=.134 wt=.134
130897: 130897 AY Part number 130897 SPINDLE RH Replaced by HOP-130897, SPINDLE RH wt=2.002 wt=2.002
130898: 130898 AY Part number 130898 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-130898, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 539130898 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130898 > 539130898
130899: 130899 AY Part number 130899 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-130899, PARTS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917130899 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130899 > 917130899
130903: 130903 AY Part number 130903 KIT,HOUSING* Replaced by HOP-130903, KIT HOUSING*
13090308: 13090308 AY Part number 13090308 NIPPLE.PIPE
13090336: 13090336 AY Part number 13090336 PIPE NIPPLE LT. Replaced by: 13280336 This item is part of the superseding sequence 13090336 > 13280336
130907: 130907 AY Part number 130907 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-130907, MANUAL
130911: 130911 AY Part number 130911 Sub= 140864
130913: 130913 AY Part number 130913 TANK.ASM.DASH.LR. Replaced by: 138393 This item is part of the superseding sequence 123986X > 130913 > 138393
130914: 130914 AY Part number 130914 TANK.ASM.DASH.LR. Replaced by: 138392 This item is part of the superseding sequence 124540X > 130914 > 138392
130920: 130920 AY Part number 130920 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-130920, MANUAL
130929: 130929 AY Part number 130929 MWR DRV DECAL Replaced by HOP-130929, MWR DRV DECAL
130933: 130933 AY Part number 130933 INDICATOR ASM BAG Replaced by HOP-130933, INDICATOR ASM BAG. Replaced by: 532130933 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130933 > 532130933 wt=.059 wt=.059
130937: 130937 AY Part number 130937 PAINT.DVR.GRY.459 Replaced by HOP-130937, PAINT.DVR.GRY.459. Replaced by: 582946601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130937 > 582946601 wt=.912 wt=.912
130939: 130939 AY Part number 130939 PAINT.GRN.POU.475 Replaced by HOP-130939, PAINT.GRN.POU.475 wt=.949 wt=.949
130941: 130941 AY Part number 130941 PAINT.CAN.YEL.473 Replaced by HOP-130941, PAINT.CAN.YEL.473
130961: 130961 AY Part number 130961 BRACKET LF Replaced by HOP-130961, BRACKET LF
130966: 130966 AY Part number 130966 BRKT.SUPPORT Replaced by HOP-130966, BRKT.SUPPORT
130968: 130968 AY Part number 130968 DEFLECTOR.SHIELD Replaced by HOP-130968, SHIELD.DEFLECTOR.MOWER. Replaced by: 532130968 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130968 > 532130968 wt=1.25 wt=1.38
130968X428: 130968X428 AY Part number 130968X428 SHEILD.DEFLECTOR.MO
130969: 130969 AY Part number 130969 BELT-MOWER DECK Replaced by HOP-130969, V-BELT. Replaced by: 532130969 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130969 > 532130969 wt=.56 wt=.56
130970: 130970 AY Part number 130970 Sub= 145338. Replaced by: 137526 This item is part of the superseding sequence 130970 > 137526
130979: 130979 AY Part number 130979 REPL PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-130979, REPL PARTS MANUAL
130985X599: 130985X599 AY Part number 130985X599 LENS.LR.RH.HUSQ. Replaced by HOP-130985X599, LENS.LR.RH.HUSQ. wt=.101
130985X600: 130985X600 AY Part number 130985X600 LENS RH wt=.101
130986X599: 130986X599 AY Part number 130986X599 LENS.LR.LH.HUSQ
130986X600: 130986X600 AY Part number 130986X600 LENS.LR.LH.HUSQV. Replaced by HOP-130986X600, LENS.LR.LH.HUSQV. wt=.108 wt=.108
1309H: 1309H AY Part number 1309H BRNG. T Replaced by HOP-1309H, BRNG. T. Replaced by: 583674001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 1309H > 583674001 wt=.034 wt=.034
131002: 131002 AY Part number 131002 Sub= 136004
131005X010: 131005X010 AY Part number 131005X010 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-131005X010, SADDLE
131005X016: 131005X016 AY Part number 131005X016 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-131005X016, SADDLE
131005X017: 131005X017 AY Part number 131005X017 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-131005X017, SADDLE
131005X023: 131005X023 AY Part number 131005X023 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-131005X023, SADDLE
131005X027: 131005X027 AY Part number 131005X027 SADDLE.DANA.6SP Replaced by HOP-131005X027, SADDLE.DANA.6SP
131006: 131006 AY Part number 131006 BELT-TRANSMISSION DRIVE 98 25 Replaced by HOP-131006, BELT-V. Replaced by: 532131006 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131006 > 532131006 wt=.61 wt=.634
13101-QB62-0000: 13101-QB62-0000 AY Part number 13101QB620000 / 13101-QB62-0000 PISTON
13102-PB52-0000: 13102-PB52-0000 AY Part number 13102PB520000 / 13102-PB52-0000 PISTON PIN
131023: 131023 AY Part number 131023 GRASS CATCHER CVR Replaced by HOP-131023, GRASS CATCHER CVR
131029: 131029 AY Part number 131029 SCREW Replaced by HOP-131029, SCREW wt=.007 wt=.007
131036: 131036 AY Part number 131036 CONTROL BAR *SUBS/2* Replaced by HOP-131036, CONTROL BAR *SUBS/2* wt=.691 wt=.691
131044: 131044 AY Part number 131044 IGNITION HARNESS Replaced by HOP-131044, IGNITION HARNESS
131045: 131045 AY Part number 131045 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131045, OWNERS MANUAL
131050: 131050 AY Part number 131050 CHASSIS Replaced by HOP-131050, CHASSIS
131052: 131052 AY Part number 131052 CHASSIS WELDMENT* Replaced by HOP-131052, CHASSIS WELDMENT*
131066: 131066 AY Part number 131066 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131066, PARTS MANUAL
131081: 131081 AY Part number 131081 BAIL.CONTROL.BLK. This item is part of the superseding sequence 532131081 Replaced by HOP-131081, BAIL.CONTROL.BLK. wt=.76 wt=.76
131083: 131083 AY Part number 131083 BAIL.CONTROL.YEL. This item is part of the superseding sequence 140935 > 131083 Replaced by HOP-131083, BAIL.CONTROL.YEL. wt=.791
131085: 131085 AY Part number 131085 CONTROL BAR Replaced by HOP-131085, CONTROL BAR
131086: 131086 AY Part number 131086 CONTROL BAR wt=.758
131087: 131087 AY Part number 131087 CONTROL BAR Replaced by HOP-131087, CONTROL BAR
131093: 131093 AY Part number 131093 CONTROL BAR **
131094: 131094 AY Part number 131094 CONTROL BAR Replaced by HOP-131094, CONTROL BAR. Replaced by: 532131094 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131094 > 532131094 wt=.716 wt=.728
131095: 131095 AY Part number 131095 Sub= 131094 wt=.716
131098: 131098 AY Part number 131098 ENG CONTROL BAIL Replaced by HOP-131098, ENG CONTROL BAIL
131099: 131099 AY Part number 131099 ENG CONTROL BAR Replaced by HOP-131099, ENG CONTROL BAR
1310A-QB62-0000: 1310A-QB62-0000 AY Part number 1310AQB620000 / 1310A-QB62-0000 PISTON RING
1310R: 1310R AY Part number 1310R *** USE MBL 4L290 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-1310R, *** USE MBL 4L290 *** N.L.A. F
131100: 131100 AY Part number 131100 ENG CONTROL BAR** Replaced by HOP-131100, ENG CONTROL BAR**
131102X004: 131102X004 AY Part number 131102X004 HEIGHT SELECTOR HANDLE Replaced by HOP-131102X004, HEIGHT SELECTOR HANDLE
131104: 131104 AY Part number 131104 ADJ ASM WHEEL RH* Replaced by HOP-131104, ADJ ASM WHEEL RH*
131106: 131106 AY Part number 131106 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131106, PARTS MANUAL
131114: 131114 AY Part number 131114 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131114, MANUAL
131116: 131116 AY Part number 131116 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131116, MANUAL
131120: 131120 AY Part number 131120 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131120, MANUAL
131130: 131130 AY Part number 131130 WINGNUT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532131130 Replaced by HOP-131130, WINGNUT
131133: 131133 AY Part number 131133 HARNESS ASM LIFT Replaced by HOP-131133, HARNESS ASM LIFT. Replaced by: 582946801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131133 > 582946801
131137: 131137 AY Part number 131137 PIN.SUPT.POST Replaced by HOP-131137, PIN.SUPT.POST. Replaced by: 532131137 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131137 > 532131137 wt=.34 wt=.34
131157X417: 131157X417 AY Part number 131157X417 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131157X417, GUARD BELT
131157X419: 131157X419 AY Part number 131157X419 GUARD,BELT Replaced by HOP-131157X419, GUARD BELT
131157X421: 131157X421 AY Part number 131157X421 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131157X421, GUARD BELT
131157X424: 131157X424 AY Part number 131157X424 GUARD BELT Replaced by HOP-131157X424, GUARD BELT
131157X473: 131157X473 AY Part number 131157X473 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131157X473, GUARD BELT
131157X475: 131157X475 AY Part number 131157X475 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131157X475, GUARD BELT
131157X505: 131157X505 AY Part number 131157X505 BELT GUARD Replaced by HOP-131157X505, BELT GUARD
131157X550: 131157X550 AY Part number 131157X550 GUARD.BELT.TILLER Replaced by HOP-131157X550, GUARD.BELT.TILLER wt=2.123 wt=2.123
131157X574: 131157X574 AY Part number 131157X574 GUARD.BELT Replaced by HOP-131157X574, GUARD.BELT
131158X017: 131158X017 AY Part number 131158X017 GUARD.BELT.SLKSCR Replaced by HOP-131158X017, GUARD.BELT.SLKSCR
131158X417: 131158X417 AY Part number 131158X417 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131158X417, GUARD BELT wt=1.25 wt=1.25
131158X418: 131158X418 AY Part number 131158X418 GUARD.BELT Replaced by HOP-131158X418, GUARD.BELT
131158X419: 131158X419 AY Part number 131158X419 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131158X419, GUARD BELT
131158X473: 131158X473 AY Part number 131158X473 GUARD.BELT Replaced by HOP-131158X473, GUARD.BELT
131158X505: 131158X505 AY Part number 131158X505 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131158X505, GUARD, BELT. Replaced by: 583674301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131158X505 > 583674301
131158X520: 131158X520 AY Part number 131158X520 GUARD.BELT Replaced by HOP-131158X520, GUARD.BELT
131158X550: 131158X550 AY Part number 131158X550 GUARD.PNT.BELT Replaced by HOP-131158X550, GUARD.PNT.BELT
131158X574: 131158X574 AY Part number 131158X574 GUARD.PNT.BELT Replaced by HOP-131158X574, GUARD.PNT.BELT
131159X022: 131159X022 AY Part number 131159X022 GUARD.BELT.SILKSC Replaced by HOP-131159X022, GUARD.BELT.SILKSC
131159X417: 131159X417 AY Part number 131159X417 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X417, GUARD BELT wt=2.625 wt=2.625
131159X418: 131159X418 AY Part number 131159X418 GUARD,BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X418, GUARD BELT
131159X419: 131159X419 AY Part number 131159X419 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X419, GUARD BELT wt=2.67 wt=2.67
131159X421: 131159X421 AY Part number 131159X421 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X421, GUARD BELT
131159X422: 131159X422 AY Part number 131159X422 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X422, GUARD BELT
131159X424: 131159X424 AY Part number 131159X424 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X424, GUARD BELT wt=2.689
131159X427: 131159X427 AY Part number 131159X427 GUARD BELT PNT Replaced by HOP-131159X427, GUARD BELT PNT
131159X428: 131159X428 AY Part number 131159X428 GUARD,BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X428, GUARD BELT
131159X459: 131159X459 AY Part number 131159X459 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X459, GUARD BELT
131159X473: 131159X473 AY Part number 131159X473 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X473, GUARD BELT
131159X475: 131159X475 AY Part number 131159X475 GUARD, BELT This item is part of the superseding sequence 102148X475 > 131159X475 Replaced by HOP-131159X475, GUARD, BELT
131159X505: 131159X505 AY Part number 131159X505 GUARD, BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X505, GUARD BELT wt=2.723 wt=2.723
131159X520: 131159X520 AY Part number 131159X520 GUARD.BELT. Replaced by HOP-131159X520, GUARD.BELT.
131159X550: 131159X550 AY Part number 131159X550 GUARD.BELT.PNT. Replaced by HOP-131159X550, GUARD.BELT.PNT. wt=2.786 wt=2.786
131159X558: 131159X558 AY Part number 131159X558 GUARD.BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X558, GUARD.BELT
131159X574: 131159X574 AY Part number 131159X574 GUARD BELT Replaced by HOP-131159X574, GUARD BELT wt=2.57 wt=2.57
131172: 131172 AY Part number 131172 REPLACED BY: ROP132172
131205: 131205 AY Part number 131205 Sub= 532131205 This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-13-12-05 > 131205
131246: 131246 AY Part number 131246 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131246, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917131246 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131246 > 917131246
131251: 131251 AY Part number 131251 IDLER BELT GUIDE Replaced by HOP-131251, IDLER BELT GUIDE. Replaced by: 532131251 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131251 > 532131251 wt=.091
131260: 131260 AY Part number 131260 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131260, OWNERS MANUAL
131264: 131264 AY Part number 131264 BELT-ENGINE TO DECK Replaced by HOP-131264, V-BELT.PRIM.78.5.. Replaced by: 532131264 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131264 > 532131264 wt=.49 wt=.49
131265: 131265 AY Part number 131265 DECAL LIGHTBOX Replaced by HOP-131265, DECAL LIGHTBOX wt=.058 wt=.058
131266: 131266 AY Part number 131266 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131266, OWNERS MANUAL
131267: 131267 AY Part number 131267 DEFLECTOR BRKT *SU This item is part of the superseding sequence 131267X421 wt=.15
131267X421: 131267X421 AY Part number 131267X421 DEFLECTOR BRKT *SU. Replaced by: 131267 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131267X421
131268X418: 131268X418 AY Part number 131268X418 BRKT,HANDLE * Replaced by HOP-131268X418, BRKT HANDLE *
131268X419: 131268X419 AY Part number 131268X419 HANDLE BRACKET * Replaced by HOP-131268X419, HANDLE BRACKET *
131268X421: 131268X421 AY Part number 131268X421 HANDLE BRACKET Replaced by HOP-131268X421, HANDLE BRACKET
131268X424: 131268X424 AY Part number 131268X424 BRACKET.HANDLE Replaced by HOP-131268X424, BRACKET.HANDLE
131268X428: 131268X428 AY Part number 131268X428 PANEL CONTROL Replaced by HOP-131268X428, PANEL CONTROL
131268X459: 131268X459 AY Part number 131268X459 HANDLE BRKT Replaced by HOP-131268X459, HANDLE BRKT
131268X473: 131268X473 AY Part number 131268X473 BRKT, HANDLE Replaced by HOP-131268X473, BRKT HANDLE
131268X475: 131268X475 AY Part number 131268X475 HANDLE BRKT
131268X505: 131268X505 AY Part number 131268X505 HANDLE BRKT
131268X550: 131268X550 AY Part number 131268X550 BRACKET.HDLE.TILL Replaced by HOP-131268X550, BRACKET.HDLE.TILL
131270: 131270 AY Part number 131270 REPLACED BY: ROP128599 This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-13-12-70 > 131270
131271: 131271 AY Part number 131271 Sub= 918126839. Replaced by: 126839 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131271 > 126839
131277: 131277 AY Part number 131277 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131277, PARTS MANUAL
131283: 131283 AY Part number 131283 DECAL V-BELT DRV Replaced by HOP-131283, DECAL V-BELT DRV
131288: 131288 AY Part number 131288 BRAKE ROD RH Replaced by HOP-131288, BRAKE ROD RH. Replaced by: 532131288 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131288 > 532131288 wt=.171 wt=.171
131289: 131289 AY Part number 131289 BRAKE ROD LH Replaced by HOP-131289, BRAKE ROD LH. Replaced by: 532131289 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131289 > 532131289 wt=.089 wt=.089
131290: 131290 AY Part number 131290 BELT-MOWER DECK Replaced by HOP-131290, BELT.V.T-PATH. Replaced by: 532131290 > 532144200 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131290 > 532131290 > 532144200 wt=.545 wt=.545
131290X: 131290X AY Part number 131290X REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
131291: 131291 AY Part number 131291 LINK CLTCH W/NUTS Replaced by HOP-131291, LINK CLTCH W/NUTS. Replaced by: 582946901 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131291 > 582946901 wt=.25 wt=.25
131321: 131321 AY Part number 131321 BLADE 36V LO LIFT Replaced by HOP-131321, BLADE 36V LO LIFT wt=2.029 wt=2.029
131322: 131322 AY Part number 131322 Sub= 138497
131323: 131323 AY Part number 131323 BLADE 42" HI-LIFT. Replaced by: 138498 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131323 > 138498
131335: 131335 AY Part number 131335 SPRING EXTENSION Replaced by HOP-131335, SRPING.EXT. Replaced by: 532131335 > 532179748 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131335 > 532131335 > 532179748 wt=.039 wt=.039
131340: 131340 AY Part number 131340 SHOULDER BOLT Replaced by HOP-131340, SHOULDER BOLT wt=.01 wt=.01
131343X017: 131343X017 AY Part number 131343X017 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-131343X017, SADDLE
131343X018: 131343X018 AY Part number 131343X018 SADDLE.SLKSCR.6SP Replaced by HOP-131343X018, SADDLE.SLKSCR.6SP
131343X020: 131343X020 AY Part number 131343X020 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-131343X020, SADDLE
131343X021: 131343X021 AY Part number 131343X021 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-131343X021, SADDLE
131343X034: 131343X034 AY Part number 131343X034 SADDLE.5SP.PEER.
131343X037: 131343X037 AY Part number 131343X037 SADDLE. 6SP
131343X043: 131343X043 AY Part number 131343X043 SADDLE SLKSCR 6SP Replaced by HOP-131343X043, SADDLE SLKSCR 6SP
131350: 131350 AY Part number 131350 TORQUE STRAP LH Replaced by HOP-131350, TORQUE STRAP LH
131351: 131351 AY Part number 131351 TORQUE STRAP RH Replaced by HOP-131351, TORQUE STRAP RH
131352: 131352 AY Part number 131352 BRAKE ROD Replaced by HOP-131352, BRAKE ROD
131354: 131354 AY Part number 131354 SHIFTER ROD
131356X021: 131356X021 AY Part number 131356X021 SADDLE *NLA* Replaced by HOP-131356X021, SADDLE *NLA*
131360X019: 131360X019 AY Part number 131360X019 SADDLE Replaced by HOP-131360X019, SADDLE
131402: 131402 AY Part number 131402 GUIDE BLT DR MWR Replaced by HOP-131402, GUIDE BLT DR MWR wt=.295 wt=.295
131425: 131425 AY Part number 131425 CHASSIS DECAL Replaced by HOP-131425, CHASSIS DECAL wt=.007 wt=.007
131439: 131439 AY Part number 131439 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131439, OWNERS MANUAL
131445X417: 131445X417 AY Part number 131445X417 HOOD Replaced by HOP-131445X417, HOOD
131445X419: 131445X419 AY Part number 131445X419 HOOD Replaced by HOP-131445X419, HOOD
131445X421: 131445X421 AY Part number 131445X421 HOOD.ASM.SLOPE ** Replaced by HOP-131445X421, HOOD.ASM.SLOPE **
131445X459: 131445X459 AY Part number 131445X459 Sub= 154988X574 Replaced by HOP-131445X459, Sub= 154988X574
131445X505: 131445X505 AY Part number 131445X505 HOOD/GRILLE ASM. Replaced by: 154988X505 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131445X505 > 154988X505
131445X510: 131445X510 AY Part number 131445X510 HOOD Replaced by HOP-131445X510, HOOD
131445X520: 131445X520 AY Part number 131445X520 HOOD.ASM.SLOPED Replaced by HOP-131445X520, HOOD.ASM.SLOPED
131445X574: 131445X574 AY Part number 131445X574 Sub= 154988X574 Replaced by HOP-131445X574, Sub= 154988X574
131450: 131450 AY Part number 131450 Sub= 142033. Replaced by: 133988 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131450 > 133988
131451: 131451 AY Part number 131451 PAN.ASM.SEAT. Replaced by: 140552 > 155925 > 182493 This item is part of the superseding sequence 121247X > 131451 > 140552 > 155925 > 182493
131459: 131459 AY Part number 131459 SPRING EXT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-13-14-59 > 131459 wt=.167
131460: 131460 AY Part number 131460 ROD.BRAKE REAR This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-13-14-60 > 131460 wt=.215
131461: 131461 AY Part number 131461 MWR DRV CLTCH KIT Replaced by HOP-131461, MWR DRV CLTCH KIT. Replaced by: 532123397 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131461 > 532123397 wt=.215 wt=.413
131464: 131464 AY Part number 131464 IGNITION HARNESS Replaced by HOP-131464, IGNITION HARNESS. Replaced by: 582947101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131464 > 582947101 wt=.463 wt=.463
131467: 131467 AY Part number 131467 HARNESS.IGN.B&S This item is part of the superseding sequence 532131467 Replaced by HOP-131467, HARNESS.IGN.B&S
131473: 131473 AY Part number 131473 CHASSIS DECAL Replaced by HOP-131473, CHASSIS DECAL
131481: 131481 AY Part number 131481 WORM SHAFT Replaced by HOP-131481, WORM SHAFT. Replaced by: 532131481 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131481 > 532131481 wt=.187 wt=.187
131482: 131482 AY Part number 131482 DRIVE PULLEY Replaced by HOP-131482, DRIVE PULLEY. Replaced by: 532131482 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131482 > 532131482 wt=.387 wt=.387
131483: 131483 AY Part number 131483 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
131484: 131484 AY Part number 131484 CLUTCH YOKE Replaced by HOP-131484, CLUTCH YOKE. Replaced by: 532131484 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131484 > 532131484 wt=.063 wt=.063
131485: 131485 AY Part number 131485 Sub= 700343
131486: 131486 AY Part number 131486 ROD,LINK SHIFT Replaced by HOP-131486, ARM.SHIFT.TRANSAXLE. Replaced by: 532131486 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131486 > 532131486
131487: 131487 AY Part number 131487 ARM SHIFT TRANS Replaced by HOP-131487, ARM SHIFT TRANS. Replaced by: 532131487 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131487 > 532131487 wt=.18 wt=.18
131488: 131488 AY Part number 131488 SHIFT LEVER Replaced by HOP-131488, SHIFT LEVER. Replaced by: 532131488 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131488 > 532131488 wt=.222 wt=.222
131489: 131489 AY Part number 131489 SHAFT ASM CROSS**
131491: 131491 AY Part number 131491 HINGE ROD Replaced by HOP-131491, HINGE (151901). Replaced by: 532131491 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131491 > 532131491 wt=.12 wt=.12
131494: 131494 AY Part number 131494 FLAT IDLER PULLEY *SUBS/2* Replaced by HOP-131494, PULLEY.IDLER.FLT.. Replaced by: 532104360 > 532173438 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131494 > 532104360 > 532173438 wt=.785 wt=.785
131508: 131508 AY Part number 131508 Sub= 532131508 Replaced by HOP-131508, Sub= 532131508
131521: 131521 AY Part number 131521 FUEL TANK W/SENSO Replaced by HOP-131521, FUEL TANK W/SENSO. Replaced by: 582947201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131521 > 582947201
131527: 131527 AY Part number 131527 CLUSTER GEAR KIT Replaced by HOP-131527, CLUSTER GEAR KIT. Replaced by: 532131527 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131527 > 532131527 wt=.981 wt=2.252
131532: 131532 AY Part number 131532 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131532, PARTS MANUAL
131558: 131558 AY Part number 131558 BELT GUARD BRKT Replaced by HOP-131558, BELT GUARD BRKT wt=.27 wt=.27
131560: 131560 AY Part number 131560 REPLACED BY: ROP532131560
131563: 131563 AY Part number 131563 TERMINAL COVER Replaced by HOP-131563, COVER TERM. RED. Replaced by: 532000719 > 532154336 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131563 > 532000719 > 532154336 wt=.23 wt=.23
131577: 131577 AY Part number 131577 ENGINE CNTL BAR Replaced by HOP-131577, ENGINE CNTL BAR. Replaced by: 582947301 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131577 > 582947301
131603: 131603 AY Part number 131603 **** NLA 6/94 **** (MANUAL) Replaced by HOP-131603, **** NLA 6/94 **** (MANUAL)
131622: 131622 AY Part number 131622 BALL BRNG ASM LH *NLA* Replaced by HOP-131622, BALL BRNG ASM LH *NLA* wt=.18 wt=.18
131628: 131628 AY Part number 131628 HOUSING KIT Replaced by HOP-131628, HOUSING KIT
131635: 131635 AY Part number 131635 SHIFT CONSOLE Replaced by HOP-131635, SHIFT CONSOLE. Replaced by: 582947401 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131635 > 582947401
131636: 131636 AY Part number 131636 Sub= 127271
131646: 131646 AY Part number 131646 KIT.HOUSING. Replaced by HOP-131646, KIT.HOUSING.
131655: 131655 AY Part number 131655 CLUTCH LINK Replaced by HOP-131655, CLUTCH LINK. Replaced by: 532131655 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131655 > 532131655
131667X459: 131667X459 AY Part number 131667X459 SIDE PANEL LH Replaced by HOP-131667X459, SIDE PANEL LH
131671: 131671 AY Part number 131671 PIVOT BRKT Replaced by HOP-131671, PIVOT BRKT
131672: 131672 AY Part number 131672 PIVOT BRKT
131679: 131679 AY Part number 131679 SHIFT ROD Replaced by HOP-131679, SHIFT ROD. Replaced by: 532131679 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131679 > 532131679 wt=.824 wt=.824
131681: 131681 AY Part number 131681 GRILL.ASM.PNT.. Replaced by: 131681X431 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131681 > 131681X431
131681X431: 131681X431 AY Part number 131681X431 GRILL.ASM.PNT. This item is part of the superseding sequence 131681 > 131681X431 Replaced by HOP-131681X431, GRILL.ASM.PNT.
131686: 131686 AY Part number 131686 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131686, PARTS MANUAL
131691: 131691 AY Part number 131691 SPLIT SPACER Replaced by HOP-131691, SPLIT SPACER. Replaced by: 532131691 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131691 > 532131691 wt=.026 wt=.026
131695: 131695 AY Part number 131695 BLADE MUL (48272) Replaced by HOP-131695, BLADE MUL (48272)
131696: 131696 AY Part number 131696 CONTROL BAR Replaced by HOP-131696, CONTROL BAR. Replaced by: 532131696 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131696 > 532131696 wt=.588 wt=.588
131697X479: 131697X479 AY Part number 131697X479 Sub= 154480X479 Replaced by HOP-131697X479, Sub= 154480X479
131699: 131699 AY Part number 131699 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131699, MANUAL
13170100: 13170100 AY Part number 13170100 ELBOW STREET 90
131706: 131706 AY Part number 131706 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131706, MANUAL
131714X004: 131714X004 AY Part number 131714X004 FRONT TORQUE ASM *NLA* Replaced by HOP-131714X004, FRONT TORQUE ASM *NLA*
131716: 131716 AY Part number 131716 Sub= 532131716 This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-13-17-16 > 131716
131722: 131722 AY Part number 131722 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131722, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917131722 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131722 > 917131722
131729: 131729 AY Part number 131729 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131729, MANUAL
131730: 131730 AY Part number 131730 HARNESS EXT. Replaced by HOP-131730, HARNESS EXT.
131733: 131733 AY Part number 131733 DUCT.EXT.NOTCHED. Replaced by: 138474 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131733 > 138474
131745: 131745 AY Part number 131745 OP MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131745, OP MANUAL
131771: 131771 AY Part number 131771 SPLIT SPACER Replaced by HOP-131771, SPLIT SPACER
131772: 131772 AY Part number 131772 SEAT SPACER Replaced by HOP-131772, SEAT SPACER
131845: 131845 AY Part number 131845 BRAKE PAD ARM ASM *SUBS/2* wt=.41
131846: 131846 AY Part number 131846 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131846, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917131846 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131846 > 917131846 wt=.25 wt=.25
131850: 131850 AY Part number 131850 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131850, OWNERS MANUAL wt=.123 wt=.123
131853: 131853 AY Part number 131853 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131853, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917131853 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131853 > 917131853
131856: 131856 AY Part number 131856 WHEEL ADJ BRKT Replaced by HOP-131856, WHEEL ADJ BRKT wt=.432 wt=.432
131857: 131857 AY Part number 131857 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1. Replaced by: 134236 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131857 > 134236
131859: 131859 AY Part number 131859 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1
131860: 131860 AY Part number 131860 SEAT ** Replaced by HOP-131860, SEAT **
131864: 131864 AY Part number 131864 PAD,FOOTREST Replaced by HOP-131864, PAD,FOOTREST wt=.11 wt=.11
131867: 131867 AY Part number 131867 BRAKE ROD Replaced by HOP-131867, BRAKE ROD wt=.048 wt=.048
131869: 131869 AY Part number 131869 DRIVE CONTROL Replaced by HOP-131869, DRIVE CONTROL
131870: 131870 AY Part number 131870 RETURN SPRING Replaced by HOP-131870, RETURN SPRING. Replaced by: 532131870 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131870 > 532131870 wt=.04 wt=.043
131880: 131880 AY Part number 131880 CHASSIS Replaced by HOP-131880, CHASSIS wt=35
131886: 131886 AY Part number 131886 SUPT ASM DASH Replaced by HOP-131886, SUPT ASM DASH wt=4.1 wt=4.1
131891: 131891 AY Part number 131891 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131891, PARTS MANUAL
131910: 131910 AY Part number 131910 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131910, OWNERS MANUAL
131913: 131913 AY Part number 131913 KIT DUCT EXT Replaced by HOP-131913, KIT DUCT EXT
131925: 131925 AY Part number 131925 LIFT SHAFT ASM Replaced by HOP-131925, LIFT SHAFT ASM
131930: 131930 AY Part number 131930 ROD.SHIFT.CNTR.LR This item is part of the superseding sequence 532131930 Replaced by HOP-131930, ROD.SHIFT.CNTR.LR
131933: 131933 AY Part number 131933 ROD.ASM.SHIFT Replaced by HOP-131933, ROD.ASM.SHIFT
131934: 131934 AY Part number 131934 ARM.SHIFT *NLA* Replaced by HOP-131934, ARM.SHIFT *NLA*
131935: 131935 AY Part number 131935 BRACKET.BRAKE This item is part of the superseding sequence 532131935 Replaced by HOP-131935, BRACKET.BRAKE
131936: 131936 AY Part number 131936 ROD.BRAKE.REAR This item is part of the superseding sequence 532131936 Replaced by HOP-131936, ROD.BRAKE.REAR wt=.257
131937: 131937 AY Part number 131937 KEEPER.BELT.RH This item is part of the superseding sequence 532131937 Replaced by HOP-131937, KEEPER.BELT.RH
131939: 131939 AY Part number 131939 STRAP.TORQUE.LH Replaced by HOP-131939, STRAP.TORQUE.LH
131940: 131940 AY Part number 131940 LINK.SHIFT Replaced by HOP-131940, LINK.SHIFT. Replaced by: 532131940 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131940 > 532131940
131944: 131944 AY Part number 131944 TRANSAXLE.6SP.DAN *NLA* Replaced by HOP-131944, TRANSAXLE.6SP.DAN *NLA*
131945: 131945 AY Part number 131945 TRANSAXLE.5SP.DAN *NLA* Replaced by HOP-131945, TRANSAXLE.5SP.DAN *NLA*
131950: 131950 AY Part number 131950 SPRING.EXTENSION Replaced by HOP-131950, SPRING.EXTENSION. Replaced by: 532131950 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131950 > 532131950 wt=.205 wt=.205
131959: 131959 AY Part number 131959 BOLT.HANDLE.LM This item is part of the superseding sequence 58714 > 131959 wt=.04
131965: 131965 AY Part number 131965 REPLACED BY: ROP137367 Replaced by HOP-131965, REPLACED BY: ROP137367
131970: 131970 AY Part number 131970 CHUTE.LOWER.BAGGE Replaced by HOP-131970, CHUTE.LOWER.BAGGE. Replaced by: 532131970 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131970 > 532131970 wt=2.93 wt=2.875
131972: 131972 AY Part number 131972 DECAL.ENG.805719 Replaced by HOP-131972, DECAL.ENG.805719
131973: 131973 AY Part number 131973 DECAL.ENG.805720 Replaced by HOP-131973, DECAL.ENG.805720
131978: 131978 AY Part number 131978 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-131978, MANUAL
131986: 131986 AY Part number 131986 HOUSING DECAL Replaced by HOP-131986, HOUSING DECAL
131989: 131989 AY Part number 131989 DISCHARGE DECAL Replaced by HOP-131989, DISCHARGE DECAL
131992: 131992 AY Part number 131992 CTRL.THROTTLE Replaced by HOP-131992, CTRL.THROTTLE. Replaced by: 582947601 This item is part of the superseding sequence 131992 > 582947601
131993: 131993 AY Part number 131993 THROTTLE CONTROL Replaced by HOP-131993, THROTTLE CONTROL
132001: 132001 AY Part number 132001 GUIDE.ROPE. Replaced by: 179585 This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-13-20-01 > 132001 > 179585 wt=.067
13200300: 13200300 AY Part number 13200300 ELBOW wt=.174
132004: 132004 AY Part number 132004 Sub= 73800400
13200400: 13200400 AY Part number 13200400 ELBOW Replaced by HOP-13200400, ELBOW
13201-PB52-0200: 13201-PB52-0200 AY Part number 13201PB520200 / 13201-PB52-0200 CRANKSHAFT C
132010: 132010 AY Part number 132010 LOCKNUT Replaced by HOP-132010, NUT.HEX.FLANGE.LOCK.3/8-16.BLK. Replaced by: 532132010 > 532409148 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132010 > 532132010 > 532409148 wt=.021 wt=.021
132015: 132015 AY Part number 132015 MANUAL ENG Replaced by HOP-132015, MANUAL ENG wt=.293 wt=.293
132016: 132016 AY Part number 132016 MANUAL FRE Replaced by HOP-132016, MANUAL FRE
132017: 132017 AY Part number 132017 IGN HARNESS Replaced by HOP-132017, IGN HARNESS. Replaced by: 582947701 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132017 > 582947701 wt=.82 wt=.82
13204-PB52-0000: 13204-PB52-0000 AY Part number 13204PB520000 / 13204-PB52-0000 CONNECTING R
132044: 132044 AY Part number 132044 Sub= 532132044 This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-13-20-44 > 132044
132070: 132070 AY Part number 132070 PANEL.DASH.LH Replaced by HOP-132070, PANEL.DASH.LH
132095: 132095 AY Part number 132095 OPER MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132095, OPER MANUAL
132097: 132097 AY Part number 132097 OPER MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132097, MANUAL.OPERATOR. Replaced by: 532132097 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132097 > 532132097 wt=.085 wt=.085
132098: 132098 AY Part number 132098 OPER MANUAL (FRE) Replaced by HOP-132098, OPER MANUAL (FRE)
13210424: 13210424 AY Part number 13210424 NIPPLE X Replaced by HOP-13210424, NIPPLE X
132108: 132108 AY Part number 132108 NLA Replaced by HOP-132108, NLA
132115: 132115 AY Part number 132115 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132115, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917132115 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132115 > 917132115
132119: 132119 AY Part number 132119 DECAL Replaced by HOP-132119, DECAL
132129: 132129 AY Part number 132129 LIFT SHAFT ASM Replaced by HOP-132129, LIFT SHAFT ASM
132140: 132140 AY Part number 132140 Sub= 701104
132154: 132154 AY Part number 132154 OPERATOR MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132154, OPERATOR MANUAL
132172: 132172 AY Part number 132172 LIFT SHAFT ASM Replaced by HOP-132172, LIFT SHAFT ASM wt=3.526 wt=3.526
132175: 132175 AY Part number 132175 LIFT LEVER ROD
132177: 132177 AY Part number 132177 LOWER DASH This item is part of the superseding sequence 532132177
132178: 132178 AY Part number 132178 DASH PANEL LH Replaced by HOP-132178, DASH PANEL LH wt=4.044
132182: 132182 AY Part number 132182 TIE ROD wt=.155
132183: 132183 AY Part number 132183 TIE ROD Replaced by HOP-132183, TIE ROD. Replaced by: 532132183 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132183 > 532132183 wt=.165 wt=.165
132196: 132196 AY Part number 132196 Sub= 155106
132198X479: 132198X479 AY Part number 132198X479 KIT.BAF.FRT.20RD. Replaced by: 144961 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132198X479 > 144961
132202: 132202 AY Part number 132202 Sub= 146147
132205: 132205 AY Part number 132205 BRK ASM CLUT LH *NLA* Replaced by HOP-132205, BRK ASM CLUT LH *NLA*
132212X417: 132212X417 AY Part number 132212X417 ENGINE BRKT LH Replaced by HOP-132212X417, ENGINE BRKT LH
132212X419: 132212X419 AY Part number 132212X419 ENGINE BRKT LH Replaced by HOP-132212X419, ENGINE BRKT LH
132212X421: 132212X421 AY Part number 132212X421 ENGINE BRKT LH Replaced by HOP-132212X421, ENGINE BRKT LH
132212X424: 132212X424 AY Part number 132212X424 SUPPORT ENGINE LH Replaced by HOP-132212X424, SUPPORT ENGINE LH
132212X473: 132212X473 AY Part number 132212X473 BRKT. ENG. LH Replaced by HOP-132212X473, BRKT. ENG. LH
132212X475: 132212X475 AY Part number 132212X475 ENGINE BRKT LH Replaced by HOP-132212X475, ENGINE BRKT LH
132212X505: 132212X505 AY Part number 132212X505 ENGINE BRKT LH
132212X550: 132212X550 AY Part number 132212X550 BRACKET.ENGINE.LH Replaced by HOP-132212X550, BRACKET.ENGINE.LH
132212X574: 132212X574 AY Part number 132212X574 BRACKET.ENGINE.LH Replaced by HOP-132212X574, BRACKET.ENGINE.LH
132213: 132213 AY Part number 132213 NOTFOUND
132214: 132214 AY Part number 132214 Sub= 151239 Replaced by HOP-132214, Sub= 151239
132216: 132216 AY Part number 132216 KIT.ADJUSTER.ASM. Replaced by: 151240 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132216 > 151240
132218: 132218 AY Part number 132218 THREADED LINK This item is part of the superseding sequence 532132218 Replaced by HOP-132218, THREADED LINK wt=.181
132221: 132221 AY Part number 132221 ASM REAR MOW LIFT This item is part of the superseding sequence 532132221
132230: 132230 AY Part number 132230 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132230, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 582947801 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132230 > 582947801
132231: 132231 AY Part number 132231 Sub= 48283. Replaced by: 134612 This item is part of the superseding sequence 532-13-22-31 > 132231 > 134612
132233: 132233 AY Part number 132233 Sub= 48282
132234: 132234 AY Part number 132234 MANUAL ENG Replaced by HOP-132234, MANUAL ENG
132235: 132235 AY Part number 132235 MANUAL FRE Replaced by HOP-132235, MANUAL FRE
132245X479: 132245X479 AY Part number 132245X479 UPPER HANDLE* Replaced by HOP-132245X479, UPPER HANDLE*
132252: 132252 AY Part number 132252 LOGO DECAL Replaced by HOP-132252, LOGO DECAL
132253: 132253 AY Part number 132253 TINE SHIELD DECAL Replaced by HOP-132253, TINE SHIELD DECAL
132254X479: 132254X479 AY Part number 132254X479 BAFFLE.FRT.22RD *NLA* Replaced by HOP-132254X479, BAFFLE.FRT.22RD *NLA*
132255X479: 132255X479 AY Part number 132255X479 KIT.BAF.FRT.22RD. Replaced by: 144964 This item is part of the superseding sequence 87587X479 > 132255X479 > 144964
132256: 132256 AY Part number 132256 SEAL.COVER.BAGGER Replaced by HOP-132256, SEAL.COVER.BAGGER wt=.368 wt=.368
132257: 132257 AY Part number 132257 Sub= 918132257 Replaced by HOP-132257, Sub= 918132257
132257X417: 132257X417 AY Part number 132257X417 BEZEL.LIGHT.SLVR Replaced by HOP-132257X417, BEZEL.LIGHT.SLVR wt=1.114 wt=1.114
132262: 132262 AY Part number 132262 BRKT.WHL. Replaced by: 155198 > 179293 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132262 > 155198 > 179293
132263: 132263 AY Part number 132263 BRKT.WHL. Replaced by: 140353 > 155197 > 179292 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132263 > 140353 > 155197 > 179292
132264: 132264 AY Part number 132264 Sub= 532132264
132265: 132265 AY Part number 132265 DECAL STR WHL INS Replaced by HOP-132265, DECAL STR WHL INS
132266: 132266 AY Part number 132266 DECAL Replaced by HOP-132266, DECAL
132267: 132267 AY Part number 132267 DECAL STR WHEEL Replaced by HOP-132267, DECAL STR WHEEL
132268: 132268 AY Part number 132268 INSERT DECAL Replaced by HOP-132268, INSERT DECAL
132270: 132270 AY Part number 132270 DECAL Replaced by HOP-132270, DECAL
132273: 132273 AY Part number 132273 BRK ASM ROLLER RH
132274: 132274 AY Part number 132274 ROLLER BRKT ASM
132281: 132281 AY Part number 132281 MOWER CLUTCH ARM
132283: 132283 AY Part number 132283 **** NLA 9/95 **** (OWNERS MAN Replaced by HOP-132283, **** NLA 9/95 **** (OWNERS MAN
132285: 132285 AY Part number 132285 DECAL Replaced by HOP-132285, DECAL
132293: 132293 AY Part number 132293 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132293, PARTS MANUAL
132296: 132296 AY Part number 132296 SEAT **
1322H: 1322H AY Part number 1322H *** USE MBL 5L290 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-1322H, *** USE MBL 5L290 *** N.L.A. F
132311: 132311 AY Part number 132311 HOUSING Replaced by HOP-132311, HOUSING
132314: 132314 AY Part number 132314 OWNERS MANUAL ENG Replaced by HOP-132314, OWNERS MANUAL ENG wt=.142 wt=.142
132315: 132315 AY Part number 132315 OWNERS MANUAL FRE Replaced by HOP-132315, OWNERS MANUAL FRE
132330: 132330 AY Part number 132330 OWNERS MANUAL ENG Replaced by HOP-132330, OWNERS MANUAL ENG
132351X479: 132351X479 AY Part number 132351X479 BAFFLE.FRT/REAR. Replaced by: 700929X479 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132351X479 > 700929X479
132352X479: 132352X479 AY Part number 132352X479 BAFFLE FRONT 22SD Replaced by HOP-132352X479, BAFFLE FRONT 22SD
132353X479: 132353X479 AY Part number 132353X479 BAFFLE.FRONT
132364X479: 132364X479 AY Part number 132364X479 BACK PLATE Replaced by HOP-132364X479, BACK PLATE wt=2.399 wt=2.399
132383: 132383 AY Part number 132383 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132383, MANUAL
132385: 132385 AY Part number 132385 DECAL Replaced by HOP-132385, DECAL
132386: 132386 AY Part number 132386 LOGO DECAL Replaced by HOP-132386, LOGO DECAL
132393X479: 132393X479 AY Part number 132393X479 HANDLE UPPER This item is part of the superseding sequence 86861 > 132393X479 Replaced by HOP-132393X479, HANDLE UPPER
132397: 132397 AY Part number 132397 HOUSING* Replaced by HOP-132397, HOUSING*
1323H: 1323H AY Part number 1323H *** USE MBL 5L670 *** N.L.A. F Replaced by HOP-1323H, *** USE MBL 5L670 *** N.L.A. F
132402: 132402 AY Part number 132402 DECAL.ENG.272931 Replaced by HOP-132402, DECAL.ENG.272931. Replaced by: 582948001 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132402 > 582948001
13240200: 13240200 AY Part number 13240200 ELBOW * Replaced by HOP-13240200, ELBOW *
13240300: 13240300 AY Part number 13240300 STREET ELBOW LT
132407: 132407 AY Part number 132407 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132407, MANUAL
132408: 132408 AY Part number 132408 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132408, MANUAL. Replaced by: 917132408 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132408 > 917132408
132409: 132409 AY Part number 132409 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132409, MANUAL
132410: 132410 AY Part number 132410 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132410, MANUAL
132411: 132411 AY Part number 132411 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132411, MANUAL
132421: 132421 AY Part number 132421 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132421, OWNERS MANUAL
132431: 132431 AY Part number 132431 CONTAINER BOTTOM
132434: 132434 AY Part number 132434 MANUAL (ENG) Replaced by HOP-132434, MANUAL (ENG)
132435: 132435 AY Part number 132435 MANUAL (ENG) Replaced by HOP-132435, MANUAL (ENG)
132443: 132443 AY Part number 132443 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132443, MANUAL.OWNERS.299850. Replaced by: 532132443 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132443 > 532132443 wt=.203 wt=.203
132445: 132445 AY Part number 132445 MANUAL (FRE) Replaced by HOP-132445, MANUAL (FRE)
132471: 132471 AY Part number 132471 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132471, MANUAL
132472: 132472 AY Part number 132472 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132472, MANUAL
132473: 132473 AY Part number 132473 MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132473, MANUAL
132476: 132476 AY Part number 132476 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132476, PARTS MANUAL
132490: 132490 AY Part number 132490 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132490, PARTS MANUAL
132502: 132502 AY Part number 132502 WARNING DECAL Replaced by HOP-132502, WARNING DECAL
132507: 132507 AY Part number 132507 DECAL,HP ENGINE Replaced by HOP-132507, DECAL HP ENGINE
132514: 132514 AY Part number 132514 OWNERS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132514, OWNERS MANUAL. Replaced by: 917132514 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132514 > 917132514
132521: 132521 AY Part number 132521 THROTTLE CONTROL
132536: 132536 AY Part number 132536 Sub= 700417
132545: 132545 AY Part number 132545 MANUAL (ENG) Replaced by HOP-132545, MANUAL (ENG)
132547: 132547 AY Part number 132547 MANUAL (FRE) Replaced by HOP-132547, MANUAL (FRE)
132549: 132549 AY Part number 132549 BELT.GUARD.DECAL Replaced by HOP-132549, BELT.GUARD.DECAL
132552: 132552 AY Part number 132552 CLUTCH LEVER AS** This item is part of the superseding sequence 532132552 Replaced by HOP-132552, CLUTCH LEVER AS** wt=.683
132553: 132553 AY Part number 132553 CLUTCH ROD PRI ** wt=.424
132554: 132554 AY Part number 132554 CLUTCH ROD SEC Replaced by HOP-132554, CLUTCH ROD SEC. Replaced by: 532132554 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132554 > 532132554 wt=.344 wt=.344
132556: 132556 AY Part number 132556 LINK ASM.,FRONT Replaced by HOP-132556, LINK ASM. FRONT wt=.574 wt=.574
132559: 132559 AY Part number 132559 SUSP ARM REAR Replaced by HOP-132559, SUSP ARM REAR wt=.99 wt=.99
132561: 132561 AY Part number 132561 LIFT LEVER BRKT Replaced by HOP-132561, LIFT LEVER BRKT
132562: 132562 AY Part number 132562 Sub= 140297
132563: 132563 AY Part number 132563 ASM CLUT/BRK PED *NLA* Replaced by HOP-132563, ASM CLUT/BRK PED *NLA*
132564: 132564 AY Part number 132564 MOWER DECK ASM
132566: 132566 AY Part number 132566 DRAG LINK Replaced by HOP-132566, DRAG LINK. Replaced by: 532132566 > 532124093 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132566 > 532132566 > 532124093 wt=1.647 wt=1.647
132570: 132570 AY Part number 132570 CONTROL BAR Replaced by HOP-132570, CONTROL BAR. Replaced by: 582948101 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132570 > 582948101 wt=.587 wt=.587
132585: 132585 AY Part number 132585 CONTROL.ENG.DLX.. Replaced by: 143975 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132585 > 143975
132598: 132598 AY Part number 132598 PARTS MANUAL Replaced by HOP-132598, PARTS MANUAL
13260302: 13260302 AY Part number 13260302 NLA Replaced by HOP-13260302, NLA
132614: 132614 AY Part number 132614 SHAFT ASM
132618X479: 132618X479 AY Part number 132618X479 BACK PLATE Replaced by HOP-132618X479, BACK PLATE wt=1.676
132623: 132623 AY Part number 132623 Sub= 532132623
132624: 132624 AY Part number 132624 AXLE PIN Replaced by HOP-132624, AXLE PIN wt=.131 wt=.131
132627: 132627 AY Part number 132627 GRILL DECAL Replaced by HOP-132627, GRILL DECAL wt=.005 wt=.005
132628: 132628 AY Part number 132628 FENDER DECAL This item is part of the superseding sequence 532132628 Replaced by HOP-132628, FENDER DECAL
132629: 132629 AY Part number 132629 DECAL HANDLE BRKT Replaced by HOP-132629, DECAL HANDLE BRKT
132631X418: 132631X418 AY Part number 132631X418 PANEL,SIDE LH ** Replaced by HOP-132631X418, PANEL SIDE LH **
132632X418: 132632X418 AY Part number 132632X418 PANEL,SIDE RH **
132633X418: 132633X418 AY Part number 132633X418 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-132633X418, PANEL SIDE RH
132634X418: 132634X418 AY Part number 132634X418 PANEL,SIDE LH
132635X419: 132635X419 AY Part number 132635X419 HOOD Replaced by HOP-132635X419, HOOD
132635X421: 132635X421 AY Part number 132635X421 HOOD Replaced by HOP-132635X421, HOOD
132635X424: 132635X424 AY Part number 132635X424 HOOD.PNT.. Replaced by: 150301X424 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132635X424 > 150301X424
132635X473: 132635X473 AY Part number 132635X473 HOOD Replaced by HOP-132635X473, HOOD
132635X475: 132635X475 AY Part number 132635X475 HOOD * REPL 121886X476 * Replaced by HOP-132635X475, HOOD * REPL 121886X476 *
132635X488: 132635X488 AY Part number 132635X488 HOOD This item is part of the superseding sequence 121886X429 > 132635X488 Replaced by HOP-132635X488, HOOD
132635X496: 132635X496 AY Part number 132635X496 HOOD Replaced by HOP-132635X496, HOOD
132635X500: 132635X500 AY Part number 132635X500 HOOD.PNT Replaced by HOP-132635X500, HOOD.PNT
132635X505: 132635X505 AY Part number 132635X505 Sub= 150301X505 Replaced by HOP-132635X505, Sub= 150301X505 wt=1.171 wt=1.171
132635X510: 132635X510 AY Part number 132635X510 HOOD Replaced by HOP-132635X510, HOOD
132635X520: 132635X520 AY Part number 132635X520 HOOD.LT/YT/GT Replaced by HOP-132635X520, HOOD.LT/YT/GT
132635X544: 132635X544 AY Part number 132635X544 HOOD LT/YT/GT MGY Replaced by HOP-132635X544, HOOD LT/YT/GT MGY
132635X550: 132635X550 AY Part number 132635X550 HOOD PNT YARDPRO. Replaced by: 150301X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132635X550 > 150301X550
132636X417: 132636X417 AY Part number 132636X417 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-132636X417, PANEL SIDE RH
132636X418: 132636X418 AY Part number 132636X418 SIDE PANEL RH Replaced by HOP-132636X418, SIDE PANEL RH wt=1.5
132636X419: 132636X419 AY Part number 132636X419 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-132636X419, PANEL SIDE RH
132636X421: 132636X421 AY Part number 132636X421 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-132636X421, PANEL SIDE RH
132636X424: 132636X424 AY Part number 132636X424 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-132636X424, PANEL SIDE RH
132636X496: 132636X496 AY Part number 132636X496 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-132636X496, PANEL SIDE RH
132636X505: 132636X505 AY Part number 132636X505 PANEL,SIDE RH Replaced by HOP-132636X505, PANEL SIDE RH wt=1.2 wt=1.2
132637X417: 132637X417 AY Part number 132637X417 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-132637X417, PANEL SIDE LH
132637X418: 132637X418 AY Part number 132637X418 SIDE PANEL LH Replaced by HOP-132637X418, SIDE PANEL LH
132637X419: 132637X419 AY Part number 132637X419 PANEL,SIDE LH This item is part of the superseding sequence 108442X366 > 132637X419 Replaced by HOP-132637X419, PANEL SIDE LH
132637X421: 132637X421 AY Part number 132637X421 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-132637X421, PANEL SIDE LH
132637X424: 132637X424 AY Part number 132637X424 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-132637X424, PANEL SIDE LH
132637X473: 132637X473 AY Part number 132637X473 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-132637X473, PANEL SIDE LH
132637X475: 132637X475 AY Part number 132637X475 PANEL.SIDE.LH Replaced by HOP-132637X475, PANEL.SIDE.LH
132637X496: 132637X496 AY Part number 132637X496 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-132637X496, PANEL SIDE LH
132637X505: 132637X505 AY Part number 132637X505 PANEL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-132637X505, PANEL SIDE LH wt=1.43 wt=1.43
132637X520: 132637X520 AY Part number 132637X520 PANEL.SIDE.LH Replaced by HOP-132637X520, PANEL.SIDE.LH wt=1.331
132637X550: 132637X550 AY Part number 132637X550 SIDE.PAN.YP.LT. Replaced by HOP-132637X550, SIDE.PAN.YP.LT.
132638X417: 132638X417 AY Part number 132638X417 PANEL.SIDE.LH ** Replaced by HOP-132638X417, PANEL.SIDE.LH **
132638X418: 132638X418 AY Part number 132638X418 PANEL,SIDE LH ** Replaced by HOP-132638X418, PANEL SIDE LH **
132638X419: 132638X419 AY Part number 132638X419 Sub= 140678X419 Replaced by HOP-132638X419, Sub= 140678X419
132638X421: 132638X421 AY Part number 132638X421 PANEL.SIDE.LH. Replaced by: 140678X421 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132638X421 > 140678X421
132638X424: 132638X424 AY Part number 132638X424 PANEL SIDE LH. Replaced by: 140678X424 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132638X424 > 140678X424
132638X473: 132638X473 AY Part number 132638X473 PANEL,SIDE LH ** Replaced by HOP-132638X473, PANEL SIDE LH **
132638X475: 132638X475 AY Part number 132638X475 PANEL.SD.LH.YT/GT. Replaced by: 140678X475 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132638X475 > 140678X475
132638X488: 132638X488 AY Part number 132638X488 PANAL,SIDE LH Replaced by HOP-132638X488, PANAL SIDE LH
132638X505: 132638X505 AY Part number 132638X505 Sub= 150302X505
132639X417: 132639X417 AY Part number 132639X417 PANEL.SIDE.RH ** Replaced by HOP-132639X417, PANEL.SIDE.RH **
132639X418: 132639X418 AY Part number 132639X418 PANEL,SIDE RH ** Replaced by HOP-132639X418, PANEL SIDE RH **
132639X419: 132639X419 AY Part number 132639X419 PANAL,SIDE RH ** Replaced by HOP-132639X419, PANAL SIDE RH **
132639X421: 132639X421 AY Part number 132639X421 R.H. SIDE PANEL Replaced by HOP-132639X421, R.H. SIDE PANEL
132639X424: 132639X424 AY Part number 132639X424 SIDE PANEL RH ** This item is part of the superseding sequence 108371X392 > 132639X424 Replaced by HOP-132639X424, SIDE PANEL RH **
132639X475: 132639X475 AY Part number 132639X475 PANEL.SD.LH.YT/GT. Replaced by: 140678X475 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132639X475 > 140678X475
132639X488: 132639X488 AY Part number 132639X488 PANAL,SIDE RH This item is part of the superseding sequence 121887X429 > 132639X488 Replaced by HOP-132639X488, PANAL SIDE RH
132639X505: 132639X505 AY Part number 132639X505 PANEL,SIDE RH ** Replaced by HOP-132639X505, PANEL SIDE RH **
132640: 132640 AY Part number 132640 IGNITION HARNESS This item is part of the superseding sequence 532132640
132642: 132642 AY Part number 132642 IGNITION HARNESS Replaced by HOP-132642, IGNITION HARNESS. Replaced by: 582948201 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132642 > 582948201 wt=1.041 wt=1.041
132643: 132643 AY Part number 132643 HARNESS wt=1
132646: 132646 AY Part number 132646 Sub= 146248
132649X479: 132649X479 AY Part number 132649X479 REPLACED AND MERGED WITH: ROP1 This item is part of the superseding sequence 850881 > 132649X479
132655: 132655 AY Part number 132655 GRASSBAG.250B1.BL *SUBS/2*. Replaced by: 149598 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132655 > 149598 wt=1.448
132655X550: 132655X550 AY Part number 132655X550 SIDE PANEL RH YPL. Replaced by: 137655X550 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132655X550 > 137655X550
132668: 132668 AY Part number 132668 HOUSING ASM** Replaced by HOP-132668, HOUSING ASM**
132670X479: 132670X479 AY Part number 132670X479 Upper Handle Replaced by HOP-132670X479, Upper Handle
132671: 132671 AY Part number 132671 HARNESS.IGNITION Replaced by HOP-132671, HARNESS.IGNITION wt=.967 wt=.967
132672: 132672 AY Part number 132672 BELT-V Replaced by HOP-132672, V-BELT. Replaced by: 532102143 > 532132672 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132672 > 532102143 > 532132672 wt=.288 wt=.288
132673: 132673 AY Part number 132673 PIN.CLEVIS.SHEAR Replaced by HOP-132673, PIN.CLEVIS.SHEAR. Replaced by: 532132673 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132673 > 532132673 wt=.1 wt=.05
132674: 132674 AY Part number 132674 GRILL DECAL Replaced by HOP-132674, GRILL DECAL
132679X479: 132679X479 AY Part number 132679X479 BACK PLATE* Replaced by HOP-132679X479, BACK PLATE*
132680X479: 132680X479 AY Part number 132680X479 BACK PLATE Replaced by HOP-132680X479, BACK PLATE
132681X004: 132681X004 AY Part number 132681X004 CLOSE OUT PLATE Replaced by HOP-132681X004, CLOSE OUT PLATE
132683: 132683 AY Part number 132683 GBAG.250V4.WHT.CRAFT. Replaced by: 186036 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132683 > 186036 wt=.375
132685: 132685 AY Part number 132685 GRASS BAG Replaced by HOP-132685, GRASS BAG
132688: 132688 AY Part number 132688 TINE SHAFT Replaced by HOP-132688, KIT.TINE.SHAFT.SERVICE. Replaced by: 532432058 This item is part of the superseding sequence 132688 > 532432058 wt=3.163 wt=3.163
132695: 132695 AY Part number 132695 LINE.FUEL.45 Replaced by HOP-132695, LINE.FUEL.45
132696: 132696 AY Part number 132696 TIRE.FRONT Replaced by HOP-132696, TIRE.FRONT

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