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36020B.S: 36020B.S Genie Garage Door Part 36020B.S / 36020BS TERM BLOCK,3 PIN,02003433332 3 Pin Plug Connector
36021A.S: 36021A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36021A.S / 36021AS STRAIN RELIEF,05053333332 Strain Relief
36022A.S: 36022A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36022A.S / 36022AS CORD & PLUG,14840210170 Cord & Plug Assembly
36024A.S: 36024A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36024A.S / 36024AS CHANNEL,14766209140 Channel Section
36025A.S: 36025A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36025A.S / 36025AS CONNECTOR,14700308140 Connector
36026A.S: 36026A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36026A.S / 36026AS END BRACKET,14705004140 END BRACKET,14705004140
36029A.S: 36029A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36029A.S / 36029AS NUT,HEX,UNC 5/16",02000503332 NUT,HEX,UNC 5/16",02000503332
36030A.S: 36030A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36030A.S / 36030AS WASHER,15/16"OD,05007304330 WASHER,15/16"OD,05007304330
36031A.S: 36031A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36031A.S / 36031AS BULLET,14718802140 BULLET,14718802140
36032A.S: 36032A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36032A.S / 36032AS LINK,COMPLETE,05003610330 Link, Complete
36033A.S: 36033A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36033A.S / 36033AS CHANNEL,FIRST,14713215140 Channel First Section
36041A.S: 36041A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36041A.S / 36041AS Motor (OBS NO REF)
36042A.S: 36042A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36042A.S / 36042AS CONTROL BOARD,2040 Control Board
36043R.S: 36043R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36043R.S / 36043RS LIGHT SOCKET ASSY Light Socket
36044R.S: 36044R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36044R.S / 36044RS GEARS,HELICAL/WORM,GREASED Gears, Helical/Worm
36045A.S: 36045A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36045A.S / 36045AS GEAR,HELICAL,GREASED Gear, Helical, Greased
36046R.S: 36046R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36046R.S / 36046RS STB ASSY,2040 STB Modules (Receiver and Transmitter)
36047A.S: 36047A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36047A.S / 36047AS SPROCKET,BELT Belt Sprocket
36048R.S: 36048R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36048R.S / 36048RS PULLEY & BRKT ASSY Pulley and Bracket Assembly
36049R.S: 36049R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36049R.S / 36049RS Innerslide and Belt Assembly (OBS NO REF)
36050R.S: 36050R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36050R.S / 36050RS T-Rail and Belt Assembly (OBS NO REF)
36051R.S: 36051R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36051R.S / 36051RS TROLLEY ASSY Trolley Assembly
36052R.S: 36052R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36052R.S / 36052RS HOLDER & CLAMP ASSY Sprocket, Holder and Clamp Assembly
36053A.S: 36053A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36053A.S / 36053AS CLIP,WIRE,5 PACK Clip, Wire (5pcs)
36054A.S: 36054A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36054A.S / 36054AS Brackets, Beam (OBS REF 35996R.S)
36055R.S: 36055R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36055R.S / 36055RS COVER ASSY,2040 Cover Assembly
36056R.S: 36056R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36056R.S / 36056RS LIMIT SWITCH ASSY Limit Switch Assembly
36057A.S: 36057A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36057A.S / 36057AS CAPACITOR,1/2HP Capacitor
36179R.S: 36179R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36179R.S / 36179RS CRG ASSY,SCR DRV,W/MAGNET Carriage with Magnet
36190S.S: 36190S.S Genie Garage Door Part 36190S.S / 36190SS BD ASSY,INTEG CNTRL,CG/PMX,390 Control Board (6 Terminal Board ML)
36190T.S: 36190T.S Genie Garage Door Part 36190T.S / 36190TS BD ASSY,INTEG CNTRL,PMX,390 Control Board (3 Terminal Board)
36196A.S: 36196A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36196A.S / 36196AS SADDLE,SPROCKET Sprocket Saddle
36220A.S: 36220A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36220A.S / 36220AS SPRKT,18T,BELT DRIVE Sprocket (0706/0800-Bc)
36254R.S: 36254R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36254R.S / 36254RS CARRIAGE ASSY Carriage
36286A.S: 36286A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36286A.S / 36286AS LENS,CSD Lens
36297R.S: 36297R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36297R.S / 36297RS KIT,WASHER REPL,SCREW RAIL AC/DC Screwdrive Rail Washer Replacment Kit
36359R: 36359R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part (36359R) Receiver Replacement Module w/Remote, GIRUD-1T
36422A.S: 36422A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36422A.S / 36422AS MOTOR,DC Motor Assy (Manufactured Prior To 6/2009)
36428R.S: 36428R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36428R.S / 36428RS BD ASSY,MOTOR DRIVE,DC SCR Motor Drive Board
36435A.S: 36435A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36435A.S / 36435AS COVER,ACCESS,BLK,G-SE01 Access Cover, Black, Model 1024
36435B.S: 36435B.S Genie Garage Door Part 36435B.S / 36435BS COVER,ACCESS,GRAY,G-SE02 Access Cover, Gray, Model 1026
36435C.S: 36435C.S Genie Garage Door Part 36435C.S / 36435CS COVER,ACCESS,BLUE,G-SE03 Access Cover, Blue, Models 1022/1042
36435D.S: 36435D.S Genie Garage Door Part 36435D.S / 36435DS COVER,LIGHT,WHITE,G-SE04 Cover, Light
36436A.S: 36436A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36436A.S / 36436AS PARTS PK,HDW,RAIL CONN,G-SS00 Parts Pack, Hdw, Rail, Retail Split Rail Only
36437A.S: 36437A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36437A.S / 36437AS PARTS PK,HDW,RAIL/PWRHD,G-SS01 Rail Hardware Parts Pack
36438A.S: 36438A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36438A.S / 36438AS PARTS PK,HDW & HDR BRKT,G-SS02 Parts Pack, Hardware & Header Bracket
36439A.S: 36439A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36439A.S / 36439AS PARTS PK,HDW,PWRHD MTG,G-SS03 Parts Pack, Hardware, Powerhead Mounting
36440A.S: 36440A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36440A.S / 36440AS PARTS PK,HDW & DR BRKT,G-SS04 Parts Pack, Hardware & Door Bracket
36441A.S: 36441A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36441A.S / 36441AS PARTS PK,HDW,ARMS/CRG,G-SS05 Parts Pack, Hardware, Arms/Carriage
36442A.S: 36442A.S Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part (36442A.S) Series I, Push Button Wall Station, with LED, Black
36443A.S: 36443A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36443A.S / 36443AS PARTS PK,INSUL STAPLES,G-SS07 Parts Pack, Insulated Staples
36444A.S: 36444A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36444A.S / 36444AS PARTS PK,STB BRKTS,G-SS08 Parts Pack, STB Brackets
36445A.S: 36445A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36445A.S / 36445AS DOOR ARM,STRAIGHT,G-SP01 Door Arm, Straight
36446A.S: 36446A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36446A.S / 36446AS DOOR ARM,CURVED,G-SP02 Door Arm, Curved
36448A.S: 36448A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36448A.S / 36448AS CTRL BD ASSY,BLK,1024,G-SB01 (OBS REF 37028E.S)
36449A.S: 36449A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36449A.S / 36449AS LIGHT SOCKET,G-SL01 Light Socket
36451A.S: 36451A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36451A.S / 36451AS PULLEY ASSY,G-SR02 Pulley Assembly, Chain
36452A.S: 36452A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36452A.S / 36452AS CHAIN ASSY,7FT DR,G-SR03 Chain Assy, 7Ft Dr
36453A.S: 36453A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36453A.S / 36453AS CARRIAGE,G-SR04 Carriage
36454A.S: 36454A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36454A.S / 36454AS COVER,PWRHD,GENIE,BLK,G-SE05 Cover, Powerhead, Genie, Black
36454B.S: 36454B.S Genie Garage Door Part 36454B.S / 36454BS COVER,PWRHD,OHD,GRAY,G-SE06 Cover, Powerhead OHD, Gray
36454C.S: 36454C.S Genie Garage Door Part 36454C.S / 36454CS COVER,PWRHD,GENIE,BLUE,G-SE07 Cover, Powerhead, Genie, Blue
36482A.S: 36482A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36482A.S / 36482AS COVER,CSD,GENIE PRO,BLK COVER,CSD,GENIE PRO,BLK
36482D.S: 36482D.S Genie Garage Door Part 36482D.S / 36482DS COVER,CSD,GENIE,GRAY COVER,CSD,GENIE,GRAY
36487R.S: 36487R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36487R.S / 36487RS DR HD ASSY,DC SCR,BLK,390 0
36511A.S: 36511A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36511A.S / 36511AS SUPPORT,CIRCUIT BOARD Opto-Luctor Standoff Pins
36521R.S: 36521R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36521R.S / 36521RS BD ASSY,RCVR,INTL,390,AC SCR BD ASSY,RCVR,INTL,390,AC SCR
36600R.S: 36600R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36600R.S / 36600RS BD ASSY,CONTROLLER,390 Control Board, 390
36605A.S: 36605A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36605A.S / 36605AS PULLEY,BELT DR Pulley Assembly, Belt
36607A.S: 36607A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36607A.S / 36607AS BELT & CONNECTOR,7FT Belt And Connector 7Ft
36607B.S: 36607B.S Genie Garage Door Part 36607B.S / 36607BS BELT & CONNECTOR,8FT Belt And Connector 8Ft
36608A.S: 36608A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36608A.S / 36608AS GUARD,SPROCKET,BELT DR Guard, Sprocket, Belt Dr
36639A.S: 36639A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36639A.S / 36639AS COVER,DC MOTOR,SCREW DR Cover Assembly, Un-labeled
36645R.S: 36645R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36645R.S / 36645RS COUPLER ASSY,SCREW Coupler
36651B.S: 36651B.S Genie Garage Door Part 36651B.S / 36651BS FLANGE,RAIL MOUNTING Mounting Flange, Rail (OBS Replaced by 38123A.S)
36664R.S: 36664R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36664R.S / 36664RS SHUTTLE ASSY,SCREW DR Shuttle Assembly, Screw Drive
36681R1.S: 36681R1.S Genie Garage Door Part 36681R1.S / 36681R1S CONTROL BD,DC CH/BELT DR,LOW (OBS REF 37470R3.S)
36681R2.S: 36681R2.S Genie Garage Door Part 36681R2.S / 36681R2S CONTROL BD,DC CH/BELT DR,HIG (OBS REF 37470R4.S)
36728A.S: 36728A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36728A.S / 36728AS STRAP,MOUNTING,RAIL Head To Rail Bracket
36764A.S: 36764A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36764A.S / 36764AS PULLEY,TENSIONER Belt Pulley
36773R.S: 36773R.S Genie Garage Door Part 36773R.S / 36773RS CRG ASSY,CHAIN/BELT,7FT DR Carriage Assembly, 7 foot Doors
36773S.S: 36773S.S Genie Garage Door Part 36773S.S / 36773SS CRG ASSY,CHAIN/BELT,8FT DR Carriage Assembly, 8 foot Doors
36773T.S: 36773T.S Genie Garage Door Part 36773T.S / 36773TS CRG ASSY,CH/BELT,10/12/14FT DR Carriage Assembly, 9, 10, 12, 14 foot Doors
36947A.S: 36947A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36947A.S / 36947AS SCR,M6 X 1 - 12,HHD MACH,SERR Screw, Motor, M6 X 1-1/2 HHW MACH SERR
36966A.S: 36966A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36966A.S / 36966AS LENS,GENIE (OBS REF 38425A.S)
36987A.S: 36987A.S Genie Garage Door Part 36987A.S / 36987AS BRACKET,MOUNTING,RAIL,BELT DR Head To Rail Bracket (Belt Guard)
37024R: 37024R Genie Garage Door Part 37024R RAIL KIT,BELT DR,GBLX-8,GENIE Rail 8' Extender Kit, Belt, T-Rail, Retail Package
37028A.S: 37028A.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028A.S / 37028AS CTRL BD ASSY,BLK,2024 Ctrl Bd Assy, Black, Model 2024
37028B.S: 37028B.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028B.S / 37028BS CTRL BD ASSY,GRAY,2026 Ctrl Bd Assy, OHD, Gray, Model 2026
37028C.S: 37028C.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028C.S / 37028CS CTRL BD ASSY,BLUE,2022 Ctrl Bd Assy, Blue, Model 2022
37028D.S: 37028D.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028D.S / 37028DS CTRL BD ASSY,BLUE,2042 Ctrl Bd Assy, Blue, Model 2042
37028E.S: 37028E.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028E.S / 37028ES CTRL BD ASSY,BLK,1024 Circuit Board (Black), Model 1024
37028F.S: 37028F.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028F.S / 37028FS CTRL BD ASSY,GRAY,1026 Circuit Board (Gray), Model 1026
37028G.S: 37028G.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028G.S / 37028GS CTRL BD ASSY,BLUE,1022 Circuit Board (Blue), Models 1022/1042
37028J.S: 37028J.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028J.S / 37028JS CTRL BD ASSY,CHAR GRAY,2022 Ctrl Bd Assy, Char Gray, Model 2022-700
37028L.S: 37028L.S Genie Garage Door Part 37028L.S / 37028LS CTRL BD ASSY,CHAR GRAY,2027 Ctrl Bd Assy, Char Gray, Model 2027
37030A.S: 37030A.S Genie Garage Door Part 37030A.S / 37030AS MOTOR ASSY,DC,800N Motor Assembly, DC 800N
37047R.S: 37047R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37047R.S / 37047RS PARTS PACK,MOUNTING,ORANGE Orange Parts Bag
37048R.S: 37048R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37048R.S / 37048RS PARTS PACK,INSTALL,SCR DR,BLUE Blue Parts Bag , Screw Drive
37049R.S: 37049R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37049R.S / 37049RS PARTS PACK,INSTALL,CH/BELT,BLU Blue Parts Bag, Chain/Belt Drive
37099A.S: 37099A.S Genie Garage Door Part 37099A.S / 37099AS POWER CORD,DC,STD POWER CORD,45" (WILL BE OBS REF 38240A.S)
37099B.S: 37099B.S Genie Garage Door Part 37099B.S / 37099BS POWER CORD,72" (OBS REF 38240B.S)
37105R.S: 37105R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37105R.S / 37105RS PARTS PACK,HANGING HDW,GREEN Parts Pack, Hanging Hardware (Green)
37107C.S: 37107C.S Genie Garage Door Part 37107C.S / 37107CS HANDLE,EMER RELEASE,ENG/FR/SP Carriage Release Handle
37160R.S: 37160R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37160R.S / 37160RS CONTROL BD,AC SCREW DR Circuit Board Assembly, Model 2562/2564 (OBS REF 39048R.S)
37164A.S: 37164A.S Genie Garage Door Part 37164A.S / 37164AS COVER,AC MOTOR Cover Assembly, Un-labeled
37216R.S: 37216R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37216R.S / 37216RS KIT,RAIL ASSY & SUPPORT Rail Support Kit, 12-14 foot only
G3T-BX / 37218R: G3T-BX / 37218R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part G3T-BX (37218R) ? 3-Button Remote
GSTB-BX / 37220R: GSTB-BX / 37220R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GSTB-BX (37220R) ? Safe-T-Beam System
GBWC-BX / 37222R: GBWC-BX / 37222R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GBWC-BX (37222R) ? Series III, Multi-Function Wall Console
GK-BX / 37224R: GK-BX / 37224R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GK-BX (37224R) ? Lighted Wireless Keyless Entry Pad
37226R: 37226R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part (37226R) White Cover, GKCW-BX, 37226R
37226S: 37226S Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part (37226S) Gray Cover, GKCG-BX, 37226S
37226T: 37226T Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part (37226T) Tan Cover, GKCT-BX, 37226T
37226U: 37226U Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part (37226U)) Almond Cover, GKCA-BX, 37226U
GBB-BX / 37228R: GBB-BX / 37228R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GBB-BX (37228R) ? Battery Back-Up Unit
37301R: 37301R Genie Garage Door Part 37301R RAIL KIT,EXT,EKCC,GENIE Rail 8' Extender Kit, Chain, C-Channel Rail, Retail Package
37302R: 37302R Genie Garage Door Part 37302R RAIL KIT,EXT,EKBC,GENIE Rail 8' Extender Kit, Belt, C-Channel Rail, Retail Package
37303R: 37303R Genie Garage Door Part 37303R RAIL KIT,EXT,EKSC,GENIE Rail 8' Extender Kit, Screw, C-Channel Rail, Retail Package
GM3T-BX / 37344R: GM3T-BX / 37344R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GM3T-BX (37344R) ? GenieMaster™ 3-Button Remote
GIWC-BX / 37346R: GIWC-BX / 37346R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GIWC-BX (37346R) ? Intelligent Wall Console (Adapter Required)
GLR-BX / 37348R: GLR-BX / 37348R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GLR-BX (37348R) ? Closed Confirm® 3-Button Remote (Adapter Required)
GN-BX / 37350R: GN-BX / 37350R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GN-BX (37350R) ? Network Adapter
GPWC-BX / 37351R: GPWC-BX / 37351R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GPWC-BX (37351R) ? Series II, Multi-Function Wall Console
37374R: 37374R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part (37374R) New Emergency Release Boxed
37461R.S: 37461R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37461R.S / 37461RS CORD ASSY,RELEASE,32"L 0
37461S.S: 37461S.S Genie Garage Door Part 37461S.S / 37461SS CORD ASSY,RELEASE,44"L Cord Assembly, 7-8 foot Doors
37461T.S: 37461T.S Genie Garage Door Part 37461T.S / 37461TS CORD ASSY,RELEASE,116"L Cord Assembly, 9, 10, 12, 14 foot Doors
37470R2.S: 37470R2.S Genie Garage Door Part 37470R2.S / 37470R2S CONTROL BD,DC SCREW DR,HIGH (OBS REF 38001R2.S)
37470R3.S: 37470R3.S Genie Garage Door Part 37470R3.S / 37470R3S CONTROL BD,DC CH/BELT DR,LOW (OBS REF 38001R3.S)
37470R4.S: 37470R4.S Genie Garage Door Part 37470R4.S / 37470R4S CONTROL BD,DC CH/BELT DR,HIG (OBS REF 38001R4.S)
37475A.S: 37475A.S Genie Garage Door Part 37475A.S / 37475AS DOOR ARM,STRAIGHT 0
37476A.S: 37476A.S Genie Garage Door Part 37476A.S / 37476AS DOOR ARM,CURVED 0
37508A.S: 37508A.S Genie Garage Door Part 37508A.S / 37508AS PARTS PK,LENS TAB,LH & RH Cover Locking Tabs (2 Ea)
GITR-3 / 37517S: GITR-3 / 37517S Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GITR-3 (37517S) ? 3-Button Remote
37556R.S: 37556R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37556R.S / 37556RS BULLET,BELT DRIVE Belt Bullet Assembly
37557R.S: 37557R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37557R.S / 37557RS BULLET,CHAIN DRIVE Chain Bullet Assembly
37558R.S: 37558R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37558R.S / 37558RS SPROCKET,BELT DRIVE Belt Drive Sprocket Assembly
37559R.S: 37559R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37559R.S / 37559RS SPROCKET,CHAIN DRIVE Chain Drive Sprocket Assembly
37560R.S: 37560R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37560R.S / 37560RS MODULE,MOTION DECTECTOR Motion Detector Module w/screws
37561R.S: 37561R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37561R.S / 37561RS BELT & BULLET,7FT DR Belt & Bullet Assembly, 7 foot
37561S.S: 37561S.S Genie Garage Door Part 37561S.S / 37561SS BELT & BULLET,8FT DR Belt & Bullet Assembly, 8 foot
37561T.S: 37561T.S Genie Garage Door Part 37561T.S / 37561TS BELT & BULLET,10FT DR Belt & Bullet Assembly, 10 foot
37561U.S: 37561U.S Genie Garage Door Part 37561U.S / 37561US BELT & BULLET,12FT DR Belt & Bullet Assembly, 12 foot
37561V.S: 37561V.S Genie Garage Door Part 37561V.S / 37561VS BELT & BULLET,14FT DR Belt & Bullet Assembly, 14 foot
37561W.S: 37561W.S Genie Garage Door Part 37561W.S / 37561WS BELT & BULLET,9FT DR Belt & Bullet Assembly, 9 foot
37562R.S: 37562R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37562R.S / 37562RS CHAIN & BULLET,7FT DR Chain & Bullet Assembly, 7 foot
37562S.S: 37562S.S Genie Garage Door Part 37562S.S / 37562SS CHAIN & BULLET,8FT DR Chain & Bullet Assembly, 8 foot
37562T.S: 37562T.S Genie Garage Door Part 37562T.S / 37562TS CHAIN & BULLET,10FT DR Chain & Bullet Assembly, 10 foot
37562U.S: 37562U.S Genie Garage Door Part 37562U.S / 37562US CHAIN & BULLET,12FT DR Chain & Bullet Assembly, 12 foot
37562V.S: 37562V.S Genie Garage Door Part 37562V.S / 37562VS CHAIN & BULLET,14FT DR Chain & Bullet Assembly, 14 foot
37563R.S: 37563R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37563R.S / 37563RS COVER,PWRHD,OHD 7030 Cover Assembly, Odyssey 1000
37563S.S: 37563S.S Genie Garage Door Part 37563S.S / 37563SS COVER,PWRHD,OHD 8030 Cover Assembly, Destiny 1200
37564R.S: 37564R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37564R.S / 37564RS COVER,PWRHD,GENIE 3024 Cover Assembly, Model IntelliG 1000
37564S.S: 37564S.S Genie Garage Door Part 37564S.S / 37564SS COVER,PWRHD,GENIE 4024 Cover Assembly, IntelliG 1200
37648R: 37648R Genie Garage Door Part 37648R RAIL KIT,EXT,EKCR,GENIE Rail 8' Extender Kit, Chain, T-Rail, Retail Package
37714S.S: 37714S.S Genie Garage Door Part 37714S.S / 37714SS PARTS PACK,WIRE CLIPS,50PK Wire Clips, (50 pcs)
3783A04.S: 3783A04.S Genie Garage Door Part 3783A04.S / 3783A04S NUT,SQUARE,5/16-18 Nut, Square 5/16-18
37840R.S: 37840R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37840R.S / 37840RS OPTO-LUCTOR,DC MOTOR,SCR DR Opto-Luctor Assembly, DC
37841R.S: 37841R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37841R.S / 37841RS MOTOR ASSY,DC SCREW DRIVE Motor Assembly with Opto-Luctor Assembly (OBS REF 38631A.S)
37842R.S: 37842R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37842R.S / 37842RS COVER,PWRHD,OHD 7060 Cover Assembly, Odyssey 1200
37842S.S: 37842S.S Genie Garage Door Part 37842S.S / 37842SS COVER,PWRHD,OHD 8060 Cover Assembly, OHD Destiny 1500
37843R.S: 37843R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37843R.S / 37843RS COVER,PWRHD,GENIE 3064 Cover Assembly, TriloG 1200
37843S.S: 37843S.S Genie Garage Door Part 37843S.S / 37843SS COVER,PWRHD,GENIE 4064 Cover Assembly, TriloG 1500
37844R.S: 37844R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37844R.S / 37844RS BEARING BLOCK ASSY Bearing Block Assembly
37845R.S: 37845R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37845R.S / 37845RS CARRIAGE ASSY,SCREW DR Carriage Assembly, Screw Drive
37857R.S: 37857R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37857R.S / 37857RS TENSIONER KIT,CHAIN/BELT Tensioner Assembly
37953R.S: 37953R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37953R.S / 37953RS HOLDER,CAPACITOR Capacitor Bracket
37954R.S: 37954R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37954R.S / 37954RS CAPACITOR,70MFD,NGX Capacitor 70 uF, 200V
37955R.S: 37955R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37955R.S / 37955RS MOTOR,AC Motor Assembly /w Optoluctor (OBS REF 39045R.S)
37956R.S: 37956R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37956R.S / 37956RS COVER,PWRHD,POWERLIFT 900 Cover Assembly, PowerLift 900
37957R.S: 37957R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37957R.S / 37957RS COVER,PWRHD,GPOWER 900 Cover Assembly, Model Gpower 900
37958R.S: 37958R.S Genie Garage Door Part 37958R.S / 37958RS OPTO-LUCTOR,AC MOTOR,SCR DR Opto-Luctor Assembly, AC
38001R1.S: 38001R1.S Genie Garage Door Part 38001R1.S / 38001R1S Circuit Board Assembly, Model 3062/3064/7060 (OBS REF 38874R1.S)
38001R2.S: 38001R2.S Genie Garage Door Part 38001R2.S / 38001R2S CONTROL BD,DC SCREW DR,HIGH Circuit Board Assembly, Models 4062/4064/8060 (OBS REF 38874R2.S)
38001R3.S: 38001R3.S Genie Garage Door Part 38001R3.S / 38001R3S Circuit Board Assembly, Model 3022/3042/3024/7030 (OBS REF 38874R3.S)
38001R4.S: 38001R4.S Genie Garage Door Part 38001R4.S / 38001R4S Circuit Board Assembly, Model 4042/4024/8030 (OBS REF 38874R4.S)
38013R: 38013R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part (38013R) Series III Dry Contact Adapter
38123A.S: 38123A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38123A.S / 38123AS FLANGE,MOUNTING,RAIL Mounting Flange, Rail
38126A.S: 38126A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38126A.S / 38126AS LENS Light Lens
38159A.S: 38159A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38159A.S / 38159AS MOUNT,DRIVE SCREW,5PK Mount Drive Screw, 12ft Models (5pk)
38178R.S: 38178R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38178R.S / 38178RS COUPLER,RAIL Parts Pack, Rail Connector
38219R.S: 38219R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38219R.S / 38219RS GUARD,LENS Lens Guard
38239A.S: 38239A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38239A.S / 38239AS Motor Assembly (OBS REF 38727A.S)
38240A.S: 38240A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38240A.S / 38240AS POWER CORD,STANDARD Power Cord Assembly, Standard
38240B.S: 38240B.S Genie Garage Door Part 38240B.S / 38240BS POWER CORD,LONG Power Cord Assembly, Long (H Models)
38244R.S: 38244R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38244R.S / 38244RS RAIL & SCR ASSY,RETAIL Complete 3 pc 7' rail
38245R.S: 38245R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38245R.S / 38245RS RAIL ASSY,CHAIN,RETAIL Complete 3 pc rail (Chain)
38246R.S: 38246R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38246R.S / 38246RS RAIL ASSY,BELT,RETAIL Complete 3 pc rail (like retail - Belt)
38283R.S: 38283R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38283R.S / 38283RS RAIL ASSY,CHAINLIFT Complete 3 pc rail (like retail - Chain)
38284R.S: 38284R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38284R.S / 38284RS RAIL ASSY,BELTLIFT/QUIETLIFT Complete 3 pc rail (like retail - Belt)
38311R.S: 38311R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38311R.S / 38311RS COVER,PWRHD,CHAINMAX 1000 Cover Assembly, ChainMax 1000
38312R.S: 38312R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38312R.S / 38312RS COVER,PWRHD,SILENTMAX 1000 Cover Assembly, SilentMax 1200
38312S.S: 38312S.S Genie Garage Door Part 38312S.S / 38312SS COVER,PWRHD,SILENTMAX 1200 Cover Assembly, SilentMax 1200
38313S.S: 38313S.S Genie Garage Door Part 38313S.S / 38313SS COVER,PWRHD,POWERMAX 1500 Cover Assembly, PowerMax 1500
38415A.S: 38415A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38415A.S / 38415AS SPROCKET,CHAIN,8 TOOTH Sprocket, 8 Tooth Chain
38416A.S: 38416A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38416A.S / 38416AS SPROCKET,BELT,14 TOOTH Sprocket, 14 Tooth Belt
38425A.S: 38425A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38425A.S / 38425AS LENS,GENIE Light Lens
G1T-BX / 38501R: G1T-BX / 38501R Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part G1T-BX (38501R) ? 1-Button Remote
38631A.S: 38631A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38631A.S / 38631AS MOTOR,DC SCR,DUAL ENCDR,DD-50L Motor Assembly with Opto-Luctor Assembly (Dual Encoder)
38644R.S: 38644R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38644R.S / 38644RS MOTOR ASSY,DC CHAIN/BELT DR Motor Assembly, DC Chain/Belt
38645R.S: 38645R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38645R.S / 38645RS LIGHT SOCKET ASSY Light Socket Assembly
38646R.S: 38646R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38646R.S / 38646RS TRANSFORMER,120VAC Transformer, 120V
38647R.S: 38647R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38647R.S / 38647RS CONTROL BD,CH/BELT,SGL SPEED Circuit Board Assembly, Model 1028/1029
38647S.S: 38647S.S Genie Garage Door Part 38647S.S / 38647SS CONTROL BD,CH/BELT,SFT ST & SP Circuit Board Assembly, Model 2028/2029
38648R.S: 38648R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38648R.S / 38648RS COVER ASSY,GENIE 1028 Cover Assembly, Model 1028
38648S.S: 38648S.S Genie Garage Door Part 38648S.S / 38648SS COVER ASSY,GENIE 2028 Cover Assembly, Model 2028
38649R.S: 38649R.S Genie Garage Door Part 38649R.S / 38649RS COVER ASSY,OHD 1029 Cover Assembly, Model 1029
38649S.S: 38649S.S Genie Garage Door Part 38649S.S / 38649SS COVER ASSY,OHD 2029 Cover Assembly, Model 2029
38727A.S: 38727A.S Genie Garage Door Part 38727A.S / 38727AS MOTOR,DC,CHAIN/BELT,DUAL ENCDR Motor Assembly (Dual Encoder)
38874R1.S: 38874R1.S Genie Garage Door Part 38874R1.S / 38874R1S CTRL BD,DC SCR,LOW,DUAL ENCDR Circuit Board Assembly, Model 3062/3064/7060 (Dual Encoder)
38874R2.S: 38874R2.S Genie Garage Door Part 38874R2.S / 38874R2S CTRL BD,DC SCR,HIGH,DUAL ENCDR Circuit Board Assembly, Models 4062/4064/8060 (Dual Encoder)
38874R3.S: 38874R3.S Genie Garage Door Part 38874R3.S / 38874R3S CTRL BD,DC,CH/BELT,LOW,DE Circuit Board Assembly, Model 3022/3042/3024/7030 (Dual Encoder)
38874R4.S: 38874R4.S Genie Garage Door Part 38874R4.S / 38874R4S CTRL BD,DC,CH/BELT,HIGH,DE Circuit Board Assembly, Model 4042/4024/8030 (Dual Encoder)
39045R.S: 39045R.S Genie Garage Door Part 39045R.S / 39045RS MOTOR,AC SCR,DUAL ENCODER Motor Assembly /w Optoluctor (Dual Encoder)
39048R.S: 39048R.S Genie Garage Door Part 39048R.S / 39048RS CONTROL BD,AC SCREW DR,DE Circuit Board Assembly, Model 2562/2564 (Dual Encoder)
39147R.S: 39147R.S Genie Garage Door Part 39147R.S / 39147RS COVER,PWRHD,2568 Cover Assembly, Model 2568
39153R.S: 39153R.S Genie Garage Door Part 39153R.S / 39153RS OPTO SENSOR ASSY,SCR DR,AC Opto Sensor Assembly, AC
: Genie Garage/Overhead Door Part GBWC
39271R.S: 39271R.S Genie Garage Door Part 39271R.S / 39271RS COVER,SVCE,REPL,ENDURADRIVE Cover, EnduraDrive
55000200: 55000200 Genie Garage Door Part 55000200 0
55000201: 55000201 Genie Garage Door Part 55000201 0
55000202: 55000202 Genie Garage Door Part 55000202 0
55000203: 55000203 Genie Garage Door Part 55000203 0
55000204: 55000204 Genie Garage Door Part 55000204 0
55000205: 55000205 Genie Garage Door Part 55000205 0
55000206: 55000206 Genie Garage Door Part 55000206 0
55000207: 55000207 Genie Garage Door Part 55000207 0
5973Q04.S: 5973Q04.S Genie Garage Door Part 5973Q04.S / 5973Q04S SCR,3/8 X .87 HEX MACH Screw, 3/8 X .87 Hx Hd Mch
5987F04.S: 5987F04.S Genie Garage Door Part 5987F04.S / 5987F04S Clevis Pin (OBS REF 5987J04.S)
5987J04.S: 5987J04.S Genie Garage Door Part 5987J04.S / 5987J04S PIN,CLEVIS,.374 X 1-7/16,ZINC 0
605879.0001.S: 605879.0001.S Genie Garage Door Part 605879.0001.S / 6058790001S SCR,SLF DRILL,HH,1/4-20X3/4"L Screw, 1/4-20 x 3/4 Self Drill
606E04.S: 606E04.S Genie Garage Door Part 606E04.S / 606E04S PIN,COTTER,3/4"L Cotter Pin, 3/4"
8025D04.S: 8025D04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8025D04.S / 8025D04S SCR,1/4-20 X 1.00 HX HD WASH Screw, 1/4-20 x 1 HX HD WASH
8025E04.S: 8025E04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8025E04.S / 8025E04S SCR,1/4-20 X .75 HX HD WASH Screw, 1/4-20 x 3/4 HX HD WASH
8026H04.S: 8026H04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8026H04.S / 8026H04S SCR,5/16-18 X 1.13 HEX HD Screw, 5/16-18 x 1.13 HEX HD
8028L04.S: 8028L04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8028L04.S / 8028L04S Bolt, 5/16 X 3/4 (OBS NO REF)
8028P04.S: 8028P04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8028P04.S / 8028P04S SCR,5/16-18 X .50 HHD WSHR Screw, 5/16-18 x 1/2 HHD WSHR
8062C04.S: 8062C04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8062C04.S / 8062C04S SCR,10-24 X 3/8 TAP HHW ZINC Screw, #10-24 X 3/8 Tap HHW
8091A04.S: 8091A04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8091A04.S / 8091A04S Bolt, Lag 5/16 X 2 Hhw (OBS REF 8091B04.S)
8091B04.S: 8091B04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8091B04.S / 8091B04S BOLT,LAG,1/4 X 2 HHW Bolt, Lag 5/16 X 2 HHW
8094C04.S: 8094C04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8094C04.S / 8094C04S SCR,#10-24 X .50 HHW SL Screw, 10-24 X 1/2 HHW SL
8094G04.S: 8094G04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8094G04.S / 8094G04S SCR,#8-32 X .75 HHW SL Screw, #8-32 X 3/4 HHW SL
8094H04.S: 8094H04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8094H04.S / 8094H04S SCR,#8-32 X 1 HHW PHIL Screw, #8-32 X 1 HHW PHIL
8095A.S: 8095A.S Genie Garage Door Part 8095A.S / 8095AS BOLT,HH,SELF LOCKING Bolt, 5/16 X 2-1/4
8100C04.S: 8100C04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8100C04.S / 8100C04S NUT, 3/8-16 (OBS NO REF)
8115B17.S: 8115B17.S Genie Garage Door Part 8115B17.S / 8115B17S NUT,SPEED,SPEC Nut, Speed
8706E04.S: 8706E04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8706E04.S / 8706E04S SCR,HHD,SLTD,TAP,#8-32 X 3/8 Screw, 8-32 x 3/8 HHD SLTD TAP
8706H04.S: 8706H04.S Genie Garage Door Part 8706H04.S / 8706H04S SCR,HHD,SLTD,TAP,#6-32 X 1/2 Screw, 6-32 x 1/2 HHD SLTD TAP
9541C.S: 9541C.S Genie Garage Door Part 9541C.S / 9541CS STRAIN RELIEF Strain Relief
0011016: 0011016 Greenworks Part 0011016 nut
0011017: 0011017 Greenworks Part 0011017 bolt
0011019: 0011019 Greenworks Part 0011019 screw(24052)
0011020: 0011020 Greenworks Part 0011020 bolt
0011033: 0011033 Greenworks Part 0011033 flat washer
0011039: 0011039 Greenworks Part 0011039 spring washer
0011044: 0011044 Greenworks Part 0011044 flat washer
0011045: 0011045 Greenworks Part 0011045 lock nut
0011046: 0011046 Greenworks Part 0011046 flat washer
0011047: 0011047 Greenworks Part 0011047 bolt wt=.01
0011048: 0011048 Greenworks Part 0011048 flat washer
0011049: 0011049 Greenworks Part 0011049 R Pin
0011050: 0011050 Greenworks Part 0011050 bolt
0011051: 0011051 Greenworks Part 0011051 flat washer
0011052: 0011052 Greenworks Part 0011052 bolt
0011053: 0011053 Greenworks Part 0011053 bolt
0011054: 0011054 Greenworks Part 0011054 spring washer
0011055: 0011055 Greenworks Part 0011055 screw
0011056: 0011056 Greenworks Part 0011056 spring check ring
0011057: 0011057 Greenworks Part 0011057 bolt
0011058: 0011058 Greenworks Part 0011058 washer (24052) - - N/L/A
0011059: 0011059 Greenworks Part 0011059 rivet
0011060: 0011060 Greenworks Part 0011060 bearing
0011061: 0011061 Greenworks Part 0011061 spring check ring
0011062: 0011062 Greenworks Part 0011062 bearing
0011063: 0011063 Greenworks Part 0011063 screw (24052) - - N/L/A
0011064: 0011064 Greenworks Part 0011064 spring washer
0011065: 0011065 Greenworks Part 0011065 bearing - - N/L/A
008462-BATTERY: 008462-BATTERY Greenworks Part 008462BATTERY/008462-BATTERY 008462-BATTERY
008462-CHARGER: 008462-CHARGER Greenworks Part 008462CHARGER/008462-CHARGER 008462-CHARGER
013: 013 Greenworks Part 013 LOWER HANDLER
017: 017 Greenworks Part 017 SCREW M4x14
0172109: 0172109 Greenworks Part 0172109 Nut clamp Plate
0199131-11: 0199131-11 Greenworks Part 019913111/0199131-11 ROLLER SHAFT
0199131-N-22: 0199131-N-22 Greenworks Part 0199131N22/0199131-N-22 Height Adjustment Lever
0199131-N-6: 0199131-N-6 Greenworks Part 0199131N6/0199131-N-6 Middle Handle
0289834-N-21: 0289834-N-21 Greenworks Part 0289834N21/0289834-N-21 Lock nut
0289834-N-37: 0289834-N-37 Greenworks Part 0289834N37/0289834-N-37 Washer X6
0289834-N-38: 0289834-N-38 Greenworks Part 0289834N38/0289834-N-38 Bolt M6x30
11016: 11016 Greenworks Part 11016 NUT
11017: 11017 Greenworks Part 11017 Bolt
11019: 11019 Greenworks Part 11019 Screw
11044: 11044 Greenworks Part 11044 flat washer
11045: 11045 Greenworks Part 11045 REPLACED BY: 0011045 lock nut
11046: 11046 Greenworks Part 11046 REPLACED BY: 0011046 flat washer
11047: 11047 Greenworks Part 11047 Bolt
11048: 11048 Greenworks Part 11048 Flat Washer
11049: 11049 Greenworks Part 11049 R Pin
11051: 11051 Greenworks Part 11051 Flat Washer
11054: 11054 Greenworks Part 11054 Spring Washer
11055: 11055 Greenworks Part 11055 Screw
11062: 11062 Greenworks Part 11062 Bearing
11065: 11065 Greenworks Part 11065 Bearing - flat washer - N/L/A
123845-03: 123845-03 Greenworks Part 12384503/123845-03 SELF LOCKING SCREW wt=.001
123845-04: 123845-04 Greenworks Part 12384504/123845-04 ELECTRICAL BRIDGE for
123845-05: 123845-05 Greenworks Part 12384505/123845-05 RADIATOR RECTIFIER wt=.052
123845-1: 123845-1 Greenworks Part 1238451/123845-1 SCREW M5x15 wt=.005
123845-12: 123845-12 Greenworks Part 12384512/123845-12 20" FRONT WHEEL AXLE wt=1.863
123845-13: 123845-13 Greenworks Part 12384513/123845-13 FRONT WHEEL SPACER wt=.01
123845-16: 123845-16 Greenworks Part 12384516/123845-16 C-CLIP wt=.001
123845-17: 123845-17 Greenworks Part 12384517/123845-17 REPLACED BY: 34104227 TF wheel centre cap wt=.005
123845-18: 123845-18 Greenworks Part 12384518/123845-18 LINK BAR wt=.849
123845-19: 123845-19 Greenworks Part 12384519/123845-19 LINK BAR BRACKET (L) wt=.103
123845-20: 123845-20 Greenworks Part 12384520/123845-20 EXTENSION SPRING wt=.157
123845-21: 123845-21 Greenworks Part 12384521/123845-21 REPLACED BY: 34202227-2 10"" Wheel right(60-1776)" wt=2.272
123845-22: 123845-22 Greenworks Part 12384522/123845-22 REPLACED BY: 3320639 wheel spacer wt=.021
123845-23: 123845-23 Greenworks Part 12384523/123845-23 BOLT M10 X120 wt=.045
123845-25: 123845-25 Greenworks Part 12384525/123845-25 FLANGE NUT (M10) wt=.018
123845-26: 123845-26 Greenworks Part 12384526/123845-26 MOTOR SHAFT SLEEVE wt=.148
123845-29: 123845-29 Greenworks Part 12384529/123845-29 BLADE INSULATOR wt=.029
123845-30: 123845-30 Greenworks Part 12384530/123845-30 REPLACED BY: 3331435 Spacer wt=.15
123845-31: 123845-31 Greenworks Part 12384531/123845-31 REPLACED BY: 3221037 Blade Nut (M10x1.25) wt=.018
123845-32-2: 123845-32-2 Greenworks Part 123845322/123845-32-2 SELF LOCK NUT M4 wt=.001
123845-32-3: 123845-32-3 Greenworks Part 123845323/123845-32-3 INNERWIRE CLIP wt=.007
123845-33-1: 123845-33-1 Greenworks Part 123845331/123845-33-1 WASHER wt=.001
123845-34: 123845-34 Greenworks Part 12384534/123845-34 MULCH PLUG wt=.04
123845-35: 123845-35 Greenworks Part 12384535/123845-35 20" REAR WHEEL AXLE wt=2.233
123845-36: 123845-36 Greenworks Part 12384536/123845-36 BOLT wt=.011
123845-38: 123845-38 Greenworks Part 12384538/123845-38 REPLACED BY: 34110227 height adj. handle wt=.51
123845-38-1: 123845-38-1 Greenworks Part 123845381/123845-38-1 HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SPRING wt=.037
123845-4: 123845-4 Greenworks Part 1238454/123845-4 REPLACED BY: 3690135 electrical bridge/rectifier wt=.042
123845-46-1: 123845-46-1 Greenworks Part 123845461/123845-46-1 FLANGE BOLT M6x8 wt=.01
123845-46-3: 123845-46-3 Greenworks Part 123845463/123845-46-3 LEFT NUT M6 wt=.001
123845-48: 123845-48 Greenworks Part 12384548/123845-48 CORD GUIDE wt=.006
123845-49: 123845-49 Greenworks Part 12384549/123845-49 SELF LOCKING SCREW wt=.001
123845-50: 123845-50 Greenworks Part 12384550/123845-50 CORD HOLDER wt=.001
123845-51: 123845-51 Greenworks Part 12384551/123845-51 SCREW ST4X13-F wt=.001
123845-52: 123845-52 Greenworks Part 12384552/123845-52 RECTIFIER MOUNTING BRKT wt=.049
123845-54: 123845-54 Greenworks Part 12384554/123845-54 USE 3690137 (Rectifier)
123845-55: 123845-55 Greenworks Part 12384555/123845-55 SCREW ST4x12C M4x12 wt=.001
123845-57: 123845-57 Greenworks Part 12384557/123845-57 SCREW ST5x16c wt=.004
123845-58: 123845-58 Greenworks Part 12384558/123845-58 LOCK NUT M5 wt=.001
123845-BRUSH: 123845-BRUSH Greenworks Part 123845BRUSH/123845-BRUSH REPLACED BY: 3110739-3 Carbon Brush Assembly
13: 13 Greenworks Part 13 O-ring
138.75275: 138.75275 Greenworks Part 138.75275 CRAFTSMAN 1700 PSI PRESSURE WA
1518-N-19: 1518-N-19 Greenworks Part 1518N19/1518-N-19 Rear Roller (60-1518)
1518-N-5: 1518-N-5 Greenworks Part 1518N5/1518-N-5 Top handle with grip (60-1518)
15205: 15205 Greenworks Part 15205 3-Gal TNT Compressor (Model# 4
15206: 15206 Greenworks Part 15206 3-Gal EVOLV Compressor (Model#
1521-N-12: 1521-N-12 Greenworks Part 1521N12/1521-N-12 Wheel (60-1521)
1525-003: 1525-003 Greenworks Part 1525003/1525-003 REPLACED BY: 289834-001 TOP HANDLE
1525-004: 1525-004 Greenworks Part 1525004/1525-004 CENTRE HANDLE PIECES
1525-006: 1525-006 Greenworks Part 1525006/1525-006 Spring
1525-007: 1525-007 Greenworks Part 1525007/1525-007 Spring Washer
1525-008: 1525-008 Greenworks Part 1525008/1525-008 Bearing
1525-009: 1525-009 Greenworks Part 1525009/1525-009 Wheel Cover
1525-011: 1525-011 Greenworks Part 1525011/1525-011 Gear Wheel
1525-012: 1525-012 Greenworks Part 1525012/1525-012 Shaft
1525-013: 1525-013 Greenworks Part 1525013/1525-013 Foam Grip
1525-014: 1525-014 Greenworks Part 1525014/1525-014 Washer
1525-015: 1525-015 Greenworks Part 1525015/1525-015 Bolt
1525-017: 1525-017 Greenworks Part 1525017/1525-017 Cutting Bar Adj. Lever
1525-018: 1525-018 Greenworks Part 1525018/1525-018 Flat Washer
1525-019: 1525-019 Greenworks Part 1525019/1525-019 Height Adj. Knob
1525-020: 1525-020 Greenworks Part 1525020/1525-020 Long Rear Roller
1525-021: 1525-021 Greenworks Part 1525021/1525-021 Short Rear Roller
1525-022: 1525-022 Greenworks Part 1525022/1525-022 Long Shafts
1525-023: 1525-023 Greenworks Part 1525023/1525-023 Knob
1525-024: 1525-024 Greenworks Part 1525024/1525-024 Bolt
1525-025: 1525-025 Greenworks Part 1525025/1525-025 C-clip
1525-027: 1525-027 Greenworks Part 1525027/1525-027 Locking Nut
1525-028: 1525-028 Greenworks Part 1525028/1525-028 1525-028
1525-029: 1525-029 Greenworks Part 1525029/1525-029 C-clip
1525-030: 1525-030 Greenworks Part 1525030/1525-030 Rubber Sleeve
1525-N-10: 1525-N-10 Greenworks Part 1525N10/1525-N-10 Soft grip (60-1525)
1525-N-11: 1525-N-11 Greenworks Part 1525N11/1525-N-11 HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT BRACKET (60-
1525-N-12: 1525-N-12 Greenworks Part 1525N12/1525-N-12 HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT KNOB (60-152
1525-N-14: 1525-N-14 Greenworks Part 1525N14/1525-N-14 BLADE ADJUST SPRING (60-1525)
1525-N-15: 1525-N-15 Greenworks Part 1525N15/1525-N-15 Washer (60-1525)
1525-N-16: 1525-N-16 Greenworks Part 1525N16/1525-N-16 Sleeve (60-1525)
1525-N-17: 1525-N-17 Greenworks Part 1525N17/1525-N-17 ROLLER (60-1525)
1525-N-18: 1525-N-18 Greenworks Part 1525N18/1525-N-18 Roller Shaft Sleeve (60-1525)
1525-N-20: 1525-N-20 Greenworks Part 1525N20/1525-N-20 KNOB (60-1525)
1525-N-22: 1525-N-22 Greenworks Part 1525N22/1525-N-22 Spring (60-1525)
1525-N-23: 1525-N-23 Greenworks Part 1525N23/1525-N-23 Height Adjustment Spring (60-1
1525-N-24: 1525-N-24 Greenworks Part 1525N24/1525-N-24 Height adjustment pin (60-1525
1525-N-25: 1525-N-25 Greenworks Part 1525N25/1525-N-25 C-clip (60-1525)
1525-N-26: 1525-N-26 Greenworks Part 1525N26/1525-N-26 Rubber sleeve (60-1525)
1525-N-30: 1525-N-30 Greenworks Part 1525N30/1525-N-30 Blade Adjustment bolt (60-1525
1525-N-31: 1525-N-31 Greenworks Part 1525N31/1525-N-31 Flat Washer (60-1525)
1525-N-33: 1525-N-33 Greenworks Part 1525N33/1525-N-33 Bolt M8X30 (60-1525)
1525-N-34: 1525-N-34 Greenworks Part 1525N34/1525-N-34 C-Clip (60-1525)
1525-N-35: 1525-N-35 Greenworks Part 1525N35/1525-N-35 Bolt M6x35 (60-1525)
1525-N-36: 1525-N-36 Greenworks Part 1525N36/1525-N-36 C-clip (60-1525)
1525-N-37: 1525-N-37 Greenworks Part 1525N37/1525-N-37 Blade Adjustment nut (60-1525)
1525-N-38: 1525-N-38 Greenworks Part 1525N38/1525-N-38 Flat Washer M8 (60-1525)
1525-N-39: 1525-N-39 Greenworks Part 1525N39/1525-N-39 Spring washer M8 (60-1525)
1525-N-4: 1525-N-4 Greenworks Part 1525N4/1525-N-4 Cuttingbar Pivot rod (60-1525)
1525-N-5: 1525-N-5 Greenworks Part 1525N5/1525-N-5 Top push handle (60-1525)
1525-N-6: 1525-N-6 Greenworks Part 1525N6/1525-N-6 Middle Handle (60-1525)
1525-N-7L: 1525-N-7L Greenworks Part 1525N7L/1525-N-7L Left Gear (60-1525)
1525-N-7R: 1525-N-7R Greenworks Part 1525N7R/1525-N-7R Right Gear (60-1525)
1525-N-8: 1525-N-8 Greenworks Part 1525N8/1525-N-8 Pin (60-1525)
1525-N-9: 1525-N-9 Greenworks Part 1525N9/1525-N-9 Shaft (60-1525)
1526-008: 1526-008 Greenworks Part 1526008/1526-008 Bearing
1526-011: 1526-011 Greenworks Part 1526011/1526-011 Long Shaft
1526-012: 1526-012 Greenworks Part 1526012/1526-012 CUTTING BAR
1526-013: 1526-013 Greenworks Part 1526013/1526-013 Cutting Bar adjustment bolt
1526-014: 1526-014 Greenworks Part 1526014/1526-014 CUTTING BAR ADJ SPRING
1526-015: 1526-015 Greenworks Part 1526015/1526-015 Shaft
1526-016: 1526-016 Greenworks Part 1526016/1526-016 Cutting Height Adj.
1526-018: 1526-018 Greenworks Part 1526018/1526-018 Rubber Cover
1526-019: 1526-019 Greenworks Part 1526019/1526-019 Front Wheel
1526-020: 1526-020 Greenworks Part 1526020/1526-020 Wheel Cover
1526-022: 1526-022 Greenworks Part 1526022/1526-022 Foam Grip
1526-023: 1526-023 Greenworks Part 1526023/1526-023 Knob
1526-024: 1526-024 Greenworks Part 1526024/1526-024 Bolt
1526-025: 1526-025 Greenworks Part 1526025/1526-025 BOLT
1526-026: 1526-026 Greenworks Part 1526026/1526-026 FLAT WASHER
1526-027: 1526-027 Greenworks Part 1526027/1526-027 BOLT
1526-028: 1526-028 Greenworks Part 1526028/1526-028 Rear wheel shaft
1526-029: 1526-029 Greenworks Part 1526029/1526-029 Cutting Height Adj. Lever
1526-030: 1526-030 Greenworks Part 1526030/1526-030 Nut M8
1526-031: 1526-031 Greenworks Part 1526031/1526-031 Spring Washer
1526-033: 1526-033 Greenworks Part 1526033/1526-033 Large C-clip
1526-035: 1526-035 Greenworks Part 1526035/1526-035 C-clip
1526-N-10: 1526-N-10 Greenworks Part 1526N10/1526-N-10 Cutting bar pivot rod (60-1526
1526-N-12: 1526-N-12 Greenworks Part 1526N12/1526-N-12 Cutting height adjustment plat
1526-N-13: 1526-N-13 Greenworks Part 1526N13/1526-N-13 Rear wheel bracket assy. (60-1
1526-N-14: 1526-N-14 Greenworks Part 1526N14/1526-N-14 Front Wheel Shaft (60-1526)
1526-N-16: 1526-N-16 Greenworks Part 1526N16/1526-N-16 Front wheel cover (60-1526)
1526-N-17: 1526-N-17 Greenworks Part 1526N17/1526-N-17 Gear Left (60-1526)
1526-N-18: 1526-N-18 Greenworks Part 1526N18/1526-N-18 Gear Right (60-1526)
1526-N-19: 1526-N-19 Greenworks Part 1526N19/1526-N-19 Rear wheel assy.
1526-N-21: 1526-N-21 Greenworks Part 1526N21/1526-N-21 REPLACED BY: 289834-003 LOCKNUTS 1/4 X 20
1526-N-23: 1526-N-23 Greenworks Part 1526N23/1526-N-23 Pin (60-1526)
1526-N-24: 1526-N-24 Greenworks Part 1526N24/1526-N-24 REEL MOWER STOVE BOLT
1526-N-25: 1526-N-25 Greenworks Part 1526N25/1526-N-25 Blade adjustment bolt (60-1526
1526-N-26: 1526-N-26 Greenworks Part 1526N26/1526-N-26 Blade Adjustment Spring (60-15
1526-N-27: 1526-N-27 Greenworks Part 1526N27/1526-N-27 Blade adjustment nut M8 (60-15
1526-N-28: 1526-N-28 Greenworks Part 1526N28/1526-N-28 Nut M8 (60-1526)
1526-N-29: 1526-N-29 Greenworks Part 1526N29/1526-N-29 SPRING WASHER (60-1526)
1526-N-30: 1526-N-30 Greenworks Part 1526N30/1526-N-30 FLAT WASHER (60-1526)
1526-N-31: 1526-N-31 Greenworks Part 1526N31/1526-N-31 Locknut m10 (60-1526)
1526-N-32: 1526-N-32 Greenworks Part 1526N32/1526-N-32 Spring washer (60-1526)
1526-N-33: 1526-N-33 Greenworks Part 1526N33/1526-N-33 Hex Bolt m8 x16 (60-1526)
1526-N-34: 1526-N-34 Greenworks Part 1526N34/1526-N-34 Wave spring (60-1526)
1526-N-35: 1526-N-35 Greenworks Part 1526N35/1526-N-35 Washer (60-1526)
1526-N-36: 1526-N-36 Greenworks Part 1526N36/1526-N-36 Bolt (60-1526)
1526-N-37: 1526-N-37 Greenworks Part 1526N37/1526-N-37 REPLACED BY: 289834-002 WASHER
1526-N-38: 1526-N-38 Greenworks Part 1526N38/1526-N-38 REPLACED BY: 289834-004 CARRIAGE BOLTS 1/4 X 1-3/8"
1526-N-39: 1526-N-39 Greenworks Part 1526N39/1526-N-39 Plastic bumper (60-1526)
1526-N-40: 1526-N-40 Greenworks Part 1526N40/1526-N-40 C-clip (60-1526)
1526-N-41: 1526-N-41 Greenworks Part 1526N41/1526-N-41 C-CLIP (60-1526)
1526-N-42: 1526-N-42 Greenworks Part 1526N42/1526-N-42 Rear wheel cover (60-1526)
1526-N-43: 1526-N-43 Greenworks Part 1526N43/1526-N-43 WASHER (60-1526)
1526-N-44: 1526-N-44 Greenworks Part 1526N44/1526-N-44 Washer 16 (60-1526)
1526-N-45: 1526-N-45 Greenworks Part 1526N45/1526-N-45 C-CLIP (60-1526)
1526-N-46: 1526-N-46 Greenworks Part 1526N46/1526-N-46 HEX SCREW (60-1526)
1526-N-6: 1526-N-6 Greenworks Part 1526N6/1526-N-6 REPLACED BY: 289834-006 MIDDLE HANDLE (L)
15560: 15560 Greenworks Part 15560 26-Gal TNT Compressor (Model#
17: 17 Greenworks Part 17 Copper Pin
172005: 172005 Greenworks Part 172005 rolling wheel
172006: 172006 Greenworks Part 172006 label1
172007: 172007 Greenworks Part 172007 label2
1721001: 1721001 Greenworks Part 1721001 collector bag support
1721002: 1721002 Greenworks Part 1721002 Small Swivel Pin
1721003: 1721003 Greenworks Part 1721003 2 tie bar 2
1721004: 1721004 Greenworks Part 1721004 1 tie bar 1
1721005: 1721005 Greenworks Part 1721005 Flat Washer
1721006: 1721006 Greenworks Part 1721006 Leg Stand
1721007: 1721007 Greenworks Part 1721007 Axle
1721008: 1721008 Greenworks Part 1721008 Big Swivel Pin
1721010: 1721010 Greenworks Part 1721010 lock nut
1721011: 1721011 Greenworks Part 1721011 fixable support
1721012: 1721012 Greenworks Part 1721012 upper handle
1721013: 1721013 Greenworks Part 1721013 Holder Washer
1721014: 1721014 Greenworks Part 1721014 Bulb
1721015: 1721015 Greenworks Part 1721015 (Holder) Spring
1721016: 1721016 Greenworks Part 1721016 Clamp Block
1721017: 1721017 Greenworks Part 1721017 switch retaining patch
1721018: 1721018 Greenworks Part 1721018 Washer
1721019: 1721019 Greenworks Part 1721019 Knob Spring
1721020: 1721020 Greenworks Part 1721020 Knob Mount
1721021: 1721021 Greenworks Part 1721021 Drive Block
1721022: 1721022 Greenworks Part 1721022 REPLACED BY: 241482-025 BLADE PLATE
1721023: 1721023 Greenworks Part 1721023 REPLACED BY: 241482-025 BLADE PLATE
1721024: 1721024 Greenworks Part 1721024 REPLACED BY: 241482-24 BLADE FOR YARD CHIPPER
1721025: 1721025 Greenworks Part 1721025 REPLACED BY: 241482-023 > 3802-002 YARD CHIPPER - SCREWS FOR BLAD
1721026: 1721026 Greenworks Part 1721026 Clamp Block
1721027: 1721027 Greenworks Part 1721027 Blade Cover Plate
1721028: 1721028 Greenworks Part 1721028 REPLACED BY: 1723012 Motor Drive Assembly
1721029: 1721029 Greenworks Part 1721029 ecarbon brush sptring
1721030: 1721030 Greenworks Part 1721030 bearing clamp plate
1721031: 1721031 Greenworks Part 1721031 Small Belt Wheel
1721032: 1721032 Greenworks Part 1721032 down gear box - Motor Drive Assembly - N/L/A
1721033: 1721033 Greenworks Part 1721033 REPLACED BY: 1723003 Big Belt Wheel
1721034: 1721034 Greenworks Part 1721034 Wrench
1721035: 1721035 Greenworks Part 1721035 T Wrench
1722001: 1722001 Greenworks Part 1722001 Collection bag

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