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New to small engine repair?
Never fixed a lawnmower or snowblower?

Don't worry... we'll help! With some basic mechanical ability and a few common tools you CAN do it yourself, saving money and time.

Why do it yourself? Small engine repair shops charge around $35 just to look at your machine. At $60 per hour of labor plus the cost of parts, your bill quickly adds up. During busy seasons you may wait weeks for your machine. Before any of that you must load the heavy equipment into your car or pay expensive pickup/delivery charges. Will they fix it right the first time?

Our Service Manuals, Videos and CDROMs are complete yet written at a basic level. They include step by step procedures for both troubleshooting and repair. They'll pay for themselves on the first job. The "theory of operation" sections explain exactly how everything works. Our website has additional resources to help you, including experienced technicians to answer your questions.

small engine repair So where do you start? Find the machine's make and model numbers... these are in the owner's manual and/or marked directly on the equipment. Engines often have numbers stamped directly into the sheet metal cover as shown here, or they may be on a sticker or tag attached to the engine. There may be separate numbers for the rest of the machine in addition to the engine numbers.

Next you'll need a service manual. Service manuals help you correctly diagnose the problem and decide which parts you need. They also have important specifications, adjustment procedures, safety information and more. Service manuals save you money and time by eliminating the guesswork. The pros use these manuals and you should too. See our Service Manuals section. We also have a wide selection of small engine repair tools and equipment.

If you already have a service manual and know which parts you need, go to our Parts section. You can search quickly through our huge database of parts from dozens of manufacturers. If you're still lost, use our Help & FAQ section. Lawnmower and small engine repair can be easy and fun.

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